NOTE: Double is in his first form.

Narrator: Today the X-Force returns from a night at the movies...
Matt: Dammit Ben ! Watch the road will ya !
Ben: Don't make me run this vehicle over over a cliff. ALRIGHT !
Matt: *Silent*

*Ben runs over a fimilar stranger that looks like Ben*

Ben: Wow ! Speed Bump !
Anton: I'm sure that "Dragoon" is okay.
Rob: No, I split my pop.
Marc: Aw shut up you crybaby !!!

*Ben runs over an old lady*

Marc:*rolls out of the car and flies to catch up* hey wait for me !!!

A couple of days later...

Rick: *Clinging on the ceiling* Where we you going ?
Ben: What are you talking about ?
Rick: I'm not as dumb as I look !
Anton: *Appears behing MD's ming vase* Yeah, where ?

*Soon everyone appears*

Alon: Come on and tell us !
Ben: Ok, ok ! I'm going to a convention with all the famous MM teams.
Rob:*weeping* Without us ?
Matt: You bastard.
Ben: The cheap bastard who's organizing it wouldn't pay for us so I have to go.
Rick: Why can't all of us go ?
Ben: Limited budget that's also why the Mecha Mainiacs aren't coming.
Marc: Who you lead us in your absence ?
Ben: Let me introduce to you....Mr. Dragoon *opens the door*
Mr. Dragoon: Hello.
Ben: He will lead you till I'm back...*leaves*
Mr. Dragoon: Now we go over all the rule of this house....
All: *groan*

Three Days Later...

Lynx: This bites ! I have to curl up to Mr. Dragoon's feet as if I were a real cat.
Rob: You're better off than me I have to cluck and scratch around the house as if I were a chicken ! I'm a Peacock DAMMIT.
Lynx: Actually were both better off than Anton.
Rob: *looks in the kitchen* oh no...
Mr. Dragoon: Here come the airplane..*tries to force feed Anton*
Anton: Fuck off Dragoon !
Mr. Dragoon: Baby's getting cranky, maybe baby needs a nap.
Anton: I don't need to sleep. I want to go outside.
Mr. Dragoon: But there are wild animals out there it's not safe for you.
Anton: *bawls* I'm calling child services on you they should....

Meanwhile outside...

Alon: Wild animals ? I've never been so insulted.
Marc: I wish Ben was here. Then I wouldn't have to sleep in the tool shed !!!
Alon: You're the lucky one. I have to sleep outside.
Matt: That's because you're so fat.
Alon: I resent that remark.
Rick: Come on guys, Dragoon can't be away for forever.
Matt: Let's Pray so... *feels something in the air* Do you feel that ?
Marc: Great ! We lost Stingray.
Matt: No it feels like....a Gaint Mecha Tank...with all the addons...including a 300 mm Suntech Vacuum Plasma Cannon...
Alon: Wow how do you know that ?
Matt: I'm the weapons expert here.
Rick: Come to think of it I do feel something.
Double: *on the Megaphone* Citizens of Sky Lagoon...I am Double the X-Hunter here to destroy your pathectic town.
Rick: Out of all days...
Marc: Should we take care of it ?
Matt: We should let Mr. Dragoon handle it.

Back inside....

Anton: *Mouth Duct Taped* Mmmmmmph.....
Lynx: *stands upright* Double ?!?
Rob: Let's get him.
Lynx: No *whispers*
Rob: Okay, heh heh...
Mr. Dragoon: I'll take care of this...*Walks outside* Mr. Double get out of this neighborhood or I'll call the police !
Double: Oh no, Not the police. I'm taking a threat form Magma Dragoon.
Mr. Dragoon: That's Mr. Dragoon to you.
Double: I'm not impressed...*sucks in Mr. Dragoon then fires him*
Mr. Dragoon: ARGGGH !!! Looks like I'm blasting off againnnnnnnnnnnnnn......
Double: Ok, who's next ?!?
Rob: Try us Jelly Belly !
Lynx: And be prepared for an ass whoppin'
Anton: *rips off Duct Tape* ditto.
Double: Oh that's it....

Meanwhile in the back alley,

Ben: Thanks for the ride Ice Man.
Gary: Anytime, buddy.

*Gary drives off*

Ben: What the ?!? Hey guys !
Rick: He's home !!!
Matt: Did you bring me anything ?
Ben: Uh, no..what's happening up front ?
Marc: Rob, Anton and Lynx are fighting Double in his new Mecha Tank.
Ben: Why aren't doing anything ?!?
Alon: We were waiting for you.
Ben: I have idea so crazy it may work.

Back on the battle ground,

Lynx: AIEEE !!! My leg....
Rob: So tired....
Anton: Mommy...
Double: Ha Ha ! Now I got you where I wnat you.
Ben: *whispers to Alon* you bend the cannon into the cockpit...
Alon: ok....*bends it*
Double: I'll vaccum you into oblivion !!! *flicks switch* eh what ? *Gets sucked into cannon*
Ben: Alon !!! bend it back into position !
Alon: *Bends it back*
Ben: *presses button on remote*
Double: Oh crappppppppp.....
Marc: He'll get some good exercise from the 500 miles he has to walk back here.
Anton: *runs and hugs Dragoon* You love me ! You really love me*
Ben: *pries Anton off* No I don't...
Anton: *sniffles*
Ben: Now let's go inside to open your presents !
All: Yay !!! *walk inside*

Meanwhile in the neighboring bushes...

Mr. Dragoon: someday and someday I'll...

Elmyra: Oh, Mr. Scrochie Worchie....

Mr. Dragoon: Oh Crap !!!

Meanwhile in Elmyra's house...

Pinky: What will we do tomorrow night Brain ?

Brain: Same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to escape from Elmyra's house and take over the world !

Voices: It's Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain....

Pinky: Narf !

Special thanks to Ice Man for agreeing to appear for only $100,000. ^_^