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Megaman Battle Network 5 E-Reader codes

BN5 content on the BN1 team's site? Something's out of place. Well, this page was actually constructed long after the team folded, and I (Raijin) just happened to store it on the same Geocities account as the old VI stuff. Now that I'm moving over everything from that account, I might as well integrate oddball pages like this into VI.

Back when EXE5 came out, I got really in to deconstructing it. I ripped sprites, recorded data, hanged around GameFAQs, etc. It was around this time I started the Virus Gallery too. When looking through the old files for the 2009 backup, I came across something on a subject I forgot I had anything to do with. Seems I played around with the cheat codes for the e-reader modifications and assembled all my findings in a txt file that I probably intended to submit to GameFAQs at some point, but I never really finished and just forgot about it (and for some reason uploaded it to the VI account). GFAQ didn't have an e-reader guide at the time, but they would have had all the cheat codes and effect lists on the forums. I certainly didn't come up with all that myself. Checking back today, it seems they have no less than three FAQs dedicated to this so my contribution is no longer necessary.

However, in reviewing my own e-reader guide, I found a few personal touches I liked and figured they made it worth posting all these years later.

Bilingual names - Clearly stemming from my virus gallery project, I opted to list the names from both the Japanese and English versions of EXE5.

Plus/Minus - It wasn't enough for me to just list the effects of each mod. I wanted to tell at a glance which effects were pros and which were cons. The text file accomplished this with (+) or (-) symbols next to each keyword. I replaced those with colour-coded fonts in the newly formatted version. Green is good, red is bad.

Synopses - It still wasn't enough to just list the effects. I pondered on the name of the mod, how each of the effects related to the meaning of that name, and came up with trite little sentence fragments that summed up the underlying theme of each mod. Makes it easier to recall offhand the effects of a mod if you can recreate the logic the game designers used to write them.

Breakdown - All the effects are sorted and listed at the end just to get an idea of the possibilities behind all the mods.

Does this all make my guide better than the ones at GameFAQs? Nah. One of them has suggested combos, and that's useful. If you're looking for data and good advice for EXE5, GameFAQs is the way to go. In the end, I'd consider this just whimsical personal reference material, same as the virus gallery. Enjoy.

Codes: This code removes the "checker" that makes sure the E-reader was used or not

Team of Blues
42001270 0000
00000037 0002
320012DE 0000
4200612C 4343
00000037 0002
3200619A 0043
Team of Colonel 42001270 0000
00000037 0002
320012DE 0000
4200612C 8D8D
00000037 0002
3200619A 008D
This unlocks the Ereader menu. 320029FA 00FF

Total number of cards. 020079A0:1F (You can only have 32 cards)

This gives the cards. 320079XX 00YY
Replace "XX" with "D0" to "EF" to indicate slot position 1-32.
Replace "YY" with the values listed below.

Cap Parameters Abilities
Part 1:30 Virus Battle cards
01 Mettool/Mettaur 7MB HP+40 GrdMetGuard, FloatShoes Off
02 VorkerGear/Volgear 12MB HP+60, FireBody, Attack+1 BusterBlank fixed
03 Ghostler/Ghost 15MB HP-80 FloatShoes, ChargeInvis
04 Swordin/Swordy 10MB Attack-1, Charge-1, Speed-1 ChargeLongSword
05 Kiorushin/Fishy 18MB N/A FloatShoes, AirShoes, MoveBug
06 Arbalboy/Piranha 10MB HP+100, AquaBody,
Tango Off, I'm Fish
07 Chuuton/Ratty 10MB HP-20% FastGauge
08 Biri/Billy 5MB ElecBody ChargeThunderBall, Undershirt Off
09 CanDevil/Candela 9MB FireBody Grd effects Off, AutoHeal
0A Daijan/Anaconda 12MB HP+130, WoodBody Rush Off, Beat Off, TangoOff
0B Chamush/Mushy 15MB WoodBody ChargeShot confuses, MoveBug
0C Garuu/Spikey 6MB FireBody, Spd-1, Charge-1 ChargeHeatShot
0D Bajiriko/PuffBall 16MB WoodBody ChargeShield, BattleHPBug
0E YoYacht/Yort 17MB HP+30 ChargeYoYo,Guard effects Off
0F Curz/Dominerd 18MB HP-50 GuardCurseShield
10 Null 13MB HP+150, AquaBody AutoHeal, SuprArmr Off,
SpecialCharge Off
11 Fudello/Brushman 19MB HP-30% SwampBuster, MoveHoly
12 DreamBit/Scuttlest 20MB Custom-1 FirstBarrier100, CustomDmg
13 Suunhock/SnowBlow 17MB HP+120 ChargeVaccuum, SlowGauge
14 Killer's Eye 21MB ElecBody ChargeShot stuns, BattleHPBug
15 Quaker 15MB HP+150 CustomHPBug fixed,ChipRecov Off
16 Rounda/Boomer 18MB N/A ChargeBoomer, GrdShield,
CustHPBug, B-Spec Off
17 GayLark/Lark 17MB HP+100, AquaBody ChargeWideShot, DmgBlinds
18 Malmoco/Moloko 5MB N/A FirstBarrier, ChargeEffect Off
19 PullMelo/Melody 15MB HP+90 MoveBug fixed, SuprArmr Off
1A Zaemon/Zomon 20MB HP+60 ChargeKatana, BusterBlank
1B Cattack 20MB HP+100 SuperArmor, AirShoes Off
1C Chample/Champy 15MB HP+100, FireBdy, Spd+1,Chg+1 Charge effect Off
1D Uzrim/Whirly 20MB HP+80, AquaBody WaterBuster, MoveWater
1E Sabotekoron/Cactikill 16MB HP+60, WoodBody SuperArmor, FloatShoes Off
Part1: 15 Navi Battle Cards
1F Roll 40MB HP-5% ChargeShot destroys chips, FstBarr, BattleHPBug
20 Gutsman 35MB HP+300 UnderShirt, FirstAnyBarrier Off
21 Fireman 43MB HP+30%, FireBody PanelBuster Off, ChargeFireArm
22 Forte/Bass 45MB HP+200, Atk+5, Spd+5, Chg+5, SoulTime-2
23 Quickman 38MB HP-10%, Spd+5, Chg+5 FastGauge
24 Snakeman 40MB HP+25%, WoodBody Millions
25 Bubbleman 37MB HP-50,AquaBody FirstBubbleWrap, SneakRun
26 Flameman 45MB HP+10%, FireBody ChipRecovery
27 Metalman 46MB HP+300, AtkX2, Custom-2 SuperArmor, ChargeShot Breaks
28 Shademan 43MB HP-70, SoulTime-1 FloatShoes, AirShoes, ChargePulsar
29 Sparkman 43MB HP+140, ElecBody ChargeShot Blinds, NormalGauge
2A Junkman 40MB HP+150 ChargePoltergeist, BusterBlanks
2B Gyroman 45MB HP-5% FloatShoes, AirShoes, Beat
2C Meddy 45MB N/A ChipRecovery, Tango,
DmgBugs fixed, CusHPBug
2D Cosmoman 44MB HP-20%, MegaFolder1, GigaFolder1
Part1: 5 Operator Battle Cards
2E Enzan/Chaud's 35MB Custom1 B-Sword, ChargeWideSword
2F Hinoken/Mr.Match's 35MB HP+300, FireBody
30 Ct. Elec/Count Zap's 35MB HP+300, ElecBody
31 Anetta's Custom 47MB HP+30%, WoodBody
32 Coolisky/Chillsky's 47MB HP+30%, AquaBody
Part2: 30 Virus Battle Cards
33 Kabutank/Bugtank 7MB HP+80 ChargeMiniBomb, CustomDamage
34 Powald/Powie 10MB HP+50 ChargeShotBreaksPanel,
35 Froshell/Froshell 16MB HP+140 B-MiniBomb, FirstAnyBarrier Off
36 HardBalls/HardHead 10MB N/A ChargeHogan, EmotionBug fixed
37 Kumonpe/Cloudy 10MB AquaBody SuprArmr Off, CustDmg fixed, CusHPBug fixed
38 Gaiant/Gaia 15MB HP+100 FloatShoes Off, AirShoes Off, CrackBuster
39 Minogoromon/Popper 20MB WoodBody ChipRecovery, MoveGrass
3A Fanker/Fan 15MB HP-50 ChargeTornado
3B Chiqurito/Drain 18MB HP-80 ChipRecovery, BattleHPBug fixed
3C Rush 11MB N/A Rush, Beat Off, Tango Off
3D Rabirii/Bunny 8MB ElecBody SuprArmr Off, StatGrd Off, ChargeZapRing
3E Flabo/Flamey 20MB HP+160, FireBody B-CrackOut, MoveHole
3F Ebiron/Shrimpy 10MB AquaBody, Atk-1 ChargeBubbleShot
40 UFO Sunny/Red UFO 20MB N/A ChrgeShot DestroysChips,
ChipRecov Off, MoveBug
41 Genin/NinJoy 18MB HP-10% ChargeKunai, Shinobi Dash
42 MagmaDrgn/Lavagon 20MB HP+150, FireBody AirShoes, FrstBarr Off, MoveHole
43 Protect/Protecto 23MB GigaFolder+1 UndrShrt Off, SpecialCharge Off,
Guard Off
44 Dogoon/Basher 20MB Firebody, Atk+1, Spd-3 ChargeShot BreaksPanel
45 Koripen/Pengi 18MB HP+150, AquaBody MoveIce
46 Spark Bee/EleBee 20MB ElecBody SpecCharge Off,
ChargeShot Blinds, FstBarr Off
47 Proto Bug/AlphaBug 16MB N/A ChipRecov, BattleHPBug
48 N.O/N.O 13MB HP+100 AutoHeal, BattleHPBug fixed,
49 Paraball/Eleball 14MB ElecBody FloatShoes, PanelBuster Off, Battery
4A Dharma/Dharma 22MB HP-15% UnderShirt, ChargeAirHockey
4B Weathers/Weather 19MB N/A GrassBuster, ChargeShot Lavas,
4C Elemperor 20MB N/A PanelBuster Off,
ChargeShot Swamps,
StatBug fixed
4D Cirkiller/CirKill 18MB N/A ChargeCircleGun, MoveBug
4E Dricroll/Drixol 17MB Spd+3, Chg+3 ChargeDrillArm, Damage Confuses
4F PulseBat/Batty 25MB HP-5% AirShoes, ChargePulsar
50 AppleSam/Appley 24MB WoodBody StatGuard, BusterBlanks,
Part2: 15 Navi Battle Cards
51 Woodman 45MB HP+25%, WoodBody StatGuard, PanelBstr Off,
SpecChrge Off
52 Elecman 35MB HP+200, ElecBody Guard Off, AutoHeal
53 Blues/ProtoMan 45MB HP+100 ChargeWideBlade, GuardShield
54 Bombman 43MB HP+150, FireBody, Cust-1 ChargeBlackBomb
55 Magicman 44MB HP-200, Custom+1, SoulTime+2
56 Heatman 45MB HP+100, FireBody, Atk+2 SpecCharge Off, ChargeShot Lavas
57 Gateman 46MB HP+150, Custom+2 NormalGauge
58 Flashman 46MB HP+20%, ElecBody ChargeShot Stuns, Guard Off
59 Drillman 47MB HP+200 AirShoes, ChargeDrillArm,
5A Kingman 45MB HP-150, Custom+2, MegaFolder1
5B Aquaman 40MB HP+170, AquaBody UnderShirt Off, ChargeSeaSeed
5C Windman 46MB HP+120, Attack-2 AirShoes,
ChargeShot DeletesBarrier
5D Laserman 47MB HP+250, SoulTime-1 ChargeShot Resets
5E Colonel 42MB HP+280 ChargeColonelCannon
5F Tomahawkman 40MB HP+200,WdBdy,
Part2: 5 Operator Battle Cards
60 Netto/Lan's Custom 25MB NormBody, MegaFolder2 B-Spec Off, SpecCharge Off
61 Dekao/Dex's Custom 40MB HP+150, Attack+5
62 Madoi/Maddy's Custom 5MB N/A EmotionBug, StatBug
63 Yahoot's Bug Repair 17MB N/A MoveBug fixed, PanelBug fixed
64 Tora's Tactics 64MB N/A Rush, Beat, Tango
11 Special Promotional Battle Cards
65 Dream/Life Virus 55MB HP+10% FirstLifeAura, CustomDamage
66 Gospel 60MB HP+600 EmoBug, BatHPBug, CusHPBug, StatBug
67 Serenade 50MB HP-20% ChargeReflect, ChipRecovery
68 Proto/Alpha 55MB HP+100, Custom-3, GigaFolder2
69 BassGS 59MB HP+300 ChargeShot HPBugs, StatBug
6A Duo 70MB HP+40%, MegaFolder1, GigaFolder1
6B BassXX 70MB HP+400 FloatShoes, AirShoes,
 FrstBarr200, BatHPBug
6C Nebula Grey 70MB HP-30% ChargeDarkSword, BatHPBug,
6D Dad's Repair Program 50MB BugStopper
6E Saito/Hub Hikari 80MB HP-50%, AtkX2, Custom+3, MegaFolder2, GigaFolder1
6F Bass Cross Megaman 70MB HP+200, NormBody, MegFldr-2 SuperArmor, TripleBuster, ChargeShootingBuster
Bass Cross Megaman 70MB HP+20% NormBody, MegFldr-2 FloatShoes, TripleBuster, ChargeHellsRolling

Parameters: HP, Attack, Speed, Charge, SoulTime, Custom screen selection, Mega and Giga Chips allowed in folder, Element/Colour. +, -, %, or x

NormalBody - Just Normal.
FireBody - Red Pallette. Weak to Aqua, can walk on Lava, poison on Sea.
AquaBody - Blue Pallette. Weak to Elec, can walk on Ice and Sea.
ElecBody - Yellow Pallette. Weak to Wood.
WoodBody - Green Pallette. Weak to fire, can heal on grass.

  Keyword Description Values
Abilities B-[blank] New attack replaces regular Buster shots. Sword, MiniBomb, CrackOut
  Charge[blank] New attack replaces ChargeShot. HeatShot, BubbleShot, ZapRing, Pulsar, WideShot, Thunder, Tornado, MiniBomb, Hogan, BlackBomb, SeaSeed, WideSwrd, LongSwrd, WideBlade, Kunai, Katana, YoYo, DrillArm, AirHockey, Boomerang, CircleGun, Vaccuum, Invis, Poltergeist, FireArm, DarkSword, ColonelCannon, Shield, Reflect, ShootingBuster, HellsRolling
  Guard[blank] New defense replaces B+left effect. MetGuard, CurseShield, Shield
  ChargeShot [blank]s New effect added to regular Charge Shot, not compatible with special Charges. Blinds, Confusion, Paralysis, Breaks, DestroysChips, BreaksPanels, MakesLava, MakesSwamp, DeletesBarriers, Resets, HPBugs
  [blank]Buster Regular Buster shots have chance at added effect. Sea, Grass, Cracked, Swamp
  Move[blank] Chance panel will be changed with every step. Sea, Grass, Hole, Ice, Holy
  Dmg[blank] When you get hit, you incur an added effect. Blind or Confusion
  [blank] Off Turns off a Mod/CustEffect in the NaviCust or in an earlier Mod. SuprArmr, FirstBarrier(Any), FloatShoes, AirShoes, UnderSht, Rush, Beat, Tango, B-[blank], Charge[blank], Guard[blank], ChargeShot[blank]s, [blank]Buster, Fast/SlowGauge, ChipRecov, StatusGuard
  [blank] fixed cancels a bug from the NaviCust or in an earlier Mod. BusterBlanks, BattleHPBug, CustHPBug, CustDmg, MoveBug, EmoBug, PanelBug, Dmg[blank]
Bugs BusterBlanks, BattleHPBug, CustomHPBug, CustomDamage, MoveBug, EmotionBug, StatBug
Custs SuprArmr, FstBarrier, FloatShoe, AirShoe, UndrShirt, SneakRun, Fish, Battery, Millions, AutoHeal, BugStopper, Rush, Beat, Tango
Mods FastGuage, SlowGauge, FirstBarrier100, FirstBarrier200, FirstBblWrap, FirstLifeAura, ChipRecovery, StatusGuard, TripleBuster