WARNING! WARNING! This epilouge was never completed!

Narrator:Hello everyone and welcome to mister Dragoons neighberhood

Mr. Dragoon: Hello children how are you today? well we have a special guest today. Id like to welcome my own brother Ben from the "almighty" X-force.

Ben: Oh God Myren do I really have to wear this?

kids: Myren?

little jonny: what a wus!

Mr. Dragoon: well of course you do Ben

Ben: oh please

Ben walks out from behind the camera wearing a brand new navy blue sweater

Ben: you are really going to regret this

Mr. Dragoon: I already do *leaks oil*

kids: come on you wus

little jonny: wussy man wussy man

Mr. Dragoon: oh I cant take any more of this

jumps out a window

kids: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben: alright guys you can come out now

the X-force comes out

Anton: hey Ben nice sweater. were can I get one

Ben: oh you can have it if you want

Anton: goodie goodie gum drops

Ben carefully takes out the sweater and then shoves it up Antons ass

Ben: well look over here kids its the trolly of no return

kids: yeah!

Ben: now who wants to go on it first

Anton: Me Me I want to go

Ben: well alright then

Rob: *cries* but wanted to go first

Ben: *winks at Rob* no you dont

Rob: ohhhhh ok

Anton wadles over to the trolly due to the fact that the sweater is still stuck up his ass. then Ben shuts and locks the door. and the trolly goes plumeting towards certain doom

suddenly the channel is swithched and jerry springer apears on the tv

Rob: Hey I was watching that

Lynx: Oh well pardon me I didnt realize that you considerd that as edutainment. id better swithch it back or else your brain might shut itself off because  real programs are a little to abrupt for you.

Rob: Huh?

Lynx: my point exactly

Rob: Huh?

Lynx: well you see I just said that you are stupid

Rob: Huh?

sudenly Alon rushes through the door carrying a news paper

Alon: Hey rob guess what

Rob: what

Alon: no your supposed to guess

Rob: OHHHHH ok

Many hours later

Rob: I think ive got it

Alon: finally

Rob: were going to set the baloon people free

Alon: No *groans* your family is putting on the lagoon day fire works special and there also throwing a party


Marc: hey whats going on in here I was trying to get my buetty sleep

Rob: to bad that never works

Marc: what did you say

Rob: I said to bad it never wor....

Marc flies into a fiersom rage and hurtles himself at Rob