The Dastardly Trio In:

Something Fishy is goin' down

Jacob: Not a Sinister Six epilouge this time, it's finally time for yet another look into the life of Gary, Ken, and of course me. The Dastardly Trio live again, and in the new Sinister Six Universe! What kind of whacky crap will happen to poor Snakeman now?

Narrator: At the local Pets Mart, Ken, Jacob, and Gary decide to look around in the store. Here they could freely dress up as their robotic selves.

Ken: So...whatcha going to buy Jacob?

Jacob: I donno, dogs and cats have gotten to expensive.

Gary: *comes up* How about a Tarantula! *is holding one*

Jacob: Arrrrrggg...! Get that thing away!

Gauntlet: *puffs in* Mind if I make a suggestion?

Jacob: Where did you...

Gauntlet: Why not get a gold fish!?

Jacob: .....

Ken: Hey Shadowface, that's not a bad idea.

Gary: It's affordable, and they're easy to take care of!

Gauntlet: Well, then it's settled then! *Gauntlet gives Jacob his gold fish*

Jacob: But...

Gauntlet: But nothing! Here guy! This guy would like to buy a gold fish!

Super Chaos: One Goldfish eh? That'll be 3.50.

Gary: Wow, Super Chaos gets a job everywhere!

*Gauntlet steals 3.50 from Jacob and then pays the man*

Jacob: How did you...

Gauntlet: Now that the transaction is complete, my work here is done! Adios Machachos! *puffs away*

Jacob: But...

*Gary and Ken buy their fish*

Ken: Now that is done...let's go to Hooters!

*later that day at the apartment*

Gary: *puts his fish into the tank* There ya go Icey, have fun!

Ken: *puts in his fish* I got a Clownfish. I hope he plays nice.

Jacob: *looks at his Goldfish* I didn't want to buy a damned fish...

Ken: Oh come on Jacob. We got fish, just slap it in there, and you can watch it swim!

Jacob: Alright...I guess. *Jacob puts his fish into the tank*

Gary: There see...was that so bad?

*Jacob's fish suddenly goes belly up*

Jacob: ............

Ken: Hmmm...that was unexpected.

Gary: Guess you'll have to get another Jacob! *pats him on his back* Them's the breaks!

*they leave the room*

Jacob: I'll go back to the store and get a refund I guess...tommorow. *he goes to bed*

Narrator: The next day at Pets Mart, Jacob goes back to the store.

Super Chaos: Back for more...wasn't one fish enough?

Jacob: *shows Super Chaos the fish* It died the second I put in the tank.

Super Chaos: I see...well you can't get your money back, but you can get another fish for the same price!

Jacob: As long as I don't have to pay for it.

*Jacob goes back to pick a fish*

Anime Master: Oh hey Jacob, you getting a fish too?

Jacob: last one died, so I gotta pick a new one.

Anime Master: Sorry to hear about that, I hear you guys are planning a big fish tank, I'll be dropping by to drop off my fish.

Jacob: Sure...

*So Jacob gets a new fish and takes it home*

Ken: How did it go?

Jacob: Alright. I got Anime Master's fish too.

Ken: Cool, just plop the both of them in the tank.

*Jacob puts his fish and Anime Master's fish in the tank and goes to bed.*

Narrator: The next morning.

Ken:'s time to go see how the fish are doing.

Gary: Can't wait, you coming too Jacob?

Jacob: Sure.

*The three of them head downstairs to see how their fish tank is doing*

Ken: Look, they all look so happy....uhhh...Jacob, I thought you replaced your fish.

Jacob: I did! *looks to see his fish is floating upside down*

Gary: Well that sucks. Anime Master's fish is doing alright.

Jacob: I don't get it...I just got that fish.

Ken: Better go back to Pets Mart and get that straighted out man.

Jacob: Grrrr....

*at the Pets Mart*

Super Chaos: It died again? You sure you ain't doing anything to it?

Jacob: I swear! I need another fish!

Super Chaos: You got one more try, then you'll have to start paying again.

Jacob: *heading to the fishes* This time I'll get a Angel Fish. Gold Fish are unlucky!

Shinobu Plantman: Hey there. Getting a fish for the aquarium too?

Jacob: Yes...but the last two died on me.

Shinobu Plantman: Eck...well good luck this time.

*So Jacob took his fish home and watched it for a while*

Jacob: Well, looks like getting an Angel Fish this time was a smart move. *so he goes to bed*

*the next morning*

Ken: Welp, let's see how our fish are doing!

Gary: Ummm Jacob...isn't the Angel Fish yours?


*sure enough Jacob's fish was belly up*

Jacob: I don't understand...why is everyone else's fish doing fine, and mine isn't?

Gary: Donno Jacob, I wouldn't worry about it.

Ken: Sorry man. *they leave*

Jacob: Alright...that's it. I'll get a better fish!

*the next day at Pet's Mart*

Super Chaos: Sorry Jacob, but your chances are up, You're gonna have to buy a new fish completly.

Jacob: Fine, I'll get a nicer one. One that'll last longer!

*at home*

Ken: Oh Jacob! Gauntlet added his Black Shadow Fish to the tank. The aquarium is starting to look nice!

Gary: Oh yes, and some other people are intrested in adding to the collection! The first Megaman Community Aquarium!

Jacob: That's nice. Check this out! *he shows them a really fancy fish*

Ken: Wow...that's a looker! How much did that run ya?

Jacob: 12 dollars! It's supposed to live longer, and healthier!

*later that night*

Jacob: *yawns* Time for bed...time to see how my new baby is doing.

*Jacob checks the tank to see Ken's, Gary's, Plantman's, Anime Master's, and Gauntlet's fishes swimming happily while his fancy fish is floating at the top of the tank*


*the next day*

Erik: Hey guys, I got a Guppie I'd love to add to the tank.

Britt: I got a Rainbow Fish! Isn't she a doll?

Gary: Excellent! *marks Erik and Britt and their fish to the list* That makes Eight fishes on the list...well minus Jacob's.

Erik: Poor guy. I wonder why he's having so much bad luck.

Britt: I'd be so sad if I was him.

*as for Jacob*

Jacob: Okay...I've got a plan...this time I'm going to poision everyone elses fishes and see how they like it!!

*So Jacob buys another expensive fish and poisions everyone elses*

Jacob: Hah! Now we'll see who's top fish! *laughs mechanically as he goes to bed*

*the next morning*



Jacob: *gets up* its your turn bozos. *He says to himself*

Jacob: *goes downstairs* What's wrong? *hiding a smile*

Ken: Someone forgot to turn off the light last night. I bet our fishes were up all night!

Gary: Looks like they're that one yours Jacob?

Jacob: *looks to see his fish is dead* WHAT!!!??

Ken: Well, everyone else seems to be doing fine. *Ken feeds them* Man they're hungry.

Gary: Jeeez Jacob, that was a 20.00 fish. I'm sorry.

Jacob: I don't understand...I...I....*looks to see Ken and Gary looking at him*

Ken: You what?

Jacob: Ohhh...nevermind. *storms out*

*Gary and Ken shrug*

Jacob: I don't get it! I personally poisoned the fish! They all should be floating on top of that damned tank! Except for mine! Mine was immune! Alright! This calls for some evasive action!

Super Chaos: Back for another fish Jacob...jeeez. Give it up!

Jacob: I'm not about to give in...not now. I want that Piranha over there!

Super Chaos: do realize that Pirahna's are fish eaters right?

Jacob: Believe me, I know....

Super Chaos: *to himself* Glad I ain't contributing my fish to the ranks...*he gets it*

*at home*

Raijin: Here you go. A Reptile Fish. Supposed to be sly and snake like!

Hadrian: Here's my's supposed to clean the tank on occasion.

Gary: Excellent...this idea is coming along nicely. *puts them in the tank*

Ken: Except for Jacob that is...he's out buying his 6th fish now!

*everyone laughs a little*

Raijin: Poor guy, ah well. I'm off, let's go Hardy.

*they both leave*

Gary: *looks at the fish* Most amazing thing I've ever seen. There has to be 30 fish in there, each owned by a member of the community.

Ken: Yup! Welp, let's get to bed and let the fish rest.

Gary: Okay...nighty night guys! *they turn out the lights*

10 minutes later...

*the light turns on*

Jacob: Heheheheheh...time for the ultimate revenge! *Jacob pulls out the Piranha*

Jacob: *looks around to see nobody* Heheheheheh. It's chow time! *puts the Piranha in*

*the Piranha doesn't do anything*

Jacob: Guess he's not hungry, well he will be sooner or later, and he's got plenty of fish to eat. Now to get to bed.

*the next morning*


Ken: OH MY GOD!!!

Jacob: *runs down with the most vilest of smiles*

Ken: Look at this!

Jacob: What's wrong!?

Gary: We forgot to clean the tank! Thank god for Hardman's new crab! He did the job great!

Ken: Oh by the way Jacob? That your Piranha?

Jacob: *looks to see his Piranha floating belly up*

Ken: Uh Jacob, why did you put a Piranha in there?

Gary: You almost killed our fish man! Think before putting in a fish that doesn't get along with others!

Jacob: *grumbles as he leaves* I just don't get it! What am I doing wrong! Alright, now I'm pulling all the stunts!

Narrator: Over the course of the next few weeks, Ken and Gary had to buy a much bigger aquarium to fit over 200 different kinds of fish. Each owned by a member of the Megaman Community.

Ken: Wow, this is really something. Even Super Chaos contributed a fish!

Gary: This was a great idea man! Everyone's fish is accounted for...except for Jacobs of course.


Jacob: *is losing his marbles* I've tried everything...I've tried over feeding! I've tried lowering the temperature! I've even tried using Salt Water! Nothing is working! Only my fish keeps dying! But the others...the others! Nothing is wrong with them! Not a single one has died! And it's pissing me off!!! But is the ultimate revenge!

*A truck pulls up outside the apartment complex*

Super Chaos: Okay, you need to sign...YOU!?

Jacob: Super work for the Rare Aquatic Animals Coorporation?

Super Chaos: Yes...may I ask what the hell you want with a Great White Shark?

Jacob: Uhhh...kinda private.

Super Chaos: *studies Jacob then gives up* Okay...just sign here.

Jacob: *quickly signs* Thank you.

Super Chaos: *without looking back* Thank you for selecting Rare Aqaatic Animals Coorporation.

*in the back yard*

Shadow Blade: *looking at the big Aquarium* guys been really busy.

Gary: Yup! I'm surprised you didn't bring your pet over sooner!

Shadow Blade: Sorry, I couldn't decide what fish to bring...but I'm happy with my blow fish!

Ken: Wise choice. That makes 207 fishes!

Gary: A record! Welp, let's head in and have some tea.

Shadow Blade: Sounds good. *they all leave*

Jacob: *looks from behind the bushes* Hehehehehhe. This is it...the time I've been waiting for...

*Jacob sneaks up to the Aquarium*

Jacob: Okay Sharky...time to show them who is boss. *Jacob opens the huge container and the Great White Shark spills into the Aquarium*

Jacob: *laughs evilly*

Ken: Oh Jacob! You're home!

Jacob: *turns around suddenly* Oh yeah...just added my fish...heheheheh.

Ken: Good for you! I hope this one lives longer than 2 hours!

Jacob: *grumbles* Lousy no good...

Ken: Come on in for some tea! Shadow Blade is here!

*So Jacob follows Ken in*

Shadow Blade: Hey Jacob! Nice to finally meet you!

Jacob: Nice to meet you too Bubbleman.

Shadow Blade: I would of let Murray swim with your fishes, but I think he'll gobble them all up!

Gary: *laughs* Yeah, we don't want that!

*everyone laughs except Jacob who chuckles nervously*

Ken: Hey...did you guys hear something?

Crystal Girl: Guys! We got a problem here!

Jacob: *rubs his hands together*

*they all run outside to see Crystal Girl*

Crystal Girl: I came by to drop off my fish and I saw this!

Gary: Why is there a Great White Shark floating upside down in our Aquarium?


*everyone looks to see Jacob's angry mug*


Ken: Jacob...why would you do that?

Shadow Blade: Yeah...that's not very nice.


Gary: I know that you had bad luck...but why this?


Ken: Jacob, I'm afraid to say that I'm appauled by your behavior...

Jacob: WELL I'M NOT FINISHED YET! *Jacob pushes a button*

*the Aquarium explodes sending the fish flying into outerspace*

Shadow Blade: MY BLOW FISH! *runs off crying*

Crystal Girl: *screams*

Gary: Jacob! Why did you do that!?

Jacob: I won...I finally won!!!

*Jacob was finally sent to a Mental Institution where he spent his next few months regretting what he had done*

Narrator: Several Months later at Pets Mart

Ken: Welp, Jacob you think you're going to be alright with this?

Gary: Yeah, after that whole incident with the fish.

Jacob: I'll be fine. I'm over that now.

Ken: Good good. Alright. We'll take three.

Super Chaos: Better keep an eye on this one...*points to Jacob*

Jacob: I'm over that now.

Super Chaos: *grumbles* Three Parakeets, that'll be 7.45 each!

Gary: Good idea to start a bird house. All the Megaman Community Members will pitch in some beautiful birds.

Ken: Damn straight!

*they go home and put their birds in the large santurary made for birds*

Gary: The first three! Amazing.

Jacob: They are so beautiful!

*Jacob's bird squawks loudly in mid air and falls down to the ground dead*

Jacob: What the hell!?

Ken: Oh we go again.