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Story of how the EXE2 Team came to be
Written by the EXE2 Team

Posthumous Note: The following was not written by Viral Infection members, but people of the VI forum. It's sadly one of the few threads that were mostly preserved by archive.org when I went looking. I forget which, if any of the EXE2 teams at the time these authors were associated with, but they were probably Ed's recruits for the "Navi Warfare" team he started as Napalmman.

This is good stuff. Like, "Sinister Six PC" good.

(Written by AngelicDude)

Id like people to add on etc. The story is about finding the members one by one except the 3 people stated down there.

As a dark loomunus figure walked threw the streets he would suddenly dissapear in reapear this is the guy we would soon to call Quick Man.

Quick Man: Where are they...

Many more dark figures appear out of the shadows.

????: Hello there quick.

Quick Man: Hello Heat Man.

Heat Man: How did you know it was me?

Quick Man: Remember your heat man fire?!?

Heat Man: oh yes...Well here comes Thunder Man now.

*a giant cloud appears on top of the mysterious figures*

Quick Man: cut the crap Thunder Man and get your ass down here.

*the cloud lowers to the ground as it forms Thunder Man*

Thunder Man: cant i have a little fun?

Quick and Heat: No.

Thunder Man: Oh...well lets get started.

*the 3 dark shadowy figures vanish*

*else were*

Narrator: Here stands a blueish fellow by the name of Freeze Man as he was carelessly freezing any new by object he hit...

(Written by Cole Mulgrew)

An arctic breeze chills rolling hills of ice slowly as the frozen branches of a nearby tree rustle. A dark figure is slunched up against a pillar of ice talking to himself.

Freezeman: another boring day... I need something new to play with...

The figure lazily wisps his hand in an upward motion as ice cumilates and becomes a razor-sharp blade. He then flicks his wrist downwards and the ice cuts deep into the ground and shatters.

Freezeman: sigh....

(Written by AngelicDude)

Not so long after....

*3 dark shadowy figures appear*

Quick Man: Is this the one?

Heat Man: Yup.

*freeze man raises his eyebrow*

Quick Man: I think you know what we came for.

Freeze Man: Yes I do

Heat Man: Well whats your anwser?

(Written by Mulgrew)

What an interesting situation he thought, Suddenly surrounded by a group of dark figures, this usually led to good things, considering he liked to have fun.

Freezeman: Well it depends.... what does it mean for me?

(Written by AngelicDude)


*heat man smacks quick man*

Heat Man: Life insurance!

Quick Man: Stuff!

Freeze Man: um.....

(Written by Mulgrew)

The idea of life insurance over a plate of cookies was certainly interesting to Freezeman. They looked like a funny group and he was bored of just sitting around. He had nothing to lose so he gave it an "oh hell" and decided to agree.

Freezeman EXE: cookies do sound good

Quickman EXE: HAW! * does happy dance and laughs at Heatman EXE *

(Written by AngelicDude)

Quick Man: IN YOUR EYE HEAT! *pokes heat man in his eye*


*quick man runs*

Thunder Man: Those 2 are crazy dont you think freeze.

Freeze Man: Odd bunch in deed.

*the four shadows dissapear*



Narator: Here sits our happy trigger friend Napalm Man burning down his own house.


*the 4 appear*

Freeze Man: Quite the crazy i do say.

Quick, Heat and Thunder: O_O

*napalm man looks over his shoulder and see's the 4*

Napalm Man: So you decided to come?

*the group nods*

Napalm Man: Well my anwsers.....Yes.

The 4: SCORE!


*the group starts to throw attacks at the house as it slowly burns down*

So our heros have just gotten a new recruit who will there next victim be.

(Written by Mulgrew)

A thought comes into Freezeman's mind upon the sight of the metal beam satructure of the house bending and breaking.

Freezeman EXE: I think I have an idea of who our next recruit could be.....

* Quickman turns and hears Freezeman *

Quickman: who?

* The rest of the group nods in agreement with Quick *


A figure stands silently surrounded by stacks and stacks of metal, he looks slowly at each pile. A group of dark figures fizzle in behind him.

Magnetman: nothing like the taste of aluminum nickel magnesium carbonite in the morning!

Freezeman: you don't say...

Magnetman raises his hands and every single scrap of metal raises up with his hands. He makes a mashign motion with his hands and the metal heaps slam together with immense strength that make sthem rend togetehr and form one giant orb of steel alloy.

Quickman: HOLY -

Heatman: I do say we found the right person for the job....

Magnetman: eh?

Magentman lowers the ball and starts chomping on it as a snack.

Freezeman: Well I should have warned you he does have one hell of an appetite

(Written by AngelicDude)

Quick Man: Right.. O_O

Heat Man: Well...?

Magnetman: WELL WHAT! *munch munch*

Freeze Man: I think you know whyve we've come.

Magnetman:......i do?


Quick Man: He means cookies!

Freeze Man: In other words will you join us?

Magnetman: pah what the hay.

Narrator: there are now...*counts using his fingers* 5 of them as they dissapear into the middle of no where they quickly reapear?

Quick Man: Forgot my mic ^_^;;;.

*the 5 dissapear*


(Written by Heat)

*And the 5 randomly appear in places no person should ever go, annoying the locals, killing squirrels and screaming lines from Braveheart.*

Heat Man: You can take my life, but you can't take my freedom!

Quick Man: Aye lad. Thy Brits are comin.

Napalm Man: Let's stop now.

Heat Man: DOst thou question thee? Thou shalt die!

*Napalm Man rolls his eyes*

Quick Man: Where is Magnet and Freeze?

*Off in Kansas the two argue about god knows what*

Magnetman: But what if the swallow was exceptionally strong?

Freeze Man: A swallow still can't lift a coconut!

Magnetman: What if we used string and it was a small coconut?

Freeze Man: No swallow can lift a coconut!

Magnetman: What if it was a genetically altered swallow and the smallest coconut on Earth...


Magnetman: How do you know? Have you ever tried it?

*Swallow flies with coconut in backgruond, then falls into a spiked pit and dies*

Freeze Man: I have to prove you wrong. Where can e find a swallow? And a coconut here? Wait. How'd we get here?

Freeze Man: Dorothy.

Magnetman: You mean *click click* heels Dorothy?

Freeze Man: No, the evil Dorothy elf who steas your socks and has evil seductive thoughts about goats.

*Magnet Man is frozen in fear*

Freeze Man: Yes the Oz Dorothy.

*Magnet Man lets out a sigh of relief*

Narrator: Back with Heat, Quick and Napalm

Heat Man: I can blow more stuff up!

Napalm Man: No you can't! I can!

Quick Man: Shut up.

Heat Man: I can!

Napalm Man: No, I can!

Quick Man: Shut up.

*Heat and Napalm continue to argue Quick Man finds a small button that says "Do Not Push Me"*

Quick Man: Let's push it.

*Quick Man pushes it and is transported to a parralel dimension*

Heat Man: Well, hello there. Did you have a nice trip, chap?"

Napalm Man: Bloody hell. I can't beat myself.

*Napalm scurries back and forth playing a game of chess*

Quick Man: God...What the hell happened?

Narrator: And so we leave our heroes, Heat Man and Napalm Man smart 0.0, Quick Man in an alternate universe, Magnet Man and Freeze Man stuck in Kansas! What will we do!

*3 minutes of silence pass*

Narrator: Party at Quick's old pad!

*Millions of people flock to Quick Man's old home, eating cookies and signing off Life Insurance bills. *

(Written by Mulgrew)

~ Out of Character: *rolls on the floor laughing * that was hilarious! ~

Freezeman and Magnetman are walking down the yellowbrick-road and suddenly Magnetman breaks out signing the Wizard of Oz musical song to the scene.

Magnetman: Fa la la la fa LAAAA~

Freezeman: thats wrong on so many levels....

Magnetman stops in mid-skip and walks calmly whistling the rest of the song.

Magentman: what do you think makde the yellow-brick road yellow?

Freezeman: I don't want to know... I never want to know...

(Written by AngelicDude)



* a giant hand appears in front of the 2 confused friends *

Magnetman: Arent you one of those mickey mouse gloves?


Freeze Man: And what if we do?

God:Um... ill get back to you on that *thinks*



Ed:You people have no idea what you're doing. =P You are beginners though, so I'm just giving you some tips. Look in the topic started by me in this section. Look at some of my posts. Looking at one of those, I found that it perfectly fills up 2 1/2 pages of my browser, when you scroll down. And that's SINGLE spaced! I can see two posts on one screen in this topic. o_O Try to make large posts, where each character talks an equal amount. Try to imagine where others are trying to go with their last post, and fill in the gap for them. And for God's sake, PLEASE use good sentence structure! =)

Rai: Well, they can have fun however they want, it's not our place to tell them how to write. It's just this might have better fan-fic appeal if it ever got added to the site if it wasn't written as randomly and surreal as it is so far.

Ed:Ya, they can do it however thay want to. I'm just trying to help it so that even they know what's going on. =)

AngelicDude: shutup im having fun here XD

(Written by Life Virus)

Narrator: after they finish goofing off...

Quick:hmm..let's see..YES!*leaps in joy as the prision cell holding gate.exe's master opens*

David(master of gate):hee,heemhee,hee..free...hehehe....free,to kill...heheheh

Quick:Maybe this wasnt such a good idea...

Angelic: ya think?

David: so, to whom do i owe my freedom to?

Angelic:me, now, we broke you out of here for one reasen,and one reasen only...

David:and...that would be?

Angelic:we need an expiernced hacker.

David:*sighs* fine.but, arn't you gonna unlock my hands?*points to REAAAAALY heavy laser hand-cuff's*

Angelic:*sends quick in to unlock 'cuff's*this might take a minute

David: well, i can wait,hehehehe..

Quick:ah..here we go, its unlocked*mumbles an uknown comment about the dangers of realesing a psycho*

David:*stretches* ahh! this feels good..now,onto bisnuss..


AngelicDude: Um why do u have me as 2 chars im quick and angel WTF?!?!

Rai: Uh, navis have OPERATORS Sherlock. :P You haven't read any of our own stories have you? Oh well, you can do whatever you want.

Quick: We are more of the robot masters not the people =P.

Rai: They're not robots either. Have you even played the games? O_o

* * *

And that's where archive.org cuts off, but there was apparently more, god help us.