The NEW Sinister Six in:

A Swap with a Koopa

Britt: Hello and welcome to yet another unique parody. This time we meet those devious little Koopa Kids. What kind of fendish plot will they reveal up to this time? Welp, one way to find out. Read on! Also, special thanks to my good buddy Gauntlet, who helped Gary out of his Road Block during the epilouge. *Where first Gauntlet appeared in the ep*

Narrator: Way far off in Bowser's Castle a family meeting is taking place on a new plot to wipe Mario and Luigi out for good.

Bowser: Anyways, that's the plan!

Morton: That's the plan? That's it?

Bowser: Yeah. Now go my Koopalings! Destroy those medlesome Mario Brothers!

*nobody moves*

Bowser: WELL!!?? *roars*

Wendy: Father dearest...we've done this plan already.

Bowser: Really? Well how about turning the Mario's against each other?

Ludwig: *yawns* Did that yesterday?

Bowser: How about we desquise ourselves as the Mario's, and frame them!?

Roy: We did that last week.

Bowser: Kidnap Toad?

Lemmy: Few nights ago.

Bowser: Build a huge machine?

Larry: A few hours ago? Can't you remember? Man your memory has gone to the dogs...

Bowser: WHAT DID YOU SAY!? *grabs Larry*

Larry: Nothing! I say nothing!

Bowser: That's what I thought...

Wendy: However Daddy. I've have developed a plan. *fixes her bow*

*The other five koopalings stare at her with jealous glares*

Wendy: My special Mario Thwacking Device is in the next...

*large explosion occurs and errupts the castle*


*they all pile in to see Iggy Koopa all covered in smoke*


*holds Iggy off the floor*

Iggy: I couldn't help it!! I thought it was an X-Box!


Larry: *snickers* So much for that idea.

Morton: Well, it's her fault for leaving it wide open where Iggy could get at it.

Larry: True, though...

Morton: *interupts* And by the way. Whatever happend to my X-Box?

Iggy: *long wide grin pops up* I donno...

Morton: YOU!!

Iggy: *hides behind Roy* Hey look! A new pair of sunglasses!

Roy: WHERE!? *looks down and gets wacked by Morton's enormus weight*

Iggy: *runs off laughing the whole way*

Bowser: ENOUGH!! *flame throwers the entire room*

*everyone stops what they are doing*

Bowser: First things first!


*meanwhile in another dimension*

Erik: First thing is first! We...

Rich: EAT!! *dives into a pile of food*

Erik: NOOOO! Say grace first!

9:00 A.M. Breakfast Time

Leon: I'm hungry! Can we eat now!?

Erik: I've already ordering out for breakfast. *is calling up a restraunt*

Gary: You ordered pizza right?

Erik: For Breakfast? Good gracious what's wrong with you?

Gary: I want pizza...

Ben: I don't care, just get something. I'm famished!

Leon: *jumping up and down* Me to! Me to! It's been 2 minutes into this story, and I've still haven't eaten enough!

Erik: *sighs as he dials up* Pancake house it is.

Gary: But I want pizza.

Erik: Pancakes!

Gary: pizza!


Gary: CHINESE!!!

Erik: *picks up the sofa over his head* I SAID PANCAKES! END OF STORY!

Gary: *goes outside and lifts up a Ford Explorer* I SAID CHINESE!!!

Erik: *hangs up phone* Okay...okay...chinese it is!

Britt: End of that argument...


Dark Land, Mushroom Kingdom 9:30 A.M. Eating Breakfast.

Bowser: Alright, I'm going to eat. When I get back you had better develop a plan!

Morton: Why us?

Larry: Cause he can't remember half the plans he did in the past...

Bowser: WHAT DID YOU SAY!!??


Bowser: Oh...that's what I...HEY! WAIT A MINUTE!

Larry: Uh oh...*slips from Bowser's grasp*


*Bowser ends up chasing Larry*

Wendy: Well, those two will be busy for a while.

Iggy: *jumps around wildy laughing insanely*

Wendy: Would you shut up...

Iggy: *gets louder and more annoying*


Iggy: *gets quiet*

Morton: Chill, would you. You'll wake the dead.

*a strange portal opens up*

Lemmy: *rolls around on his ball annoying Wendy*

Wendy: *frustrated she takes the ball and hurls it into the portal*

Lemmy: HEY!

Iggy: What's this thing?

Wendy: Alright...that's it.

*she approaches the portal*

Roy: What are you doing!?

Ludwig: Yeah!? That's a huge vortex of some kind.

Wendy: What? You mean this isn't one of Iggy's jokes

Iggy: As much as I'd like it to be...errr...ummm.. No.

Wendy: Crap...*gets sucked into the hole* Um...little help here!

Morton: *betting wadgers on a calculator* Five seconds and she's a goner!

Ludwig: NOOO!! That's not right! I bet Three seconds!

Morton: You're on!


*gets sucked in more*

*Iggy is laughing insanely while Lemmy roles around on another ball*


*nobody helps*


*she sends out her golden ring lassos and latchs to the other koopa kids*

Morton: HEY! I'm in the middle of making a bet!

Wendy: Well, I bet I can suck you idiots in here with me!

Morton: That's not in the contract!?

Ludwig: Is now. *keys in the bet*


Megaopolis, Sinister Six H.Q.

*Erik comes into the room seeing Britt and Gary sprawed out on the couch, Leon on the floor, Ben sitting against the wall, and Rich sitting in front of the television eating their breakfast*

*The other members eat and shove food in their mouths noisely*

(On the TV)

Flame Mammoth: *is lying on the couch on his side and leaning on his arm* Don't hate me cause I'm good lookin' yo. *leans over and farts*

*Audience laughs*

Erik: *turns off the TV*

Everyone: HEY!

Erik: Okay all, today is when some changes are going to take place. We are going to eat breakfast in the kitchen like every normal Megaman Team!

Britt: Well, alright. I see no objections.

*in the kitchen*

Rich: Happy Erik?

Erik: Yes.

Rich: Good, commense pigging out.

*The other members eat and shove food in their mouths noisely*

Erik: STOP! We are going to say grace first.

Leon: Ruba dub bub! Thanks for the Grub!

*The other members eat and shove food in their mouths noisely*

Erik: GRrrrrrrr! *gets mad* NOO! I'll say it right!

*everyone puts their silverware down and close their eyes*

Erik: *clears throat* Dear lord...thank you for this pizza Bounty, even though it is breakfast. Darn Iceman. Sometimes this team can get a tad out of hand...oh...who am I kidding!? Why can't we be like other teams!? Are we the worst example to set ever!! *he moans loudly*

Gary: Amen! Let's eat!

*The other members eat and shove food in their mouths noisely*

Erik: *with head in his hands* NOOO! NOOO! NOOO!!

Gary: *with noodles hanging from his mouth* What?

Erik: We eat like normal people! Not like slobs!

Ben: You mean like this?

*The other members eat and shove food in their mouths noisely*

Erik: *puts his head deeper in his hands* I give up...

*soon a portal opens up*

Leon: *belches loudly* Hey...what's up with that vortex?

Ben: Maybe it's a link to another dimention...

Gary: Nah...I think someone left it lying around.

Erik: Oh come on Gary, who would leave 'that' lying around? *points to it*

Rich: Let's go through it! *attempts to go through but is held back by Erik*

Erik: ARE YOU CRAZY! God only knows what lies on the other end of that thing!

Rich: You've been a poor sport all day, the least you can do is let me go in there!

Gary: Maybe there's a big pile of ice cream on the other side!

Ben: Or maybe Clay Aiken can actually sing on the other side...

Leon: Possibly that Flame Mammoth guy on TV is actually 'good looking'

*they all get up and attempt the thing*

Erik: Damnit you guys! Why are you all so stupid! We may never come back!

Ben: Don't worry man, I'm sure we'll be back in time to annoy the Mechs.

*they all jump in*

Erik: I have a feeling I'm going to regret this...*hops in after them*

The Host Of Twilight Zone: Once in a rare occasion do mishapes and strange occurances happen, and when they do, they hardly can be explained. But in this time, for two different universes, a portal appears, and what draws its victoms inside do a swap of weirdness and crazyness happens. What will happen if they seemingly show up in each others universes, in a whole new body and a whole new world. These guys are going to experience something that only happens in the Twlight Zone.

(Soon the S6 appear back in the Mushroom Kingdom, in their new Koopa Kid Bodies)

Rich: Whoah...what a ruch...where the hell are we?

Ben: The place looks vaquealy familer...

Britt: I don't feel so well...

Erik: Now that we are here, can we go back?

*the portal closes*

Erik: Well that's just great!!

Gary: Hey! Look at my hair!

*everyone looks at Gary*

Britt: that you?

Gary: Britt...why do you have scales and a pink shell?

*everyone looks at themselves*

Leon: Whoah...we are koopa kids!

Ben: He hell?

Rich: How the hell did this happen?

Erik: I knew it, I knew we shouldn't of gone through that portal!

Rich: Says you! I'm totally digging the dew! *plays with his hair*

Ben: Shut up! I'm bald! Arrrrggg!

Britt: I look terrible!

Gary: I happen to like my look. Hehehheheheh.

Leon: Why am I the smallest now?

*suddenly a roar goes off and everyone jumps*

Bowser: What in gods name are you all doing!?

Rich: Whoah...the big man himself...

Gary: *goes up to Bowser* Greetings exaulted one...might I say that I'm honored to be in your...


Rich: Ummmm...because we aren't really your kids Bowserdidly...

Leon: Yeah...a portal opened up and well...we seemed to have changed bodies with your kids.

Erik: Which means...that Those real koopa brats are in our armor back at Megaopolis!

*the others gasp*

Ben: There goes the neighborhood.

Bowser: SILENCE!! Is this your excuse for not doing what I asked!? I outta throw the lot of you in the dungeon!

Rich: Chill Dad, we'll do what you asked!

Bowser: YOU'D BETTER! *tosses Larry down* NOW GET GOING!! *he storms off*

Britt: I guess we'd better abide by his rules until we figure this thing out.

Erik: We don't have much of a choice...

Larry: You guys feeling alright?

Leon: Hey, I just remembered that there are seven Koopa Kids and only six of us.

Rich: *thinks* Hey this guy here didn't get his body swapped.

Larry: *dumbfolded* Huh?

Gary: Best not to ask questions buddy. We really aren't your brothers.

Larry: Uhhhhhhh...okay.

Rich: We have a winner here. A sure fire winner.

Britt: Well the Koopas aren't known for their brain power.

Larry: You guys are acting a little strange...

Ben: We'll explain later, so we got to go after Mario is that it?

Larry: Yeah....

Ben: Okay, so let's go.


*meanwhile back at Megaopolis*

Wendy: Where the hell are we, and what are we wearing!?

Lemmy: I don't know, but check me out. I can absourb electricity!

Roy: Whoah dude, I'm still the biggest of you all.

Iggy: Why am I wearing this goofy parka?

Lemmy: At least you still got the goofy glasses.

Ludwig: Dude...check this out! I can make my own friggen bombs!

Morton: Why is there fire spewing out of my head. Does that make any sense at all? I mean come from your head, that is so...

Wendy: Shut it! We need to figure out what the hell happend here!

*everyone turns to Ludgwig, who is now sporting Rich's armor*

Wendy: Okay genious, how do we get out of this fix?

Ludwig: It seems we entered another parallel universe, where back home, these dudes are in our bodies.

*everyone gasps*

Wendy: My gorgus body is being used by some ugly robot thing? THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!

Ludwig: The best course of action is to figure out our world around us and see how it ticks.

Roy: Hey, a TV, let's see what kind of programs they play out here. *turns it on*

*The Koopa Kids pile into the room to see*

Sting Chameleon: *on TV* Dude...did you fart Flame Mammoth?

Flame Mammoth: Hell yeah, where's the bud, I'm thirsty. *belches out load*

Sting Chameleon: God a doctor. *chokes and dies*

Flame Mammoth: Hmmm...oh well, SOUPS ON! *farts again and then sits on Chameleon's corpse*

*audience laughs*

Roy: What in the world is this crap?

Lemmy: I donno, it's kind of scary. Look at the size of that bruiser...

Wendy: You know. This gives me an idea.

*everyone looks at Wendy*

Wendy: Imagine that big fat guy working for Bowser, he'd crush the Mario's easily!

Ludwig: Forget that fat loser, remember our new powers here? We can squash Mario by ourselves!

*the door bell rings*

Morton: What the hell was that?

Roy: I donno, why don't you go check it out. *looms over Morton's Fireman body*

Morton: You know, I could probably take you now that I can do this!

*Morton Flames Roy into a burning frenzy*

Roy: Alright, I'm going to pulverize you, you shrimpy...

Wendy: Guys, the door.

Iggy: *has already answered it* Who the hell are you?

Anime Master: Good ole Gary, always playing games! It's us, The Cossack's Comrads!

Iggy: Huh?

Zapper: Stop playing games and let us in you big turkey. *she shoves her way past Iggy*

Wendy: Who the heck are you guys supposed to be? Zoo Workers?

Rick: Cut the crap, we are here to talk buisness.

Ludwig: What kind of buisness?

Chibi Keba: Art Trade kind of buisness. We got a good art deal for Britt.

Roy: Who?

Rick: Boy, you guys really don't give up do you?

Zapper: Joke's over, this isn't funny anymore.

Sean: Hey! *sees the TV* "I love Flame Mammoth" is on!

Sean: Oh yes! *sits down to watch it

*a loud fart from Flame Mammoth comes from the TV*

Comrades: *laugh loudly*

Wendy: can you watch that filth.

Roy: Yeah, talk about low rating television

*The Comrades gasp*

Sean: You guys feeling alright?

Zapper: Yeah, you guys love this show!!

*the Koopa Kids look at each other*


*as for the Sinister Six*

Erik: *whispering* You know, I think Larry is on to us.

Britt: *whispering back* I think so too, these guys aren't so dumb after all.

Ben: *whispering* Keep it low key, maybe when he's not looking we can...

Larry: You can what?

*everyone jumps*

Ben: Ummm...destroy the Mario's!

Larry: Oh. About that. Do we even have a plan?

*The S6 look at each other*

Gary: I do...We'll lay down a trap and lead them to it!

Larry: Ummm...that's failed so many times that...

Erik: Can't hurt. Let's do it!

*So Ben, Erik, and Gary lure Mario and Luigi while the others make the trap*

Britt: *cuts down some branches* Be so much easier if I had my blades.

Rich: *digs a hole* Be much easier if I could blow this hole open.

Leon: Be much easier if I had my...

*sees Larry looking at him oddly*

Leon: My ball...yeah. *goes back to work*

Larry: *to himself* Something is odd about my brothers and sister...very odd indeed. *helps set the trap*

(About 10 minutes later)

Gary: They are coming! Get ready!

Erik: Set the trap!

Mario: You will a pay for stealing a me trophey!

Luigi: What's the a matta with you!

Ben: That talk is going to haunt me to my grave...

Gary: *hurls the trophey into the trap*

Mario: You'll a pay for a this!

*Mario and Luigi fall into the trap*

Mario: Ooooooooh Noooooooo!

*The S6 look at each other happily*

Larry: I can't believe that actually worked...

Leon: Yup! Did we rock, or did we rock!

Rich: You darn tootin Elec Diggity! Yeah!

*The S6 cheer*

Larry: *pulls out his wand and stuns everyone*

Erik: Hey! What gives!?

Britt: We are on your side!

Larry: To hell you are! I know you are imposters! Now give it up! There's no we Koopalings can catch Mario and Luigi that easily!

Ben: Guess that kind of gave it away eh?

Erik: *sighs*


*back at Megaopolis*

Rick: Soooo...what's going on here?

Chibi Keba: No offense or anything Britt...but your drawings have gotten a tad...terrible.

Wendy: Oh yeah!? Let's see you do better then!

*Chibi draws a perfect sun set*

*Koopa Kids look with jaws open*

Anime Master: Something is different about you guys today.

Morton: You know, you're absoultly...

Roy: *covers Morton's mouth* Wrong. We just had a bad day today yeah. Can you excuse us for a minute?

*Comrads nod*

*The Six Koopalings leave the room*

Wendy: *smacks Morton* You almost let the cat out of the bag!

Morton: Sorrrrry...

Ludwig: Any chance we can convience these guys that we need their help to thrash Mario?

Wendy: Yeah, we can explain that we came from another dimention and we need them to come over and beat up on some plumber, real wise Ludwig.

Lemmy: If we can get that blasted portal open.

Iggy: I wonder where it came from anyways?

Roy: You know, I'm starting to like this crib.

Wendy: You can't be serious?

Roy: Oh yeah...I mean, we are away from dad, and we can do whatever the hell we want!

Wendy: I want to go back! Dad is our money bank remember!?

Iggy: Well these guys are kind of living it up a little here.

Morton: Yeah, I mean look at this place. Indoor Swimming pool, DVD collection, Sony Playstion, X-Box 360, Full stero system, with surround sound, Big screen TV...

Wendy: We get the picture Morton!

Anime Master: *comes in* You know guys, you can just be straight with us.

Sean: We can take a joke!

Sean: It's almost April right? Well, we get it!

Rick: *pops cork* Let's party?

Zapper: Let's have some pizza!

*Koopa Kids cheer*


Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser: So let me get this successfully captured the Marios. All by yourself?

Larry: That's right king dad! All by myself!

Bowser: Not bad Larry, my first born son. Not bad. I always knew you had it in you. Where are the others?

Larry: Cleaning up the mess I left in the back yard.

*meanwhile outside*

Erik: What a low-life Koopa scum! He put a spell on us to clean up this mess!

Ben: I can't resist! In this form anyways.

Gary: Not even I would be so devious.

Britt: Well what do you expect, Koopas are mischeivious little brats.

Rich: Can't...stop...working...

Leon: This spell is driving me crazy!

Erik: Wait a sec. We have wands. *uses his to make them stop working*

Gary: Hey, you did it!

Rich: I guess good ole' Larry suspected that we didn't know how to use their equipment.

Erik: Lucky I know a thing or two about magic.

Ben: That still leaves the million dollar question. How do we get back to our time?

*suddenly the ground shakes and a telephone booth appears out of no where*

Leon: What in the world is that?

Erik: I donno.

*two figures emerge from the booth*

Ted: Dude, that was most rightious!

Bill: We heard you dudes are in a scrape! We're here to help ya!

*Bill and Ted do a guitar solo*

Ben: Right...

Gary: So how are you going to help us exactly?

Britt: And who are you?

Ted: I'm Ted Theadore Logan!

Bill: I'm Bill S. Prestion Esquire!

Bill and Ted: And we are the Wild Stallions!

*they do another guitar solo*

Rich: That still leaves how you are going to help us.

*Bill and Ted look at each other then back at the startled S6*

Ted: We'd totally take you back, but there's one problem dudes.

Erik: What's that?

Bill: Somehow, you'd have to get those Koopa Kid dudes to trade places with you, or you can't return back.

Ben: Well that sucks ass.

Leon: No friggen kidding.

Britt: I want to go home. *sobs*

Ted: Totally bogus man.

*Bill and Ted hop into their Booth*

Bill: See you later Robo Dudes!

Ted: Good luck getting back to your awesome worlds man! *waves* *they do a guitar solo and take off*

Gary: A lot of help they were...

Rich: I think Gauntlet would of done more than them. *shrugs*

Ben: Well, we are back at square one.

Erik: *thinks* We got wands, isn't there anyway to use this magic to reopen that portal.

Gary: That, and how are we going to get the Koopa Kids to get in the portal?



Zapper: And then he said, "No doctor, I don't have any hands."

*everyone laughs*

Iggy: That's hilarous, how about this one? *makes an armpit fart*

*crickets chirp*

Iggy: Fine...

Wendy: *takes Ludwig aside* The others are having a ball, but ..... these "Cossacks" people are giving me the creeps!

Ludwig: Yes I know .... They're so ugly .... and stupid .....

*From the rafters*: Not to mention dirty.

Wendy: Yes, so dirty. And disgusting. Do you see the way they eat!?

*From the rafters*: And immature.

Ludwig: SO immature. Like children!

*From the rafters*: Tell me about it.


*Wendy and Ludwig toss scissors and bombs at the rafters*


*From out of the Shadows, Shadowman thows ninja stars at the two disguised Koopalings*

Gauntlet: Too slow, brats!

*Shadowman follows up with a series of cuts delievered by his Murasama. Startled by the noise, the rest of the Koopalings and Cossack's Comerades dart into the room where they're confronted by Gauntlet.*

Anime Master: What's going on here!?

Gauntlet: These people aren't the Sinister Six! They're imposters! I've been here for hours monitoring them and these clowns are too stupid, akward, and ..... STUPID to be the real Sinister Six!

The Koopalings: HEY!

Gauntlet: Except for Iceman. He just might be the same. I have a hard time telling.

Iggy: That's because I AM the real .... hey, waitaminute -

Sean: But what were you doing here in the first place? And why were you skulking about?

Gauntlet: ..... That's not important! I'm a ninja. That's reason enough for me to be in places I'm not supposed to be in.


Gauntlet: And besides, they owe me money for the time they trashed my base.


Gauntlet: It's not like I'm reading their e-mail or finding embarrassing pictutres they took of themselves at last year's christmas party to sell on ebay or anything sinister like that!


Gauntlet: Oh, get off my case! Can't you see who the villain is here!?


*Cossack's Comerades shoot Gauntlet with their signature weapons. Gauntlet screams in frustration as he falls to the floor.*

Chibi Keba: Soooo, you're not the real Sinister Six?

The Koopalings: Uhhhhhhh

Chibi Keba: But .... you still have their credit cards, right?


Mushroom Kingdom

Doc: And so it's BACK .... to the FUTURE!

*and so the Delorean speeds off and dissappears in a flash of light*

Erik: Damn it! This keeps happening!

Britt: I'm gonna kill some -

Bowser: KOOPALINGS!!!!

*the "Koopalings" meet Bowser in the dungeon*

Bowser: The Mario Brothers have escaped!

Leon: Damn it ... how is this our fault?

Bowser: I don't care! It's up to you to fix it!

*An hour later*


The six: What now???

Bowser: Mario's freed Shahara-hara Land!

Erik: SO!?

Bowser: I need some ice cream to sooth my jangled nerves.

*Two Hours Later*


Britt: What the Hell is it now!?

Bowser: You're rooms are disgusting! Clean them up NOW!

*five minutes later*


Gary: What? What is it? What can it be now!? WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!???

Bowser: Where's my Ice cream!?

*a half hour later*


*Ten minutes later*


*an hour and a half later*




*Outside the castle*

Leon: I can't take this anymore....

Britt: I wanna kill ..... kill ... THAT MOTHER - *censored* *Censored* *Censored* son of a *censored* *censored* *censored* shove it up his *censored* *censored* *Censored* UNTIL HE LEARNS TO LOVE IT!!!


Gary: ... So many swears .....

Larry: So .... now you understand.

The Six: YOU!!!

Erik: You're gonna pay for making us do your damn work!

Larry: Yeah, well .... I wanted a little credit from Bowser! And I wanted to teach you tresspassers whose boss! And ... and I gotta say that if yer goin' you gotta .... TAKE ME WITH YOU! You've been living here for a DAY! I've been living here MY WHOLE LIFE! Oh .... the trauma ..... THE TRAUMA!!!

Erik: We should leave you here!

Britt: But we're stuck here unless we find a way to open up a portal like the one that spewed us into this stupid place and these smelly bodies! No offense.

Larry: None taken.

Britt: Maybe the iguana can help us (again, no offense).

Larry: (yeah, whatever), Well, there might be a way ..... but it's risky .....

Bowser: *from inside the castle* KOOPALINGS! WHERE ARE YOU!?



Megaopolis shopping mall

Sean: Wooooooooheee! New X-Box for me!

Chibi Keba: I always wanted this outfit!

Anime Master: Star Wars! Star Wars! Star Wars! More STAR WARS!! *does war cry*

Rick: Video Games! Come to pappa!

Zapper: Swords...and weapons! More!

Sean: Wow...look at all the accessories.

Wendy: Jeeeez, and I thought I was the big spender!

Morton: These guys are nuts!

Iggy: Look at this!

Ludwig: Brilliant! What is it?

Wendy: It's a lava lamp you dolt.

Iggy and Ludgwig: Ohhhhhh...

*everyone looks at each other*

Roy: So are we done?

*everyone nods holding piles and piles of goodies*

Zapper: Hey look! A live Flame Mammoth performance!

*Cossack's Comrades cheer and the Koopa Kids groan*

Storm Eagle: Flame Mammoth, why don't you go out to fight the war against the humans?

Flame Mammoth: I got your war right here! *bends over and passes gas*

*the crowd laughs*

Storm Eagle: *covers nose* Honestly, what's so special about sitting around on your ass all day and watching tv and farting?

Flame Mammoth: I'm hurt Storm Eagle...that you think that I actually care about what your saying. But here's what I have to say. *farts again*

*everyone laughs*

Wendy: Ohhhh...for petes sakes. I'm outta here!

Roy: Me too, it reminds me of Dad!

Iggy: Dad lofts around all day too, and it's not funny.

*The Koopa Kids leave the mall and head back home to S6 H.Q.*


Mushroom Kingdom World 1-3

Erik: *zaps a Koopa while huffing* This seemed a lot easier while playing the game...

Ben: No kidding. Damn, what do those Goombas eat! Mega Vitamans?

Gary: Quick Question Larry, if we are searching for you know what, why are your own minions attacking us!?

Larry: I said there would be risks envolved.

*The S6 Sigh*

Britt: I hope this plan works, living in this world isn't as easy as I thought.

Leon: Espcially with a dad we never knew we had.

Rich: Very funny, let's just find that friggen whistle and be on our way.

Larry: Here we are. *blasts away a Para Goomba*

Ben: 'Bout time, I'm getting my ass handed to me here.

*everyone jumps on the white block and waits patiently*

Gary: So we are supposed to blend into the background?

Larry: Yup!

*nothing happens*

Rich: Um...isn't something supposed to happen?

Larry: Oh...hehe, we are supposed to duck down on the block so it will recognize us trying to get in.

Rich: It's a friggen white block, it's not alive!

Ben: It's the Mario world Rich. Everything is alive, and everything has faces on it!

Rich: Oh I know why there are mushrooms all over the place...

Erik: Rich!

Rich: What, I'm speaking the truth aren't I?

Leon: He does make a point.

Erik: Leon!

Britt: It's true...

Erik: Britt!


*they all crouch on the white block*

Rich: *mumbles* Damn mushrooms...



Morton: I really hate this place...

Ludwig: Come on, it's not so bad. I mean, we are some sort of robotic being now, but at least we are away from Dad.

Wendy: Now that you mention it, I kind of do miss Dad's ramblings.

*they all nod*

Lemmy: So what are we going to do?

Ludwig: Nothing we really can do. I mean, what's the point of all this power here...if we can't use it on the Mario's.

Roy: Yeah, I can't thrash Mario or Luigi if I don't have this awesome suit of armor to protect me.

Iggy: And I kinda miss Larry too. I wonder how he got out of this.

*they all nod*

*suddenly out of no where the portal opens*

Wendy: The Portal!? But How!?

Ludwig: I ain't goin! NO way Jose! This place rocks!

Iggy: Yeah, it kind of grown on me too.

Roy: We made up our mind Wendy. We aren't goin'.

Wendy: I'll make you all go!

Gauntlet: No I will!

*everyone turns to find a Ninja with about 100 holigrams*

Iggy: What the heck?

Gauntlet: Forget about me did you? Which one is the real me!?

Roy: Get' em!

*Since the Koopa Kids don't know anything about Gauntlet's powers, they eventually were worn down and pushed towards the portal*

Morton: We can't get him...he's too strong...


Gauntlet: Cheating is my specialty, Now get in there!

*Gauntlet flings a Shadow Blade and it knocks the lot of them into the vortex*

Ludwig: I suppose it's time to go home anyways...

Gauntlet: Ice is going to owe me for this...big time.


Mushroom Kingdom

Britt: Okay, we got the damn whistle, now blow it!

Rich: Finally, we can go home...I got a lot of stuff to do.

Erik: I told you guys we should of never got into that damned portal, but now we get to learn the lesson.

Leon: Alright Mr. Preacher, we get the point. Now let's go.

Ben: *blows the whistle* Time to go home.

Larry: Nice knowing you losers...

*the warp tune comes on and a giant tornado sprouts up*

Gary: The hell? This didn't look so dangerous in the gaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmeeesss...*gets swept up*

*they all land in World 9, the Warp Zone*

Erik: Where the hell are we?

Larry: World Nine, now pick you world and get the hell back to it!

Leon: Ummmm...Larry dude...WE AREN'T FROM ANY OF THESE WORLDS! *grabs Larry by the collar*

Larry: Buttt...that would are aliens...


Britt: Looks like we are stuck here folks. Forever.

Ben: Damnit! I'm going to fry this kids ass.

Larry: No wait...there must be another way!

*Just when Ben was about to zap poor Larry with his wand the portal finally opened*

Britt: The portal! The precious Portal!

Leon: *drops Larry* Oh thank heavens! Our prayers have been answered!

Gary: Let's go! *Is stopped by Erik*

Erik: What if the portal takes us somewhere else...but home?

Ben: Damnit, he has a point...we could end up somewhere else...worse off than here.

Larry: *pushes them all in* GIVE ME MY SIBLINGS BACCCCK!

Rich: Guess we don't have a choice in the matter now...

*they all fall into the portal*

(Thirty seconds later the Koopa Kids come back through)

Larry: that you?

Iggy: *hops up and down like a loony*


Wendy: Oh shut up Larry, Iggy's always like that.

Larry: Sis! Oh, am I glad to see you!

Morton: Whoah...what a trip.

Roy: You win some you lose some...

Ludwig: I suppose there's nowhere else but home.

Lemmy: Amen brother.

*the portal closes*

Larry: Where on earth did you guys go?

Roy: You wouldn't want to know.

*suddenly Larry's wand goes off*

Larry: Uh's Dad.

Roy: Crap, I suppose he's been wondering where the hell we've been?

Larry: Yeah...Let's just say the Mario's haven't been letting up on their goodie antics.

Wendy: Let's go. It actually feels good going after those plumbers now.

*they all agree as they hop into the warp pipe to Dark World*



Erik: Oh thank god we are home! That has been one trip I'll never forget.

Rich: Damn straight big guy. For now on I'll listen to you when you tell us not to do something.

Erik: Don't drink that Sake.


Erik: *sighs*

Britt: Welp, now that is over with, I gotta run to the market.

Leon: One problem.

*everyone's eyes drop*

Ben: All our credit cards are maxed out! How is that possible!

Gary: Where the hell did all that money go?

*Cossack's Comrades are seen sky diving from an airplane*

Erik: Welp, looks like we got a lot of city saving to do to get these back up.

Leon: Until then...we better watch our expenses.

Erik: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Ben: Yeah...looks as though we couldn't adapt to the new world

Britt: Just goes to show that there's only one home.

Gary: *cuddles Britt* And that one home is here...with friends.

Rich: Yeah yeah...enough of that shit, let's party!

Erik: No.


Erik: *sighs*

Leon: Still, I wonder what the cause of that vortex really was...

*on the TV Show*

Sting Chameleon: Alright Flame Mammoth, we finally realized at after eating those mexican beans, you gained some sort of extra power.

Flame Mammoth: OH yeah? What's that?

Storm Eagle: It made you open up a vortex in different worlds everytime you farted. And that's been a lot lately. So there's no telling how many places you f'ed up.

Flame Mammoth: And you say I don't participate in the war.

Sting Chameleon: No more mexican beans for you Flammy.

Flame Mammoth: Ah well, back to Pork Rhinds. *passes gas*

*Sting Chameleon and Storm Eagle pass out*

Twilight Zone Guy: And there you have it. The unexplained and the truth behind the most bizzare events that just unfolded between us. So what other worlds were effected by this brutes smelly gas? Nobody knows, nobody cares, so tune in next time as we introduce you to other strange and unusual events. Good bye.