Narrator: Deep within the sewers of Dopplertown, Double lurks around a conduit searching for his cache of Uranium-235 he stole to make an Atom Bomb later

Double: Where the hell did I put it? My sensors are showing signs of massive raditation but it's not my U-235. And why must I be talking to my.... *trips*

Double: Oof! *Picks up glowing rod* What the... hey I feel a tingling YARGGGGH !

*Double transforms into his second form*

Double: MWHAHAHAHA !!! I have my powerful form again.... But I even feel more powerful than I've ever been... Now I can exact my revenge upon those fools, the X-Force !!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Narrator: Meanwhile our heroes prepare for the funeral of their dearly departed Lynx* (*see Alon's tale Tellenous for the death of Lynx at Cossacks Creations)

Ben: Does this suit make me look fat?

Anton: Everything makes you look fat!

Ben: *shocks Anton with his stun gun*


Rob: Won't you two stop fighting?!? Lynx just died!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Rick: Yeesh! What a baby, I'm turning on the news...

Remote: *click*

TV Anchor: In local news, the body of recently-desceased X-Force member Lynx has been stolen of Lagoon Funeral Home, authorities are baffled on who stole...

Ben: Why didn't they contact us?!?

Matt: They cut the phone line, and the cable's next...

Marc: Thanks alot Alon...

Alon: *walks in* What did I do?!?

Matt: You only bought a timeshare for Tropical Lagoon Vistas with our savings...

Alon: That was money well spent...

Marc: Tell that to Ben you big idiot!

Alon: Take that back you little...


X-Force: ?!?

Rob: Thank you...

Rick: *whispers to Alon* Getting a little bold aren't we?

Alon: Indeed...

TV Anchor: This just in! Double in his second form is razing Dopplertown it is estimated his assult has already killed 2 000 000 humans and reploids...

X-Force: 0_0

Matt: What to do now oh fearless leader...

Ben: *isn't there*

Matt: Looks like he's a coward...

Ben: *honks horn* Let's get a move on !

Rob: So who's the coward?

Matt: Shut up...

*an hour and six toll booths later*

Alon: Wouldn't it be just quicker to teleport?

Ben: We're not the Sinister Six alright? Besides we weren't built with teleporter...

Alon: Damn creators....

??: Reaper Slash... *slices Ben's car in half*

*X-Force tumble helplessly*

*Anton rolls at Double's feet*

Ben:*Wakes up* ANTON !

Double: Hello you little fungus... this should feel fimilar... THUNDERSTRIKE!!!



Double: MWHAHAHA!!! Rot in hell you little bastard... *twip* huh?

Rick: Alon! Give him your Sunday best!

Alon: Coming up! That fungus diddn't deserve to die like that !*BRAKKKKK*

*Double unaffected*

Double: Pity, I didn't feel a thing *SLASH*

Alon: ARGHHHHH! My gut!

Double: *tugs Rick's web*

Rick: *gets pulled over Double* WHOAAAAA!!!! *SLASH* *THUMP*

Ben: Alon! Rick! Are you ok....

Rick: I think we'll...

*Alon, Rick and Anton's body teleport*

Ben: What the hell? Where'd they go?

Marc: Ask later! Hey tubby! *flies up above Double* I have a nice present...

Ben: Everybody! Duck!

Matt, Rob, Ben: *duck*


*debris flies around when the dust settles , Double still stands with dozens of fan blades surrounding him*

Ben: Shit! Marc! Get out of there!

*the fan blades shred Marc's wings*

Matt: Don't worry! I'll...

Double: HEAVY LASER!!!

Matt: *catches Marc*

*Heavy Laser pireces both Marc and Matt's armor*

Ben: Damn it, I've lost too many friends too fast... PREPARE TO DIE DOUBLE!!! *pounces on Double*

Rob: Ben!!! WAIT!!!

Double: *slashes at Ben's torso*

Ben: Argggggggh !!!!

Double: *kicks Ben in the chin*


Double: You have more guts than you have brains M-Dee... I'll at least have the pleasure of killing you!!! *slash unscathes*

Rob: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....*jumps*


*Rob falls down in two pieces*

Ben: Rob... you....

Rob: No prob....Be.....*faints*


Double: With that you couldn't possibly survive much longer... Long enough for in your final moments.... that you'll remember... I defeated you...

Ben: I'll see you in... hell... Asswipe...

Double: HA! Indeed you will... *teleports*

Ben: *transported to some satellite*

???: Don't talk Ben, I'll fix you and the X-Force, Better than ever...

Ben: Who... who... are you?

???: Just call me Nth.

To Be Continued...