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Halo 3: Mechanical Maniacs

Well, not so random. For those who didn't know, I love playing Halo, and this week sees the release of the third Halo Game! Woo! Rockingness! Of course, I don't OWN a 360, so I'll have to shanghai a friend's place to play the damn thing, but hey, no problems for me, right?

This is just Rai, trying to 'get his snipe on' (one of my halo buddies says that a LOT) while Needlegal, bored by the time consuming process, wants to go in with a pair of SMGs. Shadowman with his trusty covenant sword (?), warns against it, much to his sister's chagrin.

Gluetality.jpg WHOTHEHELL.jpg SnakeShadowNeedleHalo.jpg IgaRequest.jpg ZappersRequest.jpg


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