NARRATOR: After picking up Chinese food from his favorite resturant. MD encounters the even more savage Spark Mandrill.

Ben: Oh crap ! Not you again !

Mandrill: Ook Ook ! Crap !

Ben: *runs as Mandrill throws his feces*

Narrator: When Ben walks it none other than our unlovable and unhuggable Anton !

Crowd: *Cheers*

Anton: What happened Spark Mandrill gave you more crap today ? *laughs*

Ben: Shut up ya little turd ! *shocks Anton*

Rick: Is it nessacary to do that all the time ?

Ben: We was asking for it.

Rick: An invatation came for you today. *hands Ben the letter*

Ben: *opens and reads it* hmmmm....

Rob: *cries* For the love of god please tell us what it is !!!

Alon: We haven't gotten any mail since that invatation to Anton's debut at Strippers.

Rob: *bawls even louder* and thought I could forget it.....

Lynx: It was horrific indeed.

Ben: AHEM ! We've been invited to my cousin Tawny's wedding. *sighes*

Anton: *jumps up* A wedding I better pack my stuff.

All (cept' for Ben): Yeah ! *run into their quarters*

Ben: And I thought I never had to face them again.

Narrator: 1 day and 5 hours 37 minutes and 13 seconds later, our heroes reach Tropical Lagoon's church.

Matt: Is it ok for us to show up only in our armor ? Its your family.

Ben: Exactly.

Matt: *whispers* Is it me or is it that Ben really hates his family ?

Alon: Indeed

Ben: Will you shut you pieholes and come on in.

Narrator: As they walk in....

Anton: Wow a family of Dragoons ! Now I have more of them to annoy.

Ben's Family: *bring out their Stun Guns and shock Anton into submission*

Rick: *pokes Anton* I think he's unconicous.

Alon:Oh and I thought he was dancing.

All: *laugh*

Rick: *tries to zap Alon*

Alon: Hah, I'm not weak to your weapon.

Rick: Curses.

Ben: 'cuse me while I stuff him in the closet over there.

Rob: Yeah, I'll help you.

Lynx: me too.

Ben: ACK ! he's one heavy fungi !

Rob: I'd hate to have a hernia at this age !

*Ben, Rob and Lynx throw Anton into the closet and close the door*

Priest: Oh no, That closet is locked, your friend will be trapped.

Lynx: Why don't you get the key ?

Priest: It's in my office and I have to start the wedding now.

Ben: *Shrugs* We can get him later.

As they Priest starts the ceremony....

All: (Cept' for Ben): BOR-ING ! *fall asleep*

*about 30 minutes later*

Priest: And with the power invested in me I pronounce you Repliod and Dragoon !

Ben and Family: *Do the twenty-one fire ball salute*

Marc: Is it over yet.

Ben: No we still have have the reception.

All: *groan*

Ben: There's food....

All: OH YEAH !

Later at the reception...

Tawny: How are all of you are liking the reception.

Alon: The supper was great.

Tawny: WHAT ?!? BEN !!!!

Ben: He's not my dog.

Tawny: Now how are we going to eat?

Ben: Leave that to me, but you'll have to do the dance first. Rob you be the DJ.

Rob: Roger.

Tawny: *sighes* I hope you know what you're doing.

Rob: Uh...hello...*taps microphone* how does this work.

Crowd: *laughs*

Rob:*cries* I'm doing my best.

Ben: OK Matt, you do it.

Matt: Ok.

Rick: Lets go....

A couple hours later. Everyone is enjoying the  meal prepared by X-Force Catering.

Mr. Dragoon: Are you feeling good about yourself ?

Ben: Wha ?

Mr. Dragoon: You and the rest of your friends ruinedthe wedding.

Ben: Why would you care ?

Mr. Dragoon: ARGH !  I planned this wedding along with you aunt and mother.

Ben: Oh momma's boyt is pissed. Now the gloves come off.

Mr. Dragoon: But I'm not wearing gloves.

Ben: Good, the sooner I can punch you *punches Mr. Dragoon in the eye*

As the two dragoons fight the rest of the team watches...

Alon: Ha ! Mr. Dragoon fights like a wussie !

Ben's mother: Tsk, Ben was always one to start a fight.

Marc: Excuse me ?

Mother: He and Myron....

Rob: Myron ?!?

All: *laugh*

Rob: What kind of a  sissy name is that.

Mother: They've been fighting since they were...

Lynx: Spare me the baby photos. $50 says Ben will win.

Father: You're on.

Ben: *throws Mr. Dragoon out of the window*

Lnyx: Cough up the dough !

Father: No way !

Lynx: *kicks father in the nads and steals his wallet*

Ben: Uh, that's our clue to go.

All: *scream as they are being chased out by Ben's family*

Back at home...

Rick: Oh man, I don't want to go to another of your family get-togethers Ben.

Rob: Me neither.

Ben: After that I think they'll be wiser and not invite us next ime.

Matt: Hopefully.

Rick:  I think we forgot something.

All: ANTON !!!

Meanwhile in Tropial Lagoon

Anton: *knocks* Anyone there ? Help me....