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TMNT: Tokka

The final part to my TMNT collage: Tokka.

Tokka is the evil mutant turtle from the second movie. The plot of that movie was, basically, the Shredder returns and creates two evil mutants from the same kind of ooze that created the turtles - Tokka and Razar.

Tokka is an infant. Stupid, but extremely strong thanks to the mega dose of mutagen. He thinks Shredder is his mother. *shrugs*

There was another Tokka in the cartoon, but he is just another rampaging mutant. I don't remember him too well .... TMNT had too many "mutant of the day" episodes.

When drawing this I had no references to Tokka. I just sorta remembered his design. I made his muscles twisted and bizarre to reflect his "monstrous" look. I lated fixed all the details to match the move (while keeping my style). In the end I'm happiest with this drawing out of all the individual TMNT works.

tmnt-slash.jpg tmnt-slashtv.jpg tmnt-tokka.jpg tmnt-turtlebot.jpg tmnt-venus.jpg


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