The NEW Sinister Six in:

Havoc at Hogwarts Part Two

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Gary: Some people never forget. And some of those people include the wizards at Hogwarts. Ben and Gary had already completed their first year, and now it's time to go back for a second year. What plot awaits our heroes, will this be another unique parody, or something else?

Narrator: Another day at Sinister Six H.Q. And as usual the crew is relaxing on a nice Sunday Morning Brunch.

Leon: *taking notes* What do we need from the grocery store?

Erik: 2 boxes of Cheese.

Leon: *writes* 2 boxes of cheese.

Erik: 1 gallon of 2 percent Milk.

Leon: *writes* 1 Gallon of 2 percent Milk.

Erik: 4 dozen Tangereans.

Leon: *writes* 4 doze...Four Dozen Tangereans?

Erik: Man's gotta get fit. *flexs his muscles*

Britt: Good morning peeps. Going shopping?

Leon: Yup, just about. Anything you need from the store?

Britt: Maybe a pint of Mustard Pudding.

Leon: Mustard Pudding? *looks at Erik* 4 dozen Tangereans? What's wrong with you people?

Britt and Erik: *shrug*

Gary: *comes in* MAIL CALL!!

Rich: *flies in* My subscription come in yet?

Gary: Nope.

Rich: *flies out*

Gary: Wait...Rich, you've got a letter. All of us have a letter.

*Ben, and Rich come back in*

Ben: Wait...what?

Erik: A letter from Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Gary: *reads his letter*

Gary, you have been asked to return to Hogwarts for your 2nd term of study of magic and wizardry. You're expected to complete your term. Your list of books have been included below. We hope to see you back here soon!

Ben: Mine says the same, *groans* My first year wasn't exactly pleasant.

Gary: Right. If I remember correctly, we attended as our X-Force selves.

Ben: I wonder how they remember us, even though the time-line with the X-Force has been destroyed?

Erik: It's Dumbledore Ben. Welp, we've been invited to attend to. *Holds his up*

Ben: *sneezes and a flame burns through it*

Erik: Crap. I guess I'm not going then.

Britt: Erik! This will be fun! I'll go pack my bags now!

Erik: *sighs* Fine...I suppose we can take a year off and go study Magic.

Gary: Yay! I go back to Hogwarts, I hope I didn't lose that trunk...

Ben: We still got our stuff?

Gary: *rummaging though his old crap* I found my wand! Kick butt!

Rich: Are you guys serious about this?

Leon: Yeah...I mean, who needs magic. We got our own skills.

Britt: *comes back* So who's with me!

Gary: *glares at Leon and Rich*

Rich: Alright, fine. We'll go.

Britt: *hugs them all*

*And so at Diagon Alley our heroes...errr wizards buy their school supplies*

Rich: technology what so ever!

Britt: *reading in her book of Hogwarts* Our powers won't work at Hogwarts. They have a special spell that cancels all electronic devices.

Rich: We're robots, wouldn't that mean we wouldn't work at all?

Gary: Dumbledore is looking out for us. Just our powers have been taken away. We can still move and function like any other human.

Britt: Those damn burocrats put a spell on us to limit our powers. Those jerks! What's their problem? If I had my powers I'd chop their heads off!

Erik: Yeah, well, you don't.


Gary: Indeed. I suppose it's wise with Rich and Ben around. Our two resident physcopaths.

Rich: Funny, look at these ugly robes we have to wear.

Gary: I actually look good in mine.

Britt: *adjusts Gary's tie* My Slytherin Icey-Kins! GRRRRRRr...

Erik: So the rest of us still have to get sorted?

Leon: I suppose so.

Rich: *eats a candy that makes his mouth explode* GARY!!

Gary: Wasn't me. I forgot to mention. The candy in this world is a bit violent.

Rich: Now he tells me.

Britt: OH! Our train leaves in 15 minutes! Onward to Platform 9 and 3 quarters!

Rich: Come again?

Britt: Platform 9 and 3 Quarters!

Rich: Ummmm...there's no such thing...

Erik: Rich is actually right this can there be a 9 and 3 Quaraters?

Britt: I donno! That's what the letter said. What do I look like? A compass?

Chibi Oil: Ohhh for petes sakes. It's over here you idiots!

*two figures come into view and stand behind the other S6*

Erik: What are you two doing here?

Chibi Oil: You think you're the only ones with acceptance letters? Pleeeeese.

Fushidane: Yeah! We want to learn how to use Magic too you know!

Leon: I see. So you know how to get onto the platform?

Fushidane: Must we do everything! Follow us!

*the S6 follow and see Oilman and TimeGirl run straight into a wall between Platforms 9 and 10.

Ben: This is going to hurt...

*they vanish through*

Erik: Okay...that's just not right.

Rich: Maybe it's those mushrooms we've been sniffing back in the Mushroom Kingdom cross over.

Britt: Better just do what they did. *Britt runs for the wall and goes through*

Ben: Well if she can do it, so can I! *runs and hits an old lady*

Old Lady: *baps Ben with her cane* Watch where you're going you young whiper snapper. *pulls out a muffin*

Muffinman: I'll make you my daddy Ben. Beg!


Gary: *grabs Ben and runs through the wall*

Erik: *sighs* I have a feeling this is going to be a loooooong day. *runs through the wall*

*the others follow*

Dark Figure: So the idiots want to learn magic do they? Well I suppose I'll just have to show them some real wizardy. During my long absense, it's time I showed off my new skills. hahahahahaha!

*meanwhile on the train to Hogwarts, the S6 are sitting in a room that sits six people*

Britt: I'm so excited! I always wanted to go to Hogwarts!

Gary: Me as well. Being a wizard kicks arse!

Ben: I'd rather just maim and destroy.

Leon: So, is this place any fun at all?

Ben: I suppose. You get to cast spells on people.

Gary: Quidditch was interesting. But I never got around to playing.

Britt: I just want to learn everything that I can. Absorb all of the Wizarding world!

*they all shrug*

Erik: I hope Megaopolis will be alright during our absense.

Rich: It'll be fine Erik. They've got The Mechanical Maniacs, The Cossack's Comrades, The Wily's Warriors, The The Ascendant Androids, The Metallic Mercenaries, Drastic Measures, and the EXE teams, and the X-Teams...

Erik: Alright Rich! WE get it!


Leon: So...*looks around* where are we going again?

*At Hogwarts*

Hagrid: First Years, follow me! Come on now! Don't linger around!

Britt: Wow...he's a half giant!

Ben: Looks like an ogre to me.

Gary: Still, I wouldn't want to piss him off.

Hagrid: Now if you all follow me here, I'll take you inside to meet yer fellow students and class mates!

*They follow Hagrid into the Great Hall where everyone awaits to meet them*

Britt: The ceiling is bewitched to match the outside weather!

Rich: Is that so...what if a bird flys around outside and decided to take a leak or something?

Leon: Or what if an airplane falls out of the sky.

Erik: *groans*

Britt: The Weather guys.

Dumbledore: Silence please! I'd like to welcome everyone back for another year at Hogwarts. The rules are the same. Those who wonder into the Dark Forest will suffer dire consequences. I'd also like to introduce your new teacher of the Defense Against the Dark Arts! Proffessor Brutonus!

Dark Figure: *stands up and sits down*

Gary: That guy...something familier about him.

Ben: I sense it too...but maybe we're just imagining things.

McGonagall: When I call your name, please approach the chair and I will put the sorting hat on your head.

*Gary and Ben Approach first*

McGonagall: You two have already been sorted last year. You both are in Slytherin.

Ben: Can't we at least wear the Sorting Hat again?

McGonagall: With your head spewing flames like that? I don't think so. Go sit at your Slytherin table!

Ben and Gary: *grumble*

Gary: Good luck guys!

Ben: We'll be rooting for you.

Draco: Hey, there's something familer about you two.

Ben: *glares* Didn't I eat you last year?.

Draco: YOU TWO!? You have some nerve to return here!? Don't get any funny ideas this time.

Gary: Don't worry, we're all Slytherin buddies here.

*Ben and Gary snicker behind Draco's back*

McGonagall: Britt Roth.

Britt: *steps up to the Sorting Hat nervously*

McGonagall: Ummm...could you remove the blade upon your head miss Roth.

Britt: Oops, sorry. Hehehehehe. *removes the blade*

Sorting Hat: Ahhhh...I see a pure heart, an Eye for eagerness for learning. And what's this...? DANDRUFF!? Oh come on! A little Shampoo and you're going places! Anyways...RAVENCLAW!

*everyone cheers*

McGonagall: Richard Katto.

Rich: Ugggg...can we please reframe from using last names?

McGonagall: As you wish. *places the sorting hat on his head*

Sorting Hat: Difficult, difficult. I sense a power for leadership, and a thirst for combat. A small side of evillness, mixed with lots of bravery. And damn...what's with this bezerk hair style? Ever heard of a barbor? You got a crappy haircut, but a hell of a personality, but where to put you....better be....GRYFFINDOR!

*everyone cheers*

Rich: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

McGonagall: Leon!

Leon: *steps up to the chair* This won't hurt will it?

McGonagall: No. *puts the hat on his head*

Sorting Hat: Hmmmm...A brave soul, and a goal to prove one's self. A heart of gold, mixed with a brave mind. But you like to play video games? *laughs* What are you, some kind of computer geek? Alright...alright. How about I put you in "Sissyville"? Does that sound nice? Okay...fine...I'd have to say GRYFFINDOR!

Leon: Ah well, works for me. *sits by Rich*

McGonagall: For burning you acceptance letter Erik, you're automatically sorted into Hufflepuff.

Erik: What?! I never even burned it! It was Ben! I want to wear the sorting hat!

McGonagall: Sorry, shouldn't of burnt your letter.

Erik: Please...I'm asking you nicely. Let me be sorted! That's all I ask.

McGonagall: Oh...alright. *puts the hat on his head*

Sorting Hat: *lamely* Hufflepuff.

Erik: What!? It didn't even read my mind! Put it on again!

McGonagall: As you wish.

Sorting Hat: *lamely* Hufflepuff.

Erik: Grrrrr...again!

Sorting Hat: *lamely* Hufflepuff.

Erik: AGAIN!

Sorting Hat: *lamely* Hufflepuff.

Erik: AGAIN!

Sorting Hat: Hmmmm....

Erik: *smiles in anticipation*

Sorting Hat: *lamely* Hufflepuff.

Erik: Arrrrrrggg!

McGonagall: That's quite enough Erik. You'll be in Hufflepuff.

Erik: *grumbles* Darn good for nothing old hag.. stupid old hat...

McGonagall: Chibi Oilman!

Chibi Oil: *steps up to the hat*

Sorting Hat: Ahhh...I sence a great deal of justice in this one. A wise personality, and a small knack for mischief, but on the other hand, his prowless makes him worthwhile. And did I mention you're leaking oil on your head? Do any of you guys know proper hair care? Sheeesh! You'll do best in RAVENCLAW!!

*everyone cheers*

Britt: Welcome to my house Chibi Oilman!

Chibi Oil: Why thank you Britt!

Gary: Did he just make a pass at my woman!?

McGonagall: And finally Fushidane Timegal.

Fushidane: *steps up to the hat*

Sorting Hat: Perfect hair, twinkling eyes, impossibly flawless good looks...most perfect personality, with a young, fresh mind! You must be in SPARKLYPOO.

Fushidane: Whoooohooo!

The others: ........

Erik: Sparklypoo...the hell?

McGonagall: Well, We've been getting an increasingly amount of new students, so we had to create a new house entirely.

Fushidane: That's right. Sparklypoo! Their house color is pink, and the mascot is a Unicorn!

Ben: ............

McGonagall: Look it up on the internet, alright?

Rich: Could of fooled me.

Chibi Oil: Way to go sis!

Dumbledore: *clings glass* Now that everyone is sorted, we can start the feast!

*the food comes out magically*

Ben: What in tarnation!? There's a House Elf Hair in my soup! I demand something else!

Dumbledore: Sorry about that Ben, we'll take care of that pronto! *claps his hands*

Ben: Ahhh...that's better...wait a minute..


Muffinman: Want me to shove this fork up your nose Ben?

Ben: *goes crazy*

Dumbledore: Someone please stop his antics...He's causing a scene.

Britt: *gets up and eats the muffin whole* It's a good thing our powers don't work under this castle.

Erik: Or there wouldn't be a castle left!

*And so our heroes seperate to their dormitries.

*In the Slytherin Common Room*

Gary: Got your schedule yet Benno?

Ben: Yeah...I got Potions with Snape. Charms with Flitwick, and Transfiguration with McGonagall.

Gary: Same. What about Defense Against the Dark Arts?

Ben: With that creepy new professor.

Gary: Indeed.

Draco: The students being admitted here sure gets lower and lower! Now they are admitting Muggle-Constructs!

Ben: Watch what you say to me brat!

Gary: Muggle-Construct?

Draco: That's right. You heard me. Built by Muggles! For shame. I donno why you were sorted into Slytherin with that kind of history!

Gary: *points wand and casts* FURNUNCULUS!

Draco: *skin starts to boil* What did you do to me!?

Gary: That's why we were sorted here.

Ben: *cackles* Let me try one. ENGORGIO!

*Draco's head becomes larger*

*everyone in the common room laughs*

Draco: Enough! My father will hear of this! *runs away*

Gary: What a let's unpack.

*In the Ravenclaw Common Room*

Cho Chang: Welcome to Ravenclaw! I'm Cho Chang, Seeker for the house Quidditch team!

Britt: I'm Britt, and this is Oilman Chibi!

Chibi Oil: Hey ya doing?

Britt: Be nice!

Cho Chang: If you have any questions, be sure to find me!

Chibi Oil: What time do you want to meet in the common room tonight Cho? *growls*

Britt: *smacks Chibi Oil* Shame on you!

Chibi Oil: Well, she said if I had any questions...

Britt: I wonder if I can make the house Quidditch team this year...

*The Hufflepuff Common room*

Erik: *grumbles* Stupid old lady...sorted into this house...

Cedric: Actually this house is the best thing that ever happend to me.

Erik: Really?

Cedric: Oh yes. Most loyal and calm people end up here. It's just natural. We are the most down to earth people here. We don't get all brave and get into spats like those Gryffindorks. We don't try to show off like those Slytherin idiots. And we aren't smart know it alls like those Ravenclaups. We are perfect.

Erik: Hmmm...maybe I'll like this house after all. So what's your name?

Cedric: I'm Cedric Diggory. The famous Seeker and captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team! And that's Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Susan Bones, and Ernie!

Erik: Nice to meet you all!

Cedric: Anyways, I sense bad times ahead, so be sure and look out for yourself. Don't go getting yourself killed and all that.

Erik: Right...

*In the Gryffindor Common Room*

Neville: Nice to meet you guys.

Leon: Likewise. Where's Harry Potter. I sure would like to meet the most famous wizard here.

Ron: Please...don't start on his boundless popularity.

Hermonie: It's true you know. Almost like the chosen one. And I think he's busy right now.

Rich: I think you all need some serious help.

Leon: Come on Rich...It's really not that bad here. Can't you be nice?

Rich: To hell with being nice. I hate this place!

Neville: What school would you rather go to?

Rich: Who the heck wants to go to school!?

Hermonie: Really, how can one not go to school.

Rich: I know enough to get by, and that's all that matters little girl.

Hermonie: Little Girl! Well I...

Neville: Soooooo, any of you going to try out for Quidditch?

Leon: That's a sport right? I'm in.

Rich: Bah! I'll just skip classes and drink my sake if you all don't mind. *leaves*

Ron: A bit angry that one...wonder what caused him to be so...irritable.

Leon: So when do I get to meet Harry?

Hermonie: Good luck with that...

*And so 6 weeks pass without much fuss into the school year and the S6 are now in a Defense Against the Dark Arts class*

Professor Brutonus: *glaring with one red eye* Now class. Today I will teach you how to successfully repel a Bogart! It's easy!

Neviile: Oiiii...not this again.

Leon: Hmmm...what exactly is a boggart?

Hermonie: It's...

Britt: It's a creature who takes the form of someone's worst fears. Nobody really knows what a Boggart's true form is.

Draco: Great...another know it all. Darn Muggle-Constructs.

Gary: LANGLOCK *casts spell on Draco* Don't say that about my Britt!

Draco: *tongue is stuck to the roof of his mouth*

Britt: Gary! What are you doing?

Professor Brutonus: That's Detention Iceman! *undoes the spell* No more spell casting without my say so!

Draco: Damn you! I'll get you!

Gary: Just bring it...

Ben: *glares at Draco*

Professor Brutonus: Now if you all are done...we can continue. Weasley! You're up first.

Ron: Why is it always me? *goes up to the closet holding the Boggart*

Professor Brutonus: Hold out your wand, picture a funny thought, and cast 'Riddikulus'.

*Professor Brutonus opens the cabnet and out comes a giant spider*


*the spider turns into a flower*

Professor Brutonus: Good! Next!


*The Troll sports a bikini*

Professor Brutonus: Good!


*The vampire pops like a balloon*


*Snape turns into his dog*

Professor Brutonus: Uhhh...okay...Good...yeah. Okay Ben, you're up.

Gary: You sure that's a good...

Professor Brutonus: Quiet Eskimo. Ben's up.

Ben: *walks up to the cabnet* I don't fear anything. This is all nonsense.

Professor Brutonus: We'll see...*opens*

Muffinman: Hey about I take these pliers and rewire your entire ciruit board!

Ben: DIE MUFFIN MAN! *Ben goes crazy*

*the students start to flee*

Erik: Oh great! Not this again!

Muffinman: I'll get you Ben! I'LL GET YOU!

Ben: Not if I can get you first you bastard! *starts inchanting spells and blowing stuff up*

Gary: *dodges debree* Hehehehehehe...this is almost too exciting.

Professor Brutonus: Hehehehehehehehe...*leaves*

Britt: Is it me, or is that professor up to something?

Leon: It's a possiblity.

Erik: Where's Rich?

*meanwhile in Snape's potion room*

Rich: *drinking a blue potion* Damn...that shit is the bomb...what the hell is it?

*Rich grows antlers*

Rich: Ahhhh...damnit!

*back in the Defense room*

Gary: Ben! You've got to cast the Riddikulus spell!

Ben: To hell with that! Kill Muffinman!

Hermonie: He'll destroy the whole room if we don't stop him!

Britt: IMMOBULUS! *freezes Ben in place*

Ben: *stands there silent*

Gary: *gets infront of the boggart* too...too...

*A giant Scorpion appears*

Britt: Say the spell Gary! Say it!

Erik: That's one friggen ugly Scorpion!

Gary: *backing up* Riddicu....Riddicu....

*The Scorpion gets closer*


*The Scorpion turns pokadot and retreats back to the cabnet*

Gary: Uhhhh...whew. Thanks Britt.

Britt: MOBULUS! *Ben can move again*

Ben: Ugggg...what happened?

Neville: You are one intresting chap my friend.

Harry: Okay, my work here is done. Gotta jet.

Leon: There's Harry! I would really like to meet him! Hey Harry, can I...

*Harry walks out of the classroom without second thought*

Leon: Talk to you....

Hermonie: Sorry Leon, he's a bit busy. Heh. *looks at Britt* It seems I'm not the only one learning spells. Good going Britt.

Britt: Uhhhh..thanks.

Leon: You know...maybe this magic thing ain't so bad after all. I'm learning spells baby!

Gary: Go for it! Watch this one! LOCOMOTOR MORTIS!

Draco: *legs are locked together* Darnit! STOP IT!

*everyone laughs*

*And so more weeks pass*

McGonagall: Today, we'll learn how to change animals into Alarm Clocks. It's quite simple really.

Britt: *has a toad* This toad just threw up all over me...

McGonagall: Silence. Now with the proper wand movement, wave like this and say Vera Mertel. *changes her bird into a alarm clock that rings*

Gary: Still no sign of Rich?

Erik: Nope, I donno where he is right now.

*meanwhile in Snape's secret room*

Rich: *smokes some herti grass* Damn...this shit is the bomb yo! *smokes more and grows horns next to his antlers* Ah crap on a stick!

*back in Transfiguration*

McGonagall: No Neville, like this! Proper wand movement people!

Chibi Oil: Ah well, I wonder what sis is up to.

Ben: I heard that Sparkleypoo don't have to worry about class schedules...

Chibi Oil: Lucky.

*a weird vapor appears of Ben's head*

Leon: I did it! Whooohoo! Your turn Ben!

Ben: we go...VERA MERTEL!

*Ben's parrot turns into a muffin*

Leon: Uh we go again.

Erik: Great...

Muffinman: That's right Ben, I'm going to feed you to my wolves! Let's go now!

Ben: DIE MUFFIN MAN! *blows the muffin up and goes bezerk*

McGonagall: Now see here Ben! We just don't...*her hat gets blown off*


*it begins to down pour muffins in Ben's brain*

Britt: Not again! Stop it Ben!

Gary: Can't freeze him...or maybe I can. *points wand at Ben* GLACIUS!

*Ben is frozen*

Leon: Is it just me...or has Ben been seeing to many muffins lately?

Erik: It is a bit unusual. Even for Ben. Something weird is afoot.

Harry: I finished my assignment, I gotta run.

Leon: HARRY! Hey man, can I have...

*Harry leaves*

Leon: Your Autograph....*groans*

Hermonie: Sorry again Leon...he's just always on an adventure.


*Draco's robes catch on fire*

Draco: ARRRRGGG! Stupid Eskimo!

*Two weeks later in Potions*

Snape: Alright class, there will be no wand waving in here, we are going to brew a Sputaculus Potion. Who here can tell me what the effects are?

*Britt and Hermonie raise their hands*

Snape: Yes...The Ravenclaw girl.

Britt: If brewed correctly, the potion once drank, will give you better alertness and mobility.

Hermonie: *to herself* Know it all...*groans*

Snape: This is correct. Now...use these correct ingrediants to brew the potion.

Gary: Ahhh...potion making is fun. Imagine all the pranks I could pull.

Ben: Oh yes, it's a shame we don't see much of George and Fred Weasley.

Erik: Well from what I heard you did to them last year...I'm not surprised!

Snape: Pay attention! That's 10 points from Hufflepuff!

Erik: What!? But they...

Snape: 20 points.

Erik: Grrrr...

Snape: 30 points.

Erik: *does nothing* *then accidently drops his quill*

Snape: 40 points!

Erik: ..........

Gary: Course he wouldn't deduct points from his own house.

Erik: ..........

Snape: The proper ingrediants are listed on your parchment. Get started now!

Leon: *adds in blood from a newt* We are actually going to drink this crap?

Britt: I suppose so. I wonder where Rich is.

*meanwhile in the Quidditch Pitch*

Rich: *flies around drunk* Weheeeeee hawww! This is awesome!

*flies into a wall*

*back at Potions*

Gary: Alright Ben, what's the next ingrediant?

Ben: 2 teaspoons of rabbit hair and 1 cup of Muffin Mix...*glares*

Gary: Muffin Mix...oh crap.

Muffinman: I'm going to eat you Ben! RRRRRRRR!!


Snape: See here Mr. Ronning, if you can't control your...crap. *gets blasted into a wall*

Britt: Gosh darnit! Not Again! IMMOBULUS! *she misses Ben who knocks out several students*


*various students try to get away*

Flitwick: What's goin' on in here?

Ben: *sees the Muffinman* KILL!!

Flitwick: ARrrrrrggg!

Erik: *steps in front of Ben* Enough!! AQUAMENTI! *a jet of water comes out of the end of the wand*

Ben: *is soaked* What happend?

Erik: You almost killed Flitwik!

Ben: Oops.

Flitwick: *squeaks* I'm going back to my classroom. *leaves*

Britt: Again with the muffins. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.

Snape: Ooooohhhhh...

Britt: Snape...who assigned us this potion to learn?

Snape: That new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher...he has my job after all..wait...why am I telling you this?

Britt: Don't worry about it. *leaves*

Gary: Hey Draco, guess what.

Draco: No you don't you vile robot! This time I got you! SERPENSORTIA! *A snake comes out of his wand*

*The snake approaches Iceman and hisses violently*

Gary: OPPUNGNO! *takes control of the snake*

Draco: What in the...

*The snake bites Draco on the ass*

Draco: twit! Get away from me! *the snake chases him away*

*The Hufflepuff's walk by*

Erik: GARY! Why do you always have to pick on him?

Gary: Cause he's a self-centered little prick?

Cedric: He deserves me.

Erik: I thought your kind was opposed to that kind of treatment?

Cedric: Heh, even Hufflepuffs get down and dirty sometimes...

Harry: Cedric. Hey, We have to talk sometime about Quidditch. Be game if we played each other.

Cedric: You're on Potter!

Leon: HARRY! *runs up and is out of breath*

Harry: *looks at time* Is it 3:00 already! I gotta run! Later Cedric!

Leon: ..........

*girls suddenly come up and surround Cedric*

Erik: That is really getting annoying...

Cedric: Can't help it if I'm so popular can't I? Girls will always love me! Every Girl. All Girls. All the Time.

Gary: *grits his teeth* Not my Girl you don't...*arms his mallet*

*meanwhile in Professor Brutonus's room*

Britt: *looks around* Nothing out of the ordinary here...hmmm...

*something stumbles out of the closet*

Britt: Rich!? What in gods name are you doing in there?

Rich: Duhhh...whom are you shall talking to maddam?

Britt: The hell happend to you? *she mutters a counter jinx and Rich is back to normal completly*

Rich: This place is the bomb yo! Look at all the crap you can drink and stuff. It's awesome!

Britt: *sighs* Hey...what's this? *takes out various notes of muffin ideas* Holy hannah! This is what I thought!

Rich: I swear it wasn't me! Honest! *hides stuff behind his back*

Britt: Not you Bombs, it's...

Professor Brutonus: I see that you have found out my plot.

Britt: *turns around fast* I knew it all along! It was you!

Rich: It was who?

Professor Brutonus: Yes. My plan was to get Benjamin Ronning so fired up, that he'd possibly waste you guys in the process, but you've managed to calm him every time. How annoying. Well, since you've figured me out. It's time to unmask myself!

Rich: Unmask what?

Britt: I knew it all along Lord Voldemort?

Rich: It is who must not be named!

Britt: Yes! Him!

Rich:'s my last name.

Britt: Oh for crying out loud! Surrender Lord Voldemort!

Professor Brutonus: Oh goodness no! It's me you idiots!

Britt: Buster Rod G?

Buster Rod G: Long time no see chaps. Miss me? *casts the both of them into a wall*

Britt: Makes sense! The Magic! The Muffins! The inline lame puns!

Buster Rod G: I'm a magician, not a comedian!

Erik: *breaks down the door* Hands in the air!

Buster Rod G: *fires a bolt of electricity at Erik*

Ben: *comes in and blocks it* You'll die!

Leon: So it was you who did all the muffin tricks!

Buster Rod G: Yup! Now I'll...hey...where's my paper of spells!

Britt: Right here, picked up while my friends came in to destract you!

Rich: *grabs it* Hey, what's this do? Titillando!!

*Buster Rod G begins to laugh uncontrollably*

Britt: That's the tickle charm Rich...-_-

Rich: better take this.

Britt: Incarcerous!

*robes break out and insare Buster*

Leon: Now for the finishing touch. *brings out muffins*

Buster Rod G:! NOOOOO!!!

Leon: Time for a taste of your own medicine!

Ben: *cracks knuckles*

Narrator: And that my friends was the end of the year at Hogwarts. Things have quieted down for the better.

Britt: Awwwww...what a year of excitement, challenge, and learning! What do you think Hermonie?

Hermonie: Go screw yourself you glory hog.

Britt: 0_o

Leon: Just out of curiousity, why is it that Defense Against the Dark Art Teachers are the first to go?

Ben: Wierd how you can't seem to have a permanent instructor for that course eh?

Harry: The position seems to be cursed.

Leon: Harry Potter! Oh we must do lunch sometime, talk about Quidditch, and...

*Harry leaves*

Leon: *sighs* I give up already.

*Gary finally emerges*

Britt: Gary...where have you been?

Gary: Sorry Britt, but I had to kill's for your own good.

Britt: YOU What!?

Gary: He said he can get any girl, I just wanted to eliminate the competition!

Britt: Oh Gary...don't you know you're the only man for me!

Cho Chang: My can you part with me...*sniff*

Gary: Sorry...

Chibi Oil: *sprays himself with colongue, and parts his hair* Welp, since she's single now...

Cedric: *comes running out* It's alright Cho! I'm fine see! It was a joke!


Erik: *sighs* figures.

Gary: Heh...well he thought it was a joke.

*A boulder falls on Cedric*

Cho Chang: NOOOO!!

Chibi Oil: Yay!

Ben: Sorry! Lost control!

Cedric: *gets up* I'm fine babe!

Cho Chang: Oh thank god!

Chibi Oil: Oh Man!

*a lightning bolt hits Cedric*

Cho Chang: NOOO! NOT AGAIN!!

Chibi Oil: Oh Yes again!

Leon: Sorry...just trying out my lightning spell!

Cedric: *gets up* Wow! I'm invincible! I can't die!

Cho Chang: Ohhhh...Cedric...*hugs*

Chibi Oil: OOOORRRRGGGG! I give up!

*Everyone Gags*

Fushidane: Man...was that a fine year!

Chibi Oil: Whoah...I haven't seen you at all this year sis! Where have you been!?

Fushidane: Well, we went to Orlando to live it up in the sun, then to Paris to talk to the french boys of peiesta. Then it was off to Purto Rico...*she continues on*

Erik: Some hereos we turned out to be...

Britt: I donno about the rest of you, but I sure as hell had fun! *snuggles up to Gary*

Ben: Funny, I don't remember much of this year.

Erik: That's cause you were half blanked out with the Muffinman thing.

Leon: You win some you lose some!

Britt: Now where is Rich!?


*Rich is seen running with Snape's potions in tow, with Snape throwing spells at him from behind*

Britt: We can't teleport here! Remember!

Rich: *yelling off in the distance* LOOKS LIKE I'M WALKING HOME, ADIOS MACHACOS! *runs with Snape on his heels*

Gary: Now that's a real running gag! If only his name was gag...

Ben: *gags on Gary's robes*

Gary: *groans* Looks like the joke is 'on' me. Litterally.

*Everyone groans*

Britt: I'm going to miss this place...but we'll be back next year!

McGonagall: About that Miss Roth. You six will not be attending Hogwarts again!

Britt: What!?

Erik: Why not?

McGonagall: NO offense or anything, but everytime you all are here...danger follows suit! Off with you! Never to return!

Gary: Not like Harry doesn't have danger follow him everywhere he turns...

Harry: Yeah, with the giant snakes, and trolls, and big ugly spiders, and an evil lord of darkness. I can never get a years worth of peace you know.

McGonagall: That's not the Point! You attacked a teacher of our school! That right there is immedate banning!

Britt: But...he was an evil robot bent on destroying the school!

Erik: Actually, He didn't actually aim to destroy Hogwarts .... just to annoy us...

McGonagall: Still, the point being, you all attacked a valued teacher. And look at poor Draco! Ben and Gary...that was the last straw!

Draco: You Sixlets are nothing but bullies! Bullies! Wait tell my father hears of this. He'll track the lot of you down and...

Gary: *pulls out wand* Silencio!!

Draco: *has been silenced* 0_o *runs away in tears*

McGonagall: JUST GET OUT!!!

Ben: The brat had it coming...

Britt: *starts to cry*

Leon: Welp, good riddance I always say. Later youse guys. *hops onto the train*

Gary: *conforts Britt* Later all you wizard people.

Ron: Nice to know there are other kinds of people out there besides Muggles, and Wizards. There are Robots too.

Hermonie: Technology far more advanced than muggle standards...I prefer magic though.

Harry: This will be one bloody year I'll never forget.

Leon: Harry! Hey...come here for a second...

*Harry leaves the epilouge*

Leon: This isn't fair! Erik got to meet Cedric, Gary and Ben met Draco! Heck! Britt met Cho! And Rich...well, he met Snape and his wand. But what about me!? WHO DID I MEET! THIS ISN'T FAIR! I WANT TO TALK TO MY LAWYER!!!!!!!