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The Humor Section

- Welcome to the Humour section
Well hopefully more will be added... but here we go...

VI Humour Section Quote of the Update

As what can only be described as a swirly portal thingymajigger opened in a time rift, Professor Fritz Replay Fandango plummeted towards the floor, which cut off his sentence, broke his fall, and most of his jawline....
Without warning, a white wheeled taxi pulled up beside him, a local man peering his head out of the window to say:
"Wotcha mate, bad night, eh? You students're always chewing fagends in the gutter, not what I'd call a dying breed, eh?" and with an awfully Sid James like chortle, sped away.
Though his mouth was ashy, he managed to utter, albeit rather loudly, "BLOODY COCKNEYS!"


Viral Infection In: Abnoxious Jokes - A VarIety Hour, by Gary!

Fishy problems - Ok a poor title but it took me long enough to create.
Back to Basics - An irate Numberman decides to illustrate how he's one of the only navis without an original counterpart.
After a wild night of partying - A screenshot from EXE taken out of context. Man throwing up.

(comic1.gif) Magic Show - a little comic featuring Magic Man. (missing)

Delete? - Don't do it Elecman! By Ed.

Translated Manga Scans

Ever wonder what those kooky MM mangas are actually saying? Well, our crack team here at VI has finally figured it out!

(charge.jpg) Chargeman - Translated by Seraph (missing)
(hair.jpg) Talking to Cossack - Translated by Seraph (missing)
(1337.gif) "133+ Sp33k!?" - Translated by Seraph (missing)

Posthumous note: Since most of these "humourous" images were not recovered, here's as many relatively new things as I could find.

Napalmman's Weakness - Megaman probably wouldn't need special weapons if he could always aim his buster like this.

Big Pimpin' - It's Fandango's fault, really.

Gauntlet's Tribulations - He knew what he was getting into, being on the same team as them.