The Joining of Mason
Written by Mason/Sharkman

The Seraphs are among the highest level of celestial beings, more commonly noted to humans as "angels".
One such was Mason. Mason was more outgoing than the rest. He was born as an ordinary angel and served as a soldier. When the darker forces had ambushed the Seraphs, Mason saved them, as it was only a small infantry of the dark forces.
A rule of the Seraphs was to not change the course of a lesser beings life.
Mason didn't directly break this, at first. He constantly looked upon the planet Earth, he marvelled at it's complexity. He constantly watched the humans and their cultures. Such a diversity within such a small world. He had visited the larger planets such as Opulo which was inhabited by the Illni but their culture stayed the same all along the planet without alot of change.
Earth was merely 1/4 the size yet had so much more. The highest of Seraphs, Teros, had taught Mason. Teros constantly told Mason to not get to close to the humans. Mason paid no attention. He watched and saw how the humans began to became savage against each other. He wondered why. Mason began to halt wars and save lives. Teros was disappointed but he did not banish Mason for it would bring himself shame upon his teachings.
It was in the year, according to the humans, 1 A.D that Mason overstepped the line. The 5 chosen ones, who were to combine their power within one child to create the next leader of the Seraphs, were on their journey to greet the baby. But unpredicted the Dark Forces attacked them. They immediately took down one of the 5. Mason watched and immediately rushed towards it. He did not warn the others for he thought there was no time.
The 4 still had marvelous power but they could not hold them all off. Mason then showed up. He stood by them and attacked the dark forces. Shots of rala (the powers that "angels" had) came from all directions. They were shot and used against the Dark Forces everywhere. Dark rala (the powers of the Dark Forces) came at more alarming rates.
They had managed to banish many of the Dark Forces but it was at this time they saw the leader of this attack. It was a Daemon, one of the opposites of the Seraphs, the now four chosen ones and Mason all began to chant. The Daemon roared in it's own language and now both sides were preparing powerful attacks.
The Daemon lent forward and it's fang filled mouth widened releasing a large beam of dark rala. The chosen ones and Mason shot out their own beam which only just matched the power of the Daemons. The two beams met in the middle with a powerful clash. Struggling to push each other into banishment they were locked there in stale mate it seemed.
During this though one of the Dark Forces minions had attacks one of the chosen ones from behind and banished him.
Mason turned his attention to this, which resulted in the beam getting weaker. There were now only the 3 left holding against the strength of the Daemon, who was slowly gaining the win.
Mason turned towards the Daemon and released a mighty blast. It raced into the beam of the chosen ones and slammed into the Daemon immediately banishing him. The emotion within Mason had made his power so great that it caught the attention of the Seraphs.
Immediately they teleported him back to their domain. The chosen ones, who were now only a group of 3, continued on their journey and put their powers in the baby. They were called by the humans as the 3 wise men, the baby continued it's own life and later took over the Seraphs, but that is another story.
Mason, however, was exiled from the Seraphs. The rule about interfering with the fate of others had been broken in this event.
He was sent to Earth to live among his beloved humans. His wings were ripped off and his imortality became flawed. He could live on forever naturally but if he were to be killed by un-natural means, like being shot, he could die.
The exact date of when Mason was placed on Earth is unknown because the change between celestial being and mortal being severly dis-orientated him.
However he has been around for centuries.
He was there when he watched the Romans empire fall and he was there when he saw the end of WW2.
He lived mainly as a scientist. He had invented 2 robots. Bishop and Shadroth. Shadroth had become evil, which also belongs in another story.
It was one day Shadroth attacked Mason at his lab. Mason was left severly injured. If he did not have the aid of Bishop he would have died. Mason had lost his sight. But created a visor with the help of Bishop. Bishop had then also been too badly attacked to continue on. He malfunctioned and was never repaired.
Mason was always on the look out for Shadroth. Although Shadroth has not been heard of for many ages.
Mason in the end believed Shadroth had also malfunctioned.
Australia had become the living environment for Mason. He found it's climates and environments extraordinary.
Mason began to get bored with being kind to everyone. He saw how humans had changed into mindless beings and now resented ever being near them.
He had seen the wars they played against each other and despised it.
He went underground and joined up with small gangs. Later he began to rule them. He rose up amongst them and toppled the leaders.
Mason was making a name for himself in the crime business.
His intellect of machines and strength was what made him so brilliant.
He then learnt of the new internet hacking ways. He heard about PETs and Navis and then set out to making his own.
He pondered upon what creature he could use. It was then that he saw one of Australia's greatest predators. The Great White Shark. Hunter of the ocean. Immediately he used the idea and created Sharkman.EXE
Sharkman and Mason became partners in crime. Sharkman would take out the security and guard the electronics whilst Mason would power through take out the guards and take the loot. The two went hand in... fin.
Mason practically ruled the gangs and clans of Australia. He was the number one crime lord. Once he reached the top it was only a matter of time that he would get bored. Luckily he recieved a message.
From America. The land of the free. And the land which Mason could next begin to terrorize. But to hide his entrance he needed a new name. Something which wouldn't be suspicious. Trent. So Sharkman.EXE and the now Trent headed for America.