"Twin Dragons"

By Ben

One month after X-Force members Slash Beast and Magma Dragoon disappeared from the “Little Planet”... In the Sierra Mountains in Northern California...

(The rift opens again)

Ben and Rob: ARGH! (THUMP!)

Rob: (Groans) why do I feel and extreme pain on my butt?

Ben: That’s because you landed on your wallet, what did I tell you about putting your coins in there.

Rob: CRUNCH! (Groans) so where are we?

Ben: (Presses a couple buttons on his Technovice) according to the GPS we’re in the Sierra Nevada Range in northern California...

Rob: (Looks in one direction) are there tornadoes in California?

Ben: No, why?

Rob:  (Turns Ben’s head) look there!!!

Ben and Rob: (Eyes pop out of their motherboards and run) ARGHHHHHHHHHH!

(The tornado sucks them both into the debris)

Narrator: Aboard the “Space Colony Roosevelt” or Sky Lagoon (named after the city from Mega Man X4) with much time and sacrifice the X-Force made it their “home” and moved into the residential quarters... (Or X-Force City)

Robinson Residence... Lethbridge, Alberta... (Don’t ask)

Mother: (Knocks on Andrew’s door) Andrew. Time for dinner...

(No response)

Mother: That boy... (Opens the door and finds a portal) huh?

(Mother walks through the portal)

(Voices echo from the corridor)

Andrew: Cool! That’s over 212 ecological anomalies this month...

Gary: Where’d you find the little freak of nature?

Andrew: Someplace in California weirdly enough I detected energy surges there two hours ago.

Alon: (Walks out from one door) those two new recruits aren’t doing so well...

Gary: Why didn’t you interview Ken?

Alon: Ah we don’t need him besides I think Al and Stockwell are doing well enough...

Gary: Oh yeah and you would know...

Alon: Wait.... What’s that beeping?

Andrew: It’s an intruder... Wait a minute...

All: Intruder?!?

(All bring out their Technovices)

All: Technovice armor up to...

(They all transform into)

CYBER PEACOCK! Network of Hope!

SPLIT MUSHROOM! Power of Cooperation!

FROST WALRUS! Blizzard of Determination!

Alon: So where is this intruder?

Andrew: If I triangulate the co-ordinates correctly straight behind us...

(Mother approaches from the behind)

Andrew: and it’s heading towards us!

Alon: Well I’d put him on ice... REVERSE FUS...

Andrew: (Looks behind and sees his mother) MOM! SHIELD OF LIGHT!

Mother: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

(The shield appears in front of his mother and Alon crashes into it)

Alon: ...ION... CRASH! Ouch...

Andrew: Mom?

Gary: Oh good going Clark Kent, our secret identities are exposed.

Mother: Uh Andrew, dinner’s ready... (Walks back the way she came)

Andrew: Yeah in a minute... (Screen beeps) hello what’s this?

Gary: What are we going to do about your mother? What about Alon? Is he okay?

Andrew: We have three Technovice signals coming from “Tornado Mountain”...

Gary: Hello... Sky Lagoon to Andrew...

Andrew: (Pulls out Stun Gun and shocks Gary)

Gary: (Charred.) Ouchies.

(Trevor walks in)

Trevor: Uh what happened here?

Andrew: These Technovice signatures are... It can’t be...

Trevor: (?)

Andrew: They seem to be Slash Beast and... no it’s impossible...

Trevor: What? What are you even talking about?

Andrew: It seems like I found Slash Beast and two Magma Dragoons...

Trevor: What the...

Northern California... Tornado Mountains Zone...

Narrator: For some unknown reason Myron (apparently the goody-goody Mr. Dragoon) searches Tornado Mountain for a treasure for someone not yet known...

Myron: Mr. D to Eaglehawk searching Tornado Mountains Zone for the remaining seven Circuit Stones currently I have eight readings and the eighth one is getting stronger... Mr. D over and out. I wonder why I was slapped with this stupid job. Oh yeah dad said I was the on one who could safely enter this “zone”.

(Myron bumps into Rob’s unconscious body)

Myron: Wha? Rob... (Nudges him) wakey, wakey sunshine...

Rob: (Groans) wha? Uh, let me sleep Ben... I’m...too...

Myron: Ben? (Notices the red Circuit Stone) Whoa! Come to papa (Grab it and puts in into a container)

Rob: Hey wait a minute... (Rolls over) Ben why are you here? I remember you were blown the other way when...

Myron: (-Ben he thinks I’m Ben, this is a perfect opportunity to prove I’m a better leader than he is...-) Oh yeah I teleported back to HQ and was sent here to retrieve you and the Circuit Stones.

Rob: Cool... where are the circuit stones? (An earthquake opens up a fissure with a staircase)

Myron: Thou shall ask and thou will receive...

Meanwhile in another part of the range...

Ben: (Wakes up) (Groans) Oy, now I’m hurting. (Gets up and looks around) Rob?

(Ben looks around everywhere and Rob is nowhere in sight)

Ben: Wait a minute...


In the center of the Tornado...

Narrator: The fierce winds threaten to pull Ben and Rob apart and their only grip they have is Rob grabbing Ben’s foot...

Ben: What a fine mess we’re in eh?

Rob: Yeah we get sucked into a void and spit out only to be sucked in a tornado, I think this certifies it situation as a disaster!

Ben: If I happen to die... I want you to do one thing for me...

Rob: Yeah?

Ben: Give Myron a good kick in the nuts for me... That asshole deserves...

(After that Rob’s grip relaxes and Ben gets blown away in the opposite direction)

Ben: ...itttttttttttttttttttttttt...

(Back to reality)

Ben: (Brings out Technovice) I need to get to the nearest large city... Yo Technovice where’s the nearest metropolis?

Technovice: San Francisco/San Jose/Oakland area. May I make an inquiry?

Ben: Shoot...

Technovice: What are your intentions?

Ben: Create a scene by destroying large chunks of the city and attract the X-Force’s attention.

Technovice: Acknowledged.

Ben: It looks like a zone from the Sonic games, this looks too easy...

Narrator: With that Ben activated the Magnetic Repulsors on his shoes and took off like a bat out of hell he jumped, grinded and ran throughout the Zone however when he heard Rob’s voice...

Ben: What the?

(The magnetic “winds” rush by creating a strong breeze within the chamber.)

Rob: What was that?

Myron: Who cares? I found them...

Narrator: Apparently this chamber holds the legendary circuit stones already Myron has acquired Ben’s red circuit stones.

Rob: So Ben? Why are you guys interested in the circuit stones?

Ben: That bastard, Myron’s impersonating me... (Growls) and I’m going to find a way to get even... but first...

Myron: If you must know Rob, thousands of years ago it was rumored the rulers of ancient empires like Egypt, Babylon even Atlantis and the old imperialist powers of the 19th century! They all had a thing in common...

Rob: And that is?

Myron: They all presided over their empires with the powers of these beauties, alas the rulers became too arrogant and their empires crumbled around them and the stones disappeared and found themselves in the hands of the next great empire. However the stones found their way to the United States at the end of World War II. However they were buried in these mountains and now that... uh oh...

Rob: What?

Ben: (- Heh heh heh the idiot cornered himself in -)

Myron: Uh, now I think the stone’s powers belong to the X-Force...

Rob: And with what you’re saying... the United States will collapse and the world will...

Myron: Did Germany cease to exist after two world wars? No they didn’t, the balance of power will be in our favor. Could you see this?

Ben: (-Wowza! I didn’t give him enough credit; he’s slick enough to emulate my pattern of thought. But I can still expose this phony -) (Runs away and the vacuum effect creates another strong breeze)

Rob: What’s with that breeze?

Myron: Beats me. Where was I?

Rob: About the near-collapse United States.

Myron: The United States will still be there, but we can tap the infinite mystic powers of these gems and be more powerful than Sigma himself!

Rob: (Claps) nice theatrics Ben. Really?

Myron: Uh... shouldn’t we be going uh...

(A teleporter door opens with Andrew stepping out)

Andrew: A month of searching and we finally found you two! (Hugs Rob)

Rob: Hey! Get offa me! (Forces Andrew off)

Andrew: THUMP! Uh whatever... I want to show you something...

Rob and Myron: (?)


(Ben reaches the endpoint of the zone however Ben still get the image of Myron impersonating him.)

Ben: (Starts punching and kicking an old car in a parking lot) God damn bastard, it wasn’t good enough that he had all the grades and praise in the world... (Throws a rock at the car’s window)


Ben: Uh oh... (Zips off behind a big rock)

Meanwhile on the valley lookout...

Guy: Hey did you hear that?

Girlfriend: What? Look at these beautiful tornadoes...

Guy: I think someone has smashed a window... wait a minute MY CAR! (Runs)

Girlfriend: (Sighs) men and their cars...

(The guy finds his windshield’s smashed)

Guy: (Grabs his hair) MY CAR! SOME PUNK KID TRASHED MY CAR! (Growls) if I find the punk you did it I’ll...

Girlfriend: Dave is that the way you feel about your car? You love it more than me? (Starts to walk away)

Guy: Tasha! No, I just over reacted. (Grabs her by the arm) Did I tell you how much you turn me on?

Girlfriend: Come and get some Davey boy...

(As Dave and Tasha er... do their business Ben gets an idea... (There’s too much sex on TV nowadays).)

Ben: That’s it! I know how expose him!

Narrator: By sending the X-Force “revealing” photos about him...

Ben: No, do something Myron wouldn’t even think of doing.

Narrator: Doing “it” in a parking lot?

Ben: (Slaps forehead) GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!

Narrator: Wreak havoc and destroy property without reason?

Ben:  Bingo, now with my little Technovice I’ll dig up what I can about Myron...

Meanwhile on the Sky Lagoon...

Rob: So what you’re telling me is that Ben and I were missing for a month?

Andrew: Yeah and here’s a souvenir... (Hands Rob a milk carton with his face on it)

Rob: Uh I don’t what to say.

Andrew: A “thank you” perhaps?

Rob: No really, I don’t know what to say... What did you do Gary and Alon? I saw them in the infirmary...

Andrew: I don’t remember something about mom and “What about Alon?” Where did Ben go?

Rob: I don’t know...

(Far away in X-Force City, Myron calls his employers and gives them his report.)

Myron: Yes, I have them all and will proceed to deliver them as soon as I can but I have better news. Those dolts in the X-Force think I’m their leader Ben...

(Indistinct buzzing)

Myron: I know he disappeared weeks ago but I think if I can play my cards right. I think they can serve our cause well. Hold on a minute I have another call coming in...

(Indistinct buzzing)

Myron: Be right back (presses a button on his cell) hello?

Ben: Long time no see brother...

Myron: Ben! How did you survive?

Ben: That doesn’t matter for I know that you’re working for the President of the United States. He happened to come across my secret identity and hired both you and dad to work on his task force to tag reploids and uncover our identities. You and dad shoved mom and Laurel down to a place called “Oddessey” where no one would begin to suspect you...

Myron: Where did you obtain this information...

Ben: It’s not as important as want I want.

Myron: Well what do you want?

Ben: I’m throwing the gauntlet in your face, I want to prove who’s the better leader in combat. You’ll know where I am it’s where I left my heart in... loser. (Hangs up)

Myron: Where I left my heart in... that phrase is familiar. Oh Jesus... (Goes back on the other line)

(Indistinct buzzing)

Myron: Oh? That was my... er... sister, ya know wanted to see when I’d be home for supper. Look I need you to do a favor for me.

(Indistinct buzzing)

Myron: I need a presidential order for the evacuation of San Francisco, effective immediately. Yes I’m serious General there’s going to be trouble there tomorrow.

In the bowels of New York City...

Narrator: Head of a mysterious sect of reploids devoted to building a new reploid nation through means of force however support has been rather lackluster in public opinion among reploids. However they have a plan...

Dr. Doppler: Here it is a super-refined version of the Sigma Virus, I’ve augmented it enough so it will affect humans and create widespread hatred. Even if the X-Force administer a cure for the virus there will be enough animosity between the two groups so the Reploid Defense Force will always be high in numbers.

Colonel: Excellent, how much do you need? (Snaps fingers)

(Double comes in with a suitcase and opens it)

Colonel: There is over $100 million in that suitcase... do you accept our terms?

Dr. Doppler: This is more than enough for now, I hope I can do business with you again.

(Byte takes the suitcase)

Dr. Doppler: However there isn’t enough to spread worldwide so if you...

Colonel: (Snaps fingers)

(Double brings out a briefcase with an additional $10 million)

Colonel: The General always taught me to be prepared, so what do we need to know?

(Bit takes the briefcase)

Dr. Doppler: If the virus is concentrated into a body with much hatred the virus will grow and grow until the world can be filled with hate. Well that’s it and thanks for your generous offer. (Laughs and teleports with his two henchmen)

Colonel: Iris?

Iris: Yes, brother?

Colonel: I have a job for you...

The following morning... Tornado Mountains Zone, Northern California...

Ben: (Snores)


Ben: (Groans) morning already? Hmmm... only 7 AM... Oh well... San Francisco can’t wait and before I go... what’s a road trip without music... (Activates the Technovice MP3 player)

Technovice: Selection?

Ben: “It Doesn’t Matter”... or “Sonic’s Theme”

Technovice: Original or SA2?

Ben: Original...

(Ben stretches as the music starts and starts to run toward San Francisco)

Well, I don't show off, don't criticize,
I'm just living by my own feelings.
And I won't give in, won't compromise,
'Cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold.
I don't know why I can't leave; though it might be tough,
But I ain't out of control just living by my word.
Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason,
I got my way, my own way.

(Passengers on a greyhound see the black streak)

It doesn't matter now what happens,
I will never give up the fight.
Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight,
It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right.

Well, I don't look back; I don't need to,
Time won't wait, and I got so much to do,
Where do I stop, now it's all a blur, it's so unclear,
Well, I don't know, but I can't be wrong.

(Ben passes a sign saying, “Welcome to San Francisco” as he heads towards the Golden Gate Bridge)

It doesn't matter now what happens,
I will never give up the fight,
Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight,
Put all the bets on the one you think is right!

(A Screech indicates Ben smells something)

Ben: Mmph? (Sniffs) the military? Hah I knew Myron was too lazy to do his known bidding... (Grabs Technovice) But I’m in dire need of entertainment... Technovice armor up to...

(Ben transforms into)

MAGMA DRAGOON! Flames of Compassion!

Commander: (Looking at his binoculars) There he is! All units this is Gamma-Alpha unit confronting subject Magma Dragoon... prepare for combat. Gamma-Alpha unit fire!

(Soldiers fire their automatic weapons at Ben; the bullets harmlessly ricochet off his armor. Ben smiles as he charges full force at them.)

Ben: And your slogan is “Be all that you can be?” HA! All you can aspire to be is the toejam between my pointy toenails! (Lifts a tank and throws it into another tank)

(The soldiers continue to fire)

Ben: And what’s with you Americans and your guns? (Grabs a soldier and choke-slams him into the ground) Does it make you feel more of a man? ATOMIC FIRESTORM! (Lights a dozen soldiers aflame)

(The soldiers scream and run around aimlessly)

(Ben jumps to the top of the second tower)

Ben: Sorry, but I don’t have time to play with wusses like you now... Ta ta! (Grinds down the arc into San Francisco)

Lethbridge, Alberta...

Narrator: At Rob and Andrew’s house although it’s a Saturday, for some reason they couldn’t sleep in. In the kitchen their Dad leaves the channel on CNN as they both enjoy a bowl of cereal.

TV: This just in, hours after the population of San Francisco was evacuated the military has engaged the dangerous reploid known as Magma Dragoon. Already they have reported that they have suffered massive causalities and their weapons although more advanced are having no effect...

Rob: (!)

Andrew: (!)

Both: What the?

TV: We bring you live from San Francisco our field reporter Leslie Hammond...

Leslie: I’m up above San Francisco and already Magma Dragoon is causing serious damage to downtown already and the Air Force is considering calling in a tactical air strike or even an orbital cannon in hopes it will stop him and if you look closely...

Rob: What happened I thought Ben went home... wait a minute did you say they moved?

Andrew: Yeah three weeks ago... why?

Rob: Would Ben have any knowledge of where his family moved if he was missing for an entire month?

Andrew: No... wait so that would mean who we thought was Ben was actually...

Both: Mr. Dragoon.

Rob: Bastard. He tricked us all into thinking he was Ben...

Myron: (- This is Ben on the radiopathic link. Mr. Dragoon is rampaging in San Francisco all members report to San Francisco immediately. -)

Andrew: Even that didn’t sound like Ben.

Rob: Let’s go to the Sky Lagoon, you know where Myron kept the Circuit Stones right?

Andrew: Well yeah but...

Rob: He was very interested in those stones let’s see why...

San Francisco...

Commander: Fire the plasma shells!

(The artillery-style cannons fire powerful plasma blasts that only stagger the Dragoon)


(The soldiers vaporize)

Ben: Pathetic humans.

Alon: Hold it right there!

Ben: Huh? (Turns around)

Myron: Mr. Dragoon you have destroyed San Francisco and devastated the military. The X-Force and I bid you surrender or die.

Ben: Well “Ben” come and get me.

To be continued...