Twin Dragons Part II

By Ben

San Francisco

Narrator: Recalling very recent events in Part 1 of “Twin Dragons”, In order to expose Mr. Dragoon as a fraud Ben journeyed to the nearby city of San Francisco to create a scene and reveal the real Mr. Dragoon. Unfortunately the plan backfired as Myron brought in the X-Force to take him down...

Myron: I don’t think you don’t fully understand the situation, we outnumber you six to one, it’s in your best interests if you...

Ben: Spout at some other loser, I’ve taken on even more desperate odds.

Myron: Yet you slept with a night-light until you were nine...

X-Force: (Laugh)

Gary: Ha ha ha (snort) Myron is such a big loser!

Rick: Hah! (Giggles) (Snorts)

Ben: (- Crap I hate it when he talks about the “past”. This is just another mind game. -) (Pounces onto Myron) RARGH!

(Alon’s giant fist slams Ben into the pavement)

Alon: Not so fast asshole!

Ben: You’re so foolish Alon, I know what your weakness is. ATOMIC FIRESTORM!

(The blast creates a physically harmless corona, but it blinds Alon)

Ben: Say have you ever heard the song “Crash and Burn”? (Charges Alon)

(Ben knocks Alon into a gas station)

Ben: First you’ll crash... then you’ll burn (Fist glows as he slams it into the ground) HEAT WAVE!

(The gas station explodes Hollywood style)

Alon: (Runs and screams while on fire) SOMEONE HELP ME!

Marc: Oy, this going to be a... whatever. Hold on a sec I’ll have to blow out Alon.

Trevor: Wouldn’t be easier if you just took out Myron then did Alon?

Marc: SHUT UP! WHO ASKED FOR YOUR STUPID OPINION? (Runs off you save Alon)

Trevor: (Starts choking)

Rick: Never mind Marc, he’s half jackass.

Gary: Actually I thought he was a full jackass.

Ben: Ahem... ladies? You know I won’t hold back on you like I did Alon I hope you know.




(Matrix-style Ben dodges all the attacks ala “Bullet Time”)

Trevor, Rick and Gary: (!)

(Rick throws a bathtub at Ben)

Ben: Oh crap... OOF! (The ceramic bathtub shatters, then Ben gets up)

(Gary jumps hoping to the “Bullet Time” kick in mid-air he stops)

Gary: Hey what’s up?

(A quartet of lawyers emerges)

Lawyer 1: I represent the firm Smith, Smith, Smith and Jones Attorneys at law I am the second Smith.

Lawyer 2: I am the first Smith.

Lawyer 3: I am the third Smith.

Lawyer 4: I am Jones

Lawyer 1: We are here to file a cease and desist order from Warner Brothers already in the first two pages of this episode you...

Nearby Airspace...

Colonel: (On the Radio) Iris! Are you in position to administer virus to subject Magma Dragoon?

Iris: (In her mech) yes brother. Why must I hurt the one reploid I truly love?

Colonel: You know we promised our creators we would be soldiers first and lovers last. Administer the virus.

Iris: (Sighs) I just you’re right, preparing to upload virus into Magma Dragoon’s primary mainframe. Target lock in 10 seconds...

(What Iris doesn’t realize is that she’s aiming towards Mr. Dragoon who is watching the odd legal battle between Ben and the Lawyers)

Iris: Target acquired. Uploading “Hate Virus”... success.

Colonel: Excellent job sister!

Iris: I hope that I didn’t just condemn us all.

Colonel: You did it for the Reploid Defense Force, there is no worthier cause. Return to base the X-Force can handle the rest from here.

Iris: Roger, I am setting course back to RDF base Iraq.

Meanwhile below...

Lawyer 2: Blah, blah, blah... blah blah...

Ben: ENOUGH WITH YOUR FRICKIN’ RED TAPE! (Grabs the lawsuit papers and burns them)

(Gary drops from suspension)


Gary: Ouchies!

Lawyer 2: Blah?

Rick: Stupid bureaucrats... DIE!

(All four jump into the air and create the “Bullet Time” effect and kick the lawyers into the wall of a skyscraper killing all but one of them)

Lawyer 4: That... was... assault... (Dies)

Rick: Piece of cake...

(Meanwhile Mr. Dragoon grows more and more “powerful “ from the virus’s effects)

Myron: (Starts to shake) must kill... Ben.... Must kill Ben, he was mommy’s favorite...

(Trevor, Rock and Gary start to converge on Ben when Myron leaps and trenches Ben)

Ben: What the hell...

Gary: Holy the two Dragoons are fighting for ultimate supremacy!

Trevor: I think it’s more than that...

Rick: This beats the WWF!

Myron: I’m sorry or much rather I’m not but you have to die Ben. Daddy wanted it that way...

Gary: Which one is which? I think I’m getting... (Throws up)

Rick and Trevor: Ew! Gross!

Ben: Well... (grunts) Daddy just can go suck my... (groans) DICK! (Kicks Myron off of him)

Myron: DIE!

Ben: I don’t get it My... you were always the apple of Mom and Dad’s eyes... (Dodges one attack from Myron) I was always their little bitch... (Leaps and Myron crashes through a window)

Myron: But you always had... your friends...

Ben: You did too, you were the most popular kid in school...

Myron: (Slashes at Ben) they were nothing more than self-indulgent whiners... you had Rob and them...

Ben: (Transforms back into Pyro the Fox) Is this what you want... everything I spent a lifetime trying to get? God, you are so pathetic Myron, no wonder everyone here hates you.

Myron: I will be more than you can imagine... (Lunges himself at Ben)

(Ben runs using the magnetic repulsors collecting magnetic energy and throws himself at Myron and slams them through three skyscrapers)

Trevor, Rick and Gary: Go Foxie... Go Foxie...

As the dust settles...

(Alon rampages towards both)

Alon: Where’s that asshole of a dragon that... (Pummels Mr. Dragoon mercilessly)

Marc: (Swoops in) Hey fatass! I think he’s dead now!

Alon: Oh shut up you Thanksgiving Turkey! Why don’t I come up there and bast you?

Marc: (Taunts Alon dodging his every swipe)

(Teleporter door opens up as Trevor, Rick and Gary show up)

Rob: (Walks out with Andrew each carrying four Circuit Stones) Enough!

Andrew: This is what Mr. Dragoon was after...

Rob: He wanted to take these gems Ben collected when we landed in the Tornado Mountains Zone... (Winks at Ben) he wanted to keep you out of his way so Al Gore and Stockwell Day would steal them from the vault. Luckily for us he failed.

Myron: No... I can not be defeated this way... RARGH! I’LL KILL YOU ALL... (A purple glow surrounds him) MR. DRAGOON UPGRADE TO...

(Myron grows and transforms to the 500 foot tall)

DIABORO DRAGOON! Night of Hatred!


Class: Draco  Height: 235.5 m
Type: Dark            Weight: 140 000 kg

Ben: I never seen something like this happen according to the technovice his embodies pure hatred and can unleash an unimaginably power shockwave called the “Dark Dizzy”.

Gary: Call in the testers! I think Myron’s been taking steroids...

Myron: RARGH! DIE! You have cost me all happiness; there’s nothing but hate... DARK DIZZY!

(The black waves throw the assorted X-Force members and Circuit Stones in different directions)

(Skyscrapers collapse as the member strike them with incredible force...)

CNN Channel... one hour later...

Reporter: The situation in San Francisco grows critical as some fearsome reploid about 500 feet in height has crushed the X-Force and the continuing missile attacks are failing. Evidently there’s no hope if it moves on and for our viewers on the West Coast may god have mercy on us all...

San Francisco...

???: Ben, wake up. I’m here to help you.

Ben: (Eyes open) (Groans) Luckily I changed to MD before I would’ve gone splat...

???: Do you remember me?

Ben: (Looks at him) Nth! What are you doing here?

Nth: You have to defeat Diaboro Dragoon before humanity suffers.

Ben: Are you kidding? He threw us around like we were rag dolls. We’re no match for Godzilla over there.

Nth: Your Circuit Stone...

Ben: (Picks up the red Circuit Stone)

Rob: (Picks up the green Circuit Stone)

Andrew: (Picks up the purple Circuit Stone)

Gary: (Picks up the orange Circuit Stone)

Trevor: (Picks up the gray Circuit Stone)

Marc: (Picks up the brown Circuit Stone)

Alon: (Picks up the blue Circuit Stone)

Rick: (Picks up the yellow Circuit Stone)

All: The symbol inside it... it’s glowing...

(Multi-Colored beams of light shoot up)

Myron: (Screams) RARGH! The light!

(The Circuit Stones shatter)

Andrew: That’s it the stones are destroyed.

Trevor: There’s no hope...

Ben: No, I’ll never admit defeat to Myron. That’s it asshole! You’re going down...

(From the energy of the shattered Circuit Stones it creates eight other devices each one corresponding to each members color.)

(A symbol appears on every screen)

Nth: The power of the circuit stones wasn’t in the gems, but in the symbols or crests... each symbol has a different power. Now with the X-Terminal and the crests you can armor upgrade... good luck my friends, we’ll meet again.

(Ben holds his X-Terminal)

Ben: How do you want to be fried Myron... (Ben’s X-Terminal glows with Trevor’s Crest)

(The Technovice and the X-Terminal combine their powers...)

MAGMA DRAGOON... Armor Upgrade to...

(The Symbol of Knowledge and Ben combine energy to become)

FLAME DRACON! The Acknowlegdable Terror of the Skies!


Class: Draco  Height: 2.8 m
Type: Atom/Fire  Weight: 400 kg

Andrew: Equipped with an unlimited amount of “Inferno Missiles” this variant of Flame Dracon can create fiery wastelands and destroy everything within’ a 20 kilometer radius using his “Metal Dragon Breath” attack.

Rob: So we have some extra power, but why can’t we upgrade?

Andrew: I don’t know Rob, but maybe we aren’t ready yet...

Alon: Oh great what can we do now?

Gary: (Brings out some popcorn)

Rick: (Takes a sip of Mountain Dew)

Ben: (Glows red with energy and slams into Myron’s chest)

(Myron staggers as Ben pushes him towards a cliff)

(They both suddenly stop)

Myron: Eh?

Ben: (Hatches on the lower legs and shoulders open) METAL DRAGON BREATH! (The missiles fire, explode and topple Myron into the bay.)

Gary and Rick: (Cheer)

Rick: Boo yeah Ben wiped the floor clean with him...

Myron: (Rises) think again!

Ben: Wha? It didn’t work?

Marc: Never send a dragon to do an owl’s job. (Flies toward Myron) TRAID TORNADO!

(Myron is briefly trapped in the vortex until Myron breaks free)

Marc: Wha?

(Myron swats Marc into the Golden Gate Bridge)

Myron: RARGH! (With his massive fist slams into the bridge)

(All seems lost for Marc as he falls with the rest of the debris)

Andrew: SHIELD OF LIGHT! (Snatches Marc while striking a blow to Myron)

Myron: Huh?


Ben: METAL DRAGON BREATH! (Chest opens up and fires a triad of torpedoes)

(The dazzling fireworks display can be seen on the shore where the groundbound X-Force watches.)

(Andrew lands on the shore)

Andrew: Fireworks display or tactical air strike who can tell the difference?

Rob: The bigger question is; are we beating him?

Marc: (Groans) we can’s beat him, no matter how many missiles we fire at him we’ll never even scratch his armor.

Alon: Oh just shut up for once in your life you stupid little...

Rob: Wait, Marc might be going somewhere... grabs X-Terminal... (Use the communicator function) Yo Ben, Trevor listen up...

Ben and Trevor: (Stop and listen)

Rob: I think there’s a way we can beat him. If we attack at the same time I think we can breach his armor...

Ben: Well we have nothing to lose... everyone prepare to attack with your most powerful moves!







(Quickly Andrew grabs Rob and throws him toward Myron as the combined attacks strike Myron)

Rob: Open wide big boy... (Starts to spin clockwise) DRILL CLAW!

(At the high speeds he was drilling and due to the added stress on Myron’s armor Rob opens a hole through Myron’s chest)

Rob: BEN! NOW!

Ben: (Holds breath) METAL DRAGON BREATH! (Fires an incredible fire blast from his mouth)

(When the blast struck Myron suddenly exploded the blast could be seen from a helicopter hovering above)

Pilot 1: Hawkeye to Enterprise* confirmed sighting of explosion of subject Heavy Draco...

(*Not the Enterprise from Star Trek much rather the CVN-65 USS Enterprise)

Passenger 1: (Sees the X-Force) Wait take me down there!

Pilot 2: Alrighty, we’ll be there in a few minutes...

(The X-Force watches from the shore)

Gary: (Gives thumbs up)

Rick: (Gives a standing ovation)

Alon and Marc: (- Wackos. -)

(Dust flies everywhere as the helicopter lands and stops; the first pilot jumps out and opens the door)

Passenger: Hello, where is Myron?

Gary: Uh...

Alon: (Scratches head)

Marc: We just blew him up jackass!

All: MARC!

Rick: Actually mister, what business is of yours?

Passenger: He’s an agent of my task force and also my son.

All: (?)

Gary: Talk about the family business...

Passenger: Well?

Rick: Uh... you see... it’s a long story...

???: We came and I beat his sissy-ass keister.

(Everyone turns back to see Ben (Back to his normal form as Magma Dragoon) holding Myron, Rob, Andrew and Trevor descending on a platform of light)

Passenger: Benjamin, you were responsible for this?

Ben: No, Myron had to complicate matters. But now that I got my team back, you can have your crummy favorite son. (Throws Myron on his face in the sand)

Passenger: No you misunderstand we...

Ben: Oh save your excuses, you and he were out for personal gain. That’s why you forced mom and Laurel to move to Oddessey. You remember that phone call last night? Laurel told me she and didn’t want to move in the first place you wanted to work for President Bush under that stupid task force...

Passenger: (Touches Ben on the shoulder) Look Ben...

Ben: (Gives his dad his lightest right hook) Don’t touch me... (Myron approaches Ben)

Myron: Why you ungrateful bastard I’ll... (Rob kicks him in the nuts) OOF! (In a girly voice) my nads! (Falls down and curls up)

Ben: (?) Uh... Rob I didn’t die yet...

Rob: Sorry, I just couldn’t wait.

The Sapphire Archipelago... 22 hours later...

Narrator: On a system of 5 main islands and several smaller ones this little archipelago in the south Pacific Ocean is noted for it’s beautiful if not dangerous zones. The X-Force is finally able to relax after their victory over Mr. Dragoon/Diaboro Dragoon the X-Force finally can relax on the beaches of the Sapphire Resort Zone...

Rob: Aren’t we trespassing on this rather beautiful beach? I heard these islands are privately owned.

Ben: Actually we’re not; these islands are property of Nathaniel T. Haley and were given to those that occupy or work on the Sky Lagoon.

Rob: Why would anyone do that for us?

Ben: Take the first letter of each of his names and you’ll get the idea.

Rob: Huh? (Thinks for awhile) Oh, I see...

Gary and Marc: (Do spit takes)

Ben: (Sighs) What now?

Gary: My sprite’s is not cold enough...

Marc: Neither is my coke!

Ben: Don’t look at me look at our servers... Al and Stockwell...

Gary and Marc: (Look at Al and Stockwell with bloodshot eyes)

Al: What did we do this time?

Stockwell: Uh oh, we didn’t make their drinks cold enough...

(Ben and Rob still relax as gunshots, womanly screams, and a cat squawking in the background)

Ben: Do you think Alon should’ve hired them? As they say, “never send a politician to do a server’s job.”

Rob: Well at least they work for pratically nothing...

(Al and Stockwell run as Gary and Marc chase them with pitchforks and shotguns)

Gary: I told you you to stop fooling around with my daughter...

Marc: But you don’t have a daughter...

Gary: Oh shut up, we’re lagging behind...

(First Al and Stockwell then Gary and Marc cut off Andrew from a sprinting pace)

Andrew: (?) (Continues to run) BEN!


Andrew: Uh, sorry. It’s President Bush he’s making an annoucement...

Ben: And why should I care?

(Andrew’s X-Terminal makes a “flat” holographic screen)

(The X-Force save for Gary and Marc gather)

X-Terminal: Urgent report on CNN, two airplanes crashed into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon already these attacks cost 266 lives and what's this...


(Gary and Marc have Al and Stockwell tied up and are preparing for the execution)

Gary: Ah crap!

Marc: Remember little man... this isn’t over yet...

(Both join the rest of the X-Force as the X-Terminal shows footage of the World Trade Towers collapse)

X-Force: (Gasp)

Trevor: Unbelievable

Alon: Shit!

Ben: Why would I care?

X-Force: BEN!

Ben: Why should I care if humans want to kill themselves?

Rob: Something seems unatural about this...

Ben: What?

Rob: Look at how well co-ordinated these attacks are.

Gary: Yeah, ever heard of Oshama Bin Laden?

Rob: Maybe but we'll need to investigate for ourselves, so I guess we can count you out Ben...

Ben: (Says nothing)

Meanwhile in the Reploid Defense Force Headquarters in Iraq...

Narrator: Unknown to the general public and the United States the nations of Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan as well as parts of India and Kazhastan were taken over by the reploid defense force several days ago. Inside what used to be Saddam Hussen's palace exists the new headquarters for the Reploid Defense Force.

Colonel: MWHAHAHAHA! My plans are working, after a war with the United States I'll gain more territory and more in suceeding wars...

Iris: But brother didn't you want a nation of reploids...

Colonel: Foolish girl! You're so naive to think I didn't want an empire ruled under my titanium fists?

Iris: Brother...

Colonel: Get out of my sight you little wentch! Now!

(Iris leaves and Colonel transforms into... Doubles)

Double: Hah! That little slut doesn't know that I killed her brother when he captured this territory and it's easier than when I pose as the rulers of these nations to get those idiotic masses to have their very free wills taken from them.

(Double opens up a communication post and calls to Sigma)

Double: Everything's set up Sigma. You can start the war anytime you please.

Sigma: Excellent! The X-Hunter's shipments will reach you with 12 hours. I have to say you made some pleasing "impressions".

Double: You should that broad Iris, so stupid to see that her brother's deads...

Double and Sigma: (Laugh evilly)

Double: Now if you excuse me, the "colonel" has an announcement to make.

To be continued...