Humanoid Name: Elec Man
Humanoid Number: #008
Real Name:
Odin A. Lionheart/Elecman
1,8 meters
75 kilograms
Coke and intellectual company. Reading.
Foolish humans (I.E. 90% of the population on Earth), potatoes, people that lack honor and morale.
Interests: Literature, writing and history. The old masters (such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).
Quote: "
Like Dante I stand all alone, like Odysseus I wish for a home, but like Plato my paradise is gone..."


Appearance: (I would go with the normal attire for Odin here, but his appearance is to be more human) When appearing as a normal human he wears a dark-green, thicker, long-sleeve sweater with a zipper (so that it functions somewhat like a jacket) on top of a generic t-shirt, black pants and a scarf around his neck. His hair is somewhat black and white and quite long as it always covers his right eye. Sometimes he also wears a pair of blue shades. He is generally unshaved and sports a mustache and a small goatee. And of course the Elecman armor (Ariga style) with the specially added cape and the cloth that covers his mouth. There's also a general feeling of intellect emitting from him
Strengths: While in the Elecman form he governs electricity and intense speed. Though while human he uses his intellect to counter his foes. He also holds a sword of some sort (In AU it's a katana with electric properties, while sometimes it's a two-handed sword with a wavy blade). His knowledge in various areas can also be counted as a strength.
Weakness: His physique while human is usually not that great (In AU it is strong because his body is purely robotic). Also, his general opinion towards other people can sometimes make him appear quite arrogant. Then there's the devestating temper that causes mayham whenever it's released.
Origin: Generally undecided. In the S6: AU he's a normal young man up untill the point where he joins his fellow teammates in their struggle against Dr. Wily. His solemn wish, though, is to find a way out from Earth. The people of Earth are to dishonorable so he feels like he doesn't belong here.