The NEW Sinister Six in:

Magman Dragoon on Dragon Tales

Gary: Heyo. For those of you who enjoyed Magma Dragoon on Friends I got another splended epilouge where that blood-thirsty dragoon makes yet another tv appearance. Now you're probably asking, why the hell this, and why do I know about this show? Well, when you go to your Dialysis treatments every other day, and are forced to watch boring, limited cable channels with news, soup oprahs, and court shows, these kid shows are actually good. *sighs* Anyways, while watching one episode, I got an idea for a funny epilouge. See, genious can be used even on kiddie shows! So, without further ado....Gary presents! Magma Dragoon on Dragon Tales!

Narrator: And so starts, yet another satisfying day at Sinister Six H.Q., with Erik sitting infront of the tube, watching tv.

Erik: *flipping through the channels* Man...there's nothing good to watch. Nothing at all.

Gary: *comes running into the room* Quick! Change the channel! Ben's on!

Erik: Ben's on? What are you talking about? He doesn't have his own show...

Gary: *grabs the remote* Watch! Hahahahahaha.

Erik: Ummm...Gary. You do realize this is a kids show...

Gary: *plops down on the couch* You'll see. Hehehehehehehehe.

Erik: I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.

Theme Song: Emmy wished on a dragon's scale and that's what started dragon tales
Around the room the dragons flew but Max knew what Ben was up to.
They're friends included Jerry the Mole.
Ben will devour them all whole.
Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, it's almost time for Dragon Tales.
Come along, lots to see, let's go meet Ben, the Dragon King.
When Ben comes jumps out and says boo.
Shortly after he'll eat you.
Max knows what he's up to, but Emmy thinks he's full of shit
Ben will nibble on you every bit.
Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, it's almost time for Dragon Tales.
Come along, lots to see, let's go meet Ben, the Dragon King.

Erik: This isn't how I remember this old show...Ben wasn't the Dragon King.

Gary:'s starting!

*the show starts with that annoying dumb background music*

Emmy: Max! It's time to play! Where are you Max? *she looks under the bed to find a shaking Max*

Max: *hiding under the bed* Leave me alone...

Emmy: What's wrong Max? Why are you hiding under the bed?

Max: I'm still scared from the last visit to Dragon Land...

Emmy: But why? I thought you loved going to Dragon Land. To see all our friends and...

Max: Shut the hell up! Everything was fun until Ben, the Dragon King came in....since then he's been trying to eat us from the get go!

Emmy: That's a bunch of bull shit Max...and you know it. Ben wouldn't hurt a fly.

Max: Says you! Don't you remember last time...when he said that his mouth was a cave full of treasure?

Emmy: Oh brother...*she rolls her eyes* He was only playing with us.

Max: Oh yeah...or how about the time he made us poor hot sause on us, saying that it was a new way to clean our selves and smell nice...doesn't that strike you as wierd?

Emmy: *sighs* You are really full of it Max...Hey look! The Dragons are callin' us!

*the dragon scale glows from in the drawer*

Max: Oh no...*hides under the bed* The Dragon's aren't calling! It's Ben! I know it!

Emmy: Oh for Christs sakes...*grabs Max* Let's go and see our friends. Remember...'friends'.

Max: *tries to pull away* Please don't make me go...please...please please! *he starts to cry*

Emmy: To late. *she says the line and the paper dragons in the room fly around and send them to Dragon land*

*POOOF!* *The two kids appear in a pot of stew*

Emmy: Hey Ben, what's cookin'?

Ben: Funny you should say that Emmy...*pours in carrots and cabbage*

Max: *looks into the pot* SEE! I told you! He's trying to cook us! LOOK!

Ben: Really? What gave you that idea Max? *dumps in more spices as he hums the Fireman theme*

Max: You ain't fulling me Ben, I'm onto you! *he tries to get out but Ben pushes him back in*

Ben: What's the matter...don't you guys want to swim? I even turned the water up's like swimming in a don't like it? *Ben starts to tear up*

Emmy: Now look what you did made him cry! And to all this trouble he went for us too.

Max: I can't believe you're that stupid do you explain all these vegtables floating around in here?

Ben: What...don't you like the toys I got for you?

Max: Oh please...cut me a...

Ord: Ohhh...swimming pool! Fun! *plunges into the soup bowl*

Emmy: Hey Ord! Glad you can join us! This feels nice!

Ord: It does Emmy! MMMmmm...smells good in here too!

Ben: Damnit Ord! You ruined it! *dumps the soup bowl* I ain't a friggen cannibal.

Max: See See! He admitted to it! He won't eat his own kind, but he'll eat us!

Emmy: *sighs* What the hell is wrong with you, you doofus! Ben's not like that! He was just making a joke!

Ben: Uhhhh...yeah...sure. *looks innocent*

Ord: *dries himself off* So...what do you kids want to do today? Want to go look for Dragon Berries, or dance in the dancing lillies or sing...

Ben: To hell with all that crap, let's play a game.

Ord: Okay! What game shall we play Ben?

Emmy: Ben always comes up with the best games!

Max: My ass...He'll probably find another way to cook us.

Ben: Now Max...let's perk up the frown shall we. Emmy, will you be a deer and find me some parsnips?

Emmy: Sure! *walks off*

Max: Noo! Don't you know what a parsnip is? It's something used for soup!

Emmy: Oh shut up Max... *is about to take off but stops* Hey! It's Cassie! Hey Cassie! *hugs*

Ben: Oh for peets sake Cassie! Did you have to show up NOW!? *MD squeezes his hand in anger*

Cassie: Hey Everyone! I saw you were here, so I thought I'd stop in to say hi. Hope that's alright.

Ben: How about 'no', get the hell outta here?

Emmy: Ben's just joking...he's so funny!

*They all laugh, except for Ben who's eyeballling Max and licking his lips*

Max: Help me...*hides behind Ord*

Ord: What's the matter with Max?

Emmy: Oh nothing, he's just being a dick wad. Just ignore him.

Cassie: Hey Emmy! The Rhyme Birds are singing a new song...want to come hear it with me?

Emmy: Sure...why...

Ben: Yeah! *interupts* Why don't you go to Ord...I'll stay here and watch Max! *he pushes the three of them away*

Max: NOOO! I'll go with you guys!

Ben: Don't be silly Max...I'll show you something real exciting! We'll play 'The tiger and his prey'.

Emmy: Cool, We'll see you too later! Bye! *they leave*

Max: NOOO! Don't leave me with him!

Ben: *is holding Max* Now...where were we? Oh're the first course! *snaps at Max*

Max: Ahhhhhh!!!

Wheezie: *lands from the sky* Hey guys! What's goin' on?

Max: Oh thank god you two are here! *runs to them*

Ben: *smashes a tree down* Damnit!

Zack: What's wrong Max? You look scared.

Max: Ben's trying to eat me again! Everytime I come here...he tries to eat me.

Wheezie: Ahhh...wish wash. Ben wouldn't do that...wouldja Ben?

Ben: I would of done it by now, if you asswhipes would stop showing up all the damn time.

Wheezie: *laughs* Oh, I love Ben's sense of humor! Love it!!!

Max: Why is everyone so damn dense! Ben's been throwing off hints since the first time he appeared! Hasn't anyone noticed that the other kids disspeared!

Zack: That's cause they've grown up and moved on Max...

Max:'s cause he ate them all! *points to Ben*

Ben: I think Max needs some time out. I'll take him to my palace and give him something to eat.

Wheezie: Good idea Benno! I'll come too...I'll make my famous...

Ben: No.

Wheezie: But...

Ben: No.

Wheezie: But...

Ben: DAMNIT! I SAID NO!! *roars and the entire area shakes*

Wheezie: Okay...okay...we'll just go find the others

Zack: Yeah....right...later! *flies off really fast*

Max: No....please no...*is dragged off by Ben*

*Now at Ben's Palace*

Max: *is tied to a machine that grinds meat* Okay there anything I can do to make this stop?

Ben: Yeah...get in my belly. *licks his lips*

Max: Ohhhh...what did I do to deserve this...?

Ben: You came to this stupid land...that's what. I only live here cause the dragons think I'm their king, and the food is quite plentyful when they bring their little children here to play. No more talk. It's dinner time.

*Ben starts the machine*

Max: Help! Help! Somebody! Please!

Zack: *Fly in* Hey Ben. Sorry, we forgot to bring our homemade dragon berry pie! Ohhh..Max is going to like it!

Wheezie: LOOOOVVVEEE ITT! *looks to see what's goin' on* Ummm..Ben what are you doing?

Ben: Alright...that's it. You've interfered with my plans for the last time you two headed bimbo. *Ben rips off Zack's head and throws it into the meat grinder*

Wheezie: Zack! NOOO! My Brother! *bleeding on the other side* What have you done...? *She sobs*

Max: *mouth is covered as Emma, Ord, and Cassie untie him* You rescued me!

Cassie: Ben's crazy! You're right the whole time Max.

Emmy I still think he's playing around...

Max: Open your eyes you stupid B****! Can't you see he just killed Zack!

Ben: Save it sob sister. *tears Wheezie into peices* Who's next.

Ord: *is to chicken to fight Ben* Ummm...I think I'll go check on the boiler...yeah...*tries to fly off*

Ben: You ain't going anywhere. *Ben grabs Ord by the tail and starts spinning around and around*

Emmy Look he's playing "Spin Ord by the tail!"

Max: You're stupid you know that...

Ord: I think I'm going to be sick...

Ben: *lets go of Ord and he flies into one of Ben's spiked traps*

Max: Oh god...Emmy! Read the lines to get us out of here!

Emmy You're right. Let's come back to play tommorow.

Max: There is no tommorow! When I get home, I'm destroying that Dragon Scale! We're never coming here again!

Ben: *decapates Cassie and then approaches the two kids*

Max: Say the dang blasted lines woman! *he screams*

Emmy Alright...alright...*says the lines*

*they quickly disappear*

Max: Did we make it? Are we safe...?

Emmy Yup! And tommorow we're going back! Wait...this isn't our room....

Max: *looks around*'s a bit wet and gross..oh NOOO! We're inside Ben!

Emmy Cool. Looks like Ben's thought of another fun game we can play! I love Ben so much!

Max: ARRRRGGG! You stupid broad! I'll choke you until we get digested! GRRRR!!

*meanwhile back in Dragon land*

Ben: *uses a toothpick to pick his teeth* Yup...and that's how I had my dinner. *burp*

Trogdor: *flexes his muscles* No kidding. Well, it's time to burn this place down.

Ben: Go for it...I think I've had enough fun here. Back home I go. Laterz.

Trogdor: Adios MD. Hahahaha! *starts Burnanating the place*