The NEW Sinister Six in:

Battle of the Sinister Six

Leon: Once upon a time, there was a team called The Sinister Six. Consisited of Six brilliant members, who fought to keep our beloved city safe. And now...with the new circumstances, they decided to challenge us to a fight of the one and true Sinister Six. Our beloved friends and allies, now showing signs of Evil. What power condemed them to such a horror? Read on and find out.

Narrator: As usual Breakfast awaits our Beloved Crime Fighters.

Gary: Okay guys! Breakfastís on!

Rich: *sniffs* Hmm... Something smells good.

Britt: Like Bananas...what did you bake?

Gary: Muffins!

Erik: Oh god no, Benís bound to have a psychotic episode if he see that. We better make sure he doesnít walk in.

Leon: Too late...

Ben: Whatís smell... *Sees the muffins, eye twitches* ARGH!

Muffinman: Youíre dead Ben...

Ben: Youíll never take me alive... *Jumps out the window landing face-first onto the patio*

Gary: BWHAHAHA! Didnít think heíd do that.

Erik: *sigh* Now I know why you said make breakfast.

Gary: What? You expect me to make pancakes and sausages?

Erik: Actually...

Rich: *Looking out the window* Uh... Benís not moving.

Gary: Heís fine.

Leon: *Also looking out the window* ...then why is he twitching?

Gary: Benís been through worse, remember when he threw himself off the Megalopolis Tower thinking Rita MacNeil was coming to eat him?

Ben: *Gets up and dusts himself* ARGH!

Rita MacNeil: Time for the main course! *Chases Ben*

Ben: *Runs away screaming*

Britt: Uh, you know it wonít be long before heíll burn down the neighborhood.

Erik: Guess our breakfast plans are scrapped.

Rich: Hard to believe we gotta stop our own co-worker. Let's go team!

*So the Sinister Five drive off*

Ben: ARRRRRRGGGG!! Must Burn stuff! *burns the closet building! Damn Rita MacNeil! ARrrrrggg!

*Finally somebody came into the fray to stop Ben, but it wasn't our heroes*

Cop Bot: Okay...stop right there renegade robot!

Ben: ARRRRRGGGG...Muffinman! *blazes several cop bots*

Cop Bot: Hostile Robot found near Sellmeyer street. Requesting back up!

Ben: *looks towards the cop bots but only sees the Muffinman*

Muffinman: I'm going to kill you Ben...right now!!

Ben: OVER MY DEAD BODY! *blazes whats left of the cops*

Muffinman: That all you got? Come on...I'm falling asleep here!

Ben: Grrrrr....*blazes a nearby hotdog stand*

Muffinman: *yawns* Was that a Fire Storm...or a "Lazy Storm"?

Ben: ARRRRRGG! STOP INSULTING ME! *prepairs to melt the entire street*

Gary: Ben! Stop it! Power down! *cools Ben with a barrage of Ice attacks*

Ben: Gary...I...I...

Muffinman: *appears infront of Gary* You suck Fireman! EAT ME!!!

Ben: NEVER!! *blazes Gary*

Gary: Ugggg...

Erik: Damnit Ben, knock it off already!

Muffinman: Your mother was a factory worker!

Ben: GGGGGGGRRR!! *blazes Erik*

Erik: Damn...

Rich: Jesus...I've never seen him so bad!

Britt: You'd be surprised actually.

Muffinman: Eat crap and die Benny Boy!


Leon: Look out guys!

Ben: *fires a dosage of flames at the three of them, but misses and hits a fire hydrant*

Britt: look what he did.

Ben: *gets doused with water, and soon his delusions go away* Wha...what happend?

Britt: All this from breakfast...sheesh.

Rich: Well, you've maimed poor Erik and Gary. And destroyed a squadron of cop bots, and recked a public street, but besides that...Nothing.

Ben: That all?

Rich: Yeah...that about sums it up.

Erik: *is scarred* I donno how we'll explain this episode to the chief of police.

Gary: *is scarred too* I'm surprised Ben isn't sent to the Mental Institution...jeeez.

Ben: Oh come on know you love me. Heheheheheh.

*soon after the clean up, they teleport home*

Erik: Boy...what a morning. Glad that's all done.

Leon: Me as well. *yawns* Back to bed.

Erik: But it's only 10 a.m.

Leon: I'm sue me.

Gary: *turns on the TV* Time for the tube.

April O' Neil: *on the news* And in todays news, Jay and Silent Bob continue smoking a joint.

Ben: Yadda yadda, what else is new. *drinks a soda*

April O' Neil: Oh! This just in! The Sinister Six are attacking the Robot Museum!

Ben: *spits it out* WHAT!?

Gary: How can we be attacking something if we are sitting here on our asses?

April O' Neil: We go live to the famous heroes who have turned bad. Looks like one of them has something to say.

Gary: Holy's the old Sinister Six!

Erik: Wait...IRA...Jason, Tim, Andon, Scott, and...

*they all look at Gary*

Gary: Me?

IRA: *On TV* We are the one and true Sinister Six! We make the name actually work!

April O' Neil: OH you're gone bad?

Jason: That's right! We want to prove we are the one and only Sinister Six! We want the newbies to meet us out here!

Old Gary:That's right! We are calling you losers out! Come and fight us!

April O' Neil: You've heard it right here! The old Sinister Six are calling out the new Sinister Six, and want to battle them! What will they do?

*tv turns off*

Gary: .........

Erik: Gary? Are you alright?

Britt: Gary...?

Gary: My friends...turned bad? It can't be right. It's not real.

Ben: I'm sorry man...I really am.

Leon: I can't believe it either...but we must do something.

Gary: They can't be real...did you see the other 'me'? How do you explain that?

Rich: I don't know...but we can't just let them loose on the city.

Britt: *hugs Gary* It's definatly unexpected, but we have to go.

Gary: I guess you're right.

Erik: Let's go team!

*they teleport out*

Narrator: Meanwhile, things are quiet at the Museum.

*six figures teleport in*

Erik: Okay, we're here, time to...

Ben: That's odd, where are they?

Rich: They were just here...where could they have gone?

Britt: Maybe it was a setup?

Leon: *gets bolted* OUCH!!

*the lights go out*

Britt: Or was a trap.

*Jason soon appears and cuts a large area of the ceiling and it falls*

Erik: *catchs it* Damnit...they were waiting for us!

IRA: *runs in and scorchs Rich*

Rich: AAWWWWWW...they are attacking our weaknesses!

Gary: Two can play at that game. *Gary shoots a barray of Ice Slashers at IRA*

Andon: *jumps infront of IRA and blocks with a Thunder Beam*

Gary: Uggggg....*is blasted by Scott*

Rich: They're outsmarting us!

Ben: *blazes Scott, but he jumps way over the blast* Damn...we have the heavier artillary with this Transmetal Armor, but they got the experience!

Andon: *points in a direction and the old Gary is seen running that way*

Britt: What's he doing?

Old Gary:*freezes the air conditioner and it shoots out a blizzard*

Ben: Crap! It's getting cold in here!

Rich: Uggg...the deperature drop is hindering my speed...

Old Gary:*thwacks Erik who is still holding the ceiling part*

Erik: Damn! *drops it*

Tim: *picks up Erik and throws him into a wall*

Erik: *gets up* Alright's time we fought back! AND NOW!

Ben: *blazes the frozen air conditioner and it goes back to normal* Hah!

Rich: *tosses Bombs at Scott who merley blocks with his own*

Britt: *slashes at Jason who blocks with his own Rolling Cutters*

Ben: *blazes IRA who fires his own Fire Storm in return* Hmmmm...neither one of us seem to be winning...

Erik: *fighting Tim in a grudge match* We seem to be equal in strength.

Gary: Agreed, all I'm doing with my old counterpart is making a huge ice sculpture.

Andon: Indeed, this battle is getting us no where. *blocks Leon's Thunder Beam*

Leon: They talk!

*both teams stop what they are doing and regroup*

Jason: Yes we speak. Working in silence helps us fight better. It helps Scott's aim anyways.

Scott: Hey!

Erik: So...if we can't win fighting each other, what do we do?

Andon: Hold a contest. Each member of our team will compete with their duplicate and try to win that way. The team with the most wins will win the battle.

Gary: What are we wadgering?

Jason: Simple. The winner team will become the one and true Sinister Six!

Ben: But I thought you guys were good, and you retired!?

IRA: WE changed our minds!

Old Gary:And we don't want to be good anymore! That was so lame!

Erik: *whispering to his team* We can't lose to them...if we do, they'll cause to much chaos.

Britt: *whispers back* Agreed. Let's take their challenges and beat them. We are the more advanced copies.

Rich: Darn tootin!

Tim: What was that?

Rich: Oh...was that out loud?

Erik: Okay, we agree to the terms.

Andon: Good. Here are the terms....Elecmen.

Leon: *nods*

Andon: There are 6 lights that need to be fixed in 2 areas in this museum. The first to turn on and activate all the lights in their area will win the match.

Leon: Agreed.

Tim: Gutsmen!

Erik: YO!

Tim: In the back of the Museum lies a baracade of Rocks. On each side of the field lies a crater with a number on top. The winner will be decided on who has moved the most rocks from the baracade to their crater.

Erik: Sounds good.

Scott: Bombmen!

Rich: That a be me.

Scott: I rigged a bomb that is supposed to go off. It was randomly teleported somewhere in the building. I donno where it is either. The first to find it and deactive it will be the winner.

Rich: Gotcha big boy.

Old Gary:Icemen!

Gary: I didn't do it!

Old Gary:We won't be using our ice powers here. Instead we'll see who can prank the most people within the 4 minute time limit.

Gary: Sounds fun.

Jason: Cutman and Cutgirl!

Britt: *raises hand nervously*

Jason: We both are artists. Good ones. So, we'll present our best works infront of a judge. Whomever the judge picks as the best artwork will be the winner.

Britt: *pulls out her art untensils* That shouldn't be to hard!

IRA: Firemen!

Ben: Let's hear it already.

IRA: The first one to stop drinking is the loser! *pulls out kegs and kegs of beer* It's a drinking contest!

Ben: Heh, you've met your maker IRA

Andon: Okay teams, disperse and start your challenges, NOW!!

*A score board appears in the main lobby of the Museum*

Old S6: 0 New S6: 0

Erik: Okay team! Let's do it!

*they all disperse*

Plum: The first match up today consists of the title for Gutsman. The old Sinister Six Gutsy Tim, versus the new rookie Gutsman, Erik. Who will prevail against this match up? The rules are simple folks. The one who moves the most rocks from the baracade to their respective craters will win the battle! Let's go and start!

*whistle blows*

Erik: And I'm off! *starts lifting rocks and throwing them into the crater*

Plum: Hi! I'm Plum, the announcer and I'll be announcing this match up. Erik has gotten a head start, but oh! Look at Tim! He's moving several rocks at one time!

Tim: This match up will be a easy.

Erik: I don't think so! *Erik grabs several boulders at once too*

Plum: Looks like Erik is taking Tim's technique but grabbing even more than Tim is!

Tim: Cheater! Let's see you match this! *lifts nine boulders at once*

Erik: ERRrrrrr...*picks up eleven and tosses them into his crater*

Plum: The score is almost even with Tim having 34 boulders in his crater and Erik having 37! It's close!

Erik: *picks up twelve and tosses them in* Ugggggg...12 is my limit...

Tim: Hah! *picks up fifteen*

Plum: Uh oh...Tim's stumbling...he's...he's losing his balance! HE FALLS! OH NO!!

Erik: *picks up another 12 and lofts them into the crater*

Tim: Ugggg...fifteen was to much!

Plum: Looks like this is over folks. Erik has just piled the last seven rocks into his crater! There are no more rocks left!

*alarm goes off*

Plum: Okay, let's see. Tim has 45 boulders in his crater. And! Erik has 68 boulders! Erik is the winner!

Erik: I knew if I lifted my limit I'd win! Sorry Tim.

Tim: Grrrrrrrr...

Old S6: 0 New S6: 1

Ripto: That indeed was a very intresting match up Plum! Now we move onto the next match up! The Art Competition! Here we have two very talented artists! For the classic Sinister Six, we have Jason! And for the new team, we have Britt! The rules are simple. The two will draw their best work for the judge, Super Chaos...

Super Chaos: Yeah!!! MEEEEE!!!

Ripto: *clears throat* Anyways, he will decide who will go home the best artist! Are we ready to rumble!!!!!??

Jason: Let's do it!

Britt: I'm going to kick your butt Jason!

Jason: Bring it on!

Ripto: *blows whistle* Then let's go! You may start!

Britt: *starts drawing on her paint pad*

Ripto: Oooohhhh..Britt's going to be doing a painting, very intresting. Let's see what Jason is up to. Looks like he's sketching something...a chibi version of the Sinister Six by the looks of it. He's drawing fast...and it's looking good!

Jason: Darn tootin, it'll blow Cut-Chan away!

Britt: *starts sweating as she realizes the competition will be fearce*

Ripto: Britt seems to be drawing a S6 portrait too, and she's going to paint it! Nice touch with the glosses and colors! This is going to be close folks!

Super Chaos: *yawns* Yeah...sure.

Ripto: The colors! The colors are amazing! Britt has mastered the shading! But Jason! The expressions on his characters faces! Outstanding! I...I can't decide who will go home with the prize!

Jason: This is in the bag.

Britt: In my bag that is.

Ripto: And looks like the both of them just finished their master peices! Now let's go wake Super Chaos up so he can judge the art peices.

*ripto blows up a balloon and pops it in front of Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: Wha...huh?

Britt: Time to judge the pieces.

Super Chaos: Already...I was just getting some beauty sleep.

Jason: Just declare me the winner so I can go home happy.

Ripto: Super Chaos is studing both peices. Looking very closely.

Super Chaos: Bah! They both are crap! But I like how Britt drew me in the background! You win!

Jason: WHAT!!!??

Britt: *cheers* I knew it was smart to draw him in there...he loves himself anyways.

Ripto: You heard it folks! Britt wins!

Old S6: 0 New S6: 2

Chest: Smart move including the judge in the art peice, very smart move. And that lands another point for our newbies. Now it's time to check on our Elecman's. Our old Elecman Andon, and the new guy Leon have been chosen for this match. Where there are six light bulbs that need to be turned on. The Elecman to turn on all six bulbs will win this match. It's a race of the bulbs. Let's see how they are doing!

Andon: *turns on his third bulb* Easy. This maze can be navigated with strategy!

Leon: *on his 2nd bulb* I'm right behind you Andon...I'm going to win! *turns on his third bulb*

Chest: The maze is dark and hectic, and it looks as both Elecman's are tied at the moment. Oh...Andon found a short cut!

Andon: Here we go! Bulb number four!

Leon: *tries to find the fourth bulb but has trouble* did he find his so damn quick!? *continues looking*

Chest: Looks like Andon has taken the lead. Leon seemed to have lost his way in the maze!

Andon: *turns on his fifth bulb* One more and I'm home free!

Chest: OHhhh!! Andon only has one bulb left while Leon still has three! This isn't looking good for the new Elecman!

Leon:'s the path! *starts racing forward while he turns on his fourth bulb*

Chest: Andon is having trouble locating the last bulb! Meanwhile Leon has found his fifth bulb! It looks like both only have one left!

Leon: *looks around* Crap...I can't find it!

Chest: Both Elecmen's are having difficulty finding that last bulb! It's a close runner up folks!

Andon: Hmmmm...I bet the other guy is having problems too. But I have one thing he doesn't have. *Andon tunes into anything electrical in the area*

Chest: What's this? Andon has played a trimpth card! He's actually using his powers to locate the last bulb! And...

Andon: Easy. *finds it and lights it up*

Chest: Wins! Victory for the old team!

Leon: Damnit! Why didn't I think of that? *grunts in frustration*

Old S6: 1 New S6: 2

Plum: Yeah...using your head prevailed in the end for this game. So now the New Sinister Six are only leading by one point. Let's move onto the next match up shall we? Here we have the Iceman match. Both Gary's seems to be aching to start their battle. Our Pranksters include the classic Gary from the old team, and the new Gary that spawned up from a clone! Which one is the best prankster? We'll find out. The one with the most pranks within the 4 minute time limit will be the winner!

Gary: Let's get this on!

Old Gary:You're only an amature!

Plum: And the bell has rung! Both Iceman's are already running down a street full of unsuspecting victoms!

Gary: Hey...what's that! Ohhhh got ya nose!

Old Gary:Your pants are on fire! Not! *sprays the hose*

Plum:'s getting ugly folks! The victoms aren't taking these pranks lightly! OHHHH! Gary just nailed the President!

Old Gary:Lucky about this one!

Plum: Old Gary just used the classic hand buzzer! And New old rat in the bag gag. That's gotta be a sure fire one there! Both are sitting at five pranks each!

Gary: How about his old thing? *throws can full of confetti at Gauntlet*

Old Gary:Nice...but this one rocks! *gets a whole group of people with one gag*

Plum: OOOOHHHH NOW THAT'S SMART!! Old Gary just whiped up in pranks by pranking a group of old foogies! That pits Old Gary ahead by 3 pranks!

Gary: Damnit...

Old Gary:*farts and makes several people pass out*

Plum: Another double whammy for old Gary! Oh...a pie in the face for New Gary!

Gary: Sheeesh...this guy is good! *makes a lady slip on a banana peel*

Old Gary:*sprays Jacob with a paint can* Take that old buddy.

Plum: We have one more minute left, and Old Gary is still in the lead by 3 pranks...oh! New Gary just tied that with a triple shock collar!

Gary: *tricks Ken into a explosive plate of Hooter Wings*

Plum: 20 seconds...

Old Gary:*puts a trick ice cube in a soda pop*

Plum: *bing* And that's it! Let's see!'s so close! Old Gary has 23 pranks....and New Gary...he has...21! Oh no! He fell behind by two! Old Gary is the winner!

Gary: Darn!!

Old Gary:Still champion!

Old S6: 2 New S6: 2

Ripto: What a match folks...what a match. It looks like both teams are tied with two now. Let's head on over to the next match up. This time is the Bombmen. Fighting for the Classic team, we have Scott! And for the new team, it's Rich. Both are very experienced bomb hunters. The rules are simple here. The first to find the bomb and deactive it, will win! Let's go!

Rich: I'm ready!

Scott: I'll find it first! Hahahaha!

Ripto: And there's the bell, and they both are off! Let's see how this will end up.

Rich: *makes a right and heads for the basement*

Scott: *heads upstairs and searches the stairwells*

Ripto: And here we go. It looks like both are heading in opposite directions. Rich has taken the downstairs while Scott is searching upstairs. Neither seems to be having much luck yet.

Rich: *looks behind boxes of items and packages* Not here..Hmmm...

Scott: *looks in the attic* Doh...where is that thing?

Ripto: This is intresting folks, that bomb can be anywhere. Will they find it in time?

Rich: It's not down here, back upstairs! *Rich runs back upstairs*

Scott: I know it's close...but where...*leaves the attic*

Ripto: I can say that Scott is warmer, and he seems to almost be right on top of it.

Scott: I can sense it...but where?

Rich: Oh no you don't, you ain't beating me!

Scott: I can hear the's in the Storage room!

Ripto: LOOOK! Scott has found the bomb, he's attempting to deactivate it!

Scott: Just like the kitchen sink...

Ripto: OOOOH!! Rich ain't taking 'no' for an answer and has just sideswiped Scott into the wall!

Rich: *deactivates the bomb* Done.

Ripto: And that's it! The bomb is deactivated! Rich wins!

Rich: Hah! You may have found it first, but I was quicker on the draw!

Scott: *mumbles*

Old S6: 2 New S6: 3

Chest: Well, in this case it didn't matter who found it first, but who can deactivate it first. And that was Rich. So now the New S6 have taken the lead! One more match up left folks! And that's between the local Firemen's. Both are excessive drinkers, and this match will pit them to the test. A drinking contest. The first to fall over loses! Let's go to the contestants! Here we have classic Fireman, IRA, and the insane new one, Ben. Let's see how they'll do!

IRA: *yawns* outta give up now.

Ben: You had your spotlight IRA, and now your 5 minute fame will vanish.

Chest: And the bell has run...and here we go!

Ben: *starts engulfing the first keg*

Chest: Ben's got a head start and has already finished the first keg!

IRA: *sits back and does the same*

Chest: IRA isn't to far behind, that man can drink!

Ben: *grabs the next Keg and gulps it down*

IRA: *does the same*

Chest: Incredible! Both have drunk 2 kegs of Beer! A normal person would of quit by now! These Kegs are huge! Oh! IRA just finished his third!

Ben: *gulps down his third as well* Child's play! Next!

IRA: *gulps down his forth* I'll take another!

Chest: The both of them are really going at it! It's still going folks!

IRA: *gulps more* Ahhhhhh...refreshing! NEXT! *takes his seventh keg*

Ben: *gulps more* Ugggg....

Chest: Uh oh...Ben's staggering...

IRA: *continues drinking like it doesn't phase him*

Ben: Can't give up...*goes after his sixth keg*

Chest: IRA's up to his 9th keg of beer, Ben's is somewhat struggling on his seventh.

Ben: *gulps and sweats* Next...*burps*

IRA: *continues the same*

Ben: Next....

IRA: *continues*

Ben: NeXt...pLeAsE...

IRA: *continues*

Ben: I sEe pInK ElEpHaNt...

IRA: *continues*

Ben: *falls over* GoOd NiGhT.

Chest: I think that's it...yes...Ben is out!

IRA: *finishes his last Keg* AAAAHHHH...duhhhh...doopey boy...

Chest: IRA's majorly drunk, but he's still standing folks...and that pits The Old Sinister Six up a point. Let's see the score board now!

Old S6: 3 New S6: 3

Erik: Uhhhh...there's a 3 way tie.

Jason: How the heck did that happen?

Britt: I guess we each had our moments and now that the score is tied...what do we do?

Old Gary:Donno...why don't we just declare the old team as winners.

Leon: How about 'no.'

Gary: How about the new team instead?

Rich: I'd like that.

Tim: Hmmmmm...this ain't getting us anywhere. Andon what do you think?

Andon: Well there is one last challenge we could do. A team competition.

Erik: That sounds reasonable.

Britt: Be the perfect tie breaker.

Scott: What do we have to do?

Andon: A opsticale course.

Rich: Sounds good, one problem.

Andon: What's that?

Rich: What do we do about those two?

*Ben and IRA are completly wasted*

Tim: Make it a five on five obsticle course.

Old Gary:I like it.

Andon: Done. Here are the rules. *sets a power bar down* Each team will have a flag, which will have to be passed on through the events. The first match up will be Elecman's. The first to power up their energy bar can give their flag to Gutsman. There the Gutsman will have to destroy the entire rock formation to continue onto the next event. He'll hand his flag to Iceman. There Iceman will have to slip across the frozen lake to pass their flag to Bombman. Bombman must find which bomb is a dud. Once he does he can pass the flag onto Cutman or Cut-Chan. There it's a simple spurt to the finish line where there is a red tape. The first Cut'man' there who cuts the line is the winner.

Erik: Alright...let's do this gang!

Old Gary:I know we can win!

Rich: I'm ready to do we go...

Plum: *fires off a gun* And they are off!

Ripto: Let's see how this final match up will end!

Chest: Can't wait to see who the winner will be.

Plum: Both Elecman's are firing up that Power Bar! And Ding! Andon finishes first!

Andon: *passes the flag to Tim* You go man!

Tim: *starts punching away at the rock formation*

Erik: Come on Leon! Let's go!

Leon: *finishes and passes the flag to Erik*

Chest: Erik's smashing away at that wall, wow! He already demolished it!

Erik: Here Gary! *passes the flag to Gary*

Gary: *runs across the lake* Here we go!

Ripto: OOOOOHHH! New Gary slips!

Erik: >_< Uggg...

Tim: *finishes his pile of rocks and tosses the flag to Old Gary* Take it home G!

Gary: *slides across the lake with ease*

Chest: Old Gary seemed to have mastered his element well. He just passed his newer counterpart!

Old Gary:*passes the flag to Scott who starts looking for the dud*

Ripto: Scott's already looking for the dud! The Old S6 may prevail, they got pretty far ahead!


Gary: *finally makes it* Your turn!

Plum: Scott's having problems finding the dud! Rich has already caught up!

Chest: Hmmmm...both are having problems finding that dud...

Rich: Damnit...which one is it?

Scott: AHHHH HA!

Ripto: Uh oh...Scott's got the dud! He's passed the flag onto Jason!

Jason: Now for the gold medal!

Britt: Come on...come on Rich!

Rich: I can't find it! DAmnit!

Ripto: This isn't looking good for the newbies. Jason's already halfway to the goal.


Britt: I'm really going to have to use my quickie powers here...*shes runs*

Plum: Looks like Jason's to far ahead for Britt to catch!

Britt: NOOOO! I wish I had my Quickman powers...nooo...

Plum: This is it folks. It's over. Jason's going to win!

Ripto: Wait! IRA has just drunkenly spread onto the track!

Jason: IRA...what are you doing!!?

Chest: Oh no! Jason has tripped over IRA! Good thing for the New S6! Cause Britt just passed him!

Britt: Glad Ben lost in his match...yes! *cuts the red tape* WE WON!!!

Chest: That's it folks! Britt won! THE NEW SINISTER SIX ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!

Erik: Whooohhooooo!!!

Rich: That's right baby!

Gary: We are the champs!

Britt: WE WON!! WE WON!!


Ben: *is asleep*

Jason: Damnit...

Chest: Well that's it folks.

Ripto: That's the end of the match up. The newbies take home the prize of the S6 name.

Plum: This is the squad signing off!

Jason: Darnit!

Tim: We lost!

Old Gary:*rips off costume*

New S6: Minion?

Gary: I knew he was a fake!

Minion: Yeah...*wipes his memory clean of Iceman's personality* much Iceman on the brain.

Erik: You downloaded the old Gary's memory into your brain?

Minion: Yeah...the only way to beat the new Gary at his own game. But it seems you guys won.

Rich: Damn tootin'.

Minion: Since you won, I gotta release the others of their hypnotism. *does that*

Tim: Ugggg...where are we?

Andon: The did we get here?

Scott: ???

Jason: Huh?

IRA: *is to drunk to notice*

Erik: So they were hypnotised the whole time?

Minion: boss told me to release them if they lost. So I guess this is goodbye for now. *teleports off*

Gary: His boss?

Tim: He told us about his boss before he put that spell over us. Thank god you guys won.

Jason: telling what he would of done if you didn't.

Rich: He'd probably use the Sinister Six name to cause chaos.

Tim: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Britt: Yeah...had to fight ourselves.

Gary: Well at least we all survived the ordeal.

Jason: True dat.

Andon: Maybe we'll become house hold names...

Leon: I think we already have.

IRA: *throws up*

Erik: I think we better get our Firemen home.

Tim: Right.

Erik: Until next time we meet guys.

Gary: I knew you guys weren't evil...

*they go their seperate ways*

Narrator: Meanwhile far off.

Minion: Sorry that they lost sir.

General Cutman: That's fine. I got bigger plans going.

Minion: How's the Scissory Army coming forth?

General Cutman: Using the same cloning devices that Iceman Red once used, I think this army will be even stronger.

Minion: Heh...finally a chance to do something.

General Cutman: *cackles evilly as it fades out*

Narrator: Still far off...

Gauntlet: *stuck in a pit* ICEEEEEEEMMMMMMAAAAAANNNN!!!