Narrator: As the rest of the x-force stays at home, that lovable fungus Anton goes for an afternoon stroll.

Anton:*skipping along* La La La! What a beautiful day! Tra La La!

Narrator: But little does Anton know that as he crosses the street, he is slowly followed by an ominous police car.

Policeman: Alright, fungus boy, keep your hands where I can see um!

Anton: Wha?

Policeman: Your under arrest for violation of the Sky Lagoon's primary rule. NO JAY-WALKING! Now get in the car.

(15.27 minutes later)

Phone: *ring ring*

Ben: Will someone get the damn phone?

Rick: Alright, Alright! *crawls over to phone*

Rick: Y'ello! Amazing X-force catering service......What?....oh geeze.....yeah we'll be down in a minute.

Lynx: What was that all about?

Rick: Anton was arrested!

Matt: You can't be serious

Rick: Yeah, now we have to go down to the jainhouse to make bail.

Ben: Damn. I hate that friggin mushroom.

(2 minutes later)

Rob: Well, we're here.By the way, Ben, did you really have to throw Marc out of car? All he did was change the radio station!

Marc:*all banged up* Yeah, that was un called for!

Ben: Quit yer whining! We have to get Anton out of jail.


Head Policeman: You relize that your friend commited a serious offence, don't you?

All: Yeah

Head Policeman: Well, I'm placeing bail at $1,000

Marc: $1,000 are you nuts?

Lynx: We don't have that kind of money!

Matt: Yeah, the last time we fought Double, we had to pay the city back  for all the damage we caused. Damn vacumme lazer cannon.

Head Policeman: Well, sorry, thats how its gonna be.

Rob: Can we at least visit him?

Head Policeman: Well....Ok. but only for a little while

(Inside the prison)

Prisoner 1: Well, Well, if it isn't that x-force shrimp

Anton: Um....Hi....guys

Prisoner 2: yeah He's purdy lookin'! (author's note: I apologize for this line)

Anton:uh....thanks.....I guess

(the rest of the x-force come to anton's cell)

Anton: Guys! You came to get me out!

Rick: Bad news, Anton. We can't make bail. But we're gonna get you out anyways!

Anton: You have to get me out of here as soon as possible!  And I think that guy over there is hitting on me!

Alon: Ok. I wont be eating for the next week.

Prisoner 1: I doubt that, tons o' fun!

Alon:Heh heh. Good one......FROST TOWER!

(prisoner 1 gets crushed by frost tower)

Ben: Don't worry. I have a plan.....

(later that night)

Matt: So whats your ingenious, yet wacky plan that will provide for good entertainment?

Ben: Actually, I was planning on torching the building and sifting through the charred remians till we find Anton.

Lynx: Sounds good to me!

(Ben torches the jail, leaving only flaming rubble)

Rob: Now to find Anton!

(5 minutes later)

Anton: head....what the hell happened?

Marc: Ben just turned the jail into a towering inferno

Anton: Oh. Now lets get out of here!

(they all hop into Ben's car and drive off)

Anton: I wonder whats gonna happen when the warden finds out

(the next morning)

Warden: You say you saw who burned down the prison last night?

Witness: Yeah. It was a big, red robotic dragon...Like that one over there *points across the street*

Mr. Dragoon: Are you addressing me?

Warden: Lets get um!

Gary: That was the worst episode of the x-force I ever watched!

Eddie: I dunno. I thought it was kinda good

Gary: But then again, you're a moron

Eddie:*zaps the hell out of Gary*

Gary: Ouchies!

Scott: I know! Lets watch the Cossack's Creations show!

Eddie: Ok *changes the channel*

Kirk: Omigod! They killed Dust Man!

Kim: You basterds!

*T.V. turns off*

Dudeman: Thats it! I'm never watching Prime time again!