Breaking Through the Barrier
Part 2

By RaijinK (Ryan/Skullman), Zero4564(Ed/Bombman), Professor Fandango(Fandango/Replay/Numberman), SaiyanXtreme(Dominic/Fireman), TPFSeraph(Trent/Sharkman), Sanityisoverrated(Luke/Stoneman), Dark Illusion 9(Gutsman), Enigmatic Digital(Lee/Colorman), Jay Esthar(Scuzzy/Jet), Iceman 005(Gary/Iceman), Forte EXE(Sam/Bass), The Life Virus(Life Virus), The Rabid Chicken(Phil/Magicman), and Nova Man EXE(Novaman)

Posthumous Note: There are some pages missing here I was not able to recover from archive.org. The recap below explains everything that happened up until now. It's not like you missed much, just some cameos by half the team and an epic battle that resulted in the deaths of two main characters.

****recap: Ryan, Dominic, Sky, Kamui and Fandango went to Genjibo town to gain control of a military base with enough weaponry to kill every living thing on the planet, huzahh! Their PETS, Skull, Fire, Elec, Proto and Number were helped from remote locations by Magic, Pharaoh, Shark, Stone, Bomb, Wood and Ice. During the final battle with the Dream Virus, Proto and Pharaoh got deleted permanently, and their users just went their separate ways, *shrug* Meanwhile, Phil and Ed came in from VI headquarters to help from the front lines. Now the Dream Virus has defeated our villains and will undoubtedly reach their goal, the force field that protects the base from invaders, before them, and WWW will have the power to take over the world.
But now Ryan has a plan...or DOES HE? *dunh dunh DUNNNN*
And so the quest for world domination continues...****

*Ed teleports in with the monopoly board in hand, a soda, and several cheap porn videos*

Ed: Wait, wait. Which one of you owns Pennsylvania Avenue with a hotel? I landed on it.

Phil: O_O Um...don't you think we should be kicking some virus's ass right now?

Ed: Maybe...let them handle it. *Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go.* Damned rich guy with a big hat...

Phil: O_O

Ed: Aw, screw this. Where did we leave off on that porn video?

Phil: O_O

Ed: Where'd the others go? *looks around*

Fandango: *SMACK* Pennsylvania Avenue!? Where the hell do YOU live? I'm situated in Pall Mall with three houses and two small hernias!
Ed: We're playing my version
Fandango: IT'S ON, BITCH!
Trent: How many has he had?
Ed: Where the hell did you come from
Fandango: Silver bells.........silver bells.......


*Fandango wakes in a cold sweat*
Fandango Pulls out piece of paper) To Do List: Avoid - Dominic's - room..............full stop.
-The Next Morning-
Ryan: *Wakes up abruptly* That damn dream again.(Explained in the other thread)
Dominic: Again?
Ryan: ugh, this time it was you, me.... and the pimp.
Dominic: OHHHH a threesome.
Fandango: *coming out from his "unkown location"* damn, what a dream.
(Dominic grins widely)
Ed: *coming out from the bathroom* soo, whats on today's agenda?
Ryan: we, need to hurry up and get to that barrier before that dream virus.
Sky: *Coming into the room looking flustered*^_^
Dominic: why are you soo happy?
Trent: *looking hard at Sky* O_O! YOU LUCKY BASTARD!
Sky: *Can't do nothing but grin* ^_^
Dominic: You didn't?!

*The PETS are caught by the dream virus*
*All of a sudden a beam knocks the dream virus sideways*
Shark: Crickeys! That's a tough attack!
Fire: Nothing like a damned mozzie lover to help ya out
*shark bites fire*
Shark: Quick through here...
*They all escape through an Australian link*
Elec: How come he doesn't just follow us?
Trent: Well we're only like 1/15th the size of him... do you realise how hard it'd be for something like him to go through Australian lines? It'd take forever!

Who do the PETs find waiting in the Australian lines, but StonemanEXE having a nap...

Shark: *Kicks Stone* Wake Up!
Fire: Damn the Aussies, I keep forgetting how lazy they are.
Shark: *bites Fire again*
Stone: Yawn! Whats going on?
Elec: We're being chased by a giant dream virus. Its too small to fit through these Australian lines.
Stone: Err.. I wouldn't count on that... There's a planned line extension here, and it should be online and operative in a couple of minutes...
Skull: How convenient.

*A soft buzz can be heard and is slowly rising in pitch- the new line extension must be almost operational*

*at an unknown location*

Fandango: Don't let them go that way for god's sake!
Number: I know! I know!
Fandango: That gap is WAY too small! They'll be obliterated!
Number: Shut yer gob, will ya?
Fandango: Don't let him get through! 'Ave his guts for garters!
Number: I'm moving! I'm moving!
Fandango: Oh come ON. You're supposed to be one superintellect of a virus and you can't even play Space Invaders............!

***Day 2 11:30 pm, Skull, Magic, Bomb, Ice, Fire, Elec, Stone and Shark all make it back to homebase through the Australian dealie...The Dream Virus then spends the next 7 hours trying to get through Numberman's program, (It must have been a REALLY good program)***

***Day 3 6:30 am, Ryan, Dominic, Sky, Phil, Ed, and Trent are all up early for once, ready to complete the mission.***

Dominic: So what's the plan that you said you had last night? Or were you just drunk?

Ryan: No, I really had a plan, it was to go to the base and wait outside the shields. When the Dream Virus manages to lower the shields from online, we'll sneak in over the real world defences and then log in several steps ahead of Dream, so we'll just get him to do all the dirty work for us!

Phil: But that was 7 hours ago that we left him, couldn't he have gotten through the shield several times by now?

Fandango: It was a REALLY good program.

Sky: We better get going then.

Ed: Are you actually coming this time, Fandango?...Fandango?

*Fandango has already disappeared into his unknown location.*

**Meanwhile, online...**

Dream Virus: (exhausted and weak) That was a REALLY good program, it took nearly all my energy, can I recharge before moving on, master?

Wily: Hell no! Keep going, nothing can stop you now!

Dream: What about the force field?

Wily: Well how much energy DO you have left?

Dream: About just enough to knock down the barrier, and then I might be able to crawl a little further...

Wily: That's okay, I'm sure you won't run into any more obstacles after that anyway.

Dream: If you say so...

Meanwhile online...

StonemanEXE is preparing for the assault. The others said they would meet him here, but so far no-one has turned up...

Maybe he should leave without them... He decides to wait a while longer first, and has a bit of a nap...

Fandango: Ok, time for some REAL work! Needing to get the riot gear on........

*costume change*

Replay: Alright, Lightbulbhead, get to it!
Number: You do know what's going on don't you?
Replay: In a word.......Not really. All this techno-babble confuses the krud out of me........Tell you what........you hold on here..............

*Replay dashes out of the secret location*

Dominic: hey fire... I ne....
Fire: *looking at a picture of RollEXE* mmmm.
Dominic: ...what the hell?!
Ryan: like owner, like pet.

***Day 3: 7:00 am***
**outside the base, Phil, Sky, Ryan, Dominic, Ed, Trent and a strangely dressed Fritz are waiting outside the force field, which is miraculously still standing**

Phil: Well, it took a lot of struggling, but it looks like we're finally nearing the end of our journey.

Ryan: That's what we said last night.

Phil: Oh, well today we'll get even closer. Anyway, seven people is far too much to sneak in successfully, we'll split into two groups; everyone who feels our quest will be beneficial for the greater good of society in that our new world order will bring about the solid political structure the planet needs go around to the west side, while everyone who is in on the cause for their own personal gain and desire for power go in through the east side.

*Phil, Ryan, Trent and Ed assemble in the east group while Dominic, Sky and Fritz assemble in the west group.*

Sky: Wow, that was easy.

*suddenly, the shield flickers brightly and after a flash and a pop, disappears.*

Ryan: YES! Way to go Dream Virus! Now, we don't have much time, and remember, if we run into any guards, donut's won't work, these guys have likely spent months to years cooped up behing the shield, they spend all day guarding and then they go to sleep with several hundred...men...*looks at Dominic*

Dominic:...what? You want me to seduce the guards now?

Ryan: ummm...hopefully not, instead we'll just use these tasers Phil and Ed brought in from home base.

Ed: Never leave home without them...

**Meanwhile, inside the shield generators...**

Dream: Whew...it took all the strength I had but now nothing can stop me!

*Stoneman plods into the area and taps Dream on the back with one of his massive barrel-like fists*

Stone: Hey, you wouldn't have happened to see a bunch of little viruses come through here, have you? There should be a blue guy with a big nose, a skinny white guy, one with his head on fire, a fish, anything that sounds familiar?

Dream:...uhh...a team of viruses?...coming through HERE?...I...uh...you're...

Stone: Hey, don't I know you? You look familiar.

Dream: I'm...uh...not here...to fight you or anything crazy like that...heh...heh...

Stone: well, you beter get out of here, there's supposed to be a big nasty dream Virus roaming around.

Dream: You don't say...*glances around nervously*

***Will team be able to reach the base's main computer in time? Will Dominic have to prove how sexy he really can be? Will Stone put two and two together? Have the tables finally turned on the big nasty Dream Virus? What IS Fritz wearing? Stay tuned!***

Dominic: Umm, what exactly are you wearing Fandango?
Replay: SHHHH! I'm not Fandango anymore. I'm Replay.
Sky: Quiet down you two. *takes a quick glance around the corner.* 5 gaurds...*looks at Dominic.*
Dominic: ... don't expect me to seduce them!
Sky: *looks at Fandango* did you bring them?
Replay: of course! *whips out a pair of fishnet stockings, a leather miniskirt, and a pink tube top.*
Sky: good... and thank the prostitute that let you borrow those.
Replay: No pro....*thinks.* I'M NOT A PIMP!
Dominic: I'm not wearing those! They clash!
Sky: ...


*The other 4 our stopped in front of a maze of traps.*
Ryan: Great. *looks at ed* Why don't you go first?
Ed: Do you think I'm that dumb?
Ryan: Well, we need a way to get through.
Trent: lets get our pets to shut of the security.
Ryan: Not a bad Idea...

-In the viral world-
Stone: And the Dream virus is suppose to have a really stupid looking expresion all the time.
Dream: -_-

Replay: You want to do this by yourself!?
Dominic: Well your whining isn't helping......
Replay: THAT'S IT! Leaves. I mean *leaves*
Sky: Ryan isn't gonna like this.....I mean, this could mean trouble if something happens to him.....
Dominic:........................Sorry? Oh right, yea. Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.......
Sky: Funny, really....I never expected him to be doing this for the greater good anyway..........AeycH!
Dominic: *covers Sky's mouth* (Keep it down! there're guards all over!)
Sky: *cinges* (What the hell did I just step on?)


Ryan: Alright. I think Shark should do it.
Trent: Actually, I think Bombman would do a MUCH better job!
Ed: *grimaces* Yes. I vote Shark aswell.
Trent: (Dammit!)


Stone: ...and I said "No way can a virus be THAT BIG!" and- hey, are you listening?
*silence. The sound of virtual wind. A pixellated tumbleweed rolls by*
Stone: Where'd he go?

**a siren blares and red lights flash above the base, shouting guards can be heard rushing to the perimeter fences**

Sky: What happened? Did the other group get caught?

Dominic: I think they're just panicking because the shield is down, we may be able to use the commotion to our advantage. But the guards are going to be everywhere now, we need just one extra diversion...

(From around a corner) Guard Voice: Hey! Intruder! Stop! *Numerous rifles can be heard cocking, following by another voice muttering numerous British swears.*

Sky: What does "Smeg" mean?

Dominic: It doesn't matter, they must have caught Fritz! Now's are chance, we'll dash accross the alley and into that bunker while the guards are occupied with him!

Sky: Shouldn't we try and help him or something?

Dominic: I'm sure he can take care of himself...

Guard's voice: He's making a break for it! Fire! *BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!!*

Fritz: Aaaiiiee!!

Dominic: Well, it's in God's hands now, come on!


*Shark logs on*

Shark: let's see what kind of security they got inside the base...*off to the side he can see a bunch of green mets with military badges in lieu of a met cross on their helmets, all marching dillegently* Oh brother....*swims under the patrol route and circles the circuit that generates the security lasers of the sector they were in.* You know, Bombman could have blown this up pretty easily but noo, they had to vote in the guy who destroys things by devouring them...*shrugs, bites part of the circuit, which results in several lasers being shot in all directions. The mets duck under their helmets and turn their attention to the source* awwww...*numerous Australian swears.*


Dream: (moving into the base) Thank God it takes really long for that PET to blink, and I doubt he'll be catching up to me any time soon either. Now I just have to avoid those other viruses, damnit! Why did they have to come back? They're probably already decoding the weapons' lock systems already! I'll have to hurry... but I'll need more energy....damnit, how did I ever end up in a situation like this?


Stone: Hmm, he must have taken my advice and split oh well, I better hurry if I wanna catch up with the others. *begins plodding pitifully slowly on his barely moving stone blocks he has for feet* hmm, this is taking too long, why don't I just go the easy way? *crumbles into tiny pixel-pebbles which each fly up and swarm at high speed in the direction Dream went*

*Ed walks around a corner with his taser at the ready*
Ed: Man I love this thing.
*a few dozen guards armed with fully automatic guns stare him in the face as he turns*
*lots of American swearing is heard*
Gaurd commander: We've got one of them.
Ed: Isn't there some other way we could settle this?
Gaurd commander: Well, you could sacrifice your PET to us.
Ed: Uh...I think that's out of the question.
Gaurd commander: What's that you're holding?
Ed: Oh, this? Monopoly and a few pornos.
Gaurd commander: Maybe we could...arrange...something.
Ed: You mean you want the porn videos?
Gaurd commander: Well, we've been sleeping with each other for years. We really have no urge to see nude women.
Ed: .....riiiiiight.....
Gaurd commander: I've always been fond of monopoly though.
Ed: Oh, wanna play? And whoever loses gets to let their opponent go free about their business?
Gaurd commander: *thinks* Ya, okay.
*after about 5 minutes of monopoly Ed quits*
Ed: Well, I surrender to your supreme might. That means you win. Here, you can have the shoe piece as a reward and I go free.
*All the gaurds cheer for the commander*
Ed: Well, I'll be off. Oh...would you mind if I had one of those pretty guns you've got there?
Gaurd commander: Hm....okay. Just because you were nice enough to give me this handsome shoe.
Ed: It's all going as I planned...
Gaurd commander: Er...what was that?
Ed: Oh, nothing. I was just saying how nice you were.
Gaurd commander: Here's you gun and some spare ammo.
Ed: Wow, thanks! See ya later!
Gaurd commander: Ya, bye. *continues staring at the shoe*

*shark is being fired at by a range of mets*
Trent: You know why didn't I just stop being lazy and give ya these damned energy bags?
Shark: GEES!
*Trent loads Energy bags into Sharkman*
*sharkman dives and slashes towards the mets destroying them all*
Trent: Aren't ya glad we robbed that place hehe
Shark: Oh hell yea!

*10 minutes earlier*
*A guard whistles as he saunters through the corridors. A rustling is heard. The guard swings around to see nothing other than a few paint cans and a box advertising "REPLAY VIDEO AND ELECTRICAL GOODS" and due to the dim lighting, the guard failed to notice two small eyeholes cut into the side of the box. Suddenly, a large crash resonates through the halls, followed by a flash and a screaming is heard*


*It was a spectacularly well devised and executed plan. Unfortunately, Fandango had failed to notice the sheer magnitude of the guard platoons and while a sharp blow to the back of the neck followed by an enraged pummeling can take out one man, it's not all that effective against the seven machine-gunning goons that are just around the corner*

*In an unknown torture room*

Interrogator: Zo, Mr..........(Looks at clipboard)......Vat is zis man'z name?
Lackey: Sorry sir, he wouldn't talk, SIR!
Interrogator: Zo.......let'z zee just how long he vill keep zis insolence UP!
Replay: Spare me your machismo!......(bloody capitolist scum!)
Interrogator: Vell maybe you'd like a little......perzuasion!

*A switch is flicked and a surge of electricity rushes through Fandango's body*

Interrogator: Hmm...Your vill iz strong, but your bonez arre not!

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