All Your Bass

Excerpt from MMBN1:
"...apparently there's evidence that the LifeVirus defense program was copied by someone..."

Excerpt from MMBN2:
"That rotting weakling...Human! Manipulating brats as if I really cared. But breeding copies of ME! *That* I cannot permit. Humans... worthless creatures. One day they shall face my judgement..."

Excerpt from MMBN3:

"As long as HE is on my side, MegaMan can never stop me! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!"

Prolouge: Wily's Plan

Location: Castle Wily, Demon Waters

"You're a good girl. Just keep doing as I say. If you follow my orders, we can save this planet. Now off with you, Anetta! Go get that TetraCode!"

"Yes sir!"

"What a good girl" thought Wily as Anetta left the room. "Not like that foolish Sunayama. It was supposed to be a show of power, but he ruined everything! *sigh* that's what I get for hiring cheap help...."

"Lord Wily, sir?" a voice from the entry way called. "Come in, Rei" Wily answered.

"Sir" Rei said while walking forward, "It appears that Viral Infection has increased it's activity recently. There were several crimes committed during the duration of the N1 Grand Prix, and it appears that many of them were caused by VIral Infection."

"Hmmm....." Wily thought for a moment. "Indeed. They have been a thorn in my side for too long" Wily said in a tone that was usually saved for when he spoke of the Hikaris. "They must be dealt with. I don't want them to interfere with Project Cybergeddon"

"Shall I gather the troops for an assault?"

"No Rei. I have something much more sinister planned. You may leave"

"But sir-"

"I said leave, unless you want to find yourself in an early grave." Wily said, in a tone that said that argumentation was worthless. Rei left the room sprinting. "Mwahahaha.....Viral Infection....You will soon feel the fury of the WWW....." It was then that Wily pressed a small button on his computer. He then continued talking. "Come in....Answer me. I need you to do something."

"What the hell do you want, you old fart?" a rather irrate Bass answered, in his usual tone of voice. "I need you to eliminate a certain organization. They may try to interfere with the plan." was Wily's answer, who was trying his best not be insulted by that "old fart" comment.

"Why do you send your weak little navis to take care of it?

"Because the Bass Clone prototype is with them."

"...........tell me how to reach their computer system"


Chapter 1: Morning at the VI Mansion

Location: VI Manor, Arc City, East Netopia

It was a normal morning at the Viral Infection Mansion. At least as normal as a morning could get at the mansion. All of the members of Viral Infection were doing what they usually do. Phil, Aaron, Luke, Alan, and Sky are all asleep. Ryan was sitting on the coach, watching the morning news. Gauntlet was nowhere to be found, but everyone knows that he is in the mansion. Gary is attempting to sneak a drop of "Dave's Gourmet Insanity Sauce" into Lee's cereal. And at the same time, Lee is attempting to sneak a small bomb into Gary's Oatmeal. Cameos was pushing various buttons on electronic equipment, delighted every time they did something. Blackbelt was sitting cross legged on the floor, meditating. Ed was in the backyard, lighting fireworks, much to the wonderment of his audience, Trent. Fandango was in his lab, where sounds of explosion, maniacal laughter, and various shouts of "Eureka" could be heard. And Dominic was on the computer, looking at content which children cannot view (legally, anyway)

But that was only the activities of half of Viral Infection. There was the navi half, and it was quite busy. Magic Man was in his PET, practicing a new magic trick. Wood Man was in the Netopia park area of the net, resting by a statue of a tree. Stone Man was in the Arc City net area, sleeping; unbeknownst to him, several kid navis were using him as a playground, but he didn't notice. Guts Man was listening to some country music while in his PET. Elec Man, Skull Man, and Shark Man were sleeping. Shadow Man was nowhere to be found, though everyone knew he was near the VI system area of the net. Ice Man was in the Netopia net area, pranking anyone unfortunate enough to walk past, whether it be Navi, Program, or Virus. And Color Man was spying on Ice Man, waiting for the perfect opportunity to prank him. Pharaoh Man was in his PET, attempting to explain the function of various electronic devices to Cameos. Bass was off in his PET, concentrating. Bomb Man was in his PET, blowing up various items. Number Man was in Fandango's computer, assisting him with his experiments. And Fire Man was at Netopia Square, hitting on every femal navi he could find, but having no luck whatsoever.

But then, something different happened in the usual morning routine: An alarm clock went off. Then a small hammer hit it, followed by the words "Is it morning already? I hate meeting days" It was Phil. And he knew what he had to do. He got dressed, grabbed his handy megaphone, and went into the living room. With the megaphone enhancing his voice, he yelled, "MEETING TIME!!! ALL OPERATORS AND NAVIS PLEASE REPORT TO THE LIVING ROOM!!!"

In five seconds, all the operators were sitting either on the coach, on chairs, or on the floor. And the navis were now on the TV screen, since they jacked into it. "Now then" Phil began "Courtesy of the Officials relaxed security on everywhere besides the N1, we were able to steal quite a bit of merchandise. I've asked Number Man to figure out how much profit we've made, and....Where are Fandango and Number Man?"

Everyone shrugged, though the question was soon answered by a very loud explosion from Fandango's room. It was then followed by a cry of "EUREKA!!! IT'S DONE!!!!" And with that, Fandango rushed out of his room, his clothes charred black, holding his PET in his hand.

"Everyone, it's done!! All my blood sweat and tears have paid off!!.....Why are you all looking at me like that?" Fandango said, being met with looks that said "What have you been smoking?"

"Ahem" Phil interrupted "Since you have been so gracious to come to the meeting, would you please jack in Number Man so he can tell us how much profits we all made from yesterday's looting spree?"

"Oh....sure, of course...." Embarrassed, Fandango walked over to the jack in port of the TV, and jacked Number Man into it. Immediately, Number Man began talking. "The total profits of yesterday’s activity were 1000000000000000 zenny, rounding down."

There was silence. It was quickly broken.


Twas a fun morning at the VI Manor.

Chapter 2: Bass' Assault Part 1

Location: Arc City Net

"Should be right around here...." Bass said, as he went along, kicking various programs in the head. Finally, after kicking one program in the head, something happened. The program, instead of shouting some of the more colorful words of the English language, said something else.

"State identification"

"Bass" was Bass' answer

"Identification confirmed. Opening portal to mainframe"

The program glowed momentarily, and a portal appeared behind him. "Quickly now" The program said.

Bass stepped into the portal, and disappeared.

Location: Viral Infection Net

All was quiet in the VI Network. Everything was going at optimum efficiency. It looked as if nothing could go wrong.

Then Bass appeared. And he knew exactly what he needed to do.

Bass scanned the area before moving. He was expecting all sorts of security to be bearing down upon him any second now. But there was nothing. Not even the usual cloud of small viruses that invaded every system.

"I guess these guys are as lazy as that old fart said they are. I've wasted enough time."

Bass went forward for a few minutes; A few very boring minutes. He then reached a door. Next to this door was a small control panel. The only thing on it was a large blue square. "Please confirm fingerprint identification, please" A voice said. Bass wondered what the hell it was talking about when it said something else. "Place hand on Blue Square for fingerprint scan."

Bass did this. And he regretted it seconds later.

"Fingerprints unknown. Starting VI defense mechanism"

Chapter 3: Bass' Assault Part 2

Bass was expecting a something huge. Something gigantic. Something fierce.

Yet nothing appeared.

“What the duce? What kind of idiots are these guys?”

“The kind that are silent and deadly!!” A voice said suddenly.

It was then that Bass felt a very, VERY sharp pain in his back.

“AHHH!!!!” Bass reached for his back, and felt a metallic object protruding from it. He pulled it out, and the pain lessened.

The object was a shuriken

“Impressive” said the voice “Most people that come here get deleted after the first shuriken. Looks like I’ll get to have some fun.”

Three more shuriken were thrown in Bass’ direction. Bass managed to avoid them. And he let off a single shot towards the direction that the shuriken came from. All that was heard after that was the sound of a nave being destroyed.

“Pitiful” thought Bass. “This should be more difficult for me.”

Then Bass felt another very sharp pain in his back.

Instead of removing the shuriken like last time, he only turned around very quickly, and he saw his opponent standing before him.

“How the hell are you still alive, you damn ninja!!!?”

“Twas a hologram.” Shadow Man said, pulling out his Muramasa sword.

Before he had even gotten the sword out of its sheath, Bass shot Shadow Man, resulting in Shadow Man being destroyed.

“Stupid ninja” Bass muttered. Then he heard those dreaded words from behind him.

“Twas a hologram.”

Bass, not even looking, shot a blast behind him, resulting in an explosion.

“What’s the matter, can’t tell where I am?”

Bass stood still, with his eyes closed.

“What are you doing?” Shadow Man said.

“You’re not really here” Bass said. “All that’s here is a hologram projector with a personality program”

“No I’m not!

“Dude, I see you starting to disappear. That last shot hit your hologram projector. You’ll be gone right about… ”

The hologram bothered Bass no more.

“Now then, the main security console should be just up ahead, provided the old fart was right. Now to have some fun…”

The maniacal laughter that filled the air at that moment would bring pure fear into the hearts of even the most courageous of men”

Chapter 4: Crashing the Party

The mood in the air was festive. Operator and navi alike were doing the same thing: having fun, and getting drunk while doing it.

“So how much this stuff cost?” asked Phil.

“How the hell should I know?” answered Ed, obviously drunk.

“Because you were the one who bought the beer.”

“Oh…..ah, who cares?” Ed proclaimed,


As for the cyber world….

“How much this stuff cost?”

“How the hell should I know?”

“Because you were the one who bought the beer.”

“Oh…..ah, who cares?”


Needless to say, the party was well underway. Then, like all good parties, someone has to go and ruin it.

“So like I was saying” Phil began. “What we need to do is- hey, do you guys here that?

“Yeah. What the he-“

Then all was quiet in the manor. At least the real world part of it, anyway.

“HEY! PHIL! WHAT’S GOING ON!!?” Magic Man was yelling.

“Be quiet for a moment” Said Skull Man. “There has to be a logical explanation to this.”

All the navis began wondering what this logical explanation could be. Until a voice broke the silence

“It’s amazing how weak humans are. Just a little bit of sleeping gas and they’re out like a light. What’s even more amazing is that the stuff can kill after a long enough time passes.”

All the navis turned towards the source of those words. And what they saw was what looked like a member of their own team. Bass was the first one to speak to this look-alike.

“Who the hell are you, and why do you look like me?”

“Ah, the clone speaks.”


“Why yes. You see, you aren’t the real Bass. All you are is the product of a foolish human’s ambitions went horribly wrong.”


“He’s not foolish!” piped Ice Man. “You are!”

“Shut up midget, this is between me and him.”


“Don’t worry Ice Man.” Bass said. “He will learn respect”

“You still don’t believe me, do you?”

“Why should I believe lies?”

“Why should you deny the truth?”

“You have no proof”

“That, you clone, is where you are wrong. Access data file Project Ultima”

A strange voice came from the Bass of VI that sounded unlike Bass. “Password please”


“Playing file”

A strange hologram emitted from the jewel on VI Bass’ helmet. It was of Dr. Wily

“All battle data points towards success. However, it seems to be adapting the same personality as the original. Soon, it will be impossible to control him. We have no choice but to abandon it. We have already found a place near the end of the net where it will not get in the way. It will be left there.”

“Left at the edge of the net, to only battle viruses and the occasional stupid navi that shows up. Sound familiar, clone?”

“…..I may be a clone, but that doesn’t mean I am weaker.”

“Of course it does. I mean, just look at how easily you die.”

In one quick movement, Bass raised his blaster, and fired one shot. The shot met its intended target: right between the clone’s eyes”

“HAHAHA!!! You see? He is weak!!”

“You…” Stone Man began. “…bastard.”

“Ah, is Rocky all mad? Well, you’ll get your chance to die soon enough”

“Viral Infection….ATTACK!!!!!”

Chapter 5: Post Battle Trauma

Bass stood, breathing heavily, obviously battle worn.

He was the lucky one.

Around him, the navis of Viral Infection lay. At least that’s what they were. Now they were mere data streams. Bass couldn’t wait to destroy those.

“You see, this is why I hate humans. Not only are they weak, but they make everything they come in contact with weak as well. And now you’re all going to die, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Prepare for permanent deletion!!!!”

Bass charged his buster. Once it reached the maximum amount of power, he fired towards Viral Infection.

There was no way they could survive.

At least that was how it seemed.


Suddenly, an aura appeared in front of the defenseless data. The shot collided with the aura. The aura stood up to it.

“What the hell? Who did that?”

“Only a worthless clone, you bastard.”

Bass couldn’t believe his ears. He looked towards the direction of the voice. He saw VI Bass, now sporting a very large scar on his face.

“You survived. Figures, considering you’ve got the data going for you.”

“Shut up and let me avenge my comrades.”

“You know, most navis would run away if they actually managed to survive.”

“Well I’m not most navis.”

With that, the fighting began.

Chapter 6: Bass versus Bass

There was no talking. No insults. No gloating. Only fighting at its purest form. They charged. They fired. They defended. It was no more than that.

To the untrained eye, it would seem that the combatants were evenly matched. Grizzled battle veterans would notice that VI Bass’ breathing was becoming steadily heavier, while Bass remained a picture of perfect health.

The fighting remained at this level for a short while. It was then, however, that a strange occurrence happened.

“You know, you can’t win” said Bass

“And why not?” replied VI Bass

‘This is why”

Bass summoned his aura. But it wasn’t like a normal aura. There was something odd about it.

“Big whoop. You’ve put up a different aura. I’ll destroy just like every other aura.

“Not before it destroys you first.”

Amazingly, the aura left its creator, and flew straight at VI Bass. The aura surrounded VI Bass like any aura would.

“What are you trying to do, protect me?”

“No” Bass said, snapping his fingers.

The aura then began to shrink. It became apparent how dangerous this was when VI Bass discovered that he couldn’t break out of the aura. And it was starting to become a little cramp in there.

“Nice trick, isn’t it? I get to see you suffer minute by minute. I wish I had some popcorn for the show?” Bass said with a fiendish tone.

Bass only looked on as the “clone” (as he so dubbed him) attempted to escape from his prison. He looked on as he attempted kicking and punching the aura. How he attempted to shoot the aura. All without success.

He then watched as something odd happened. His opponent started to glow with an odd light. An odd light that seemed familiar to him. He suddenly realized why it was so familiar when a memory he had a long time ago echoed in his mind.

“Daddy Cossack, what happened to that glowing navi?”

“It was a style change, Bass.”

“What’s that?”

“A style change is where a navi transform into a new form in order to adapt to the situation at hand. But they are very rare. Only a few navis can perform a style change”

The rest of the conversation didn’t matter to Bass at the moment. Only one thing was apparent: Destroy that stupid clone before it completes the style change.

Not a second after he thought of the destruction of his foe did the light brighten to a unbearable level, causing Bass to cover his eyes.

The light, though still strong, faded enough to where Bass could see two things

He saw a navi that resembled his opponent.

And he saw that there was no aura surrounding him.

Chapter 7: Forte

Bass attempted to see more, but the light blinded him. The light was fading fast, but not fast enough to warn Bass of the fist that hit him squarely on the jaw. That was then followed by a flurry of hits to the gut area, and ended with a roundhouse kick to the head, which launched Bass a good distance away. Bass lay on the ground for a short moment, then stood up with great difficulty. He looked ahead of him, and saw his opponent.

It was still Bass, but he had transformed. His cloak was now worn like a cape, the fins of his helmet now held a red tint of color, his arms were adorned with odd red bands, and brown stripes covered hi torso and legs in an intricate design.

“What is this? This looks like no style change I’ve seen! What is this, clone!!!?” Bass yelled in disbelief.

The “clone” stared at Bass with a calculating, callous stare. He began walking slowly towards Bass, and uttered words filled with malice and contempt.

“I am no clone Bass. I am a powerful navi, and I will be the one who avenges my comrades. I am the one who will cause your deletion. I am no clone.”

At this point, VI Bass and Bass were face to face, staring at each other.

“I am Forte.”

Chapter 8: Musical Requiem

Forte started with a foot sweep. Bass quickly jumped out of the way and countered with a shot from his blasters. Forte kicked the shot away, and jumped up to Bass, leading with his fist. Bass countered an earth breaker, causing the two navis to be sent flying away from each other.

“You are indeed a worthy opponent Forte. I see now that I can’t treat you like a normal clone. Allow me to stop holding back so that I may deliver upon you sweet oblivion.”

Bass charged up. But not just his blaster. It was as if his whole body was becoming stronger every second. His body was being surrounded but the glow which usually accompanied a blaster charge. But blaster charges usually only centered upon the blaster. This charge was not as thus handicapped.

Forte, realizing the danger, dashed forward, intent on putting a stop to this. But then he collided with an aura surrounding Bass; A very powerful one. Forte punched and kicked with all his might, but to no avail.

“You like? I would suggest you save your strength and stop attacking that aura, because in about 10 seconds, you are going to regret ever crossing me.”


Forte stopped his attack


Forte looked at Bass with a look that said “Bring it on”


Bass returned the look


Bass charges up at a faster rate, showing how much power he really has


Forte feels the power


Forte begins to assess the situation, wondering if he can defeat Bass


Forte begins to put some distance between himself and Bass


Forte began to seemingly speak to himself in a rushed manner.


Forte stopped talking


Forte stood still and concentrated


Bass fires a fast moving shot which seems to follow Forte. It hits.

Forte screams in pain. And the truth becomes abundantly clear to Forte.

He’s got a program’s chance in the undernet depths of making it out of this alive.

Forte begins to rush towards his opponent.

“HAH! Are you rushing towards your death?”

“Maybe I am. But if I go, I’m taking you with me!”

The two met in the middle of the battlefield.

There was a flash of light.

There was a huge explosion.

Then there was a voice.

“Shutting down security system”

Chapter 9: Picking up all the pieces

The operators of VI woke up groggy. Much like what happens when woken up too damn early.

“Damn……I don’t remember drinking that much” Ed said.

“I know what you mean. I mean, the beer appears untouched” Said Trent.

“Calm down people, let’s just ask our navis what happened. Hey Magic Man, what happened?” spoke Phil.

The sound of silence filled the air.

“Magic Man, report.” Phil said.

“Ah, he’s probably asleep. Eh, Stone Man, tell us what happened.” Sanity said, half asleep.

More silence.

The other operators checked their PETs. No answer.

“There is more afoot then we initially thought. Perhaps we can check the security camera records. One of the cameras point right at the TV, where our navis were logged into last. So stop sniveling and look at the tape.” Gauntlet stated in a final tone.

They watched the tape.

“Gary, Lee, I want you guys to see if you can salvage our navis. Now!” Said Phil “Everyone else, check the rest of the system. Make sure there isn’t anything else wrong.

Hours later…..

“Everyone report”

“There were no signs of further problems. We even sent in a few spare normal navis to purge the system of viruses. But there were none. It looked as if Bass was the only one here” Trent said

“And what of the navis?”

“Fortunately, most of their data streams were still in the system.” Said Gary

“That’s goo- wait. Most?”

“Uh…..Forte seems to have been eradicated. We found a small piece of data that seemed to have come from him, but It’s too heavily encrypted”

“Transfer into my PET” Said Blackbelt, who had been silent all this time.


Connecting PETs….


Data transfer complete.

Blackbelt typed a few keys into the PET, and the encryption was removed.

Inside were two pieces of data: A text message and a date type Blackbelt has never seen before. He opened the text document first.

“If you are reading this, it means my attempt at destroying Bass was unsuccessful. I never wished to say this before, but now I do not have much choice. My data is flawed. Nothing essential to life. But important in death. Most navis become ghost navis after about 3 days. My time takes longer. But I do not know how much longer. The other file you see is a tracking program that will track my data. I hope too se you again soon. Farewell, friend”

Tears ran down Blackbelt’s cheek. He excused himself, and went to his room.


Bass' Epilouge

Location: Undernet Area 3

"Fuck" Bass yelled, more to himself than to anyone else "How the hell could I lose to those guys?.....these wounds will take time to heal. I must.....wait, what's that?" It was then that Bass sensed a powerful presence in the vicinity.” Interesting. I should check this out"

Another day, another navi to fight. Such is the existence of a Super Navi.

VI's Epilogue

Location: VI Manor, Arc City, East Netopia

It was not a normal morning at VI Manor. No one went about their normal business. Everyone was in the living room, sitting. Well, almost everyone. Phil and Blackbelt were missing. Phil was in his room, contemplating what to say. After a moment, he stepped out of his room, and stood in front of the other members. He was about to speak, but noticed that Blackbelt was nowhere to be seen. "Could someone get Blackbelt out here?” He said. They all looked at each other, and Gary stood up, and walked to Blackbelt's room door. He knocked. No answer. He yelled for Blackbelt to come out. No answer. He opened the door.

And the room was almost entirely empty. All that was there was a disk on the floor. So Gary did the only thing that was logical: He picked up the disk, and brought it to the living room. Then it was put into the drive on the TV. Then a video file appeared, showing Blackbelt.

"I suppose you are all wondering where I have gone. I am taking a temporary leave of absence from the team. I will be back someday, but not until I find Bass.....My Bass. It wouldn't feel right for me to get a new navi. He's been with me ever since I joined the team, and I'll be damned if he's not going to be with me during future missions on the team. I would tell you all where I'm going, but I don't know where I'll be going. Just be assured that we will see each other again. Farewell, comrades."

Not a word was said of that message for many days afterwards, but there was a sense that something was missing in the Manor.

Blackbelt's Epilogue

Location: Crescent City Mall, Crescent City, West Netopia

It was very hard to relax. Blackbelt was a convict, and he was without a navi. That, and the "Hot Dog on a Stick" place kept getting his order wrong.

Thought that first one didn't bother him much. He just wasn't used to being alone. Getting a refund from "Hot Dog on a Stick" he began wandering. "What am I gonna do? I already said I wouldn't come back without Bass.....*sigh* this is what I get for not thinking things through...."

Blackbelt's chain of thought was soon interrupted by some yelling. Looking up, he saw three guys dressed in black, taking fighting stances. Their enemy was, for some reason, a dude dressed as a cowboy. Blackbelt decided to listen.

"Listen, we can settle this without trouble. I wouldn't want to hurt you guys." said the cowboy. The three other guys simply rushed him. It was almost too quick for Blackbelt to see, but then all three of the guys in black were on the ground, obviously knocked out. The cowboy then began to celebrate.

But Blackbelt saw something the cowboy did not: a fourth person in black, sneaking up behind him. Blackbelt decided to step in. He grabbed his now empty PET, put it in his PET case, and threw at the guys head.

*THWAK* "Ugh..." the fourth guy was now unconscious. Blackbelt walked over to get his PET. His plan was to just walk off, but the cowboy started talking.

"Thanks dude." said the cowboy.

"’re welcome..."

"I haven't seen you here before. You new around here?"

"You could say that. I just got to this city today."

"You need a guide?"

"Why not?"

The cowboy brought up his hand, in a form of a handshake. "The name's David. What's your name?"

"My name's Bl-" Blackbelt began to say, but then thought about it. "He might recognize my alias name. Perhaps it's time to dust off my parent given name" He thought

"My name's Sam. Pleasure to meet you David"

"Come on. You should say hi to my friends. They're good guys. You'll probably get along with 'em"

They shook hands. What happened after.....Well, that's another story all together.

Forte’s Epilogue

Location: VI Bass' PET

Search Inquiry: Ghost Data matching current uploaded data fragments

Search results: None

Repeating search......

The End