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Sans and Papyrus Joe

Undertale's a great game with great music.  So I started to wonder how I could fit it into the Megaman fanfics I make (especially since crossovers are basically what my fanfics are all about)

After a lot of thought I figured the best approach would be to make two Skeleton Joes inexplicably act like Sans and Papyrus.  Sure, why not?  One day I'll write the thing.

When drawing this I realized that Papyrus' outfit actually breats a striking resemblance to the basic Skeleton Joe body.  Go figure.  Drew it in Flash.  Yep, old depricated Flash.  Not sure if I like using it too much. 

shadow-gits.png sans_papyrus_joe.png wave-o.jpg volt-o.jpg torch-o.jpg


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