Wanna hear a little tale about greed and corruption which no child can bear ? Forget it ! I can only tell you about how the X-4orce came to be.

Once little Johnny Clovitz was skipping in a beautiful, emerald sea (otherwise known as a field for thee who do not know anglais). When a hideous rock creature called Golemitz (what the hell ?!) came to crush Little Johnny into a human flapjack. Luckily MD the only hero (or anti-hero if you look at my legal records) swooped out of the sky and saved little Johnny from a rather gruesome death. Then came to battle Golemitz . The fight was long and gruesome because the fight killed everyone in Pleasantville (One, Two, Three.... Four cities. One more and I could get that promotion from Sigma....) Knowing that his super-special attacks are potentially dangerous to the public he decided to go to his Dojo in the Himalayas and contemplate the situation.

After months of thinking he realized what the world needed was more mavericks on call in times of a major global crisis (supernatural disasters, Alien invasions to name a few.) He plucked four warriors from the Repliforce Coup to aid him in his world saving endeavors promising technological enhancements from the Cult of the Dragoon (Which will be explained in MD's biography). And each protect a different region of the planet. 

Jet Stingray, Master of flight and defender of Africa region.
Slash Beast, Master of the blade and defender of Australia region. 
Magma Dragoon, Master of Fire and Magma and defender of the Pacific Rim Region.
Frost Walrus, Master of Ice and Defender of Middle East region.
Cyber Peacock, Master of Energy and defender of Central Asia region.
and me Split Mushroom, Master of Humor and Defender of Stuff.
(Seriously I have to talk to MD about this.)

And when their region is threatened they can contact other force members or other heroes (like Groovy Kat, the Sinister Six, X-Knights) via the X4 satellite orbiting above the planet. But a new team of super-robots arose from the ashes of the Pleasantville Disaster.