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RPD Trooper

So I have discovered that, even on the RPD side, there's no love for the standard trooper. Hell, until just now, we didn't even know what they look like! Sorta.

I give you my version of the RPD's standard dude. He's got lights on his shoulders (one blue, one red) a plasma buster with an underslung flash light, durable armor (or paper thin, depending on who's writing, I guess), a handcuff unit on his left hand, and an attena for communication purposes.

He's got a lot of little details too. The design on the chest is a reversed Crusader's cross, with the unit number inscribed on the lower left section. On the right shoulder is the unit's rank, and on the left is the RPD badge (or reasonable facsimile in this case).

Now that you know what they look like, enjoy watching them die in droves!

MagnusRequest.jpg Megaforallseasons.jpg Trooper.jpg GraveReverend.jpg MagnusRequest2.jpg


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