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Cleaveman of the Evil Eight. Fans of the Mechs will notice that the design has changed somewhat. Not sure if we're gonna retcon it so he always looked like this, or give him an upgrade of some kind. I'm not going to draw his original form though, so this might just have to do it.

Those things that look like bloodstains? I'd like to say they're bloodstains, but Cleaveman isn't that hardcore. He's actually one of the bigger losers in the Mechs' Rogue's Gallery at the moment. The red parts were supposed to look like rust or something. Let's just say he spilled some tomato juice when he forgot he had no mouth.

Cleaveman was originally designed by Lennon of the Mechanical Maniacs based on characters by Capcom, and this particular one was inspired by the robot "Shunt" from Robot Wars. This new design and drawing is by me.

Cityman_by_RaijinKarate.jpg clawman.png cleaveman.png crorq3a.jpg crorq3b.jpg


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