The NEW Sinister Six

Magma Dragoon on Friends!

*Note: This happens shortly after Iceman is revived*

Erik: Well, this time I get to introduce the story. And I had the unfortunate pleasure to witness this whole ordeal. Basically Ben and Gary and I got into a small rpg on AOL Instant Messager on what would happen if Magma Dragoon guest starred on The TV show 'Friends'. So if you like or hate the show, you got to check this out! *sighs* At least my character Shiryou had a small appearance here.

Narrator: Things are quiet in Sinister Six H.Q. Erik, Ben, and Gary are seen sitting on the couch on a nice, relaxing day.

Gary: Man...things on TV have gotten so stupid lately.

Erik: There are still some good shows around Gary, you just gotta search around. *changes the channel*

Ben: Ugggg...not this show...

Erik: Come's not that bad.

Gary: Bad enough to eat up all the damn ratings, and over take good shows like 'Megaman.'

Erik: You don't think it's funny?

Gary: Come on...nothing is funny about that damn show.

Ben: Want me to 'make' it funny?

Erik: How do you expect to do can't just storm down to the...

Ben: *Joins the Friends cast as Magma Dragoon*

Erik: .......

Gary: Ohhh..*watchs*

Monica: So how do you like living here with us Ben?

Ben: *Throws Ross out the window* Much better now.

Joey: *laughs* He always wanted a birds eye view*

Chandler: I don't think that was too funny Joey....

*Chandlier kinda hides from Ben*

Ben: *Sniffs out Chandlier*

Phoebe: Ahhh...come on guys. He just likes to rough house around a bit. *she knocks over a vase*

Audience: *laughs*

Monica: PHOEBS!

Chandler: Ummm...can someone..uhhh..get him away from me...? *looks for help*

Ben: *Grabs Chandlier*

Gary: *is on the floor laughing* Now this is entertainment!

Chandler: nice? Right? *quivers*

Ben: *Rips off Chandlier's right arm*

Phoebe: Yay! He always said going to the doctors always cost him an arm and a leg! *she rips off Chandler's leg*

Chandler: PHOBES! YOU'RE NOT HELPING!! *blood spraying everywhere*

Monica: *sighs angerly* Ben! Do you have to make a mess! I just vacuumed!?

Audience: *laughs*

Ben: *Cracks Chandlier's ribs*

Chandler: *crys out in pain* I'm not going to be in the 2nd season am I?

Phoebe: At the rate you're going, you'll be lucky to be in the next episode.

Ben: *Contorts Chandler's body like a pretzel*

Audience: *laughs*

Chandler: *groans*

Ben: *Gets some beer from the fridge*

Monica: *puts down Pretzil dip at the same time* Snacks anyone?

Ben: *Dips Chandler and eats him*

Ross: *comes in* Okay...*breaths* That was not nessessary!

Monica: Ah Ross! Just in time for the party. We are having Chandler le dip!

Ben: *Eats Chandlier* No but it was fun right Phobes?

Phoebe: You're darn tootin Ben! *she laughs* I've been wanting to get that out of my system for years!

*Audience laugh more*

Ross: Phobes! He's a killer!? Can't you see that?

Ben: Let's play "Dangle and Kick Ross"!

Ben: *Dangles Ross and starts kicking him*

Phoebe: *puts on shoes with spiked on the bottom* Oh yeah!

Ross: Help me!!

Ben: Joey?

Joey: I'm game! *grabs heavest boots he can find*

Erik: *crosses his arms* Yeah...this is real funny...

Gary: Come on Erik! Lighten up! Ben's put a whole new perspective thing on this show!

Monica: *puts on her high heels* Me too!

Audience: laughs more*

Man in audience: *yells* This show sucks!

Ben: *eats the man* Anyone else have any problems with the show?

Audience: *is silent*

Gary: *Laughs so hard he's on the floor*

*Suddenly Chandlier comes back from the dead*

Erik: I'm guessin Ben doesn't like Ross...

Gary: I think Ben's only intrested in Phobes at the moment...

Monica: *screams* It's a zombie! *she thwacks Chandler with a frying pan*

Audience: *laughs*

Ben: No he's not *smiles*

Gary: *is on the floor laughing in front of Erik*

Erik: oooh boy...

Chandler: *is thwacked* It's me you idiot....

Monica: Oops...guess I got carried away.

Ross: Chandler!! *is still dangling* Help me!

Ben: *Kicks him in the jaw*

Phoebe: Whoooohoooo!! *she throws her shoe at Ross's head*

Ross: Owww...Owww!! Please stop...mommy!

Shiryou: *Erik's character suddenly appears* *cuts the rope holding Ross* there ya go.

Ross: Ahhh...crap...*falls to his demise*

Gary: Whoooaaa!! Shiryou is on this episode too! Sweet!!

Ben: Thanks Li...

Shiryou: Don't worry, the dumpster will break his fall.


Shiryou: never said it was a FULL dumpster....

*audience laugh*

Gary: *laughs so hard that falls on the floor again*

Phoebe: Whoah...who are you? *she looks up at Shiryou*

Ben: *Starts whacking Chandler with a frying pan* ZOMBIE! :-D

Shiryou: *bows* I am a ghost, called upon by the innocent and the victims of crimes, I go where no police dare to venture, because criminals know no boundries, doing what they can not do, I am The Shiryou.

Chandler: Oww...come on...oww...I don't deserve this...oww..oww.

Monica: *joins in* ZOMBIE!!! *she whacks him*

Ben: *Whack him again*

Phoebe: *is whacking Chandler too, leaving Shiryou talking to himself*

Shiryou: I..ah... >_< *leaves*

Audience: *laugh*

Gary: *rolling on the floor laughing more*

Ben: *Ross comes back* Dammit Ross when will you die?

Gary: Put him in the oven!! *shouting from the real world*

Shiryou: *pushes Ross out of the window as he's leaving*

Ross: Aahhhhh!! Not Again!

Monica: But I think he needs to go in the oven...

Gary: YEAH!!! DO IT!!!

Ross: I hate you shiryou....*is sitting in the empty dumpster*

Ben: *Saves Ross*

Ross: Are you my savior...? Have you turned over a new leaf? Finally figured that your murderious shall be undone and...

Ben: *Leaps back up and stuffs him in the oven*

Phoebe: *turns it on high*


Ross: No...not again! NOOO!!

Gary: *laughs insanely on the couch*

Erik: *shakes head*

Gary: *patting Erik roughly while laughing* Now this is some good quality televison!

Erik: No offence, but I never liked friends.

Gary: Neither did I...until now.

Ben: Oh by the way...before I entered the show I stuffed Rachel's body in the fridge.

Monica: *opens fridge and screams*

*Audience laugh some more*

Joey: Ahhh!! there's Racheal!

Ben: I was hoping to have her later.

Phoebe: Well, she always did give the cold shoulder.

Joey: I say she's been put on ice...litterally!

Ben: *Decaps Phobes* Bad pun...

Joey: Hey! I was making a joke! She didn't even have time to laugh!

Erik: *groans* You think you're funny?

Phoebe: *comes back in with full head restored* Do that again!

Ben: *Decaps Phobe*

Gary: Joey's an idiot...wait to see what Ben will do to him...*laughs at Phobes getting her head chopped off again*

Ben: *Castrates Joey*

*Phobes comes running back in but the door is shut on her*

Ross: *all burnt up**he points to Ben* I want you OUT!!

Gary: Uh oh...Ross is gonna get it now.

Ben: Hey! You're not fully cooked yet! *Shoves him back in*

Ross: *starts mumbling inside the ovan*

*Audience laugh*

Chandler: *tries to sneak away*

Gary: HE'S GONNA TRY TO GET AWAY! Get him Ben!! *shouts from the real world*

Ben: *Leaps on Chandler and rips out his intestines*

Chandler: AAAAHHH...You blasted Audience! You do this to me every darn time!! *screams in pain*

Gary: YEEEAHHH!! *pats Erik* You loving this!?

Erik: Meh.

Ben: *Rips Chandler in two and hangs him from the side of the building*

Chandler: *gets poked by birds* Oiii....I hate this darn season.

Phoebe: *knocking at the door continues as Phobe awaits her deheading*

Gary: Boy...she sure loves to be clobbered by Ben.

Monica: *tries to be funny by whackin' Ben with a frying pan*

Gary: Ohhh...big mistake.

Ben: *Takes the pan*

Ben: *Glares at Monica*

Erik: This is gonna hurt.

Gary: Oh...this is going to be good. *rubs hands in suspense*

Monica: But it's funny...*backs off slowly* Isn't it?

Ben: *Bloodily rearranges her face with the pan*

Ben: *Shoving skull fragments into her brain*

Erik: O.o; Ouch.

Gary: *bursts out laughing*

*Audience are in a uproar*

Phoebe: *comes into the room to see all her friends dismangled* Looks like I missed in all tthe fun!

Ben: No you didnt. Who want to play Phobe Hammer Toss?

Phoebe: *looks to see everyone else is dead* Well, I'm the only one here! *jumps* Me, Me!

Gary: You're gonna love this one Erik! *nudges as he points and laughs*

Erik: *Has left the room*

Gary: Ah well...doesn't know what he's missing.

Ben: *Whirls Phobe around gaining momentum*

Gary: *starts laughing as he watchs*

Phoebe: Whee...*whirl* Whee! *whirl*

Ben: *Throws her over the NYC skyline*

Phoebe: Wheee!! I can see my mom's house from here! HI MOM!! *she waves as she flys into a helicopter and gets sliced up by the blades*

Gary: *is on the floor laughing hard*

*The Friends theme comes on*

Announcer: "Friends due to the massacre; has been canceled"

Gary: It's a shame really. *wipes a tear from laughing so hard* It's the best show on TV.