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Artilleryman V2

More from the project that Amatista and Cassandra came out of. Here's the new design for the former Evil Eight member and current backstabbing mercenary badass, Artilleryman. This was the only one of the E8 redesigns that was handled by their original creator, Lennon (Geminiman). I liked that design from the start so I didn't change anything about it. It really needed new cleaned-up art though, and I enjoyed making this piece. Lennon has claimed the main inspiration for Artilleryman was Solo, a bounty hunter from the Strider games. As pointed out by Rich, the design also features elements similar to X, Vile, Boba Fett, and BoW Napalmman. Incidentally, both Solo and Vile are likely based heavily on Boba Fett already, so you could say this design was a third or fourth generation Fett knockoff, with a certain amount of inbreeding, I think (Ew).

Artilleryman V2 designed by ~icyrosebishounen, based on elements from Capcom's Megaman series. Drawing by me.

amatista.png amatista_again.png artilleryman.png chargekick.jpg AACrystal.jpg


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