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TMNT: Slash

The evil mutant turtle from Dimension-X. Or so says the commercial.

This version of Slash is based off the toy version (with the black belt; the one I had). It was also seen in the comis (Archie) and the 3rd and fourth turtles video game. This version came from a world called Palmadice which was cut down dy interplanetary loggers makign him homeless. So he went into a rage and ended up on Mobius where he met Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady and Bellybomb. Then he was involved in an adventure which saw Krang take over Shredder's body ..... very confusing for a kid who never read a TMNT comic until that one.

Slash was my fav evil Turtle. He was a BIG inspiration for my "Bizarro Shadowman" character. It's too bad he'll never appear in a new turtles comic.

Anyhoo, this drawing was done (mostly) at CNanime as I waited to see Vasquez (aka creator of Invader Zim) talk at a panel. So he was influenced by what I saw of his work, at least a bit. And now, at 4 AM I take a half hour to color him.

This thing will be part of a collage I plan to make of the turtles of the TMNT. So it has no background and kind of .... standard shading. Well, hopefully, collaging him with the rest I plan to finish will fix that.

tmnt-rapheal.jpg tmnt-saint.jpg tmnt-slash.jpg tmnt-slashtv.jpg tmnt-tokka.jpg


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