Episode #20 – Who’s Yo’ Daddy?

21XX as we know is a nightmarish hell to live in where enforced conformity is the norm, after their battle against Sigma (with a little assist from the Mecha Maniacs) they finally found a new home in Mechanopolis in the Great Megaland Desert. Relaxation is going to have to wait since a certain reploid scientist as plans for them...


Tobias: Tell me again how you managed to build this expansive metropolis in a matter of days?

Andrew: We have the best Quantum Technology can offer, luckily the Irregular Hunters haven’t gotten their mitts on it since Ben destroyed Sigma’s cache.

Alon: Hey speaking of Ben where did he go?

Trevor: Yeah, Rob and Gary are missing too...

Meanwhile in a virtually deserted street (the immigration program hasn’t begun yet), Gary who just played a prank on MD is running away from...

Ben: (Roars)

Gary: (Weezing) Jeez Ben! Can’t you take a joke?

Ben: (Roars)

Gary: I take that as a “no”.... (Rob pounces on him) ARGH!

Rob: Heh heh heh, Hey fungus I’m in the mood for some sautéed mushroom...

Gary: Think fast! (Throws a ball of yarn)

Rob: YARN! (Gets off of Gary and plays with the yarn)

Gary: Now to...(Tackled by Ben) Get off me you overgrown... (Gets zapped) Ouchies!

Ben: How does that feel fungus?


Gary: Ouchies! Can’t you juhhh...


Gary: st. Lighten up?!?

Ben: I hate it when you and clown play those stupid pranks!


Gary: Ouchies...

???: Stop!

Ben and Gary: Huh?

High Max: Magma Dragoon you’re coming with me...

Ben: (Clicks on insignia) Andrew? Did we start the immigration program yet?

Andrew: No. Why?

Ben: We have a visitor and he doesn’t look friendly... So tell the team to get their worthless asses over here...

Gary: Hey! Who’s big, black, and ugly?

High Max: Bite your tongue fungus. I’ve come here for Magma Dragoon and him only.

Ben: You’ll have to go through all of us first...

(Rob continues to play with the yarn)

Ben, Gary, High Max: (Swear drops) ...

(Ben grabs the yarn and burns it)

Rob: Hey!

Ben: Pay attention furball! (Turns to High Max) To get to me you’ll have to get through all of us... (Jumps) Dragon Kick!

High Max: (Unaffected) that was supposed to harm me? (Throws Ben into a window)

Gary: How about this Mr. Blackhead? Soul Storm!

(Gary uses the soul energy to create a vortex engulfing High Max but...)

Gary: What?!?

High Max: I have to say I’m impressed... (Shocks Gary)

Gary: AIE!!!

High Max: But not all that impressed.

Gary: (Smoking) Ack! Who is this guy?

Rob: Say hello to High Max the enforcer (and boy toy) of Gate, as Ben said if wants him, HE’LL HAVE TO GO THROUGH US!

High Max: Noble sentiments from one who’s about to die...

Rob: If we can double team hime maybe we have a chance... RIP CLAW!


(Both their attacks short circuit High Max’s energy absorption units)

High Max: Lucky, but I came with a plan B... (Holds out his hands and encapsulates Rob, Gary and Ben)

???: Frost Tower!

High Max: Ugh...

Trevor: Who is that...

High Max: (Better think fast, my strength is no match for theirs) (Hold out his hand and encapsulates the rest of the X-Force) I was extremely lucky they hesitated, maybe my lord will have a use for all of them...

And so... at Gate’s base in Indatania...

Ben: Ugh... did someone get the number of that... (!!!) Hey I’m... Blaze Heatnix

Gary: Yeah what we need Ben with wings and a temper to boot.

Ben: Shut up fungus? What happened to the rest of us?

Gary: I don’t know... I was wait for one of you lunkheads to wake up!

Rob: (!!!) What happened to me...

Ben: The same thing that happened to me...

Tobias: And me...

Alon: ...and me why did I become the runt of the pack.

Gary: Yeah we get little “Alon”.

Alon: Shut up!

Gate: Ah! Nothing like seeing the X-Force bicker like little children...

Ben: Big talk coming from a known pedophile.

X-Force: (!)

Ben: Geez, you guys. Gate’s research was never misunderstood! He was (and still is) an obsessed sex addict who tried to make love the Alia so many times over...

Rob: My Alia?

Ben: YES! Until she spurned his “love” and he found out reploids can not do “it”.

Alon: What about the time you slept with Iris?

Ben: (Groans) We only shared a stasis tube! I wouldn't bang that whore ever. Even if you paid me!

Alon: But...

Ben: Will you guys shut up and let me finish Gate’s story?!?

X-Force: (Silent)

Ben: So he tried anyway with human children since they were easy targets and any other object he can get his hand on. Then after the Eurasia crashed he attempted to build a paradise exclusively for reploids.

Gary: The cur!

Ben: Indeed.

Gate: (Laughs) How quaint Benjamin, but your past is much more colourful...

Ben: and a whole lot less sex!

Gate: and that’s why I what you in particular.

Tobias: Hey! I thought you wanted us!

Gate: Oh don’t flatter yourself, you were just picked up my High Max but you have a promising carrer as Metal Hammerhead.

Rob: Well bub, once we get free we’ll...

Gate: Do nothing until I completely reprogram you in good time. Now to Ben, you and Lennon share similar histories and much more. First I’ll start with your clan’s history, you know Nicole right? She was the descendant of Dr. Robert Yu, Dr. Wily’s last assistant before the Great Robot War. You know what that is don’t you?

Ben: In theory it was the battle between Ice Man Red and Ice Man Blue* that destroyed the heroes of 20XX.

(*Upcoming Ice Man vs. Red Storyline)

Gary: WHAT?!?

Ben: I said in theory!

Gate: He took Zero’s plans and started to design a more powerful model of reploid from Zero’s blueprints and data collected from your various romps in 20XX. But there is even more, do you even now why you have a human form, two reploid forms and mobian form? You in essence are the spirit of Frieda and Thor’s scion of Teutonic myths that descended to Earth, essentially you were to be the god of Enternal Youth and Chaos why else did you use the circuit stone’s power so well*? Alas you were made an outcast after it was discovered that you were a virtual immortal. You were shunned by an envious humanity and you constantly terrorised them throughout World War Three before retiring to a isolated island...

(* Episode 19 “Time Lost”)

Ben: What I’d give to shut that pretty mouth of yours...

Gate: Ah but I’m not finished, your essence didn’t just stay in this universe, you were in another universe as a black fox in universe I aptly call the SegaSonic universe. Eventually I used that essence that manifests itself as Pyro the Fox*

(*Year of the Fox x-over)

Ben: I thought Nth did that!

Rob: Yeah, didn’t he resurrect us all from the dead?

Gate: Fools! I am the Nth! I wanted to control you but alas you and Gary interfered before I could completely reprogram you all!

X-Force: ...

Alon: You are a sick and twisted little man.

Gate: Yes but that doesn’t matter... (Walks out) High Max will come to check you in a little bit...

Ben: Damn, what I need. More complicating matters that confound my life. Hey! Why haven’t Andrew and Trevor come back yet?

Tobias: I guess High Max hit them harder than we thought he did.

Rob: (sarcasm) Oh really why didn’t I think of that? Newbie.

Tobias: Shut the hell up! I’m sick of you guys picking on me because I’m the newbie...

Ben: Now let me tell you something junior...

As the X-Force bicker over next few minutes, High Max comes in...

High Max: Will you all shut up? You’re giving me a freakin’ headache.

Ben: Oh did we hurt Gate’s little boy toy? How do you like it when he caress’s you “

High Max: Shut up... (Looks at Andrew and Trevor) They haven’t come to yet? I guess I have to...

(The locks on the cells disengage)

Alon: What the...

Trevor: Manta Ray! (Shoot a “Hard Air” beam at High Max knocking him away)

Gary: But...

Rob: ...how?

Andrew: Simple Trevor and I were faking to be blacked out, while he gloated I crept into his network and know I’m in control of his base.

Ben: Okay now what is left to do is escape but High Max nor Gate will allow it. You guys go and take care of High Max.

Rob: Hey! Won’t you need some help?

Ben: No! This is something I have to do alone, I have a score to settle with Gate... (Runs off)

High Max: You little whelps, I’ll crush you all with my bare hands...

Rob: I don’t think so High Max, you’re about to become our little bitch.

(Meanwhile Ben runs around the corridors before he finds Gate in his laboratory)

Ben: Okay you son of a bitch, it’s time to pay!

Gate: ...

Ben: It’s polite to answer dumbass

Gate: It’s also impolite to call people vulgar names Benjamin. You see I don’t fear you, you may be a raging psychopath but even you have a mundane weakness that will crush you in the end... her name is Nicole (Presses a button that paralyses Ben)


Gate: You see? You loved her because she was the only one who loved you in your human form before you allowed your aura to be transplanted into a reploid hivebrain. Eventually the Maverick Hunters feared the power and fury you possessed and came to shut down the project. She was shot down in front of her brother Michael who escaped to Canada where you and Myron were activated. Myron was reprogrammed to blend in with the rest of the Clan...

Ben: (Groans) Man, you little piece of steaming shit you really planned this in advance.

Gate: Ever since I learned of the Quantum Technology your and the X-Force possess. Combine that with the chaos abilities I will strip you of, I will find the bold new manifest destiny that will bring a star spanning empire of reploids. With me as the supreme leader!

Ben: Ahem...

Gate: What now?

Ben: You forgot to hold that button...

Gate: (!) (Tries to press it but...)

Ben: SHAZAM! (Turns to Pyro Da Fox)

(Before Gate can press the button Ben (as Pyro) melts the control panel to slag. )

Ben: You see my past shouldn’t matter today as it has nothing to do with what I should be doing to you... as the fox... (Blast Gate with force beams) SHAZAM! (Turns back to Blaze Heatnix) or the Heatnix... (Blasts Gate with a raging firestorm)

Gate: Ugggg...

Ben: (Transforms back to Magma Dragoon, due to his decreasing energy) One thing never changes Gate. I AM THE DRAGOON!

Gate: You forgot about one thing too.

Ben: (?)

Gate: This... (Transforms)

Gate: HA HA HA! I am invincible!

Ben: Look how that worked for Boris*

(*the movie Goldeneye, watch it dammit)

Gate: Enough with the small talk Benjamin show me what you can really do...

Ben: Much obliged... (Jump kicks Gate)

Gate: (Grabs Ben’s foot and flips hime over)

Ben: (Recovers and pull out lightsaber and preforms Magma Blade)

Gate: ARGH! That hurt... Interesting.. you can use your powers as Blaze Heatnix in your form of Magma Dragoon...

Ben: That’s not all... (Shoots force beams out of his eyes)

Gate: Ah.. your fox form as well, too bad your powers are no much for mine... (Uses power orb on Ben)

Ben: (Hurled into the wall)

Gate: Poor sweet Ben, I’ll love taking that Chaos power and put it to...

(High Max is throwns through the wall by...)

Ben: Tunnel Rhino? Flame Mammoth? I thought you were...

Tobias: Dead? Yes, but thanks to my DNAium resurection powers I can use them in battle...

Ben: Excellent! (Looks to the rest of the X-Force) It’s ‘bout time losers! Let’s take them down!

Gary: Soul Body! (Sends out an array of clones to hold Gate down)

Rob: Ice Burst!

Alon: Ray Arrow!

Tobias: Metal Anchor!

(Gate gets blasted away)

Gate: ARGH!!!

High Max: I’m still standing...

(Rob, Alon and Tobias revert to their X4 forms)

Rob, Alon, Tobias: (?)

Andrew: It appears they lost some of their energy... (Peacock Shredder)

(Tail feathers extend to cut through High Max’s armor)

Trevor: Manta Ray!

(High Max finally falls)

Ben: Like all good movies... now my finisher... NOVA SPHERE!

(Ben glows with energy concentrating into one ball and hurls it at High Max and Gate)

Gate and High Max: (!) ARGHhhhhhhhhh.

(Flare of energy blinds the entire room and the villains stand defeated)

Ben: Hey you’re supposed to be dead...

Gate: Maybe another time Ben, meanwhile you better hurry because in thirty seconds this base is going to explode! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... (Both he and High Max teleport away)

X-Force: (!)

Tobias: We’re all going to DIE!

Ben: Not it I can...

(This scene was deleted due the fact Ben and Gary were playing with the film and cut this scene out by accident)

So... In Angel offices

(X-Force, Save for Rob (who’s dressed like Boz) are dressed up as Charlie’s Angels...)

Alon: so we escaped using... ah you now we escaped anyway...

Charlie: Good job angels, I hope we all learned a valuble lesson from this experience.

Trevor: Never introduce new elements into an epilouge series without properly explaining why?

Tobias: Or make origin revisions... continuity matters and all... (Smiles)

X-Force: (Groan)

Andrew: Who would think Ben was the son of Thor?

Rob: Not I, and I knew him since we were two!

Tobias: So will you guys stop calling me “newbie”?

X-Force: Nah!

Rob: Not until we find a new Web Spider anyway...

Alon: Whatever happened to Rick?

Charlie: What I’m wondering is... where is Ben and Gary?

X-Force: Uh oh...

Andrew: Ugh... (Takes a grapefruit from under his shirt) this is killin’ me...

(On the LA freeway, Gary runs for his life while Ben pursuing him on a landchaser)

Gary: AHHHHHHHHHH! Can’t you just take a joke?!?

Ben: (Roars) That’s the last time you put hot sauce in my ginger beef!