The Wild Animal....

 Real Name: Pat "Benji" Mains

Height:  6' 3

Weight: 230 lbs

Likes: Fires, Fighting, Eating Children

Dislikes: Storms, X and Zero, The Cold

Goal: To win a human-eating contest.

Quote: "Humans ? Feh !"

Favorite MM GAMES: Mega Man X4, 

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Favorite non-MM Games: Spyro the Dragon, 

Crash Bandicoot 2

Darkest Secret: Killed millions to fight X

History: The leader and and arguably most wild of the force has been known to kill and even eat humans. Mostly out ou his original animal-like programming. Able to lead an effective fighting force like the 14th Unit he decided to bring his Repliforce conrades into a new force devoted to disobeying the laws set by the Maverick Hunters. Dragoon himself reckless and impulsive behavior has led him to be friends with Ice Man of the Sinister Six.

Powers: Has excellent hand to hand combat skills as well he has a light saber which he rarley uses. He can spew powerful blasts of flames that could tear down cities.

MD lives in Canada so he freezes his knickers of in Febuary. He hates the cold.

MD ancestors were missionaries in China and has a tie to Chinese culture. And his favorite Chiese food is Ginger Beef.

MD's hobbies are Drawing, Weighting Lifting, Video Games, Writing, Webpage Design and torturing cats.

MD unlike his internet persona is actually quiet and reserved.

The Cyber Psycho

Real Name: Rob "Zek" Robinson

Height:  5' 9

Weight: 130 lbs

Likes: Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Star Wars, James Bond, Rabbits 

Dislikes: People who wear fur, Monster Ranch

Goal: Liberate the rabbits from the captors.

Quote: "Don't eat a chicken with razors."

(MD's Note: you figure it out)

Favorite MM GAMES: Mega Man X

Mega Man X2

Mega Man 2

Favorite non-MM Games: Goldeneye, 

Legend of Zelda,

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Darkest Secret: Taught Bill Gates everything he knows and regrets it.

History:One of Dragoon's best friends Cyber Peacock is second-in-command of the X-Force. A genius with computers and other types of electronics that could send Bill Gates crying. Half of the time he's on the moon making his own city with a large cannon while other times he sits in front of the TV playing his Nintendo 64 much to Dragoon's dismay (Dragoon is a Sega fan). Oh yeah he's declared legally insane through a clerical error,

Powers: Like it was mentioned earlier he can make, fix or destroy computer programs, his methods are going into the mainframe and destroying everything from the inside. He can also teleport long distances up to 20 km away. His only offensive weapon in his power laser blasts which could rip off the hide of a Flame Mammoth (heh heh ^_^)

Peacock in real life is one of Dragoon's friends. That's the reason why he's secon in command on the   force.

Peacock was once framed for a murder during the trail he was declared legally insane. He was eventually cleared but they never fixed the "legally insane" part.

Thanks to Peacock's hacking the Force can cheat on their taxes.

The Chunky Ice Ball

Real Name: Alon

Height: 11' 10

Weight 35 tonnes

Likes: Skull Man,Dragonbreath,

Hip-Hop,PC,  Sports, Ice and Console Games 

Dislikes: Extreme Heat, Pop Music

Goal:  Use his powers to get rid of X/Zero 

Quote: "Im'a freeze ya' quick asshole" 

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X4

Favorite non-MM Game: Pulse Man ( Mega Drive )


Darkest Secret: see that machine in the back of the room you fight me in MMX4? it stores a certain black robot from MM's past.

History: Comes from Israel . Has allies on the team  "Cossak's Creations" and is a member there.  He likes surfing with his friends skull man  (A.K.A. Metal Man, Kirk Sorenson, Warp Station)  and thinks he might like Magma Dragoon once 

he gets to know him. He's very suspicious thug.

Powers: Capable to produce large and razor sharp icicles. His ultra-dense armour makes him slow in combat but he can lift small houses and hurl them miles away.

Frost Walrus was born in israel . Ironically,it's very hot there...

Frost Walrus likes the Pokemon Gameboy game but hates everything else about Pokemon.

Frost Walrus is also a member of Cossak's Creations.Unlike what Magma Dragoon thinks,he trusts him and thinks they can do good work togheter.

The Jet Set Warrior

Real Name: Matt

Height: 8 feet

Weight: 200 lbs

Likes: Everything about the sea, his teamates, fighting, hardcore music

Dislikes:  Enemies with ice based, fire based, or electricity based powers.

Goal: Flood the world, eliminating anyone who opposes the X-Force.

Quote(s): "Step Up."  and "Enemy! Show me what you wanna be! I can handle anything, even if I can't handle you!" ~ (taken from Slipknot's "(sic)")

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X4

Favorite non-MM Game: Metal Gear Solid

Darkest Secret: Although he listens to hardcore music all the time, he's secretly a closet 'N Sync fan.

History: After several scraps with X (in which his original reploid body was destroyed), Jet Stingray went into seclusion, only to make his way back to aid his old friend Dragoon with the X-Force. He continues the fight out of a

blind rage pressed upon him by those who seek to destroy him and/or do harm to the ocean. His ability to improvise and make use of weapons surrounding him make him more than a formidable opponent. There is no love lost between

him and his old foes X and Zero. Stingray hopes to travel into the past and destroy his foes at the start- he wants to go back and annihalate the original Mega Man and his creator, Dr. Light.

Powers: Stingray has a limited control of water. He utilizes projectiles in the form of small explosive stingrays. As his name implies, he has the ability to fly. His weapon is called the "Ground Hunter". His ability to maneuver (sp?) under water makes him especially dangerous in this environment. He is adept in fighting styles on the ground, in the air, and where he is most comfortable, in the water.

Stingray spends time in all parts of the world, predominantly where water is present. His ability to fly allows him to quickly cover great distances. His home, however, is located in the Atlantic ocean , somewhere on the bottom off the coast of Virginia . His base is an enormous underwater dwelling, consiting of a command center, war room (with detailed maps of the world, both above and below the water), and of course, recreational and off duty dwellings. His base is equipped with monitoring and study labs.

Ray's hobbies are marine biology and other sea related studies, collecting weaponry from guns to knives to ancient oriental bladed weapons.

Ray is an excellent warrior, equal in ability to other members of the X-4orce. He is unsure of the ever contstant presence of Sigma, and parts of his ultra-violent philosophies

Ray likes hardcore music- Especially early stuff from the years 1994-200? Favorites are Static-X, Staind, Slipknot, Godsmack, Bizkit, Korn, Rage, System of a Down, P.O.D., and anything else that helps him focus his anger.

The Cat's Meow

Real Name: Lynx

Height: 8' 4

Weight: 180 lbs 

Likes: Cats

Dislikes: Dogs, Pokemon

Goal: To become the worlds most cattish reploid. 

Quote: "Meoooooow"

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X3 (PSX)

Favorite non-MM Game: Uforia (NES) 

Darkest Secret: Once tried dog-food and liked it, this can never be known to other members... 

History: Was found prowling around someones house looking a saucer of milk. No-one really knows how he got there. But after that MD took him in and  made him a part of the X-Force. While still constantly looking for saucer of milk (which are usually provided now) he is quite an agile warrior 

Powers: Extremly agile. Just likes to bounce around the room scratching the hell out of his enemies more than anything else. Slash Beast, being a giant moggy, always lands on his feet. Has the power to deafen people with his 'Screech of death'

Slash Beast likes the cold, but lives in Australia , where it is rarely very cold. 

Slash Beast really likes Cats 

Slash Beast hates Pokemon bought a Pikachu doll to put a *ahem* skewer through its head 

Slash Beast doesnt like getting wet.

The Little Fungus

 Real Name Anton

Height: 4' 6

Weight: 95 lbs 

Likes: Smaller People and Some Big People, Cyber Peacock (becuse he can hurt him!) 

Dislikes: Electric Outlets, Stronger people, MD and his family, Matt and Rick (THEY HAVE TAZERS!!!!!) 

Goal: To Rule The World 

Quote: "phttttttt"

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X4

Favorite non-MM Game: Starcraft

Darkest Secret: Split is a stripper...  He claims he needs the money...

History: Originally not on the team, MD found Split pouting in the corner. To keep him from attracting attention MD put him on the team. Split still hasn't quite forgiven MD so he teases him continually. He also is an object of scorn because he's the youngest and the smallest.

Powers: Split can make holographic clones of himself that can damage other bots. But like team mate Lynx he is quite agile and can grab onto some walls. He also has a "stun spore" which can render some robots (as well as other people) paralyzed.

Split teases MD every chance he gets 

Split is made fun of because he is smaller than other people

Split hates electricity that's why MD carries around a stun gun

The Sultan of the Sky

 Real Name: Marc Muldoon

Height: 5 feet

Weight: 100 lbs

Likes: The Birds,His teamates and Anime

Dislikes: Predators

Goals: To rule the World

Quote: "Come and get some"

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X4

Mega Man 8

Favorite Non-MM Game: Dragon Ball GT Final Bout


Zelda The Ocarina of Time

Darkest Secret: Stole the coke machine from the maverick hunter base

History:Storm Owl is Storm Eagles brother once Storm Eagle was destroyed storm owl has promised to rid this world of all the maverick hunters.So which brings him here to the Amazing X-Force to aid them in killing all those maverick hunters.

Powers:Storm Owl Has the abillity to control the weather.He can fly at speed of mach 1000 and his main weapon his his deadly tornados!!!!!

Storm Owl's Fav food isanything that is not made of birds

Storm Owl lives in the wonderful land of Canada

Storm Owl's Hobbys are as the following Hockey,Website Designing,Drawing and playing video games.

Storm Owl is very loud, but is very quiet on the internet

Here comes the..

Real Name: Rick Ahrens

Height: 7'9

Weight 3  tons

Likes: Trees, Jungles, and other places where he can hide

Dislikes: Sharp Things

Goal: To zap Split Mushroom as often as he can

Quote: ZZZZZZZap!

Favorite MM game: Mega Man 3

Favorite non-MM Game: Super Ghosts and Goblins

Darkest Secret:: Is actually a fan of Mega Man X and Zero

History: Making his home in the trees, Web Spider led a reletivly peaceful life. When he found out he was branded as a maverick, he had no choice but to destroy X, and his companion Zero. After numerous failed attempts, he decided

to lay low and not fight. However, when appraoched to join the x-force, he jumped at the oppertunity.

Powers: Web Spider has the power to create webs out of electricity. The webs he makes also has a homing device in it to seek out his enemy. He can also create massive webs that he can climb on.He can also launch tiny spiders at his enemy out of a hatch in his back.

Web Spider is very shy.He will hide in the trees until he is ready to attack

Spidey loves zapping fellow team member Split Mushroom, because he knows it annoys him.

Web doesn't like sharp things, because they could cut him of the rope he hangs on

Real Name: Nina

Height: 5' 7

Weight: 120 lbs 

Likes: Destruction, Animals, Frost Walrus

Dislikes: Order, Ground Hunter

Goal:  To make a car out of X and Zero

Quote: "Does this Bazooka makes me look fat?"

Favorite MM Game: Mega Man X 

Favorite non-MM Game: Resident Evil

Darkest Secret: Unknown (Hey a girl has to have her secrets.)

History: Nina came to the X-Force after Alon (as Pharaoh Man) killed Lynx in combat. In many ways she more wild and uncontrolable than Ben and often refuses to follow orders (until Ben sics Matt on her). She lives for the thrill of battle and often jumps into the fray before the X-Force. Not much is known about her other than Alon's history with her (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Powers:Extremly agile. Just likes to bounce around the room scratching the hell out of her enemies more than anything else. Slash Beast, being a giant moggy, always lands on her feet. Has the power to deafen people with his 'Screech of death'

It's a SHE, boys and girls

She is Alon's girlfriend. (So hands off the lady- Ben)

Junkie, Genius and Complete Enigma 

Real Name: Andrew Robinson

Online Handles: Unknown

Sex: Not enough but thanks for asking... (take a wild guess)

Height: Unknown

Website: None


E-Mail: Unknown

Likes: Stuff

Dislikes: Even more stuff

Hobbies: Attempting to amuse people by filling out this stupid form

Ambitions: To live anohter day...

Fav Music: That band... you know the one with a singer and instruments...

Fav Color(s): Bright colors

Fav MM game(s): Megaman(s) Doesn't know

Fav MMX Game(s) Mega Man X4

Out-of-Context Quote: "I don't know, you choose one Rob"

 Andrew is actually five monkeys in a rubber suit.

 In case you didn't know, Rob and Andrew are brothers IRL

Andrew's even more mysterious than Gauntlet of the Mecha Maniacs.

Real Name: Robert F. Robinson III

Online Handles: Terror Beast

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 3"

Website: None



Likes: Women, Games, Football, Basketball and a whole shitload of games Ben's too lazy to type in

Dislikes: Things that are shiny 

Hobbies: Doesn't Know

Ambitions: To be a paramedic

Fav Music: Everything

Fav Color(s): Blue and Orange

Fav MM game(s): Megaman(s) Mega Man 2

Fav MMX Game(s) Mega Man X4

Out-of-Context Quote: "When your drunk it dehydrates you making that dying of thirst is like the hangover that bloody well kills you."

(If you guess the name of the movie that quote came from correctly and I'll give you a cookie)

In a previous life Rob was a baboon (Ben's Note: Like that suprises me... >.>)

Once farted on a blue moon

Used to cry as a child when he watched "The Land Before Time"

Real Name: Gary Martin

Online Handles: Iceman, Eye-lephant, Pluto

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 11"



the_powerful_ice_man (yahoo)


Likes: Ice, Pranks, Ice Cream

Dislikes: Heat, Liars, Texas Hot Spells

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Playing Video Games, Reading , Annoying, Irritating, Bothering, etc...

Ambitions: To become a writer, or journalist , as well as draw my very own Comic Book (which I already have)

Fav Music: Pop, Oldies, Light Rock

Fav Color(s): Green, Blue

Fav MM game(s): Megaman 1/Soccer

Fav MMX Game(s) Mega Man X1/4

Out-of-Context Quote: "Walk short, and carry an abnormaly large mallet."

The great Iceman from the Sinister Six lives on in Split Mushroom after his death in 20XX. 

Gary secretly hates the entire human Race like his "brother" Red had. 

Ben and Gary are close online friends, and go back a ways. 

Gary can be a tad annoying and drive everyone mad. Split Mushroom wishes to regain his Iceman powers once again.

Real Name: Forte-Chan

Online Handles: Classi-Cal, Forte-Chan, Mei-Ou-Sama, Web Spider (Webby Spidey), Vanessa-Sama (^^ I like hyphons!)

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 5"

Website: Shaina's Get-A-Way Hut 

AIM/MSN: MeiouSama (AIM)

VanessaSama (AIM)

E-Mail: MeiouSama@Cs.Com

Likes: Her Icey-Kins, her team, her web, mangos, parties, friendship, love, cooking, cute things

Dislikes: Forte, Wily, hate (oxymoron?), lies

Hobbies: Drawing, hanging with friends, role playing, video games, writing stories

Ambitions: Publish a comic, get Silhouette Mirage more known, become a singer, become a baker, become a model ^.~

Fav Music: Jpop, Jrock, Alternative, Retro, Oldies, Techno, Trance, Disco!

Fav Color(s):!

Fav MM game(s): RockMan 1, RockMan 7, RockMan & Forte

Fav MMX Game(s) RockMan X4, RockMan X6

Out-of-Context Quote: "People learn from their mistakes..."

 Forte-Chan is a very outgoing person...with lots of love to spare. She will stick up for and risk her life for her loved ones.

 Some people dunno what to call her... ^.~ Forte-Chan please...

 Forte-Chan.. though rather nice... absolutely hates Wily and Forte for personal reasons.

 If you give her a recipe...she'll be baking within seconds. She'll cook up a storm of goodies for people she loves.

 Forte-Chan is also Jet Stingray's sister. They have a very sweet bond

Real Name: Tobias, or Chang Joon or whatever you feel like calling me.

Online Handles: ShiningTofu

Sex: ale, but certainly deprived of it.(no comments please)

Height: 5' 3"

Website: n/a

AIM/MSN: ShiningTofu (AIM)

E-Mail: n/a

Likes: Kittens, Cats, Loud Heavy Music, Charcoal Sketching, these are some of my fav-or-ite things! (Ben's Note: Where's Julie Andrews when you need her?)

Dislikes: Solicitation by phone, spiders

Hobbies: Sketching, Animation, Listening to music.

Ambitions: Publish my own comic, have enough money to never work for the rest of my horrible short nagging life

Fav Music: Hard Rock, Metal, and Alternative

Fav Color(s): Red 

Fav MM game(s): Megaman(s) 3 and Battle and Chase

Fav MMX Game(s) Mega Man X4

Out-of-Context Quote: "Honestly you're not that bad of a person, granted that I probably would have hated you since your infancy. Hey, but honestly you sure know how to piss off complete strangers..."

 Tobias is more special than you

 Tobias often speaks in the third person.

 Tobias loves cats.

 Tobias is cooler than you.

 You can show how much you love Tobias by sending him blank checks and lots of money.

Real Name: Trevor

Online Handles: ShadowBlade3000, Bubble Man. Zallipus

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 8"

Website: I see many webs made by my sister. =P

Likes: Water, video games, computers.

Dislikes: Being out of water and boredom.

Hobbies: Video and Computer Games.

Ambitions: World domination, baby!....err....I mean to rescue a cat from a tree! >.>;;;

Fav Music: Video/Computer Game Music

Fav Color(s): Aqua, turquoise

Fav MM game(s): Mega Man 2

Fav MMX Game(s) Mega Man X

Out-of-Context Quote: "Why yes! I am interested in learning how to flood the world and make an underwater uptopia!"

Not much can be said about Trevor he seems to be always there when some big event hits.

Humility is the key with Trevor which Ben admires but he is not as confident in his abilities.

Being one of the two fliers Trevor serves a big purpose in the team, bigger than he acknowledges.


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