Starring Gauntlet and Magma Dragoon in:


by Ben

Narrator: On their never-ending journey through the multiverse in the RV, our heroes take a wrong turn on the Cosmic Interstate...

Hard Man: Oh my god! We made a wrong turn!

Gemini Man: Oh big deal.

Hard Man: Big deal?!? We were going to the Digimon universe how canít I made a big deal out of this?!?

Gauntlet: Oh calm down you two weíll make a pit stop in some divergent timeline and turn back. So where are we headed?

Spark Man: According to this map weíll be stopping in... Post Aypoctyltic Canada from that movie ďDefcon 4Ē...

Gauntlet: Wait a minute your reading it all wrong, according to this map weíre headed for Megaland 21XX.

Hard Man: Why you little...

(Bright light flashes and they head into Megaland 21XX when they are greeted by...)

Nightmare: X?

X: Hey you! Pull over...

(Gauntlet stops the RV)

Needle Gal: What does he want with you?

Gauntlet: (Sweats nervously)

Snake Man: Heh. Gauntlet didnít pay his 100 year-old parking tickets...

Mecha Maniacs: (Giggle and Snort)

Gauntlet: HEY! (Rolls down window) Uh hello... X... what seems to be the trouble?

X: Step out of the vehicle please...

Gauntlet: What?

X: You heard me asshole! GET OUT OF THE FUCKINí VEHICLE!

Gauntlet: Yeesh, donít blow a circuit. (Steps out of the RV) What do you want?

X: (Straps shackles on Gauntlet) You are under arrest for the theft of the Circuit Stones...

Gauntlet: What?!?

Mecha Maniacs: WHAT?!?

Magnet Man: We just got here!

X: Sorry but we found this in the vault... (Takes out Gauntlet Sash)

Nightmare: Wait a minute thatís the sash you lost a couple days ago...

Gauntlet: But how did it get here?

X: Evidently when you broke into our main vault three hours ago!

Gauntlet: Who asked you? (Pulls out his concealed weapon)

(Five hunters with Mechs come out)

Gauntlet: (Sighs) Alright, X I give up...

Mecha Maniacs: ?!?

Needle Gal: Gauntlet, youíll...

Gauntlet: Donít worry (winks) it will be okay...

X: Look alive... (shoves Gauntlet into a hoverjet)

(The hoverjet takes off leaving the Mecha Maniacs dumbfounded)

Nightmare: What to do now?

Snake Man: We can always rob a bank to pay bail.

Needle Gal: Or we can go get the X-Force.

Magnet Man: What about pickpocketing Iím sure with my magnetic powers and get save to about a couple thousand bucks...

Needle Gal: Or we can go get the X-Force.

Gemini Man: Or we could pay bail ourselves...

Needle Gal: Or we can go get the X-Force.

Magnet Man: What are you blabbing about?!?

Needle Gal: Oh nevermind... (grunts) Men...

Narrator: After a few minutes as the hoverjet carrying Gauntlet nears its destination...

Pilot: This is Hunter Unit 17 approaching Maverick Hunter headquarters ETA in 8.9 minutes. Over.

Tower: Copy that. What is status of pre-reploid cargo aboard? Over.

Pilot: Cargo is safely stashed and what the hell?!?

Tower: Didnít copy that. Over.

Pilot: Itís Shadow Man and heís taken out everyone onboard and...

(Gauntlet slices the side of the hoverjet and grabs onto the wing)

Gauntlet: Youíre first mistake X, you underestimated me...

X: Hey! Get back here!

Gauntlet: (sigh) You always ask for what youíll never had... (Letís go and falls towards the city)

X: Damn that ninja... Tower!

Tower: Copy that Commander X what is your status?

X: A bit shaken. Send a mech squadron and the #00 Special Unit to look for suspect in vectors 6759-002 by 7904-189 heíll likely be hiding in the dark.

Tower: Copy. Return to base commander; the troops have been deployed...

(Down on the streets, Gauntlet lands in an alley)

Gauntlet: What are they talking about I havenít been here since... ever! Who couldíve done this...?

(Darts through the alleyways when heís caught in an opening...)

???: Freeze!

Gauntlet: Wha? (Dodges as he narrowly dodges a charging mech.)

???: This is Gaia Nova, suspect has been targeted preparing for apprehension...

Tower: Confirmed.

Gaia Nova: You asked for it Shadow Man...

Gauntlet: (Smiles) Call me Gauntlet...

(Gauntlet dodges the mechs blows as punches through walls when finally)

(Gauntlet gets thrown through a walls)

Gaia Nova: Have you had enough... (Two Shadow Blade hit the mechís shoulder...) Wha?

Gauntlet: Youíre a cocky little bitch arenít you? (Pulls out sword)

Gaia Nova: Hah youíre no...

(Slash marks appear as the mech suddenly falls apart)

Gaia Nova: Wha?

Gauntlet: Itís called a ďCipherĒ moron I acquired it from a man called Strider Hiryu... (Slashes Gaia Novaís head off)

(A dark figure lands on a the remains of the mech)

Gauntlet: (Looks up) Wha?

???: It all starts with this a jewel containing the powers of the universe...

Gauntlet: Thatís a circuit stone and youíre...

???: Benjamin Ronning, but please call me Shadow MD...

Gauntlet: Now I get it, you stole that Circuit Stone from the MHís vault and planted that evidence against me so Iíd be blamed...

(Ben looks at Gauntlet with a cold stare)

Gauntlet: Hey say something you... (Runs towards Ben)

Ben: (Clutches the Circuit Stone) CHAOS CONTROL!

(Time nearly freezes as Ben bypasses Gauntlet)

Gauntlet: (Sees Ben on top of another building) Whoa! He faster than I remembered... Wait itís not his speed heís bending space with the Circuit Stone...

Ben: I have little time for trivial pursuits for you... (Starts to warp again) Farewell...(Disappears)

Gauntlet: Things just couldnít get...

Zero: Freeze! Stay where you are...

(Gauntlet sees an entire unit surrounding him)

Gauntlet: Oh #@^$* !

(Meanwhile with our other heroes regroup at the RV)

Nightmare: So Maggie, did you get enough change to help us raise bail for Gauntlet?

Magnet Man: DONíT CALL ME MAGGIE! And no I couldnít get enough change...

Needle Gal: You wouldnít believe how much it costs to make bail especially after resisting arrest...

Hard Man: I donít think Iíve seen that many zeroes in my life.

Spark Man: Why donít we get help from the X-Force?

Needle Gal: Thatís what I suggested!

Spark Man: Since when?!?

Gemini Man: Yeah!

Needle Gal: (Sighs) Ah letís just go to the Sky Lagoon...

(And so while the Mecha Maniacs make their way to the Sky Lagoon. Gauntlet gets thrown into a cell with a cellmate that looks familiar.)

Zero: GET IN! (Throws Gauntlet onto his face)

(Energy barrier lights up)

Double: Well well well, look what the cat drug in...

Gauntlet: Double! I thought you died during our last encounter!*

(*Year of the Fox, Part 3)

Double: What can I say? I die hard... Those gnats didnít see the last of me. What are you doing here?

Gauntlet: I had a little run in with the Dragoon.

Double: Heh, ďThe Black DemonĒ struck at you too...

Gauntlet: ďBlack DemonĒ, what the hell do you mean?

Double: Ah ah ah (waves finger) Iíll tell you what you need to know for a price?

Gauntlet: Does it involve a jailbreak?

Double: Yeah! How did you know...

Gauntlet: You monotone villains are all the same and your answer is ďyesĒ. What do you want me to do?

Double: First deactivate this power-inhibiting collar around my neck...

(So Gauntlet messes with it and pulls the lock off of Double)

Double: (Groans) Okay, Iíll tell you. It happened about five weeks ago when there was a big explosion at the Sky Lagoon and most of the X-Force was presumed dead...

Gauntlet: Dead?

Double: I said presumed! And from the rubble emerged Ben who rambles on and on about some girl named ďNicĒ and how heís going to kill whoever killed her...

Gauntlet: Said the monosyllabic numbskull...

Double: SHUT UP! No one knows who this ďNic?Ē was but according to urban legend she is connected to weird happenings at a space laboratory nearly 15 years ago. Weirder yet thatís where they said the Dragoon clan was built...

Gauntlet: Eerie...

Double: Now are you prepared to keep up your part of the bargain?

(Over by the ruins of the Sky Lagoon)

Needle Gal: This place has fallen under major disrepair...

Nightmare: I wonder what happened here...

(The Maniacs spread out all over the Sky Lagoon)

Hard Man: Yo Ben! Where are you?!?

Needle Gal: Rob? Trevor? Andrew?

???: Over here!

Mecha Maniacs: ?

???: Itís Andrew!

(The Maniacs turn to see Andrew leading them into more ruins into his makeshift lab)

Gemini Man: Whoa! What happened here?

Spark Man: More importantly where is the X-Force?

Andrew: Searching... (turns on the X-Force Satellite Network)

Spark Man: For what?

Andrew: A new place to live... and Ben, since he disappeared during the explosion...

Mecha Maniacs: ?

Andrew: Over a month ago I was test some new breakthroughs in reploid technology with my ďQuantum EngineĒ when I was going to show it to the rest of the X-Force when the Engine exploded... guess who it was?

Needle Gal: Bill Gates?

Andrew: No Sigma, I managed to salvage some components and make some new weapons machines and what have you. By the way whereís Gauntlet?

Needle Gal: Thatís why we came here. The Maverick Hunters took him and we need...

Andrew: Our help? Sorry but we have our own problems right now.

Hard Man: Hey what kind of allies are you?!?

Andrew: Allies? Hah! Since when did we ever team-up with you?

Nightmare: What about the time we fought Double in Hawaii...

Gemini Man: Yeah that was one time we were actually in the same epilouge... well in Series 2 continuity.

Andrew: ... Uh right, We sent you to a neighboring island and defeated Double ourselves.

Magnet Man: Wait a minute! What about Double?

Andrew: That pain in the ass? Heís imprisoned on Neo-Rykers Island.

Magnet Man: What are the chances of Gauntlet being held up there.

Andrew: Um... chances are very good considering his infamy.

Needle Gal: Do you have some sort of jet you could lend us?

Andrew: (Sighs) okay Iíll see what I can do.

(About an hour later on Neo-Rykers Island, a riot breaks out as every sort of aircraft and boat is being filled with prisoners both reploid and human.)

Double: Come on you dolts! We have to get off this island.

Prisoner: Yeah, before Benjamin Ronning comes...

Double: You mean Magma Dragoon? How do you know him?

Prisoner: Call me Michael. Letís say that is a secret. Whereís that robot that was with you an hour ago?

Double: You mean Gauntlet? Beats me. (Gets in the pilotís chair and starts liftoff) Personally I donít care he wanted to get something of his, he held up his part of the bargain and Iím getting away from here!

(A teleporter door opens as Doubleís hoverjet lifts off)

Mike: Hurry! Before he targets us!

Double: Keep your pants on Mikey Boy! Iím hitting the afterburner...

(The afterburners fire and the hoverjet blasts off towards the mainland)

(Ben steps out of the teleporter door)

Ben: No one told me there was going to be a riot in the old jailhouse... Time to dispense some olí vigilante justice...

(Meanwhile in the ďSeized PropertyĒ room Gauntlet searches for his cipher when he hears a Godzilla-like scream [The 1998 Movie])

Gauntlet: That roar it sounds like... Oh crap, why am I talking to myself?

(Gauntlet finds his cipher and a couple other useful weapons and rushes out to see if thereís any transport off the island. He walks onto the transport deck and finds...)

Gauntlet: Disemboweled bodies of the prisoners... (Checks one) They had to be killed minutes ago... (Something invisible hits him throwing him across the deck)

Ben: (Decloaks) you forgot I can put up a holographic cloak*...

(*Many wouldnít remember the Xtreme Force but in his profile it said Ben can turn invisible)

Gauntlet: Heh. Yeah I did but I could hear you sneaking up behind me. (Notices his cipher and weapons were knocked in another direction)

Ben: Lair. You know what? I was waiting for since we first met.*

(* Tale of Two Teams, Part 2)

Gauntlet: ?

Ben: You me? I have something you want and you have go through me to get it.

Gauntlet: What are you talking about?

Ben: Thereís no way off this island and Iím your only key for getting out of here. Are you bot enough to take me on?

Gauntlet: You think Iím really going to hold back for a friend?

Ben: No, I just want to see what you can do...

(Ben fires a fireball at Gauntlet who leaps over him and lands where Ben kicks him into the wall)

Ben: Is that the best you can do?

Gauntlet: (Damn, his blows are too much for even me to take... there has got too be another way to)

(Ben throws a punch, Gauntlet ducks and rolls towards his cipher)

(Gauntlet leaps and slashes at Benís back with little effect)

(Ben hurls his fist at Gauntlet and he slides towards the edge with a cliff facing the ocean)

Gauntlet: Yikes!... heís too powerful, strong and smart and I can avoid his blows forever...

(Thunder crackles and a heavy downpour starts)

Gauntlet: (Yes! Thatís it if I can get him to go into a blind rage I can use this super-conductive filament I have in those grenades I took) Hey Dragon! Whereís your precious ďNicĒ?

Ben: Why you bastard! (Swipes at Gauntlet who easily dodges)

Gauntlet: I remember Zero bragging at the MH HQ about he shagged that little whore till she went all red...

Ben: Iíll KILL YOU (Smashes cement pillar) KILL YOU!

(Ben goes into a beserker rage, where Gauntlet dodges his every move till he gets to his supply of grenades but gets only two when he dodges Benís next attack going over the edge and grabbing on with only one hand)

Ben: (Snorts and takes Gauntlet by the arm and lifts him up) You think Iím going to let you die that way?

Gauntlet: (Holds one grenade) No... (Throws it in Benís face)

(Lightning comes from the sky knocking Ben and Gauntlet away from each other)

(Gauntlet gets up dazed but finds Ben disoriented...)

Gauntlet: Hereís one more for good luck! (Throws the other one at Benís head and lightning strikes Ben again rendering him unconscious.) (sighs) What a hassle...

(The rain stops and the moonís light shines and a voice can be heard laughing)

Gauntlet: What the?

???: You are a fool Gauntlet! Now I shall destroy you...

Gauntlet: Huh?

(A blue light flashes and Gauntlet finds himself on some space colony in the observatory)

Gauntlet: Whoís this...

(Sigma in a large body, appears laughing)

Gauntlet: Whatís the meaning of this Sigma? You are really starting to annoy me...

Sigma: MWHAHAHAHA! Youíre a fool Gauntlet! I was manipulating Ben all this time so I could bring you as the lab hamster for my little science project.

Gauntlet: ?

Sigma: Andrew, or Cyber Peacock was developing technologies from the Technodrome prior to the quantum explosion* when I decided to use it to my advantage.

(*Galvatron Returns, Mecha Maniacs Series 2 #21-23)

Gauntlet: Yeah we all got our new looks and powers from that explosion.

Sigma: Silence! Before the Technodrome exploded the technology inside started to evolve but alas the technology was lost for over a century. Andrew was about to replicate that expiriment when I broke into their computers and started a chain reaction that resulted in another quantum explosion and the X-Force evolved beyond reploids and also spawned new ďQuantum TechnologyĒ of which I rebuilt myself out of.

Guantlet: And Ben?

Sigma: Shortly before me and my unit came maverick prior to the first Reploid Revolution, we were assigned to raid this colony and execute the science team developing it then seize the Dragoon Clan. You see Benís creator is none other than Dr. Ming Yu whom with his two children Michael and Nicole, Michael escaped with the two units that would become Mr. Dragoon and Ben. Nicole was killed by me personally, later Michael was handed over to the American MH by Canadian authorities and Ben was absorbed into the MHís ranks. Am I missing something?

Ben: (Wakes up) What was the number of that bus...? Wha? Gauntlet what are you doing here... SIGMA?!? You planned this didnít you?

Sigma: Yes, you moron.

Ben: That was a rhetorical question dipshit!

Gauntlet: Ben! That bastard killed Nic!

Ben: Why you...

(Sigma swings his hands and grabs both Gauntlet and Ben)

Sigma: Ha ha ha ha ha... I know for a fact that as soon as you are disconnected from the earth your volcanic powers are useless! (Shocks Ben and Guantlet)

Ben and Gauntlet: (Scream)

Sigma: Do you have any last words berore I crush the life out of you both?

Ben: Yeah, I may be disconnected from the earth but you connected me to the STARS! (Letís out a large star fire blast on Sigmaís head)

(Sigma releases both Gauntlet and Ben)

Ben: Hurry we have to get out of here!

(Both run towards the door)

Gauntlet: What will that accomplish?

Ben: His large size restricts his mobility.

Gauntlet: Ah. So heís stuck here...

Sigma: You fools Iím inferfaced with this station and thereís no way out...

Gauntlet: Have any bright ideas?

Ben: No but I know someone who does...

(Sky Lagoon central computer)

Computer: Incoming Audio Message...

Andrew: Whatever patch it in here...

Ben: Andrew are you there?

Andrew: Ben? I thought...

Ben: Not much time to say this but Iím stuck on Space Colony Argo with Gauntlet...

Andrew: Argo? Wasnít that colony shut down 15 years ago?

Ben: Yeah but guess who activated it.

Andrew: Not suprising, Itís Sigma according to the Maverick Hunters one of Sigmaís last missions was there. So what are you calling for?

Ben: Sigma is inferfaced with the colonyís central computer can you do something?

Andrew: Yeah but youíll have to find some way of destroying the station, we can't have another Eurasia incident... Oh and Gauntlet?

Gauntlet: Yes?

Andrew: You better rendez-vous with the Mecha Maniacs at Neo-Rykers Island. Ben, Iím starting to override the Colonyís main CPU with ours... bzzzzt...

(Space Colony Argo)

Gauntlet: What happened?

Sigma: Hah! Iím jamming that... what? Iím... being... overriden....

Andrew: Hurry, the main control room is just thirty meters from your position...

(Gauntlet and Ben come into the main control room)


Ben: (Cracks Knuckles) No problem... the teleporter is working fine and the hyperdrive is a-ok...

Gauntlet: Hyperdrive what are you going to do?

Ben: This type of colony doesnít have a self-destruct so Iím going to have to go nova and destroy this colony...

Gauntlet: ?

Ben: Andrew? Where would be a safe place to go nova?

Andrew:Hmmmm... around the orbit of Venus I suppose.

Ben: Hyperdrive is ready and waiting...

Gauntlet: So Ben about that battle... nothing personal?

Ben: Heh... (Presses a button and Gauntlet is teleported away)

Sigma: Ben you now if you destroy this colony, youíll never be rid of me.

Ben: No fuckiní duh... (Engages hyperdrive)

(Near Neo-Rykers Island, Earth- ten seconds later, the Mecha Maniacs in one of the X-Forceís Hovercrafts approach the island.)

(A bright flash appears in the sky)

Magnet Man: ARGH! THE LIGHT!!!

Spark Man: Hey keep your eyes on the road!

Magnet Man: IíM BLIND IíM BLIND IíM...

Snake Man: Did you ever try openning your eyes?

Magnet Man: (Opens eyes) Oh...

Nightmare: Whoíd thought for once weíd have to save Gauntletís ass?

Needle Gal: Not I.

(When they land on the Transport Deck they are met by Gauntlet and...)

Nightmare: Ben? What are you guys doing?

Ben: Planning an escape. You?

Mecha Maniacs: Um...

Gauntlet: You guys actually came to save me?

Mecha Maniacs: NO!

Spark Man: Actually we wanted to visit Double, but we might as well take you back to the Sky Lagoon back with us...

Gauntlet: Right...

Nightmare: Well, until we actually attempt to save Gauntlet we are the...

Ben: Hey this is my epilouge...

(And so... at the Sky Lagoon)

(Ben and Andrew wave as the Mecha Maniacs drive off onto the Cosmic Interstate)

Computer: Incoming Message from Jet Stingray...

Ben: Okay, shoot...

Trevor: Hey Ben! I found a place where we can build our base.

Ben: Weíll be there ASAP... Ben out... Andrew? Where is that signal coming from?

Andrew: Somewhere in the mountains in Greece.

Ben: Great, weíll there after we make a little stop to the liquor store.

Andrew: You you said...

Ben: I say a lot of things now letís get a move on!

Andrew: Okay, Okay letís go...

(Cosmic Interstate)

Needle Gal: So Gauntlet? What did you do while in prison.

Gauntlet: Ah, nothing much.

Hard Man: According to this print-out you guys stopped Sigma from using the ďQuantum TechnologyĒ to wipe humanity as we know it.

Gauntlet: Hey where did you get that from?

Hard Man: Ben gave it to me.

Gauntlet: Damn Chinodrake, he can ever keep his mouth shut.

Needle Gal: I thought he was just being spiteful.

Nightmare: Well until Gauntlet as another great adventure without us. We are the Mecha Maniacs!

(Some hidden robotics lab)

(A pod hisses and Sigma in a new body emerges)

Sigma: I see attempting to defeat the X-Force and wiping out humanity alone is a futile task. So I must find allies.

(A portal opens)

Sigma: And I know where Iíll find them in other places. My first stop the Digital World...

To Be Continued...?