Episode #25 –

The Unlimited Part 2:
The Big Goodbye

Narrator: After the attack on the X-Force and the kidnapping of Chibi MD the X-Force scour 20XX to to find Ben’s missing child.

(Ben and Rob kick down a steel door)

Ben: Okay you yellow mass of lard! Where’s Dr. Wily?

Super Chaos: What’s the meaning of this?

Ben: Classi?

(Classi starts to power up)

Rob: You see if you don’t tell us where Dr. Wily is Classi here is going to fry you to a crisp!

Classi: And you don’t want that do you hun!

Super Chaos: (Whimpers) No I don’t.

Ben: So we ask again where is Dr. Wily?

Super Chaos: I don’t know okay? We haven’t seen each other in weeks.*

(*They were last seen allied in the S6’s April Fools Day Special 2)

Ben: RARGH! (Punches Super Chaos in the eye)

Super Chaos: AHHHHH! My eye!


Classi: Calm down hun, Dr. Wily has to out there somewhere.

Rob: And we’ll kill the bastard when we find him!

Classi: No we won’t! we’ll just give that meanie what he deserves.

Rob: Whatever babe (Activates communictor on his right gauntlet) Beta and Gamma teams have any information on the whereabouts of Dr. Wily?

Classi: (Huffs)

Ben: You really hate it when he calls you babe eh?

Classi: (Nods)

Tobias: No info, Beta team has shaken down Scorpion and Buster Rod G and we have nothing.

Trevor: Andrew, entered the Infonet to tap into Wilys communications array. Should we ask for an assist from Viral Infection?

Ben: (Activates his communicator) That’s a negative, he may be a junkie but he can handle this job by himself, understood?

Trevor: Affirmative!

(And so inside the infonet)

Andrew: (Racing on the circuits)(Blast a Viral Defense Program) Why don’t evil geniuses buy better Anti-Viruses? Oops they haven’t face an intruder from 21XX yet.

(Andrew navigates Dr. Wily’s network)

Andrew: Security Survellince; Holding Cell! 1E. (Vid Window opens) There’s Chibs and the old man!

(And so in the holding cell)

Wily: Away Bass, I don’t require your presence!

Bass: Not like I wanted to be here anyway. (Leaves)


Wily: That primitive is gone, you would believe the stench he carries.

Chibi: My daddy told me about you, you’re Dr. Wily and a bad man!

Wily: You got the bad man part right! but I’m not Doctor Wily

(“Wily” transformse into the S6’s dreaded enemy Red)

Red: I’ve had an interest in you since you were assembled Chibi Magma Dragoon. Ever since I can remember I wanted someone share the glory with! a son at my side.

Chibi: So why did you build yourself one?

Red: Alas I couldn’t build the proper protégé and I learned of your power potential!

(In the hallways)

(Bass walks by the meat locker and hears something)

Bass: A moaning? Oy I bet it’s a metool that got! (opens the door and finds Wily) stuck?

(Bass runs up to him)

Bass: He has a really bad case of hypothermia! like he’s been stuck here for 3 or 4 hours! Then who’s that imposter?

(Meanwhile in the Holding Cell)

Red: So do you accept my offer?

Chibi: No I want my daddy!


Bass: Freeze you sick! ghoul? Who are you?

Red: Oh Bass? Didn’t I tell you I’m the original Ice Man? But you can call me Red; if you ever get up. (Blasts Bass through Skull Castle). Pathetic primitive.

(Red opens a portal to limbo)

Red: Come my child you have hundreds of thousands of years of learning and mental conditioning to catch up on!

(Red unlock the shackles and hurls Chibi into the portal)

Red: Hmmm? There’s a bug in the system!

Andrew: Oh shit he spotted me! (Starts to run)

(Various images of Red appear and chase Andrew)

Andrew: Oh my god! Oh my god! There’s the exit! whoo!

(A big wall starts to close the exitway shut)

Andrew: (Pushes himself to his limits) (Grits teeth)

(Andrew escapes through the narrowest crack)

Andrew: Hoooooo! Unto Megaopolis now!

(And so at their meeting place the X-Force mope around being unable to find Dr. Wily, suddenly Andrew blasts through the TV screen)

Classi: Andrew! (Holds him up)

Alon: Did you find find him?

Andrew: (Gasps) Yes, but it’s not Dr. Wily who has them!

Tobias: Then!

Andrew: (Gets up) It’s Red, he took your son and sent him to another dimension!

Rob: (pounds the table) What are we going to do! he’s the most powerful robot in the whole timestream. We learned that in 3rd grade!

Ben: !

Trevor: Even with our perfect forms we’re no match!

(The whole X-Force gets into an uproar)

Andrew: (Listens to his reciever) I got a message from the T.E.S* The Unlimited are attacking Neo Megaopolis and the Maverick Hunters need assistance!

(*Timestream Emergency System)

(X-Force looks at Ben)

Andrew: Ben it’s your call; we find a way to rescue your son or we save the world yet again.

Ben: !

Ben: If Red has my son then he’s beyond rescue and I lost him. Besides we have a score to settle with those wankers. My decision; Let’s kill those bastards!

And so in Megaopolis!

Schmitt: Don’t you feel like bad offing innocent cilivians Tackione?

Tackione: Civilians are civilized and as much as I hate dirty Animaloids like the rest of the unlimited, nothing makes my lubrican boil more than humans! (Fires a Chemo Blast into the crowd)

(A brush of air rushes in and keeps the Unlimited off balance. A portal has openned!)

G Beetle Limited: Well look who came for more!

S Mandrill Limited: Ku-ush! X-Fours!

Classi: Hello sunshine, did you miss me?

Ben: So it’s come to this Tackione doesn’t it? You bastards took my kid and we’re going to make you pay!

Tackione: Big words coming from a dirty animaloid like yourself! (Ben pounces on him and smashes throught his armor) Ughhhhh!?

Ben: (Rips out some of his electronic inards) I’M NOT PLAYING AROUND THIS TIME, SO JUST SHUT UP AND DIE! X-FORCE ATTACK!

(The X-Force and the Unlimited clash)

N Tiger Limited: Long time no see Lion!

Rob: (Cuts into his armor) Too bad I can’t say I miss you!

(Sting Chameleon Limited thrusts Rob from behind but is impaled)

Rob: And like I didn’t see that?

S Mandrill Limited: Ku-ush!

Classi: Oh honey, you’re not too bright! (Leaps as S Mandrill plows into a wall)(Traps him in her electric webbing) Stay put for now when you can calm down!

C Penguin Limited: Heh heh, I kicked your ass Alon, Now I’m going to finish the job!

Alon: (Tries to fwap Penguin into the ground) Stay still you little!

(Gary charges in and whacks C Penguin Limited with his mallet knocking him out)

Alon: (Smashes Penguin to a crumpled piece of scrap metal) Nice job Eskimo.

Gary: (Spins hammer and blows off the metallic dust) Some things never go out of style!

Andrew: (Dodging Return iX’s blasts) I can’t hack into you memory banks!

iX: Oh poor sweet baby!

(Trevor fires off his Ground Hunters and Tobias creates a gigantic whirlwind!)

iX: Three of you or three hundred, it doesn’t matter! I will destroy you all!

(Andrew slices through iX’s armor)

iX: MY ARMOR! You’re going to! (Blasted apart by Ground Hunter)

Trevor: Oh just shut the fuck up!

Enemice: I see no advantage to us staying here, I never seen the X-Force this focused, this angry!

Ben: (Slices Bloodone apart with his Lavafire Blade) JUST DIE! (roars)

Enemice: Nothing can stop them!

(Sees Rob and Andrew ripping Blast Hornet Limited apart)

Enemice: Nothing!

(Sees Trevor blast off Launch Octopus Limited’s head off)

Enemice: NOTHING!

Red: Well almost nothing!

Enemice: Who the devil are you?

Red: I am Red and I’m called your past and future selves from the nanosecond!

(Suddenly the Unlimited start to multiply)

Enemice Prime: Holy!

Enemice 5890: How the tides have turned!

Enemice 2854: Now the X-Force will pay the price for defying the Unlimited!

(Red disappears and watches from his extradimensional citadel)

Red: Now look my young protégé, look at the slightest fraction of your potential!

Neo Dragoon: I will master Red!

(Back on Earth 21XX)

(The X-Force are quickly surrounded and Andrew puts up a force field to protect them)

Andrew: This shield should hold indefinitely! but we need to assess and analyze the situation before we can take any action.

Alon: What is there to talk about? We have shitloads of mavericks who want to kill us.

Tobias: He’s right he have to fight.

(Gary starts to shiver)

Classi: What’s wrong Icey-kins?

Gary: It’s that feeling, like I have when Red’s around.

Andrew: Red! Of course his godlike powers allowed him to multiply the Unlimited and by the residual Chronotrom particles I’d say he’s pulled them out of the timestream. Even ones we destroyed earlier are reappearing!

Ben: Everyone! Transform to Perfect form!

Andrew: Some of us can’t!

Ben: Are you going to let Red win this one?

Ben warp to! Magma Dragoon Perfect! The Fires of Compassion!

Rob warp to! Slash Beast Perfect! Talons of Loyalty!

Alon warp to!
Frost Walrus Perfect! Cold’s Darkness.
Trevor warp to!

Jet Stringray Perfect! Humility’s Waves.
Tobias warp to!

Storm Owl Perfect! Heaven’s Sentinel!
Andrew warp to!

Cyber Peacock Perfect! Networks of Hope!

Alon: Whoa, cool!

Andrew: The calculations in my head! so astounding

Ben: Classi! why haven’t you transformed?

Classi: I can’t no matter how much I try! It’s like that power’s gone.

Gary: Yeah, and I never saw my perfect form!

Ben: !

Rob: Well that won’t stop you from fighting won’t it? Trevor! Tobias! Give them cover and don’t let them out of your sight.

Gary and Classi: Right!

Tobias and Trevor: Right!

Ben: Andrew! Disengage the force field!

(The Unlimited start to flood in as force field fades. Ben, Rob, Alon and Andrew take a directon and start fighting their way through.)

Andrew: TRIAD PULSAR! (Three Tetrahedra surround him and fire an EMP disabling many of the Unlimited but not enough) CY BLADE!

Ben: (Uses his Vulcan Hammer to smash through a couple)(grunts)(A Chill Penguin Limited jumps on him but throws him off) IF these guys are mostly time-displaced why don’t some disappear?

Andrew: (Slices a Gravity Beetle Limited with his Cy Blade) I don’t know, maybe Red plced them all outside the time continuum so they aren’t subject to temporal law!

Rob: (Grunt) It’s times like these I’m glad I have titanite armor! (Triple Strikes a group of Magna Centipede Limiteds)

Alon: So it’s us vs. a million of them? ICE BLASTER! (Freezes a Magna Centipede Limited and it explodes)

Andrew: Yeah, pretty much!

Alon: Just peachy! RARGH!

(Red’s Citadel)

Neo Dragoon: Master, why do they fight. Even when the odds aren’t in their favor?

Red: Either their extremely brave oo incredibly stupid. It’s so typical of the heroic lot.

Neo Dragoon: When will my turn come master, I want my father to pay for what he did to me.

Red: Wait my child, you just have to learn how to savour the moment and indulge in it’s suculence.


Tobias: Sorry! HEAVEN’S JUDGEMENT! (Blasts several Unlimited away with a green tornado) No one can she the 20XX-bies without an appointment.

Classi: (Snares an iX with her web and hurls him land on Rob’s blades) Gary hun. When you joined the X-Force were you hoping you’d have fight’s like this?

Gary 1: (Jump kicks a Blast Hornet Limited) No actually!

Gary 2: (Roundhouses a Luxione)! I wasn’t. I was hoping!

Gary 3: !I could pick up! (Freezes a Flame Stag Limited with his ice-vision)

Gary 4&5: !a few pranks here. (Both jumpkick a Bloodone in the head)



???: Enough!

(The Unlimited fade out of existence)

Ben: !

Rob: What gives?

Classi: Look!

Andrew: Up there!

(The X-Force stop and look at a Dragoon floating in midair)

Neo Dragoon: X-Force it’s nice you see you after 350 000 years!

Gary: Wha?

Neo Dragoon: I was abandoned my “family” and then my real father Red took me in and molded me into being that stands here in front of you!

Classi: Chibi?

Neo Dragoon: (roars) That child is gone forever and as for you “Aunt Classi”!

(Neo Dragoon creates an energy field that causes Classi extreme pain)

Classi: (Screams)

Ben: STOP IT YOU LITTLE BASTARD! (Throws the Vulcan Hammer hitting Neo Dragoon and releasing Classi from the field)

(Andrew and Gary tend to Classi)

Neo Dragoon: (Wipes his metallic “lip” and see’s he’s leaking lubricant) Daddy? You hurt me?

Ben: Damn it! If I knew you would turn out this way I would’ve ripped you apart from the minute I met you.

(The X-Force gasp)

Neo Dragoon: That was then and this is now “father” and it won’t matter. (Streches out arms) For in a few minutes; I will cause a temporal collapse of the last one hundred years give or take a few decades using the powers Red helped me develop!

(The ground to starts to quake)

Rob: Uh oh!

Classi: (Comes to!) What happened!

Neo Dragoon: You will all be erased from history and I will have revenge on all of you. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (disappears)

Ben: Quick Andrew teleport me and the 20XX members to the Time Travel Tunnels!

Andrew: Good luck Ben. And it was (for the most part) a pleasure fight alongside with you!

Rob: See you in the next life bud! (Ben and Rob shake hands)

Alon: (Grabs and hugs Ben) Aw man! (sniff) I’m going to miss you man!

Ben: Yeah just don't squeeze my to death first... (Alon let's go)

Trevor and Tobias: (Nod and wave)

(Teleporter Door opens and Ben, Gary and Classi enter the Time Travel Tunnels)

Gary: Ben, we should be fighting this! We can’t let that little bastard win!

(The ground shakes)

Ben: There isn’t much time left!

Classi: (Starts to cry and hugs Ben) Ben I’m going to miss you so much! (sobs)

Ben: (Holds her) Look if I could cry, I would but this is more than what I want or what you want. It’s your destiny Gary, Classi to fight Red and eventually defeat him to save mankind. I wish I could be there to fight with you but I can’t! just go.

(Classi and Gary, reluctantly walk into the Time-Travel Railcar)

(Ben turns on the console and set the coordinates to 20XX and looks as it enters the tunnel! a white void starts to consume everything!)

Ben: Goodbye Gary! Classi! (Tear starts streaking down his face as the void consumes him)

(In the railcar)

Gary: Will this thing go any faster?

Classi: The whiteness! It’s gaining on us!

Gary: Damn it! work!

(The railcar gains speed and in a flash of light they are spit out in front of the S6’s lawn as the railcar turns to it’s side and stops)

(Gary and Classi crawl out through a broken window and see the open portal)

(Slow motion)

Gary and Classi: Bbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeennnnnnn! nnnnnnnnnnnnooooooo! (Jump)

(Back to normal speed and a temporal shockwave erupts from the portal then it disappears)

Gary and Classi: Ugh!

(The Sinister Six start to arrive on the scene)

Gary: (Panting) Ben! Rob! Alon! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Pans out through the atmosphere into outer space as Earth gets smaller and smaller as does the sun, the galaxy and we see Red’s image)

Red: First I took out your friends from 21XX, Blue you and your friends from 20XX are next!

(Evil laughter echoes)

or so Red thinks....