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ChaosWolf - Fushed Gauntlet

Now this nickname is a secret, Fused Gauntlet

Chars: Shadowman Transmetal 2, Shadowman.exe

Shadow Blade: A mainstay of all Shadowman movesets, Gauntlet has spot on accuracy with the famed shuriken. Pocketspace allows him a nigh infinite supply of them.

Muramasa: An infamous blade thought to be only usable in cyberspace. The Muramasa seems to sharpen as the user weakens. In reality, the Muramasa is linked to a vitality sensor to Shadowman, and upgrades itself to match the gravity of the situation.

Kawarimi: The simplest defenses are the ones taken down the earliest. Kawarimi takes this into concideration. The Kawarimi is a Substitution technique. Subbing in another object to take the attack, Gauntlet can then do a short range teleport.

LRM: B1ZZ4R0: Once one of his most dangerous foes, Gauntlet can unleash the Viral Entity “B1ZZ4R0” to attack and corrupt his foes. He has to keep the Virus on a short leash however. If it managed to escape, it could easily recover and once again become a deadly threat

Weaknesses: Gauntlet’s fighting style depends on accuracy and cunning. Obviously you can’t erase the cunning, but if you can keep him off balance then you should be able to put the fight on even ground if not tilt it in your favor.

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