Breaking Through the Barrier
Part 1

By RaijinK (Ryan/Skullman), TPFSeraph (Trent/Sharkman), BearXZ (Mike/Bear), SaiyanXtreme (Dominic/Fireman), Professor Fandango (Fandango/Numberman), Eclipse Edan (Sky/Elecman), Zero4564 (Ed/Bombman), and Sanityisoverrated (Luke/Stoneman)

Posthumous Note: The following is the first big product of the Viral Infection forum's "Sim Battle" section, i.e. the Roleplaying board. It forms the team's first collaborative story, and the basis for much EXE team fanfic to follow. Sadly, large portions of the story are missing, but you can get the gist of it.

This was largely written before the english release of the first Megaman Battle Network game (sprites added later, don't be alarmed if you see newish ones), and thus a lot of the terminology is out of whack. "Network Guardians" refers to the Officials. "Virus" often refers to viral navis like the VI members while "bug" refers to the enemies that should be called viruses. We also often use "PET" to refer to navis, and the term "Dream World" to refer to the Cyberworld. I could fix the terminology now but that wouldn't be an authentic look at the writing of the past would it? Also, I'm lazy.

It's a forum RP, as such the various authors took turns posting bits and pieces. You can usually tell where the author changes and to whom by the shift in focus to different characters. Besides team members, some regular forumgoers also contributed. Enjoy!

* * * * * *

A green van rolled into the parking lot of the Genjibo City hotel. Five figures piled out and went to check in. Two of the strangers stopped outside the door and looked toward the west where various blinking sentry towers reaching into the sky marked the presence of the heavily stocked military base. Above, the occasional pink spark displayed the effective use of one of the world's largest electric shields, protecting the base from any outside interference...supposedly.

Dominic: I can't believe no other hacker has ever tried to control this city, the power available is so...sexy!

Ryan: It's always sexy with you...anyway, we're not too sure we don't have ANY competition here, the prize is attractive, there could be many different groups trying to get through that shield already and the fact that everything is under total control here would just be a sign of how difficult this job will actually be. And let's not forget about the network guardians.

Dominic: ...they wouldn't be any threat, I'm more worried about WWW or some other hacker groups. Hey, let's go scouting, I'm anxious to get this city under our heel.

Ryan: Excellent, I like that attitude, then let's get to the nearest phone and see what this town is like from the inside...

Moments later, Fireman EXE and Skullman EXE teleport into the dreamworld and survey their surroundings.

Skull: Shouldn't we wait for the others?

Ryan: What? You don't think you can handle the network guardians on your own? Come on, start heading west...

Fire: And what do we do when we reach the barrier? (Please say burn it, please say burn it, please say burn it...)

Dominic: Await further instructions...

Fire: Damnit!

Skull: Hold on, I think I see something headed this way already...

3 metools are seen blowing up and coming closer is a fin...

Skull: Ah Shark man how'd ya get here?

Shark: I had a bitch of a time but I managed... it's not easy finding links from the Australian lines

Fire: Yea I can imagine... anyhow let us continue on

Shark: Hold on a sec... one of them damned Metools got me...

Sharkman slowly begins to hurt more... Fire and Skull look at Shark's fin and see a large cut in it...

Shark: God dammit... Without me fin how am I supposed to attack?

Shark starts to curse loudly


Mike: Hmmm how those this thing work?

Bear EXE: Hey bub, what do you think your doing?

Mike: Watch your mouth.

Bear EXE: Hey your the Foo who is confused.

*Fire, Skull and Shark watch Bear from accross a data rift*

Fire: You were saying something about our rivals giving us some difficult competition?

Skull: Alright, alright, maybe we do have a chance around here. Okay, we'll worry about him later, let's get to that next platform, it looks like there's some zenny credits left laying there. We'll just go along that bridge infested with cannons and dash birds. How about you, Shark, how's the fin going along?

Shark: *whimper* healing slow, You'll have to handle those bugs yourself, but, uhh, be sure to gimme any energy you get off of them...aye, mates?

*Fire and Skull lunge accross the bridge*

Skull: I'll handle the birds *launches arms, which each home in on a separate green triangular charging bird* You take the cannons.

Fire: Oh, yeah, just let me charge up and I'll take 'em all at once...*head flame starts blazing wildly*

Skull: No you fool! Don't stand still too long or the cannons will be able to lock on to you!


All that is left in the ground is an empty crater

Fire: DAYAMN! Never gonna do that again...

Shark: You're pretty lucky I saw the cannon... now I think I'm gonna go... I gots to get fixed

Skull: *after blasting away the last bird* Fire you had better get those cannons

*Sharkman leaves*

Fire: How's this? *A huge fire tornado releases from the head*

All of the cannons are destroyed... they pick up 50 zenny...

Skull: Come on lets go... and thank Shark some other time

After a few hours of fooling around Bear is geting the hang of comanding his pet and controling its bad mr.t mouth attitude.

Mike: Dont just stand there, attack the damn things.

Bear EXE: Easy for you to say.

Bear exe is outnumbered 5 to 1, vs 2 mets and 3 Cannons and destroys em all after a long battle.

Mike: hmm new cards and some more zenny, keep this up and youl get stronger.

Bear EXE: and your point is?

Fire and Skull continue their journey deeper into the city's network.

Fire: god why do we have to walk so much? can't we just hitch a ride or something?

Dominic: with what your good looks?

Fire: Hell yea! I'm SEXY! -_^

Dominic, Ryan, and Skull: *sweatdrops*

Skull: well There are no modes of transportation, other than each other...(before Skull can finish his sentence, Fire climbs onto Skull's back)

Fire: Carry me... pahhhweese ^_^

Skull: UGH! you're too heeaavvvyyy....(skull collapses under the firey bulk)

*Skull gathers his broken bones and more or less attaches evrything in its right spot*

Skull: We're not going to get much done at this rate, let's just see if there's a link anywhere around here we can come through later.

*As they search for alternative entrances, a silver haired, red and white figure leaps accross a few platforms from the opposite direction and meets up with them*

Fire: Hey Protoman, felt like scouting too huh? But wasn't the hotel in that direction?

Proto: (forming a battle mask and igniting his sword) Viruses...

Fire: Er...yeah, and we're proud as hell of it, aren't we?

Skull: This ain't right...

*Proto then swings his blade in a wide arc that rips apart the fabric of the dream world right around the viruses, Fire is blown back a few pixels while Skull's...skull falls off and rolls around on the ground.*

Skull: Geeze, it's a good thing that part's supposed to come off, why the hell did you just decapitate me Proto?

*suddenly another Protoman EXE leaps in from the direction of the hotel links*

The VI Proto: Guys, I think that might be the guy from who's PET my master hacked.

Fire:(recovering) But didn't he steal your program from a network guardian?...oh geeze...

The real Proto: Hmmph, hacking PET programs is a serious offence, although I AM a bit flattered, I'm afraid I can't show any mercy to any of you, even if you look like my reflection...

Skull: Er...you two handle him while my body finds me. (meanwhile Skull's body gropes around blindly, finds a sleeping mettool and puts it on his neck) Oh geeze...

*At an unkown location, at the foot of a large computer sits none other than.......:*


*"GAME OVER" flashes on the screen as Number bashes his bulbous head against the keyboard*

Number: Stupid, stupid.......!?

*on a small radar to the left of the virus are two small green specks, and another moving away from them* Number: Oh right....the shield..........but first..........

-17 seconds later-


after a while Mike notices other people in the network and decides to aprouch em to see whats going on.

Mike: Go in slowly.

Bear EXE: You crazy, they already know im there, and it seems like theres a battle going on wich seems like theres a fake Pet.

Mike: Well maybe its a virus, go help em out.

Bear EXE: ok (swears)

*Trent watches on and is fixing up Sharks programming, Shark is in a battle simulator at the time*

Shark: Ok lets try a medium battle right now...

*The Dream Virus flashes in front of Sharkman EXE*

Shark and Trent: What the!?

*shark charges at the Dream Virus and tries to bite it but it easily avoids the attack*

Dream Virus: Pffft... you are pathetic... But I am not here to destroy you...

*Trent tries using various blocking techniques to make the dream virus go away*

Dream Virus: You must get those other puny PETS away from their destination... if they get closer I WILL destroy them...

*Dream Virus disappears*

Trent: I dunno how he got in and I don't know why I couldn't block him out... It's a pretty dangerous thing

*Fire looks in cofusment."

Fire: which one's OUR Proto?

Dominic: Hell if I know. *looks at Ryan*

Ryan: *shrugs*

Fire: *BIG smile* then I'll have to burn them both!

*Elec Man ExE flies in panting slowly and stops abruptedly*

Elec: What the?! Two Proto men? And my radar must be off, cause you guys aren't close to where you actually are. Hmm, I'll get Sky to fix it up.

*fire firmly plants his feet into the ground, and charges up his "Fire storm" attack*

Skull:*while his head is still on the floor* YOU IDIOT!! we told you not to stay in one position for too long!

Fire: Nah! he's not fast enough to attack me. I'll have charged up, and destroyed him before he would attack me.

*fire, now all charged up, aims his cannon arms at the protos, and unleashes one of his devestating attacks*


*And so Fire let loose his special Blasted Bolt attack, a stream of fire that struck like lightning and blasted the real Proto away*

Proto: Urrgh! I'm not good at being outnumbered, (raises shield) Better think of a good strategy...

VI Proto: Oh no you don't, (rushes at him and the two lock blades) Alright, Elec, Fire, now's your chance! Charge up your finishing moves while I keep him busy!

Proto: You'll have to move out of the way...it would be a shame for such a handsome virus to sacrifice himself...

VI Proto: Hah, right you are, but granted you'll then be able to dodge the next attack, you'll never dodge the other one!


*At an unknown location*

Number: Hm. HMM. Let's see...........!? Well paint me green and call me a light bulb! Two Protomans! Protomen? Geh.....whatever....

*The lights flicker, both on the computer and in the room*


Numberman: what was that?

Fandango: hell if I know, you're the genius. you figure it out.

Numberman: *cough* Pimp *cough*

*back at the Battle. Fire and Elec are both preparing for their "finishers"*

Dominic: can't you charge any faster?

Fire: well I DID just use one of my attacks.

*fire and Elec finally finish charging up, and at the same time unleash their "finishers"*

The REAL Proto: *breaks the duel with the other proto* I'm terribly sorry, but I want to live. I will see you again.*teleports just before he is hit*

Bear EXE: hmm they all wako, me think they all foo's.

Mike: Get out of there before they see you and attack ya.

Bear EXE: Sure... *shrugs and gets out of the system*

Number: ME the genius? How many destructive metal biopeds have EYE created? You could get of yer lazy arse and do something......
Fandango: I like the way you said COULD.........
*Number scorns*
Fandango: alright alright, I'll try and find out what it is. In the meantime, you'll never beat my high score! Ahahajhah!

*VI proto quickly jumps out of the path of the powerful blasts*

VI Proto: -_- great now my right boot is all singed!
Elec: what now?
Skull: *skull's body finally finds his head, and places the rather large cranium upon his neck* I dunno, theres how many of us now?
Fire:*looks around* 4?
Skull:*double checks to see if Fire was right* wow!
Fire: what?
Skull: you surprised me with your correct answer.
Fire: and?! you saying I'm stupid?!
Skull: no, I'm saying your an ignoramus!
Fire: oh... thanks ^_^
Skull: _;; in any case, I say we should keep going.
Fire: I agree, with 4 people we should be able to take on what's ahead.
Elec: sure, why not...
Proto: *trying to clean his right boot* I guess I'm in.

*and so the four viruses trotted merrily along, destroying everything in their path, until they came to a barrier...*

Elec: We made it already? This is the barrier?

Skull: No, this is just a firewall, it seems this city is split into numerous sub-networks to act as a deterrent to any direct infiltration through regular lines.

Fire: So what you're saying is...we burn it?

Skull: No! If you even touched this, the anti-virus program embedded in it will activate and we'd all be doomed!

Proto: How do you know all this mister genius?

*Skull points to the sign next to the barrier which reads "This checkpoint protected by Norton EXE V3, trespassers will be deleted"*

Fire: Bah, signs say a lot of things (blasts the barrier)


Skull: (Grabbing Fire) Don't you DARE touch that wall again OR ELSE!

Fire: Or else what?

Skull:(eyebrow twitching) Or I make my last request to the Anti-Virus program to be the one to finish you off.

Fire: Oh alright...*touch*

*screens flash everywhere as a nerdy looking navi materializes and the wall reconfigures to trap the VI crew in a box*


Fire: I don't know...it was an accident.

Skull: If we get out of this next battle alive...I'll kill you.

Fire: pffft don't get too boned out... HAH!

Skull: Why you stupid little

Firewall Navis: Scanning... Virus found... action... delete

Proto: May I suggest that we try escaping?

Fire: and why?

*skull points to the increasing number of firewall navis*

Fire: hrmmm... could be interesting

*at an unknown location*

Fandango: Good news!
Number: You found out how to disable the shield?
Fandango: No, the guys are in trouble......
Fandango: Wait....no.........BAD news.
Number: And the shield?
Number: Getting rid of it?
Fandango: Riiiight. Yea, I'll tell ya......at a price......aw screw it, I'll just tell, but only 'cause I like yers! It goes like this......

*Fireman EXE does a little chibi dance*

Fire: we're gonna fight, we're gonna fight!
Skull: -_-, you battle happy moron! Everyone, try to hold off the Firewall pets, while I try to find a way to escape from this.
*everyone except Skullman EXE gets into thier battle possitions*

Fandango: to deactivate the firewall shield you clap 3 times, turn counter clockwise 2 times, and say "Fandango is not a pimp."
Number: -_-;; are you serious?!
Fandango: Very serious. *grins*
Number: This sounds too fishy. Ahh well, I'll relay the info to the others...

*at an unknown location*

Number: What does counter-clockwise mean?
Fandango: Anti-clockwise
Number: Oh right. How do I contact the others?
Fandango: *sigh*

*eventually, the message is relayed*

*gets message*

Trent: ummm I think that info would be more suited if you told the guys in the battle
Shark: sigh don't worry I'll send it to them... stupid light bulb man and his pimp

*sends message to the battle grounds*

*The message ends up in the earpiece skullman EXE*

Shark: Skull are you there?
Skull: We're kinda busy here.
Shark: I know. for some strange reason I got a message about how to get out of that perdicament you in.
Skull: HOW?!
Shark: you clap your hands 3 times, turn around clockwise 2 times, and say "fandango is not a pimp"
Shark: well thats what the light bulb told me...
Skull: whoever came up with this, is retarded!
Ryan: well hurry up and do it before you guys are deleted!
Skull: -_- you expect me to do something that idiotic?!
Dominic: I wanna watch this!

Proto: better hurry up we won't be able to keep these guys at bay for much longer.
Elec: Every time we knock one down 5 more pop up!

Skull: *claps 3 times, and turns around 2 times, and says* Fandango is not a pimp.

*nothing happens*

Skull: why isn't anything happening?!
Shark: oops, I meant Counter clockwise.
Skull: great! now I have to do it again.

*skull claps 3 times... etc. etc."

*To everyone's surprise, as soon as the word "pimp" is emmitted, the firewall collapses and the Nortons suddenly become weaker*


*Skull, Fire, Proto and Elec finish off the weakened PETS and rest from the battle*

Proto: Alright, how the hell did that stupid chant and dance save our behinds?

Elec: Fandango must have programmed a remote bomb disguised as harmless relay data that could easily pass through the security, and that "ritual" was the keycode to activate it.

Skull: Ingenious! How did you come up with that?

Elec: Fandango told Sky while he was making it.

Skull: Oh, I guess that makes sense, but how come he just didn't tell Sky the keycode as well?

Elec: Probably because the message had to be relayed from a disclosed location through our communications systems or the security could have noticed the bomb before it was too late.

Skull: So the keycode had to be relayed from Fandango's room in our hotel, to Australia, and then back here to the hotel?

Elec: It's all about the security protocols.

Skull: Oy, if it's going to be THAT complicated every time we come to one of the firewalls, it's not going to be worth it, we'd better pull out now and come back through a closer portal tomorrow.

Dominic: Good idea, the late night movies are just about to come on now anyway.

Ryan: You're not spending the room service money on porn.

Dominic: Damn!

Ryan: Relax, we're hackers, remember? We'll just get one of our PETS to go into the TV and unlock whatever channel we want.

Dominic: Oh, yay!

Navis: (collectively) So much for taking the rest of the night off...

*at an unknown location*

Fandango: They're talking about you, you know.
Number: Who the hell is Sky?
Fandango: *beams* I can make them do all sortsa crap to open the barri-
Number: Are you in a hotel room?
Fandango: Can't you read? 'Unknown location'
Number: I don't believe you. EYE'm in the unknown location
Fandango: I could be in an unknown location.
Number: How many more times are we gonna say 'Unknown location'?
Fandango:................................once. Unknown Location. Hm. I need a shower-
Number: I KNEW IT!
Fandango:-in the lake *snicker*

*In their rathar large hotel room*

Ryan: This place is huge!
Dominic: I call the master bedroom!
Ryan: Do'h!

*Dominic runs into the biggest room, and slams the door shut*

Ryan: .....him and his damn porn.
Fandango: *finishes setting up his area of the room*
Ryan: wow, you got almost everything here...including posters of your many prostitutes.
Fandango: HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I GOTTA TELL YOU GUYS?! I'M NOT A PIMP!!!!! *Stomps into the bathroom*
Ryan: I was just joking! How were we able to get a penthouse on our budget?
Kamui: oh, I just hacked into the hotels computers, I WOULD have given us all separate rooms, but Dominic said that it's best if we all share one room.
Ryan: -_-

Trent: You realise we're gonna miss out on many missions because we're Australian
Shark: Yea... and our connections are crap but hey guess what...
Trent: What?
Shark: We've got the connections to places that allow ALOT of energy
Trent: How do you mean?
Shark: Don't forget we provide America with alot of plutonium... we could just go there and steal a hella lot of energy!
*Trent ponders*
Trent: I have an idea on how to fix you...

*At an unknown bathroom*

Fandango: Hmmm, I wonder if they have mirrors on the ceiling? *shakes head* snap out of it.
Trent: Echo!!!!!
Fandango: !?! WOW! A magical portal to Australia! Now I can get a kangaroo!
Ryan: To watch having sex?
Fandango: Yes, with Dominic.
Dominic: The more the merrier!


Fandango: !!? Whew. It was all a dream, I gotta lay off the tequila before I go for a slash........

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