The NEW Sinister Six

The Megaman Convention 2!

Note: Yeah...I know...this epilouge sucked. Mostly cause I did not like writing this. Now I know why I held off making the sequal. It's just to many people to work with...and it was hard. Some people will be dissapointed that they didn't get camoes, but they will later. I had to many teams, and to many people to work with, and that's not always fun. There were a lot of parts I cut, and a lot of parts I never put in. All in all, the Epilouge failed, but I put up what I could...Super Chaos' new power will be explained at a later time, but I have other plots to persue. And this epilouge will be included in the Continueality. But anyways, I probably won't do a project like this again. It's just a pain in the ass. lol That's all!

Ben: The long awaited Megaman Convention has finally made its way back. It's been nearly 4 years since the last one, and we think its time for another one, seeing how there are a lot of new community members, and seeing as the majority of the older ones have moved on. So this year The Sinister Six are hosting it! Wait...what?

Gary: Yep! Seeing how we are nearly the only two older members left since the first one, we got a notice saying we have to host this one!

Ben: Ugggggg...If my memory serves correctly, the last one bombed...and I mean litterally.

Gary: And we don't have old Scott to help out incase of a outbreak of Super Chaos again.

Rich: Don't worry. Ya got me now!

*Ben and Gary still mope*

Rich: HEY!!

Erik: So what do we have to do?

Gary: Uh oh....

Erik: What?

Gary: I was so worried about the Convention that I forgot to prepair for it...Hehehehe...*laughs nervously*

Britt: WHAT!? Everyone will be here any minute!


Erik: *answers the door* Tim! The orignal S6! Come in!

Tim: *shakes Erik's hand* So you're the new Gutsman! Looking good!

Erik: Someone's gotta keep Iceman in check!

Tim: *laughs*

IRA: Hey! Good to be back home for a bit...

Erik: *looks for the others* That's it? Just you two?

Tim: Yeah...Andon's off making an album. He's in a band now. Scott's got his own cooking show to attend to...and Jason...

Jason: Yo! I changed my identity back to Megaman Xtreme since I'm not part of the S6 anymore! Man...this place brings back a lot of memories!

Gary: TIM!!! IRA!! JASON!! *Gary comes up and gives the three of them a hug*

Erik: *smiles*

Tim: So good to see you man! *play smacks him* Look at ya! Shining new armor and everything! You keeping outta trouble you little prankster?

Gary: Of course not! Hahaha!

Erik: He keeps me on my toes. *snickers*

Jason: Great to see you again Gary. Man...just like old times eh?

IRA: *tear in his eye* Yeah...just like old times. It's a shame Scott and Andon couldn't make it...

Tim: Yeah...not the same without those two. Or Gary here. *pats him*

Erik: Come on in and meet the rest of the guys.

Britt: *smiles as she hugs the three of them* I'm sure they remember me!

Tim: How could we forget you! *hugs back* Hey Odin! Hey Rich! Ben...haha! Small world!

Ben: Ain't it though?

IRA: How ya doing? How you like taking my place?

Ben: Couldn't be better, hey I hear Hadrian's bringing the goods.

IRA: Hell ya!

Rich: Good to finally meet you guys!

Odin: Yeah...I've ran into them a few times in the past!

*door bell rings*

Odin: Wily's Warriors are here!!

Shadow Blade: We brought Sponge Cake!

Murray: *growls happily*

Koala: Marsupial Brothers have arrived!

Pharon: Parrrrrrrty!

Starnik: This isn't a party you's a convention.

Rainer: Just point me to the closest firecrackers

Erik: *counts the members on his fingers* Where's Heatman?

Ben: He was smart not to come...

Shadow Blade: Didn't you know? If Heatman and Fireman are brought together, then a massive fire blood bath would start.

Erik: *looks at Ben*

Ben: I hate Heatman....

Rainer: I had my bets on Heatman to win!

Shadow Blade: RAINER!!

Starnik: Yeah...what's wrong with you dude?

Rainer: What are you talking about? You were voting on Fireman.

*Erik, And Bubbleman glare at Starnik*

Starnik: Heheheheheheheh...*runs out the door and into the horizen*

Koala: Don't worry, he'll be back when the food is served.

*doorbell rings*

Odin: The Mechs are here! *lets them in*

Classi-Cal: Hey everyone! We brought Mango Pie!

Gauntlet: Good to finally attend one of these Ice!

Gary: Good to have you!

Needle Gal: *waves to everyone*

Lennon: *yawns and looks around*

Nightmare: Where's the buffet table! I'm starved!

Hadrian: *sets down a large keg of beer* Where do you want me to put it guys?

Raijin: Amen bro. Anyone calls me "RAJ" will be the new test subject to my new Snake Venom.

Erik: Hey...this isn't a beer party!

Hadrian: You mean you made me drag this thing all the way over here...for nothing...*begins to tear up*

Gauntlet: Now look what you made him cry.

Hadrian: *sniffles*

Erik: OHhhhh...okay...put it by the buffet...

IRA: Booooooooozzee! You brought it!

Hadrian: *pats belly* Yupppp!

Erik: *sighs* Hey...where's Magnetman?

Gauntlet: He said he couldn't make it...something about seeing his grandmother.

Tim: Well that's a shame...

Jonathon: *bardges in* Yeah...hardddy har har. Very funny.

Hadrian: *watching IRA drink off the tap* Hey...that's my line.

Jonathon: Everyone knows I wouldn't miss this event for the world!! I've created teams and teams of my own, just so I can get one lousy cameo here!

Gary: *laughs nervously*

Nightmare: *approaches* So Gary, finish my handshake hoo!

*Gary isn't there*

Nightmare: Drat!

Phil: Hey Guys!

Blackbelt: What's happening?

Raijin: Phil? Blackbelt? How is it that you're in your Navi form?



Lennon: So Mad Hatter, came as Geminiman?

Mad Hatter: Yeah...after all. This is a 'Megaman' Convention.

Gauntlet: *catchs a pie in midair* Hey Clownman.

Lee: Ah man...I suppose I outta try some new tricks?

Jacob: Yeah...if I know my old can't fool him twice.

Gauntlet: Hey Jacob, how ya doing?

Jacob: Not bad.

Lee: Same here. I kinda miss being ole Hardman.

Hadrian: rocks being ole Hardy eh?

Mad Hatter: I donno what's bigger. Hardman or his ego.

Hadrian: *mocks laughter* Cute...


*doorbell rings*

Odin: *answers the door* Why am I the door person...anyways, Cossack's Comrads are here...

Anime Master: *breaths like Vader* Know the power of the darkside! *talks normal* Hey guys!

Geoff: Hey all!

Zapper: Hey!! Great to finally meet everyone!

Rick: Sorry...didn't feel like coming as Ringman.

Bright Babe: Not to confuse you all with Generic Rick, it's me! Chibi Keba!

Jay: Snootch To da Nootch!

Silent Bob: Where's the smokes man?

Erik: First Beer, and now this? What is this, a frat house?

Anime Master: Hey...anyone ever here what happend to the orignal Cutman!?

Geoff: I heard he was hit by a bus.

Rick: I heard he fell out an airplane.

Gauntlet: No all heard wrong. He got ran over by a semi!

Jason: OHHH...not this again!!

Ti-An: We're heeeeeeeerrrre!

Grad: Wow...a lot of people here!

Brian Hahn: Indeed.

Britt: Wow! Your armor rocks guys?

Ti-An: Thanks! Made it ourselves of course.

Brian Hahn: Yup. Love your transmetal armor too.

Britt: Yeah...I plan to redo mine.

Rich: With help from me of course. Her new armor is in the works so you say.

*Odin and Lennon size each other up*

Odin: So...we meet again.

Lennon: seems our paths have crossed.

Odin: Prepair to meet your doom.

Lennon: I think it is you that is doomed my old friend.

Odin: *gets prepaired* Then it is on.

Lennon: *gets ready* So it shall be done.

Everyone: Do it!!

Odin: *drinks his first glass of tequilla* can't beat me!

Lennon: *drinks his first shot* You cannont win Odin! Your god-powers won't save you here!

*the two have a drink off*

Gary: *on the entercalm* Will everyone please report to the auditorim for the convention please!

*once everyone was seated and chatting, The Sinister Six come on the stage*

Gary: Okay, okay...the meeting will start!

*everyone continues talking amoungst themselves*

Gary: I said the meeting will start...

*chatting and murmoring*

Gary: *lights a match* I SAID QUIET, OR I'LL FART!!


Gary: *puts the match near his butt* I'LL DO IT! I SWEAR TO GOD!

Erik: Okay Gary, you got their attention.

Gary: Yeah...we've been through some rough times, and look at all the teams that have spawned! You guys are what makes...

Guy: *walking through the crowd* Excuse me...pardon me...

Ti-An: Hey! Watch it!

Guy: out...coming through...

Myone: Get off my foot!

Gary: Anyways...Ummm...I'd like to say...

Guy: Pardon out...gotta go...

Blazeman: stepped on me!

Guy: I come...

Murray and Xardion: *both snap at the man*

Gary: I was...

Guy: Coming through...

Ice-Chan: Owwww!!

Tim: glasses!

Gary: Continuing my speech...

Guy: Almost out...

Gary: Where...

Guy: Coming through...

Gary: I....

Guy: Coming through...

Gary: *glaring at the guy* Am....getting...

Guy: Watch out...

Gary: MADDDD! *smacks the guy out of the Auditorum with his mallet*

*everyone cheers*

Gary: *bows*

Rich: Who was that guy anyways?

Sanity: I think he was the milkman....

Shy Guy X: You're weird.

Sanity: I try.

Odin: *twenty shots later* I cAn WiN tHiS bYmYsElF.

Lennon: YoUr GoD pOwErS wIlL nOt SaVe YoU nOw.

*everyone rolls their eyes*

*large explosion*

Britt: YOU!? But why?

Gary: Didn't I twack you out before?

Guy: Yesssss...all I wanted was to use the bathroom, be apart of the community...but no...

*The guy glows brightly and then his true identity is shown*

*everyone gasps*

Ben: Super Chaos...

Super Chaos: Yes's been a while since the Iceman vs Red crap eh?

Britt: But...didn't you turn over a new leaf?

Super Chaos: Me? Hah! I'm the Sinister Six's sworn enemy. At the time I was only trying to wipe out the competition! Now that's out of the way...I can become your most powerful villian!

Erik: Just bring it! Look around you!

*everyone surrounds Super Chaos*

Ti-An: You're overpowered.

Lennon: You're outnumbered.

Myone: You're done for...*arms his cannon*

Super Chaos: *laughs* You fools...You'd think I'd come here with all of you here without some sort of defense!

Rich: We that.

Super Chaos: I have a new power! And with you all here...I can use it to my advantage! Here...let me show you! *shoots a large laser at Koala*

Koala: *the laser sets him aflame* Owww...owww...owww. *runs close to Super Chaos*

Shadow Blade: Koala! No!!

*Shadow Blade tries to put him out but is engulfed by Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: Got him! And his powers!

Pharon: You'll pay for that! *Pharon fires his Air Shooter*

Super Chaos: Leaf Shield! *blocks the attack and fires the shield at Pharon knocking him out*

Mad Hatter: That was Airman's weakness.

*Super Chaos gulps up Pharon*

Super Chaos: Air Shooter! *fires Air Shooter at Rainer*

Rainer: ARRRRRGGGG!! *faints*

Raijin: He's absourbing their powers and using them to attack our weaknesses!

*Super Chaos absourbs Rainer next*

Erik: Everyone...we can still overwhelm him!

*Super Chaos plows Erik with Crash Bombs and then absorbs him*

Britt: Erik! GRRRRRRR....

Super Chaos: *grins* Super Arm! *Super Chaos' arm glows and approaches Britt*

Gary: Oh no!! *tries to stop Chaos*

*The Super Arm misses Britt and knocks out Topman*

Super Chaos: *absourbs Topman* Top Spin!! *spins at Gauntlet*

Gauntlet: Predictable. *puffs away*

Super Chaos: Whose next! Hahahahahahaha...*gets sheared by Ti-An's Plant Barricade.

Ti-An: Come on guys! We can take him!

Brian: Knight Crush!! *fires his maces at Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: Leaf Shield! *blocks the attacks and knocks Brian down with another Top Spin*

Brian: Ooooofff!

Gran: Eat this blob boy! Silver... *gets twacked by a Super Arm* OUch!!

Anime Master: Cossack's Comrads! Let's go!

Super Chaos: *turns to CC* Crash Bombs! *fires a barrade of Crash Bombs at Toad Girl, who is weak against bombs*

Zapper: OUcha! *faints*

Rick: *watchs as he absourbs her* he's got...

Super Chaos: Rain Flush!! *acid rain falls on everyone*

Chiba Keba: It burns....ow..ow...*faints*

Super Chaos: This is fun...really. *absourbs her* Now! Flash Stopper!

Pharaoh: Hey...can't move!!

Starnik: Me either! ARRRG...*faints*

Super Chaos: *absourbs the both of them* Whose next...hmmmmmm?

Rick: You may have the Pharaoh Shot...but I ain't Ringman and you can't get my weakness. *fires Magnet Mines at Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: *gets blown back* Nice...I may not have you're weakness Centipede, but I can still over power you..Heheheheheh. *blows Magna Centipede back with a powered up Pharaoh shot*

Rick: Arrrrrgggg...*keeps fighting until he's over powered and is eaten*

Anime Master: Nooooo!!

Super Chaos: *knocks out Metalman with Quick Boomerang from Starnik and eats him too* power is growing!!

Lennon: Come on all! Let's get in there!

*some of the others fear for their saftey*

Super Chaos: I sense fear...I like it! Metal Blade! *fires off several blades into Spark-Chan*

Classi: Noooo....I'm sorry...guys. *faints*

Gauntlet: NOOO! *dodges a Top Spin from Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: *absourbs Classi* Good, now I have Electric powers. *turns to Geoff*

Geoff: Crap! *fires Dive missiles*

Super Chaos: *uses Leaf Shield to block everyones attack including Geoff's* Spark Shock!

Geoff: Bzzzaaaaap! *faint and gets eaten*

Anime Master: I'm the only one left! Where's Jay and Silent Bob!?

*sign saying 'out to lunch'

Anime Master: Figures...

Rich: Run A.M.! Super Chaos has Dive Missile now!

*but it was to late as Super Chaos knocked him out and ate him too!*

Gauntlet: We're dropping like Flies! There is a pattern to his attacks! He's defeating us to get our weapons to defeat someone else who holds that weakness!

Super Chaos: You catch on fast! But who should I go for next? Hmmm...Perhappes Britt? Maybe Myone? How about Lennon? No...? Blazeman eh? *gets confused then knocks it aside* Arrrggg...forget it! Ring Bommerang! *tosses Rick's weapon into Dustman, then eats him*

Gary: Hmmm...*takes note of Super Chaos' confusion* He may have a weakness yet...

Beowolf: Crap...he's coming after me! *uses Freeze Cracker*

Super Chaos: *blocks and KO's Beowolf with Dust Crusher* Hate getting your armor all dirtied up? Well to bad! *eats him*

Gauntlet: He's got Ice Powers his next target would be Ben and...wait...TI-AN! Watch out!

Ti-an: You won't get me! *tries to block with Plant Barricade*

Super Chaos: *freezes Plantman then absourbs him* Burrrrrp...I'm getting fool, but I haven't hit the main course yet! Come yere Tomahawkman!

Grad: Oh no you don't! Silver Tomahawk! *fires the axe for Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: *blocks with Plant Barrier and uses it to KO Grad as his weakness was to that weapon* Yeah! Another one for Super Chaos!

Ben: We need to regroup! It's our only way...*gets frozen by Freeze Cracker*

Rich: Ben noooo!!

*Super Chaos eats Ben and inturn uses Fire Storm on Bombman as he's retreating with the others*

Rich: I'm done for...*faints*

*at this point everyone knew that the odds were against them as they retreated and seperated, which was bad*

Super Chaos: *uses Air Shooter to take down Clownman* Another one for me!

Lee: No fair...Air Shooter is a wind attack too...*faints and gets eaten*

Super Chaos: *absourbs Bombman* Ohhhhh...running around like the scared little robots that they are...hehehehehe. *shoots down Magnetman with Clownman's Thunder Arm*

Jonathon: Oucha...*faints and gets eaten*

Super Chaos: *shoots down Tim with Hyper Bombs and IRA with Freeze Cracker* This is to easy...*absorbs them*

Jason: I'm not Cutman! So you don't have

*Super Chaos uses Erik's and Tim's powers together as he stomps over to Jason and looms over him in a large shadow*

Jason: I get eaten now?

Super Chaos: Yeah...I think so. *knocks Jason out and eats him as well*

*Super Chaos continues fighting and absourbing people until there were only a selected few left*

Britt: He's got us cornered! He has all of our weaknesses too!

Super Chaos: Mwhahahahahahahaha! The rest of your powers will be mine! I can't believe I've finally won!

Gary: *panting* You still haven't beaten us yet...

Gauntlet: Even with all my Ninja tricks, he's got so many powers now...that there's nothing that he can't counter.

Gary: On the contrare G. Before he can beat us...he's gotta figure out how to beat us! So what am I weak against?

Super Chaos: Easy! It's...

Gary: But wait...what's Gauntlet weak against? Surely you must remember that my weakness won't effect him now? And Britt's? And let's not forgot what hurts her the most?

*the remander of the community stare at each other with confusion*

Gary: And Sanity's weakness? What was it again?

Super Chaos: Ummm...wait...Britt's was Thunder wait...ummm...Sanity's was Top Spin....*is counting the attacks in his head*

Sanity: *whispers to Gauntlet* I get it...Gary's trying to confuse him and make him overload. All the attacks he's'll be his downfall.

Gauntlet: *whispers* seems that our shear numbers was enough to overwhelm Super Chaos' new found ability. *get into the plan* Right Ice! Surely my weakness! But what was it again? What was Brian's weakness?

Brian Hahn: Hmmm...good question Shadowman. I don't know? Maybe the Metal Blade? What about Bubbleman? I can't remember his weakness?

Shadow Blade: I don't remember Brian? Wasn't it Freeze Cracker? No wait...or was that Blazeman's weakness?

Blazeman: I donno...I don't remember. Maybe Charge Kick?

Murray: *growls with confusion*

Super Chaos: DAMN! Freeze Cracker! Thunder Beam! Fire Storm! Silver Tomahawk! I can't decide! *goes crazy*

Gary: It's working...

Super Chaos: Oiiiiii...I don't feel so good all of a sudden.

*Super Chaos's stomach grumbles*

Super Chaos: Uggggg...stomach ache...I think I'll call off this fight for now. It seems I ate to many people...*coughs up everyone and teleports out*

Sanity: Good job Gary!

Beowolf: We're free!

*everyone cheers*

Odin: So...wE mEeT AgAin...*burp*

Lennon: YeS....It SeEms OuR pAthS hAVe CrOsSeD. *faints*

Hadrian: Those two sure can't hold their liquor

IRA: Indeed.

*shortly after everyone leaves except for Bubbleman, Murray, and Shadowman*

Shadow Blade: *at the door* So what's stopping Super Chaos from doing this again?

Gauntlet: Well the way I see it is, we were caught off guard by his new powers. I think next time we'll be better prepaired to counter it.

Erik: I agree. Now that we know how it works we can counter up a better defense.

Gary: We also know that he can't absourb to many characters powers. He'll get highly unstable and won't be able to hold them all.

Rich: To much power is indeed a bad thing if you can't control it.

Gauntlet: Some heroes you guys turned out to be.

Ben: Yeah, we learned that not only the good guys can get upgrades.

Rich: We got our butts handed to us today.

Britt: *is petting Murray* Yeah...what a ass whoppin... Awwww...Shadow Blade..he's so cute!!

Shadow Blade: *smiles* He likes you!

Odin: *half drunk* Duh...He is kinda cute *tries to pet him*

Murray: *bites his hand*

Odin: OOWWWW...Get it off! Quick! Grab the reptile spray! *runs off with Murray attached and runs into a tree*

Gary: Why does this all seem familier?