Prolouge:(Yes. A prolouge to an epilouge. Go Figure)

Rick:OK kiddies. The state says that in order to stay out of jail, I need to do a little community service. So, I thought, why not spend that time corrupting the minds of small children by telling them a story with suggestive and questionable dialoge? I remember like it was only yesterday. Wait a minute! It was yesterday!


Narrator: The x-force find themsleves at home once again. Little do they know of the terror that is about to befall Sky Lagoon.

(At the home of the x-force)

Ben: Alright you little basterd! Give me back my stun gun before I make mushroom flambe?

Anton: Ha Ha! You can't zap me now! Ha Ha!

Rick: No, but I can.

*Rick zaps Anton*

Lynx: Eh, the fungus had it coming.

Matt: What did he do this time?

Ben: I found him looking at that naked picture of Iris that she sent me. *give picture to Alon*

Alon: Wow. I didnt know it was physically possible to get into that position!

Marc: No it isn't. Let me show you.

All: *cringe*

Rick: Don't EVER do that again.

Rob: My eyes are burning!

Lynx: Thats because your eyebrows are on fire.

Matt:I'll take care of that! *sprays Rob with a fire extinguisher*

Rob: *cough cough* Stop that you mother f-*cough cough*

Anton: *still writhing on the ground in pain*

Rick: Hey, Ben, maybe we should poke him with a stick or something.

Ben: No, he'll recover.

Alon: Oh well, lets watch the news. *turns on TV*

Newscaster:..and in other news, the new Sky dam has finally been built after years of development. For those of you who don't know what Sky dam does, It is ment to restrict the flow of Clyde river, Sky Lagoon's main
source of water

Marc: Who cares? Springer's on! *changes channel*

Jerry: Hello, and welcome back to Jerry Springer. I want to thank all  the viewers who sent me get well cards after my hellish beating at the hands of Magma Dragoon.

Ben: Heh. I remember that. Jerry fights like a woman.

Jerry: Today, our topic is, I'm small, fat, and I want to destroy the Sky Lagoon using some various insidious plan. Our guest today is Double. Welcome Double.

Double: Hello Jerry.

Jerry: So, would you care to tell us your most recent plan of mass  destruction?

Double: Why yes. I plan on blowing up the Sky Lagoon's new dam,  therefore flooding Sky Lagoon and ridding me of that medelling  X-force! Mwa ha ha ha!

Jerry: OK. very good. My final thought is after the break.

Marc: Damn. Did you hear that?

Rick: Yeah! He's gonna blow up the damn dam!

Rob: Well, we better stop him.

Alon: Yeah. If we don't, things could get messy around here

Ben: Lets go! Somebody wake up Anton!

All: *look at Ben*

Ben: Oh, for the love of Christ! *walks over to Anton*

Ben:Ok, fungus. Rise and shine!

Anton: g-g-g-go to hell b-b-Ben

Ben: YOU PIECE OF CRAP! *burns anton*

Rick:Uh...lets leave Anton here.

All: Uh..yeah

(1 hour later....Hey, Ben's car wasn't working that day!)

Lynx: Well, here's Sky Dam

Matt: Hey, Double's up on top

*Atop the dam*

Double: *singing* I'm so evil! I'm so evil! No one is more evil than me!

Ben: *yelling* Quit the song and dance show tubby!

Double: Well, Well, the X-force. What a pleasent surprise!

Rob:Ok. What do we do?

Ben:I could burn it down like I did with the jail.

Lynx: No, the water would flood the town

Ben:Yeah...Marc, fly up there!

Marc: No way in hell

Matt: Just do it, pansy!

Alon:Hey look! a ladder! I could climb up their and...

Rick: I thought we didn't want the dam to collapse.

Alon: Do you wanna see how far I can throw you?


Alon: Thats what I thought, Anyways, Ben, I...where'd he go?

Matt: he got tired of listening to this, so he went up the ladder.

*on top of the dam*

Ben: Alright, Fat-ass! I give you 2 choices. You can be original,or extra crispy.

Double: I'm sorry, Dragoon. But The explosives are set, so I must be going. goodbye! *jumps off the dam*

Rob: Hey, look who jumped off the dam.

Rick: Fly fat ass!, Fly!

Alon: Uh oh. He's not gonna fall in the river! He's gonna fall on..


Mr Dragoon: Why hello, Richard. How can I...*THUD* back...

Matt: Ouch. bet that hurt.

Ben: *climbing down the ladder* Hey. Everything's alright! Big butt over here can't wire a bomb right.It was a dud.

All: Whew!

*Anton skips by*

Anton: Hey guys! What happend?

Ben:*smacks Anton*


Gary: Definatly not your best work, Rick.

Kirk: Yeah, your last one was so funny. What happened?

Jason: Last time I read one of your stories!

Dudeman: Ugg. I need a drink

Sorry Dude Man but I locked up the Liquior Cabinet after Anton snuck into it.