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Ascendant Androids Stoneman

So Stoneman pretty quickly trashed my goal of a finished piece every two days. I kept to my commitment of doing at least a little bit of drawing every day to keep the momentum, though some nights I had so little time to work with it only accounted for the last ten minutes or so before collapsing into bed. The real killer was just how much detail a mess of crumbling rubble required. Wave kinda tricked me into thinking I could do complex stuff quickly if I put my mind to it, but I guess the literally fluid nature of the Wave piece's complexity was deceptive. Or maybe my plan for the Stone piece was just ridiculous and I should have saved it until later on when maybe I'd have developed more skill with practice. On the other hand I'm kinda glad I got this one out of the way early. I think the rest of my to-do list is all strictly character designs, no backgrounds required, no billion rocks to deal with. I'm hoping the rest of this project goes much more smoothly.

IMG_0551.JPG AAwave.jpg AAstone.jpg AAStar.jpg AANapalm.jpg


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