Narrator: At the Sky Lagoon home of the Amazing X-Force....
Anton: I'm going to on Oprah, I'm going to be on Oprah
Rob: Oh shut the hell up me and the Beast get to be on Rosie
Lynx: Yeah she rules....  *purrs*
Alon: You two are lucky we have to be on out of all people....
Marc: Maury
Ben: What ?
Rick: I think it's one of those my teen is out of control.
Marc: *Sighs*.
Matt: He sucks royal for all that fake emotion. What did you get Ben ?
Ben: Well I....
Anton: He's going to be on Jerry Springer !!!
Ben: Hey ! *shocks Anton with his stun gun*
Anton: OW MY ASS IS ON FIRE !!! *runs*
Rob: What did you do to deserve that ?
Lnyx: Does it have to do with somebody ?
Ben: Would you believe I slept with Iris ?
Alon: What ?!?
Marc: You're joking...
Ben: That slut slipped into my stasis pod. Anyway we have to go....

An hour later. On the Jerry Springer show....

Jerry Springer: Today on our show we have robotic women cheating on their robotic boyfriends. Our first guess is Iris along with her brother Colonel. Hello everybody.
Iris: Hey Jerry !
Colonel: Good morning.

Jerry: First bring out Zero her boyfriend !!!! *fanfare* *Zero comes out*

Jerry: Zero I think Iris has a little confession to make.

Iris: Zero I love you very much but I've been cheating you....

Crowd: Iris ! Iris !

Zero: What ?!? You little slut ! Who's the other bot !


*Ben comes out*

Zero: I've should have known. You big @@%#@%@ !
Ben: Ha Ha ! Zero now I got your girl !
Zero: Why I'm going to kill you !!!

*Zero and Ben start fighting then the bodyguards hold then back*

Jerry: Now it's question time. Yes Miss ?

Woman: Dragoon, what were you doing in her stasis pod.

Ben: Why you.... *rips off bodyguards arms* HADOKEN !!!!!

*Fireball vaporizes the woman*

Jerry: you can't bully around my spectators like that !!!
Ben: Just watch me.

Jerry: Oh that's it !!!

*Jerry and Ben start fighting*

Crowd: Jerry ! Jerry ! Jerry !

*Ben vaporizes Jerry*

Crowd: Dragoon ! Dragoon ! Dragoon !

*Ben throws a chair ate the camera*

Meanwhile at the Rosie O' Donell show....

Rosie: Welcome ! First up today we get crafty with the Slash Beast and Cyber Peacock. *walks up to the Beast* what do you have planned for a delicious meal ?

Lynx: Actually were eating this freshly killed deer.

Rosie: Arent you at least going to cook it ?

Lynx: Hey Rob where's Ben ?
Rob: he's on Jerry Springer remember ?
Lynx: Oh yeah. *cuts out a chunk* Want some ?

Rosie: Uh no....what are we doing peacock ?

Rob: Using these peacock feathers and some felt we'll make a pimp hat.

*after a half an hour*

Rosie: Oh this is pretty. Where ever did you find the feathers ?

Rob: I found them off a peacock that was wandering around.

Wildlife Expert: Hey that was my peacock.

Lynx: Should we run ?
Rob: We better !

Again, on Oprah....

Anton: And I never saw them again...*bawls*

Oprah: *Weeping* That's so sad...Anton I have a suprise for you...

Anton:*sniffs* a suprise ?

Oprah: We found your parents.

*Two strangers come out*

Anton: Yipee. Mommie Daddie !!!!! *splits into two*

Female: *whispers* you said nothing about having two of them...

Oprah: Just take them and I'll give ou $10 million more.

Male: Deal.
Anton: Oprah, I have a suprise for you.

Oprah: What's that..

Anton: *spores her*

Oprah:*falls to the ground paralyzed*

Anton: Take me home Daddy !

Male: *sighes* let's go home.

Then on Maury Provich

Maury: Today on Maury we sending some unruly repliods to boot camp...

Meanwhile backstage:

Marc: Is this a paternity test episode..

Supervisor: No, it's one where you four are going to be sent boot camp.

Matt: What we did nothing wrong.
Alon: Yeah what gives ?!?

Supervisior: We couldn't find any  teens so we picked your four...

Alon: Why I should....
Rick: *snaps supervisor's neck* that bastard.

Supervisor 2: It's your clue to go on.

Marc: Ready ?
Alon: Let's have some fun.

*All four walk on stage*

Crowd: Booooooo !!!!
Alon and Rick: *kill half the crowd with Frost Tower and Lightning Web*
Crowd: *Silent*

Maury: So we hear you four are all murderers.

Matt: Damn Straight, Dr. Light is next  ! ha ha ha ha !

Maury: Eh, yeah. Let me introduce you to the Drill Sargents who will be attending to you..

Sarge 1: Boyyougoingtolearnsomerespectfromme!Doyouhearme?

Matt: *wafts his nose* take a breath ment will ya ?

Sarge 2:Shutyalittlefoolwhyishouldbeatyouonthisveryspot !

Matt: You should eh ? *Fires Ground Hunter*

Sarge 2:*blows up*
Marc: Yeah !!! Fight the power !!! *fires Double Cyclone*

Sarge 1: *Gets ripped apart*

Alon and Rick: *Use their weapons on the crowd*

Maury: Security !!!

Three Weeks Later...

All: Maury the night in Jail meant alot to us.

Maury: Really ?

Alon: We need to kill more people.

Maury: What ?!? I thought you...

*Someone changes channel*

Kirk: What trash !! What else is on?
Ben C:The Magma Dragoon Show....
Chris: Mphhh mphhh mm...
Kirk: Yeah we all know it sucks.

Cossack: Chris there's a guy at the door for you.

Chris: Mmmmmm...
Ben: Take this you little cock..HADOKEN !
Chris: MMMPH !!!! *burns to death*

Kirk: Oh my god you killed Dust Man !!!
Frank: You bastard.
Ben: Let that be a lesson in quality television for ye !