Episode #24 –

The Unlimited Part 1:
The Perfect Crime

Downtown Mechanopolis...

Gemini: Where the hell are they?

Needlegal: It's odd the streets are empty and there's no sign of the X-Force. Did they learn of new weapon?

Gauntlet: Impossible! I kept that under...

(Something hits him)

Top: What the...

Rob: What you don't remember me?

Magnet: Lynx?

Rob: I'm Rob you simpleton!

(A beam of blue energy fires at Rob)


(Nothing happens)

Rob: ?!?

Gauntlet: That's our power nullifier you will be powerless for the next hour or suuu...

(Rob slashes Gauntlet in the chest)

Rob: But I'm not defenseless yet... ("Gauntlet" disipates) ... Hmmm... tis' a holog.... (Gets hit by a barrages of Magnet Missiles and faints from the shock)

(Classi appears at the side of a building and snags Magnet and Spark Man with her Lightning Web)

Classi: Leave him alone you big meanies... (Hurls them into Needlegal)

(Alon smashes through one building and KO's Hard Man)

(Gary comes with various clones to even up the score)

(Gauntlet hits them all with the Power Nullifer)

Gauntlet: Ha, my brains beat your raw power... How do you like them apples?

Gary: Don't count on that... we are only four members that other four are where you can't see them what?

(Up in a cloud bank Ben [in his Blaze Heatnix form] and the other flyers watch from above)

Ben: Now Andrew!

Andrew: Roger...

(Down below)

Top: (Dizzy) Whoa! I don't feel so... (Starts spinning right into Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: (Dodges) Nightmare! What do you think you're doing?!?

Top: I can't control myself...

Gauntlet: Huh?

Andrew: [What Gauntlet you don't believe him?]

Gauntlet: Andrew?!? Where are you?

Andrew: [Oh I'm in a cloud bank where you can't see me and I'm using a new technology we found in another univers called Radio-Telepathy so I can go into your robotic brain and shut you all down.]

(The Mecha Maniacs all start to hemorage)

Rob: [Ben! this wasn't supposed to happen!]

Ben: [Yeah, Computer end exercise]

Computer: Exercise 2099 ending...

(The holograms disappear)

Alon: (Dusts himself) Ah, why did you have to ruin the fun Rob?

Rob: This exercise was meant to immobilize the Mecha Maniacs should they want their revenge for their defeat when we last battled them.

Tobias: (Lands) Still Tobias doesn't know why we can't kill them.

Rob: Because they are our allies dipshit!

(The other flyers land)

(Ben transforms back to Magma Dragoon and eyes Andrew)

Ben: (Jumps on Andrew) RARGH! YOU IDIOT! (Starts pummeling Andrew with his fists) You stupid... (Slam!)... little (SLAM!)...

(Andrew cowers as Ben is snagged by Classi's web and pacified)

Classi: Ben hun! Calm down, it was an accident... it happens. Besides Chibi is at the door...

(Ben looks and sees him)

Chibi: Hey I want to do that too... (Lunges at Andrew who cowers)

(Classi snags Chibi in mid-air and pulls him back)

Classi: No Chibi-hun, Your coming with me...

Ben: (Breaks Classi's Lightning Web) ...

(Ben looks at Andrew)

Ben: Sorry, I lost control of my temper...

Andrew: Need spores... (Grabs Gary) must have...

Gary: Hey! Leggo you psycho!

(Ben grabs Gary)

Ben: I think we have a rendez-vous in 20XX that we have to make... right Gary?

Gary: Right... (Whispers) Thanks for saving me from him...

Ben: You're welcome...

(Ben and Gary leave)

X-Force: ...

Trevor: What should we do now?

Tobias: Well why don't we...

Classi: Look after Chibister?

Chibi: HEY! No fair Aunt Classi...

Rob: Why should we take care of the little runt he's Ben's problem!

Classi: ROB! This kid was dropped on our doorstep and like it or not it's our responsibility to be his family.

(The rest of the X-Force sigh)

Alon: I guess your right Clas...

Trevor: She has a way of making you feel guilty...

Tobias: Well it worked...

(The XF leave for the Recreation Room in X-Force HQ)

Tech City, 20XX

(Ben and Gary meet Gauntlet in a dark alley)

Ben: Here's the nano-probes you wanted G... (Hands him a bag of invisible nano-probes)

Gauntlet: Thanks...

Ben: No problem, I'd like to see that asshole suffer but I have business to attend to...

(Gauntlet disappears)

(Ben and Gary walk out onto the street)

Gary: Who's "he"?

Ben: That's not important... Hey do you feel that?

Gary: Maybe your battery needs recharging...

(Ben pulls out Stun Gun)

Gary: Uh oh...


Gary: Ye-OW! (coughs out smoke)

Ben: It's a Circuit Stone...

Gary: So it's one from 20XX big deal...

Ben: No I feel nine... eight where they should be and one is (points to a complex) there!

Gary: How did you...

Ben: It's an ability I still have since I sacrificed my ability to Chaos Control* I can sense where the Circuit Stones are... call it a sixth sense.

(*New X-Force #23)

Gary: Yeah I have that too... (mimics Haley Joel Osment) I see dead people... all the time...

(Ben holds out Stun Gun)

Gary: Okay, Okay... I'm done with the jokes...

X-Force HQ, Recreation Room...

(The X-Force and Chibi MD are watching some show where Barney is being dismembered)

Rob: It's amazing how standards have fallen so low since the 1960's.

Alon: Yeah and that's 200 years ago...

Chibi: YEAH! Rip his arm off!

Classi: For shame how these producers get away with this...


Classi: Really guys we need to be better role models. We kill and maim on a daily basis, would you want Chibi to maim his kindergarten class?

Rob: Aren't all of us exceptional role models?

(Alon farts)

(The male members of the X-Force laugh like maniacs)

Classi: I rest my case...

(Roof begins to rattle)

Tobias: What the heck?

(The roof is blasted apart and the XF takes cover, as the dust settles 30 reploids land in the ruins of the Rec Room)

Luxione: X-Force! We have an ultimatum for you...

Rob: Yeah? And that is?

Return X: (Hovers down) Give us Chibi MD and we swear we won't rip off your heads and spit down your wind pipe...

Classi: Never you big bullies...


X-Force: Tobias!

Rob: Well we aren't going to let him go without a fight so I hope you all paid your insurence premiums... DOUBLE SLASHER (The two slash marks hurl the two into the opposite wall but the other mavericks scatter and start attacking the X-Force)

(Gravity Beetle Limited raises his hand and flings Classi away with his gravity-manipulation powers)

Gravity Beetle L: You're coming with me kid...

Chibi: (Backs away) No!

Gravity Beetle L: That wasn't a request... (Levitates himself and Chibi towards a time-shuttle on standby)

Chibi: Aunt Classi!

Classi: Chibi!

(The other members look and find Chibi being taken away)

Rob: We have to save him! (Jumps towards Chibi)

Classi: Chibi! (Tries to snag Gravity Beetle with her Lightning Web)

Gravity Beetle L: You never learn... (Rips her webbing and slams Rob right through the floor) We are all at Perfect level and your only Perfect is in 20XX on business. Get them!

(Magna Centipede Limited, Schmitt and Emenice start to close in on Classi)

(Morph Moth Limited and Neon Tiger Limited gang up on Rob)

Tobias: NO! (Flies to free Classi but Blast Hornet Limited blasts him out of the way)

Alon: CLASSI! ROB! (Punches Bloodone away but...)

Chill Penguin L: Not so fast! (Creates an ice blade that pireces Alon's back)

Alon: RARGH! (Collapses)

(Andrew's too busy battling Mix-Forte)

(Trevor is caught in Launch Octopus' tentacles and his fryed by his Electric Pulse)

Trevor: ARGH! The pain...!

Classi: (Screaming) NO! MY FRIENDS! (Struggles) YOU CAN'T DO THIS! (Starts to glow)

Rob: RARGH! (Tries to fend them off) WAIT UNIT BEN GETS HIS HANDS ON YOU! I WILL GET HIS SON BACK! (Starts to glow)




SLASH BEAST PERFECT! The Talons of Loyalty!

Andrew: Whoa!

Tech City 20XX, Weapons Depot

(Ben rips open the door and tosses it away)

Ben: Now let's see what we have here...

(Gary heads towards a crate and rips it open with his reploid strength)

Gary: ...it's only robotic parts big whoop...

Ben: (Rips open another crate and pulls out a component) hmmm... There's something about this component...

Gary: (Feels the temperature rise) Uh Ben? Do you feel that?

Ben: More dead people? Get serious Gary. This component wasn't even invented until 2132... (Feels the temperature drop) Hoyl hannah, isn't it April?

(One walls starts to glow and melts, the opposite wall starts to frost and both explode hurl Ben and Gary into each other's backs)

Flame Stag L: Ben, It's been too long...

Freezeman: I don't know who you are but I'm the coolest guys in the world!

Flame Stag L: Will you shut up with that... (Ben with lightning-fast reflexes slams Flame Stag L into a bunch of crates while Gary fires eye beams the knock Freezeman into the next warehouse.)

Ben: Either we missed an X-Hunters/Lethal Eight crossover...

Gary: Or someone wants to replace us as the Fiery Maverick/Icey Robot Master duo...

Ben: You take on Brain-Freeze while I go deer hunting...

(Gary runs off to fight Freezeman)

Ben: Yeah, I remember you Staggie... your lame offer for a partnership during the Counter Hunter's rebellion*.

(*Mega Man X2)

Flame Stag L: (Hurls a fireball, which throws Ben through the walls) I remember back in my Maverick Hunting days we were once members of the 14th Unit and I offered you chance to participate in my volcano offensive which would've destroyed Megaopolis!

Ben: (Gets up) Yeah then X came and destroyed you before your plan could be executed, too bad you weren't there went I let the Sky Lagoon fall. I did more damage that you ever could imagine...

Flame Stag L: (Blasts Ben with the River of Fire attack) LIAR! (Grabs Ben by the collar) YOU COULDN'T HAVE I WAS ALWAYS BETTER I OFFERED YOU A...

Ben: (Coughs) Sorry Staggie, hanging out with you cramped my style...

Flame Stag L: (Throws Ben into another warehouse) Luckily for me, Dr. Wily was warped to 21XX to that Sky Lagoon Museum you erected where he stole my designs and some of your Quantum technology to rebuild me in this wonderful new "Limited" form... now all he needs is your son...

Ben: (Groans) Chibi...

Flame Stag L: Change is good isn't it? Good bye Benjamin... (Raises foot over Ben's head)

Ben: Oh you haven't seen me for over five years, you haven't seen how much I changed... (Glows red)

Flame Stag L: Huh?

(Ben warps to his Magma Dragoon Perfect form)

Ben: Nice you met you again Stag... I'm hungry for some venison...

Meanwhile the two ice demons duke it out...

Freezeman: (Freezes Gary's clones) Why don't you fight me man-to-fungus you little wimp?

Gary: What? (Jumps from one wall to another Warehouse roof) And spoil you poor sweet baby? You have to catch me... (Jumps as Freezeman launches a Freeze Cracker) YEOW! (Falls to the grounds)

Freezeman: Prepare to meet your...

(Gary does a backflip and kicks Freezeman straight in the jaw)

Freezeman: RARGH! This is not possible Dr. Wily he gave me Reploid Technology so I could... (A slab of ice hits Freezeman from behind)

Gary: ?!?

(The Tech Tyrants arrive on the scene)

Naop: Hurry! We have to beat this scumbag...

Gary: Uh... guys...?

Tech Tyrants: ?!?

Freezeman: You sub-reploid weaklings... ICE STORM!

(Gary and the Tyrants caught in ice cubes)

(Gary blasts himself out with his eye-beams)

Gary: Don't tell me you slice, dice and make fries too...

Freezeman: Welp! (Luanches another Freeze Crackers which Gary dodges) YOU WILL BOW TO ME!

Gary: Sorry... I don't worship overgrown toasters. You're nothing but a toaster tart dispenser to me... (Uses the eye-beams on the Tyrant's icy prisions...)

(The Ice Block shatters releasing the Tyrants)

Ash: Free at last... EAT A MILLION VOLTs ICE CUBE! (Fires a lightning bolt at Freeze Man)

(Brad, Pharoah and Odin use their attacks but they appear to have little effect on Freezeman moves out of the way)

Brad: What?!? No way!

Odin: How could he be that fast?!?

Freezeman: Man, when Wily sent me here to rid his depot of two intruders, I never expected you you wusses to appear!

Naop: Wusses! Why we should...

(Freezeman prepares his final attack, when Flame Stag L comes crashing through one warehouse and the two are slammed to the other side of the complex)

(Ben flies over top)

Gary: Good! Follow him!

Naop: Do as the fungus says!

(Gary and Tech Tyrants follow Ben to find him surrounded)

Flame Stag L: (Grunts) Damn you're stronger than I first thought... too bad me and my pal Frost...

Freezeman: That's Freeze Man you idiot...

Flame Stag L: Well Ben it will come to... (Ben throttles Flame Stag L)

Ben: You talk too much! NOW DIE!

(While Ben's occupied with Stag Freeze Man prepare to ambush the vunerable Ben)

Freezeman: Just a little closer...


(The energy from the blade swipes Freezeman knocking him into the fence)

Freezeman: RARGH!


(The drill pins Freezeman to the wall and opens up his insides)

(Ash, Brad and Naop use their attacks)




(Freezeman screams in pain)

Magnus: (Fires a Remote Mine into the near-deactiavted Freezeman) Fire in the hole!

(Freezeman blows up)

(Meanwhile the two fire demons struggle in an utter dedlock)

Flame Stag L: Because... (Grunt) you had a makeover... doesn't mean you a beat me... (Holds Ben's hands and keeps them away from his chest)

Ben: If you haven't learned by now, I'm just full of suprises... HYPER MAGMA BLADE!

(The red-hot energy blade thrusts right through Flame Stag L)

Flame Stag L: (Chokes) System... 101110... error... 1001101... statsis lock immien...1010111 (eyes go black and the Stage is deactivated)

Ben: (Sighs) I'm glad that's over... (Looks to the Tech Tyrants) What are you guys doing here? (Transforms back to regular MD)

Naop: Ben did you forget? We live here now! (Transforms into Naop)

Ben: Naop? Hey! It's been a long time you're hanging out in 20XX now?

Pharaoh: Naop you know this guy?

Jered: Everyone in 21XX knows he's the leader of the X-Force!

Naop: What brings you to this part of the timeline?

Ben: I was just dropping off something for Gauntlet, until we came across this compound which contains reploid technology smuggled in from 21XX... (Drops to his knees and opens up Flame Stag L's head)

Brad: So Anton? Does he still use the Stun Gun...

Gary: !!! I'm Gary damn it!

Brad: Wha?

Gary: I replaced Anton after he was killed*

(*X-Force #12- "Double Doom")

Pharaoh: You are in the X-Force now?

Gary: Call it a hobby...

Ben: There... (holds up Flame Stag L's memory chip) Come on Gary, let's get this to the X-Force pronto...

(Teleporter Door opens)

Gary: Well see ya' ladies.

Ben: And do us a favor and destroy this compound... before Wily can sell this to the other villains...

Naop: Can do...

Ben: (Turns Back) Oh and I forgot! (Punches Brad)

Brad: (!) What you do that for?!?

Ben: If you attack Forte-Chan again*. I'll rip you limb from limb.

(* Tech Tyrants #1 Forte-Chan vs. Amp)

(Ben and Gary walk into the teleporter door)

Brad: He... hit... me...

Naop: It's not like you didn't deserve it...

X-Force HQ...

(Both Rob and Classi reached their Perfect forms and hurl their enemies off of them)

Rob: Whoa! Kick ass! TRIPLE STRIKE! (Slices Morph Moth L out out the sky)

Neon Tiger L: Heh because you got your perfect form, that doesn't mean you stand a chance... (Slashes at Rob)

(Rob parries and slices Neon Tiger's armor)

Neon Tiger L: Oooh... Yo' going to pay for that!

(Rob holds off Neon Tiger L)

Chibi: Aunt Classi!

Rob: Classi! Get Chibi while I fend these assholes off!

Classi: Okies! (Uses her web to pull herself to Gravity Beetle L's elevation) LIGHTNING ARROW!

Gravity Beetle L: ARGH!

(A hatch on the time-chuttle opens, Spark Mandrill L drops out)

Spark Mandrill L: RARGH!!! (Grabs Classi)

Classi: Eeeeeeee...

Gravity Beetle L: (Takes himself and Chibi into the time-shuttle) Okay... the kid is secure...

(Both Spark Mandrill L and Classi crash into the floor)

Mix-Forte: ARGH!!!

Andrew: (Armor scorched) You don't like that don't you?

(Mix-Forte's head sizzles as the excess electricity fries his brain)

Trevor: I don't know if I can keep this up... (Blasts Launch Octopus L and Magna Centipede L with his Ground Hunter)

Tobias: I know Tobias can't...

(Alon lays down there injured)

Alon: (Groans)

Classi: (Hurls Spark Madrill L off her and wraps him in a web) You big meanie! (Hurls him out the window)

Spark Mandrill L: RARGH!!!! (Disappears)

Classi: What?

(The other disappear)

Tobias: They're leaving?

Andrew: No shit sherlock! They have what they came for...

Tobias: Oh go sniff your spores!

Rob: (Transforms back to his Normal form) Well what do we do now)

Classi: (Turns back to her Web Spider form and kneels behind Alon) Alon hun... are you okay?

Alon: (Groans) This his more painful than it looks...

(Classi and Andrew look at the mechanics underneath his pireced armor)

Andrew: We'll have to get him to the repair bay if it's still in one place...

(Teleporter door opens and Ben and Gary come out)

Ben: ...

Gary: What happened here?

Rob: The Unlimited came and they...

Andrew: Kidnapped Chibi (cowers thinking Ben is going to attack him again)

(Ben is oddly silent)

Ben: Get Alon to the repair bay... 5 minutes ago!

Andrew: Yeah... (Attaches an Anti-Gravity Disc to Alon's back and pushes him to the Repair Bary)

Ben: Classi you accompany Andrew to the repair bay...

Classi: Okay but Ben-hun are you okay?

Ben: No.... (mutters) Wily...

Skull Castle, Canadian Rockies, Northern British Columbia... 20XX

Bass: Yo Wily, we salvaged a Quantum Driver and Circuit Stone Energy Extractor from the depot the Tech Tyrants blew up!

Wily: (Eating his dinner) Excellent! And the child?

Bass: He's secure...

Wily: Good, good... now leave me be!

Bass: Why do you insist on using these piles of scrap when you know I am the best...

Wily: Impotent little ingrate! You think your best eh? I don't need you when I have the UNLIMITED! (Throws the dinner plate on the floor) BEGONE BEFORE I SEND ONE OF THEM AFTER...

Bass: Alright old man, just watch your back... (mutters) ...moron... (Leaves)

Wily: (Looks at the mess he made and sighs) Well I better get some work done, for by the dawn of friday. WILY WILL REIGN SUPREME! (Laughs maniacally)