The NEW Sinister Six in:

Fight for Collective Independence

Guest starring the one and only Gauntlet!

Note: This event really happend online when The S6 were trying to find their own webspace, so the story sort of plays out.

Britt: This Epilouge was written by me! My first Epilouge for the S6! It is about a true story about us getting an account with Dugtrio, and suddenly NyNe came to us with yet another offer! Heh, Enjoy my intake on the whole ordeal!

Narrator: Our story begins during a quiet winter day. Things have been going well for the S6; they have found a new headquarters and had met their new landlord, Dugtrio17. Britt had searched for this quiet corner of the world for her teammates to call “home” after quite the fiasco with their old landlord and his demands. It seemed as if all was going according to plan; all that was left to do was pack up and move into their new, spacious home.

But, that could wait. Right now was leisure time. Erik had psyched himself up to work on his novella, Rich holed himself up in his basement “laboratory” with his creations, and Ben… well, no one’s quite sure what he’s up to. He just happened to mumble something about half of the team being “a threat to his life, what with their gas and all.” Poor Ben; his words carried quite a bit of truth… Gary wasn’t the only one who had the ability to emit noxious fumes from his rear on command; Erik wasn’t afraid to admit to his smog emissions. And oddly enough, Britt could rip stinkers that would make the Eskimo proud. “A woman after my own fart,” Gary would say. A match made perfect, though I suggest refraining from lighting one around those two.

And speaking of the two shortest and cuddly team members… Gary and Britt were snuggled together on the sofa in the rumpus room, watching The Forgotten. It had been a long and lonely day; Gary had some things to finish and loose ends to tie off with their old landlord and was gone for most of the week because of it. Britt missed him terribly, especially whenever feeling rather under the weather. Seeing Gary made her day, and they decided to spend some time away from their daily responsibilities.

Britt: *sighs happily, leaning her head against Gary’s chest, sinking deeper into the sofa. The light from the TV cast a bluish glow across her face, blending the roughness from years of past troubles away. She wore a serene smile, content; an emotion so rare and refreshing to see as she had been rather distant due to inner conflicts with her new Cutman armour and how others, especially Gary, would perceive her.* Y’know… when I first heard of this movie, I expected your basic psychological thriller. But now… I think I’m gonna hafta watch it a few times so I can pause it and really figure out what’s going on.

Gary: *He nodded, shifting a bit, his arm around Britt’s shoulders.* Indeed. Definitely not what I was expecting, that’s for sure. *He felt something bubble inside him, then sweet release.* Ahh… Silent but deadly.

Britt: That’s a way to kill the mood. *She laughed, giving Gary a playful shove. Pausing, she let one slip as well.* Hoo boy… Might as well join in. *She wrinkled her nose.* Oh god, it smells like cheese!

Gary: Eew, nasty! *He laughed.* How un-ladylike!

Britt: Heh, when have I ever been ladylike? *Laughing, she settled against Gary once more.*

=Ben, who had just happened to walk in for a DVD, stopped cold in the doorway.=

Ben: Whoa, funk of death! Are you guys trying to blow this place up?! *He shook his head and crossed the room, selecting a DVD from the collection.* I swear, it’s damn near impossible to live with you…

Gary: *He chuckled* Sorry, Ben.

=With a bang, the door hit the floor. Ben, Gary, and Britt snapped their attention to the noise, seeing a dark figure in the doorway and what looked to be an army behind him. The figure stepped into the distant glow from the TV, revealing a long, flowing trench coat and a very stoic disposition. Tubes and wires snaked from an ornate mechanical eye grafted to the side of the man’s head, the lens glowing with a piercing red light. His gloved hands curled into tight fists, his gait stiff and robotic. Overall, he resembled Bass, only highly augmented and with an entirely different paint scheme. He did not smile, his face was flat and emotionless as he turned his dark gaze toward the S6.=

NyNe: I am SeVeN of NyNe. We are the MMC. You will be assimilated into the collective. Surrender your flesh; surrender your independence and a new life awaits you.

Britt: *She jumped from the sofa, brandishing a flaming pitchfork; her weapon of choice similar to Gary’s infamous mallet.* You! I’ve heard about you! You’re one of the henchmen from PMM! *Stepping forward, she wielded the weapon, flames trailing it.* We have a home, we don’t need you!

Ben: *He backed up.* What the hell is going on?!

Gary: *He brandished his mallet as well.* This just seems way too suspicious to be a coincidence…

NyNe: It is useless to fight. Your new landlord will be assimilated. You cannot stop the MMC.

Britt: *Her grip tightened on the pitchfork.* We’ll just see about that… *With a cry, she lunged at NyNe, swinging wildly. Furiously, she fought, determined to drive this threat away and protect what she had worked so hard to find. No one was going to assimilate her Gary. No one.*

NyNe: *Easily sidestepping each swing, he learned and perfected the attack pattern, using Britt’s own moves and strikes against her. Disarming her, NyNe kicked her to the floor, planting his boot on her chest to hold her down, the tines of the pitchfork pointed to her throat.* I have adapted to your offensive capabilities. Resistance is futile.

Gary: BRITT! *Enraged, he swung his mallet at NyNe’s head.* You get away from her you freak! *His protective instincts kicking in, Gary fought with all his might to defend the one he loves.*

NyNe: *No emotion as he easily defended himself and adapted his moves to mirror and overpower Gary’s attack patterns. The mallet was thrown across the room and Gary was on the floor, pinned beside his love, the flaming pitchfork inches from him.* It is useless to resist. You will surrender your flesh.

= Ben stood there, the flames dancing atop his noggin mimicking the menacing glow of the flames of the pitchfork that was just moments away from being used to end his teammates’ lives. He could not allow this… they worked too hard to get what they have now. He was not about to let it end, not to some MMC Borg. Not to a descendent of the PMM. Not now. Not ever.

His actions speaking louder than any thought that raced through his head, Ben found himself clocking NyNe in the jaw, sending him reeling backwards. A knee to the groin, a chop to the shoulder and the pitchfork hit the floor. The Borg was disarmed.

The trenchcoat fluttering behind him, NyNe spun on his heel, his heavy boot connecting with Ben’s waist, the fiery robot stumbling across the room. Flipping through the air, he watched Ben closely, his augmented optics picking up subtle cues and signals to Ben’s movements, allowing him to adapt his fighting style and predict each move. The flat of his hand boxed Ben’s ears, a loud “pop” tearing through his head, disabling him.

Ben doubled over, seeing his friends come to his aid. He was not fighting alone, his teammates would not allow for that. A team stands together, a team fights together. And this team was certainly not about to relinquish their independence to some corporate head.

NyNe was thrown off-balance as Britt tackled him. Clinging to his shoulders, she reached for the cords the connected his advanced optics to his brain and yanked at them. Shocks of pain shot through NyNe’s head and he screamed, an emotion filled with agony and pain, the first they have ever seen from this being. Reaching behind him, he gripped Britt’s arms and used her to his advantage, throwing his weight forward, the momentum flinging Britt off and to the floor.

Automatically, Gary was at NyNe’s back, spitting a glob of liquid nitrogen at the sensitive circuitry. The electronics froze instantly and NyNe spun around; his stealy glare on Gary. Gary merely smiled at him before he spit another mouthful, plastering NyNe’s face with it, blinding him.=

NyNe: You… will not… resist! *He ripped the frozen blob from his face, exposing his cybernetically-enhanced structure; sparks from dead circuitry arcing in the darkness of the room.* You will be assimilated into the collective. It is useless to resist.

=Seemingly coming out from the woodwork, MMC drones surrounded the S6 trio.=

Britt: *She swallowed, ready to fight, though hesitant.* There’s… there’s too many of ‘em!

Gary: …Dammit, and none of ‘em have a sense of smell either!

Ben: We can’t give up now! We can take ‘em!

NyNe: It is useless to fight. We have adapted to your offensive capabilities. You will not defeat the MMC.

=A voice from the distant shadows.=

[Unknown]: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Gary: *He gasped in amazement and relief.* I know that voice! It’s… GAUNTLET!

=Emerging from the shadows in a blur of Shadow Blades; Gauntlet dropped to the floor before the mass of drones. The blades connected with their targets, the mindless minions pitching forward and collapsing.=

Gauntlet: Go! Run! Do it now!

=Nodding, the trio ran for it. Gary paused at the doorway.=

Gary: What about you?

Gauntlet: I know how these guys work, I can handle ‘em. Go!

Gary: *He nodded hesitantly.* Godspeed, Gaunt. *He turned and hurried out of the room.*

NyNe: *He turned his attention to the new arrival.* Gauntlet! So we meet again.

Gauntlet: Enough with the small talk, NyNe! If I won’t let you assimilate the Mechs, what makes you think I’ll let you take my friends?!

NyNe: You will submit to the MMC. A new life awaits you.

Gauntlet: Never! I’ll never join you!

=Gary and Britt had strayed behind in their retreat, curiosity beckoning them back to the doorway. There, they stayed just out of sight as the battle unfolded before them.

Gauntlet fought valiantly against the overwhelming odds; drones just coming out of nowhere. For each one he took down, five more would crawl in to replace it. He used all of his tricks, all of his holograms, all of his secrets; everything. He was not about to give up, no one was taking his freedom. And no one was taking his friends. Not without a fight.

The drones adapted to his moves and Gauntlet found himself resorting to things he would never do. Furniture became his weapons, his ninja tricks had been thwarted by the calculating minds of the relentless drones. He was not about to be stopped.

His breath coming to him in heavy gasps, every muscle in his body ached. His evasion and reaction time lapsed. Punches connected with his jaw. His moves weakened as his body began to succumb to fatigue. No. No, he will fight this. He will end this. Nothing will stop him, he won’t let it. As long as he’s still standing then he can still fight. He can still fight and he will fight. He will triumph over this.

The things he’s worked so hard to build were not about to come crashing down now. As long as he had a say in it, then he will not allow this takeover to happen.

A sharp jab to the midsection and Gauntlet doubled-over. A blow to the back of his head, his vision going white. Stumbling, he pulled himself to his feet. No, this was not going to happen. He will win. He always has, and things were not about to change now!=

NyNe: *He looked on in satisfaction as his drones swarmed Gauntlet, blocking him from view. He knew what was happening, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the sheer number of henchmen were overpowering the secretive ninja.* Your new life awaits you, Gauntlet. Submit to the collective.

=The dust settled as the mass of drones parted. In the centre, Gauntlet stood. Behind his visor, his eyes rolled back and he dropped to his knees. Wavering, he pitched forward, hitting the floor with a sickening thump, silent.

Gary and Britt were horrified. No, it can’t be… it can’t be true… It just can’t be true! Their hero, their crusader, Gauntlet… battered, exhausted, and… defeated. Gauntlet was beaten. Crushed.=

NyNe: *He nodded, the corners of his mouth turning up in a vicious sneer.* Resistance… is futile.