There’s Something About MD

At the Sky Lagoon, home of the Amazing X-Force, Magma Dragoon otherwise known as Ben is brooding in his room. Then Split Mushroom (Anton) comes in to disrupt his thinking.

“Look Ben look!” Anton wailed, “I killed a robin with the sling shot you gave me”

The dead bird was already attracting a crowd. More specifically the bird men Cyber Peacock (Rob) and Storm Owl (Marc) were not too happy with the murder of their brethren. Then they look at Anton who sheepishly hides his slingshot.

“You killed our brother!” Rob cried.

“Now you shall suffer for the crime you have committed” Marc scowled.

Anton stuck out his tongue and taunted, “Ha! Your weapons will have no effect on me”

“Ben can you help us?” Marc asked looking up to Ben who tossed his stun gun for Rob to catch. Then Rob and Marc approach Anton with evil smirks.

“No, wouldn’t” he cowered as the stun gun connected with him to produce a blood curling scream, which attracted some other members, Slash Beast (Lynx) and Jet Stingray (Matt) who were laughing at poor Anton.

“Ho this is too much!” Lynx bowled over with laughter. “What did Anton do this time?”

Ben didn’t answer.

“What’s eating you Ben” Matt asked.

“Thinking about Mary” Ben sighed.

“Wasn’t she your ex-girlfriend?” Lynx asked “You haven’t seen her for three years “

“Not since the Repliforce Coup” Ben sighed again “She disappeared soon after, however she left behind a vial of her perfume.”

Ben takes out the vial and then Lynx sniffs!

“ACK! What is this stuff?” he yelled.

Then Anton yells out one last scream.

“Uh!Ben?” Marc yelled, “Anton’s not breathing.”

Ben sighed as went into the front yard to revive Anton who was lying in a comatose state. On the following day Ben went to his “good” twin, Mr. Dragoon to consult his help.

“You want me to find your girlfriend?” he asked surprised.

“You’re the one with a better sense of smell” Ben explained as he took out the vial. “Anyway you owe me for nearly destroying he X-Force. Come on please”

“All right, since I owe you.” Mr. Dragoon sighed as he took the vial from Ben’s hand and sniffs it. “Pew what is this stuff?”

“I think it’s nail polish remover” Ben replied then ordered, “Now go find her”

“Yes Sir” Mr. Dragoon replied as he went out to seek Mary.

Days turned into weeks, then months then in the bitter cold of February when the dreaded phone call arrived.

“Brrrrrr!It’s weather only fit for Frost Walrus (Alon), who’s frolicking in the snow” Ben complained.

Then the phone rings and Web Spider (Rick) Answers the phone. “Hello?”

“Who is this?” he asked, “Hey Ben! It’s for you. I think its Mr. Dragoon.”

Ben grabs the phone and answered “Hey did you find Mary yet?”

“Oh yes, she wants to see you right away” He replied sounding happier and more cheerful than normal.

“Where is she?” Ben asked,

“In Miami, do you need an address?” Mr. Dragoon asked.

“Uh huh!. 6!. Palm!Yeah got it” He mumbled and then hung up. Then he announced “Hey X-Force! Pack your bags. We’re leaving this frozen hell and going to Florida!”

The whole team cheered and ran in their quarters.

“We get to go to Disney World.” Rick said to himself.

When the team finally arrives at Mary’s apartment Ben rings the door.

“Who is it?” a voice called,

“It’s Ben and now open the door so I can kiss you suga’” Ben spoke into the intercom to find the find a shocking picture. Mr. Dragoon was sleeping with Mary!

Ben in a furious rage threw Mr. Dragoon into the neighboring bay.

“Pity” Rob said.

“Yeah and he wasn’t wearing his armor.” Alon added.

Mary horrified and angry at Ben bangs on his metal casing and screams. “Why you insensitive jerk!” she cried “That’s why I left you after that!.” As she falls on her knees Ben picked her up and tossed her into the bay along with her lover.

“There,” he huffed, “Let’s go.”

As the walked out of the apartment Anton noticed a guy singing so he readied his slingshot!

“Well there’s something about MD that they don’t kno!.” He was singing then the pellet hit his head and he too fell into the bay.

“I think we should leave now.” Ben whispered as the X-Force backed away from the scene. “Who wants to go to Disney World.”

And with that the X-Force cheered as they walked into the sunset.