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Best Robot Friend

Yeah, just keep stringing him along.

This is based on a sketch I scanned in 2008 or something (that's what it says on the creation date anyway).  But the sketch looks older, so who knows?  You know what I learned form this pic?  I still can't draw frigin' hands.  That's what I've learned.  Background?  Who needs backgrounds?

This pic ... completely misrepresents the one episode's relationship between the two.  Mega spends the entire episode being a jerk because he suddenly hates being a robot.  He's a total jerk the entire time!  Maybe I should draw a pic of that sometime.  Mega Girl actually makes a return appearance in a later episode as part of a ball scene with Link and Zelda (shown in the background, dancing with Mega Man).  So ... I guess they became friends off screen?  Sure, why not. I'm too lazy to look up the name of the episode.  It's a real shame Cap N never fleshed out any supporting cast for their characters. 

I have no idea why I like Mega Girl.  I think it's the obscurity and the oddness.  She's Cap N's Roll, but before anyone had any information on Roll.  So, is she still Roll at all? 

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