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Viral Infection Chapter 3
Viral Warfare

*East Netopia - Arc City* 1

*Half of our heroes stand alone in a desolate place. They're in an "abandoned" warehouse district. The other half of the group is scouring the area.*

Fritz: Our sensors traced WWW activity to this area...

Ryan: There has to be a secret entrance.

Sky: And somewhere to jack in, right?

Ryan: Yeah. We need to find it so we can send our navis in to search.

Ed: This place is huge though. How are we gonna find it?

Fritz: More scanning, I guess.

Sky: Whoa! It's a lot more easy than we thought...

Ed: Eh?

Ryan: An old telephone booth! Lets go!

Fritz: We should get the getaway van ready.

*A roar is heard and Dominic spins around the corner in a rattling VW bus.*

Fritz: That was too perfect to be true...

Dominic: *Jumps out* There you all are.

Ed: You got any ammo in there?

Dominic: Yup. We have bazookas, uzis, assault rifles, pistols, and a sniper rifle. Not to mention case after case of ammo.

Ryan: Lets get stocked up, and send in our navis to search for an entrance while we prepare for some action.

Ed: Sounds like a plan to me! *grins deviously*

Sky: He's got that crazed look in his eyes again. *stares nervously*

Fritz: Who's gonna stay and guard the van?

Ryan: Nobody needs to guard it. This place is deserted. Or lets just hope it is...

*They walk to the telephone booth and jack in their navis, then start to cautiously walk around the warehouses.*

*Meanwhile, deep underground.*

Wily: Those VI nuiscances thought they had nuked us during the Genjibo Base incident. But little did they know, we miraculously escaped, mwah hah hah!

Scuzzy: How did we escape a nuclear explosion again?

Wily: Oh, I've told that story a billion times now, it gets boring.

Match: Sir, intruders have been detected in the ground floor, and you're not going to like this...there's a green van outside in the parking lot.

Wily: Curses! Well, they're on our home territory now! Well...our own home territory is a radioactive wasteland right now...but this place is getting broken in quite nicely.

*Wily turns his attention to Anetta, who is straightening a large painting of himself on the delapidated, abandoned warehouse basement wall. Inukai and Ray are applying wallpaper with a "W" pattern.*2

Wily: Excellent...

*elsewhere on the net*

Bomb: So, what do we gotta do?

Elec: Search for an entrance. You should know that already.

Bomb: Awww.....I wanted to blow stuff up....

Ed: Focus, Bombman. Now look for an entrance.

Bomb: fine.......*pouts*

*after a few minutes of searching*

Bomb: Something is different about this sector...

Skull: It feels like home to me. *grins*

Bomb: Well that's just the problem. Your home is a virtual graveyard.

Elec: I know what Bomb means...just look around!

*Skull looks around to see that the net sky is dark, the ground is uneven, jagged, rocky, full of canyons, and the binary looks rather unfriendly.*

Skull: Well it IS a virtual wasteland owned by the WWW.

Elec: Point taken. How are we gonna find the entrance for the others though?

Bomb: Lets ask around.

*The group wanders through the terrain and soon stumbles upon a green-robot program.*

Skull: Hi, can you help us?

Program: ...

Bomb: We need to know where the nearest secret lab is.

Program: ...

Elec: Hello? Are you in sleep mode or what?

Program: All your base are belong to us!

*Skull backhands the robot*

Program: *Bzzzt* Hello. How may I be of service to you?

Elec: you know where we can find an entrance to an underground base?

Program: I'm a tour guide, but I don't know of any secret base.

Bomb: I'm gonna ram this bomb so far up your USB...

Program: Eeep! It's a long way from here! You need to wind your way forward and to the left as you go. You'll see a rock in the shape of a recliner! Just sit in it, one at a time, and you'll know what to do from there.

Skull: These robots are so easy to manipulate. *smiles*

*The group commences to wander through the area, unaware that a certain WWW navi watches them from a cliff nearby.*

Ryan: This sure is taking a long time.

Phil: Well, I should imagine that finding a secret lab would be time consuming.

Ryan: *looking at Fandango.* Did you jack in Numberman?

Fandango: *looks up from his game and watch.* Should I have?

*Ryan facefaults*

Ryan: Of course you should have! Things would've gone a lot faster with Numberman's help!

Fandango: bah...*Fandango reaches for his PET, and peers into the screen.* Numberman.

*The navi's screen flickers, and a silhouette of Numberman appears.*

Number: Whoo dares disturb my slumber?!

Fandango: Quiet you. The others want you to Jack into the system....

Number: Oh phooey, I'll do it later. *and with that said, the counsel goes into sleep mode.*

*Fandango shrugs, and goes back to playing his game and watch.*

Ryan: .... This could take awhile.

*The Life Virus and Jet work on their weapons in their inner sanctum in the net. Fireman, Bombman, and StoneMan meet them*

Bomb: It's Viral Infection all right, and they've got navis of designs stolen from us!

Jet: Yeah, I know, their Magicman beat me in a race last I met them. Well, we gotta prevent confusion, everyone wear these "W" badges.

Fire: Couldn't we use the confusion to our advantage at one point?

LV: Oh no, we'll have none of that, I want some good, clean fighting without any stupid confusion.

Jet: Hey LV, why don't you go ahead and test those upgrades you got since you were so horribly defeated last time?

LV: -_- 3Please stop mentioning that...but good idea, Stone, Bomb, you two come with me and back me up, we shall show them who is boss this time.

*nowhere in particular Iceman EXE jacks in*

Ice: Ah, I'm here, can you hear me Gary?

Gary: *standing inside another phone booth not too far off from the others* tell me, didn't the others tell us to stay put?

Ice: Since when did you want to be left out of a VI adventure eh? Plus you need to be upgrading me, and you can't if you sit around the house all day and listen to BSB CD's.

Gary: ......... Just see if you can find the others, they may be able to use your help!

Ice: I donno...this place scares me. *looks at the dark sky*

Gary: What do you mean?

Ice: I have a lot of territory to cover, and I may run into problems, so stand by.

Gary: It's kinda chilly out here, just find the others quick!

Ice: *gets a grin* What's 'a matter, are you cold!!? You're supposed to be Mr. Iceman!

Gary: Uggg...I am human...

Ice: True, but if you're my owner you'll have to get used to the cold...anyways, stand by!

*The main group finds the mysterious recliner*

Skull: Well, here it is, this is supposedly where we find WWW's hiding spot....

Bomb: Considering the Program could be trusted...

Fire: All right, who's first?

Number: We'll have to vote on it.

Elec: Or we could just draw straws...

Bomb: Rock-Paper-Scissors?

*Iceman rushes up and meets the others.*

Ice: Hey guys! What did I miss?

*The other five look at each-other and nod in agreement.*

Skull: Hey Ice, wanna help out now that you're here?

Ice: Of course! What can I do for ya?

Elec: Go sit in that recliner there.

Ice: Sweet! Now that's my type of work! *He plops himself into the chair, the other five shield themselves from whatever explosion would have resulted, but quickly straighten up when they realize nothing happened.*

Ice: Now what?

Skull: Umm...try pulling the lever.

Ice: It just keeps getting better! *pulls the lever, is shot a long distance straight upwards, screaming, doesn't come back down.*

Bomb:....okay, now what?

*falls a great distance from the others and plops hard on the ground*

Ice: Ohhhh....damn...I always fall for "Hey Ice, you wanna help" routine... >_<

Gary: *wakes up* Did something happen?

Ice: You Dork! Slept on the job again eh? I wonder if I have any friends....

Gary: They used "Hey Ice, You wanna help" routine again?

Ice: *stratching his butt* WHAT DO YOU THINK!?

Gary: Alright...alright, don't get your knickers in a twist. Maybe you should catch up and try not to fall...

Ice:*interupts Gary* This time I work this adventure solo!

Gary: Wha? Are you sure it's safe? You're in WWW territory. And saftey in numbers.

Ice: I'll be fine...maybe you should call up Lee and see if he can send in Colourman.

Gary: Sure...*calls up Lee in the payphone*

Lee: *burps* Hello?

Gary: Hey Lee...can you...


Gary: Ummm...are you drunk...


Gary: *sighs* WAZZZZUPPPPP!!!

Lee: *laughs then hangs up*

Gary: Damnit!! Must of had to much cuppacino again.

Ice: Well? Any luck contacting Lee?

Gary: Not really...


*A large black sports car suddenly flies around the corner. Just as it passes the telephone booth, it slams on the brakes and spins around to face the opposite direction.*

Gary: What the hell?!?

*Several men in black suits climb out, each brandishing a very nasty looking machine gun.*


*A gleaming sliver motorcycle appears a good length down the street, flying at nearly 150 miles per hour. The figure on top leans to the side, overbalancing the bike, and it slides the rest of the way on its side, bottom first. The figure rolls off, sending the machine crashing into the sports car, which ignites in flames, and causes the men to run, firing their guns in the figure's general direction.*

*Gary stares in complete bewilderment.* *The helmeted figure in silver stands up regally, brushing itself off carelessly. It walks past Gary, still in the phonebooth.*

???: Good evening.

*Still walking towards the men, the figure pulls out a small automatic rifle in its left hand. What happens next isn't pretty.*

Ice: Gary? Gary!.....GAAAARY!!!

Gary:...Oh, Ice! What is it?

Ice: Where have you been? I've been calling you for the past five minutes!

Gary: Umm.....I think I'm in trouble.

*Checking the bodies, the figure then seems to suddenly remember something important. It turns around, stares at Gary, then slowly walks up to him.*

???: Hello.

*Gary trembles, slightly.*

Gary: Um, hi there, um, sir!

???: Could you help me? I am looking for someone very important.

Gary: S-Someone...important?

???: Someone VERY important. His name is Prince Chameos Nikaelovich Nova of Aeos.

*Both gary and Iceman stare in amazement*

???: I traced his aura to this dimension and followed it to an abandoned field. Sadly, *he motions towards the bodies* several bugs came through after me...hmm. You look like you know The Prince.

*Remembers the helmet.*

???: Oh, please forgive me. I forgot I was wearing a helmet.

*Removes the helmet, revealing a golden-haired young adult underneath.*

???: I am Nijubu, royal bodyguard of the Prince of Aeos. And you are?

4 Gary: Uh...Gary. Now I may know Cam..eos or I may not. What's it to you? What do you know of Viral Infection?

Nij: What's Viral Infection? Why are you backing away slowly?

Gary: Look, I'm not obligated to divulge that information. If you're REALLY here for Cam and you have some sort of...aura?...detector...then surely you can detect him on your own. Gotta go!

*Gary dashes off, leaving Nijubu alone and confused.*

*Meanwhile about a thousand miles west of Arc City, where the Genjibo military base once stood...*

Orion: It's a good thing I had a backup copy of you.

Nova: Yeah. It would've been a pity not to see myself again.

Orion: Okay. This isn't just any day off. We have some work to do. We have to book some plane tickets.

Nova: And where to, may I ask?

Orion: Not quite sure. We need to find out the location of those guys that were in that Oceopian network and have a little talk with them. Can you conduct a search?

Nova: Yeah yeah. No problem. I have my ways.

Orion: Okay. Then let's get started!

Bomb: That's why I souldn't do stunts. If I sat in that recliner, there would be a mile wide crater wherever I landed.

Skull: I'd be bone toothpicks.

Elec: Shouldn't we find Ice?

Skull: Meh, he can manage. With that eskimo suit he probably bounced after being driven into the ground.

Bomb: And we all know that it can't hurt that bad, right?

Elec: *sigh*

Number: It would almost kill him.

Fire: We need to find a real entrance. That is, after we kill that program.

Skull: Oh no...he could be a WWW spy! They're probably watching us right now...


Elec: What the hell was that!?

Number: A maniac's laughter.

Bomb: I didn't hear anything.

Elec: It sounded like it came from that cliff over there.

Skull: This is WWW territory. We need to get out of this open space and find cover.

Fire: First we kill that program for leading us to a trap. I knew something was up when he started with that "All your base" crap.

Number: Such violence. I say we just confuse him with complex mathematics!

Bomb: ...How exactly are we going to FIND him? Everything looks the same around here.

Skull: He's got a point. We're safer trying to find cover or go look for whoever was doing the crazy laugh that only Elec heard.

Elec: I vote that we look for the crazy man!

Skull: I think we should find safety, so that's one for crazy man and one against crazy man.

Bomb: Crazy man! *perks up* Maybe we can blow him up!

Fire: Uh... I'd rather set him on fire, but whatever floats your boat. I vote crazy man.

Skull: Well, it appears that I'm the only sane one around here, so let's head out.

Number: Why don't I get to vote?

Skull: It's already 3 to 1. I thought you were good with numbers.

Number: Erm...just testing you! Heh.

???: I have a visual. They must be VI.

Radio: *static* Good, you know what to do with them of course?

???: Of course I do.

Radio: We may have a slight problem. There is a new arrival to the scene that claims to be Nijubu...

???: He couldn't possibly pose more of a threat than the others, can he?

Radio: We shall soon see. Continue your mission as planned. Semper fi.

???: Semper fi. *turns off radio* Since when did she speak the Marine lingo?


*Orion's plane arrives at Apala Valley where the WWW's east-Netopia base was located and he exits from the plane*

Orion: *stretches* Ahh... I don't like the cramped spaces of planes.

Nova: Nothing to complain about here.

Orion: No joke. All you do is just sit in your little PET and lounge around. You mind getting off your butt and doing a little recon?

Nova: What am I looking for?

Orion: First, get a map of this place, then find where those other guys might be.

*Back at the WWW inner sanctum. Jet monitors the progress of the other Navis.*

Jet: Ha, I knew my recliner trap would work.

LV: I still think it was a dumb idea for a trap.

Jet: Aren't you supposed to be out testing your upgrades?

LV: I was just leaving.

Jet: Oh yeah, beware the candy canes.

LV: ?????

Jet: The candy cane bombs I planted you fool. Put one in your mouth and its bye bye.

LV: How dumb can your traps get?

Jet: Believe me, pretty dumb, dumb like a fox!

LV: -_-;;

Scuzzy: Jet!

Jet: Yessir?

Scuzzy: What are you doing?

Jet: getting ready to have the drones plant the ice-cold lemonade depth charges.

Scuzzy: stop playing with those stupid toys. You have a more important task. The navi's are getting too close for comfort, and we're picking up strange signals from the web.

Jet: What do you expect? All these links were fried by the blast at the last base. It's a wasteland in here.

Scuzzy: No... its not glitches, its something else. Be on your guard.

Jet: On my guard? why should I be on my guard if I don't plan on leaving our compu....ter.... You want me to go out there don't you?

*Scuzzy just simply nods his head.*

Jet: Damnit... Come on LV... lets go.

*Jet grabs his double saber and sighs as he steps into the net wasteland.*

*In the ruined former WWW Net*

Nova: Man. This place really looks bad.

*Nova looks around the barren wasteland that is the Net*

???: Yeah. A nuclear bomb can do that to a system.

Nova: Who are you and why did you sneak up on me?

???: I'm the one-man clean-up crew. Also known as Magnetman EXE. And I didn't sneak up on you, you're just not very perceptive.

Nova: Okay... You sure haven't done much of a good job around here.

Magnet: Can you blame me? I'm only one guy.

Nova: Whatever. Can you direct me towards a group of Navis that might be located on this Net?

Magnet: I haven't seen any, but I've located some weird data blips about thirty links east of here. Just keep going 'til you hit the ocean.

Nova: Cool. That might be them. I'll go check it out. Here's some Zennys for your trouble.

*Nova hands Magnet 500 zennys and then jumps over a junk wall*

Magnet: Thanks man. I'll see you later!

*Magnet goes back to his slow cleaning*

1 - All mentions of Arc City as well as most other geographic locations besides Genjibo were added after the original RP. It was originally just some non-specific city.
2 - The original RP was made before EXE3 came out, but by now I've decided that the story fits in best right around the beginning of that game. Just to make some indication of that, I added Inukai and Ray to the scene. The same logic follows for any mention of EXE3 characters you see.
3 - The original RP had emoticons all over the place. I've removed almost all of them except LV's for effect. Funny emoticon faces is basically LV's "thing".
4 - The original scene ends right after this sentence, it then continues several pages later when Gary makes a sudden and inexplicable exit because his real-life counterpart didn't have time to RP any more. I added the next few sentences to make the exit both more plausible, and more in synch with the plotline.
5 - I think Ed wrote this bit before even HE knew who was doing the talking. I edited a bit so it connects to the later bits better.
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