The NEW Sinister Six

Mistaken Identity

Rich: Here we go yet again. Only this time, things aren't what they seem. Or are they? Sometimes you know you have a great friend when you can count on them to trust you. No matter what the circumstances. Will the S6 friendships be tested here? Or am I really just a holigram? Mhahahahahahahahaha.

Narrator: With a few new villians and a few new uprisings happening in our beloved city, our heroes are finally able to see some action. One morning, the Sinister Six face their greatest foe!

Erik: *sweats* We almost got it!

Rich: Just a little more!

Gary: It's almost beaten! Come on guys!

Erik: It's moving!


Ben: You did it!

Erik: *sighs a relief* Man...that Pickle Jar was a challenge!

Gary: Much more of a challenge than Super Chaos or The Sleek Squad could handle!

Britt: *sighs* You guys worry me. Now that we are at the Flea Market, let's snack! *eats a pickle*

Ben: *munches* Not bad. So why are we here again?

Rich: To check out their new goods.

Odin: Yeah, we were here earlier, had a lot of cool junk.

Rich: Well, I have some buisness to attend to, I'll leave you guys to your lesuire.

Erik: Where you going?

Rich: Check out their electronic gaming supplies, kinda want to do it alone...

Britt: Sure, we understand.

*Rich leaves quickly*

Ben: Hmmm...wonder what his hurry was.

Odin: Who knows...anyways, let's go see their roleplaying equipment!

*they all agree and check it out*

Erik: Hey...A Transformers Virtual Reality Simulator!

Ben: Sweet! You can actually create your own Transformer and go into battle! Let's try it!

*Erik and Ben sign on but before they can enjoy it...

Gary: You guys here that?

Britt: It sounds like a bunch of screaming...

*screaming get louder and an explosion rocks the area*

Erik: Ahhhh...crap...let's go check it out. *grunts as he leaves the simulator*

Britt: It's coming from the electronic gaming supplies place.

Odin: Hey...isn't that where Rich went?

*a large scissor swipes past the Sinister Six and the boomerang-like blade snatchs some equipment and flies right back past them again*

Gary: Britt?

Britt: Wasn't me?

Odin: Hmmm....let's follow the blade.

Erik: Look! It''s...General Cutman??

General Cutman: You fools! Somehow I knew you'd get in my way! But you won't stop me! *throws a blade into the ground and it releases smoke around the area*

The S6: *cough loudly*

Britt: Ahhhh man...he got away.

Erik: But wasn't General Cutman a figure created by Rich?

*Rich runs in*

Rich: Hey guys, sorry I'm late, I guess I missed the action?

Gary: Yeah, although it was kinda weird.

Rich: How's that?

Odin: Is it possible that General Cutman truley exists?

Rich: I don't think so...he's just a sculpture I made.

Erik: Hmmmm...I see. Well, we only got a glympse of the maybe we were mistaken.

*the others nod and call it a day and decide to go eat*

Narrator: At the local Mcdonalds...hmmmm...I'm starting to get hungry myself...

Gary: Ahhhh...I'm in the mood for a nice Double Cheeseburger.

Odin: Quarter Pounder for me.

Erik: I can't decide, I might try a little of everything.

Britt: Erik...

Erik: What? A man's gotta eat you know.

Ben: Indeed.

Rich: Gotta run to the restroom guys. You can go ahead and eat without me. *runs off*

Britt: Again with the running? Does he have to go that bad?

Erik: When you got to go, you got to go.

*a bit later the six are sitting down enjoying their meal*

Gary: He's been in there a awful long time.

Ben: Yeah. *munches* Maybe someone should go check on him.

Erik: Ugggg...I will. I gotta run to the restroom myself. To much Rootbeer. *gets up and heads to the restroom*

*As Erik goes into the bathroom*

General Cutman: *barges out from the bathroom* Hey! What are you doing here!?

Erik: General Cutman!?

General Cutman:: Grrrr...I'll teach you to meddle with my plans! *He swipes at Erik who barley dodges*

Erik: I'll show you! *punches the General into the bathroom*

General Cutman: *quickly gets to his feet and throws a blade into Erik, knocking him back a ways*

Erik: Uggg...I need help! *runs back to the others*

Gary: What's up Erik?

Erik: General Cutman is here! Come on!

*They all get up and run to the bathroom*

Odin: Where is he?

Erik: He was here! I swear it!

Britt: I belive you. We all saw him earlier.

Ben: Everyone except for...

Rich: *exits the bathroom* Hey guys, finish eating already?

Erik: Didn't you see General Cutman in here? He was right here in the bathroom!

Rich: No, I didn't see anyone come in or come out while I was here.

Gary: Well, that's odd.

Erik: *stares at Rich oddly* I see...well...he's gone now, so the restraunt is safe.

Ben: But he's still at large.

Rich: You guys sure you saw him...I mean he's just a character I made up.

Erik: Maybe....

*Later that day, the Sinister Six visit the Park*

Gary: Ahhh...a relaxing day at the park.

Ben: Yeah...but we should be out...looking for that General Cutman guy!

Rich: I'm telling you guys, he doesn't exist.

Erik: Sure.

Britt: *whispers* What's up Erik?

Erik: *whispers back* Something's odd with Rich...

Odin: Hey, they got that comic book shop back again!

Ben: Awesome! Let's go guys!

Rich: You guys go on ahead. I gotta make a deposit in the bank.

Britt: Alright...we'll be in the comic shop.

Gary: Come on by when...

*Rich runs to the bank*

Odin: What's with him lately?

Erik: *with suspecion* Donno...

*at the comic store*

Ben: Hey, the latest issue of Baldur is out.

Erik: Wow, this one has more Squall screen time. I love that guy.

Britt: You kidding! The love between Dash and Spectrum is why I read it!

Gary: Spectrum rocks!

Odin: Yeah yeah...I love The Shock Magazines. Kick butt!

*large explosion*

Gary: What was that?

Britt: It sounds like its coming from the bank!

Ben: Yes! More action! Let's go gang!

Erik: Sinister Six Reunite!

*they leave for the bank*

Odin: that?

Erik: I knew it...

General Cutman: YOU! How do you always know where I am...what do you have? A tracker!?

Odin: *tries to shock the General, but he jumps out of the way*

Britt: You'll pay for your robberies!

Gary: *passes Gas* Ooops...sorry.

The Others: ............

Erik: Dangit Gary! No more bacon cheeseburgers for lunch!

General Cutman: *shoots out a net and ensnares the Five*

The S6: *strangle in the net*

Erik: Britt! Cut us loose!

Britt: *cuts them loose* He's gone!

Gary: Again!? Man, we suck at this!

Odin: This is ridiculous!

Rich: *comes out from the bank* Hey guys, what's going on? Got bored of the store already?

Erik: Let me didn't see General Cutman when he robbed the bank.

Rich: What? But that's...

Erik: Don't worry about it. we took care of the problem.

*everyone looks at Erik oddly before heading home*

Odin: *yawns* What a day, once we get home, I can't wait to turn in.

Britt: Me too.

Rich: I was going to go to the library, but I've been...

Erik: Go ahead, no biggie.

Gary: But isn't it a bit late.

Erik: Nah. Go ahead Gen...errr Rich.

Rich: Okay...later! *runs off*

Ben: What's up Erik, you've been acting strangly for a while now.

Erik: Haven't you guys figured it out yet?

Odin: Figure what out?

Erik: How Rich is always missing while we confront General Cutman.

*everyone looks to Erik oddly*

Odin: Cause he's busy at the moment.

Gary: Yeah Erik...what are you saying?

Erik: Are you guys that dense!

Britt: Hmmmmmm......?

Erik: First It was the Electronics Gaming area, Rich was there, so was The General. Then the bathroom at the Mcdonalds. Rich goes in, The General comes out! Then the Bank. Funny how they both were there at the same time! Isn't it obvious!?

Britt: What's obvious?

Erik: Think about it...General Cutman is Rich's character, the two are never seen together, they are always found in the same place...think about it.

Ben: What exactly are you getting at Erik?

Erik: Ohhh...for peets sakes! Rich IS General Cutman!

The S6: ............

Erik: *sighs*

*large explosion from the library*

Erik: I'll just show you, come on.

Britt: He could be right...I mean...the two appear at the same places all the time.

Gary: And the fact that General Cutman is Rich's creation.

Ben: And how the two are never seen together.


Odin: I sense some aggression in Erik...

*at the library*

General Cutman: Hahahahahahha! Got what I needed! Now to scado!

Erik: Not on my watch jack!

General Cutman:: Muh!? You again! I should of known!

Britt: But why steal from a library?

General Cutman: With the gadgets I stole from the Electronics Supply store, The book from the library on building devious machines, and the money from the bank, I can build the ultimage dooms day device!

Gary: And the Mcdonalds restroom?

General Cutman: Hey...even a evil villain as to go.

Odin: Well prepair to be beaten!

Erik: Yeah...give in Rich!

General Cutman: Rich?

Ben: Tell us why you betrayed us man...

General Cutman:: *takes off disquise* Saw right through me eh?

Rich: Yeah, I did it. What are you all going to do?

Britt: All this time...we thought you were on our side.

Rich: Hah! Shows what you know!

*The Real Rich runs in*

Erik: What I seeing double?

Rich: That guys a fake! He was framing me from the very start!

Fake Rich: He's right! I'm not really Bombman. *takes off disquise*

Britt: Buster Rod G?

Buster Rod G: Yeah...I used magic to try to fool the S6 into false security. But...something else is odd here.

Britt: I knew Rich was good! He's not a traiter!

Ben: *burns the other Six* No, but I am!

Erik: But Ben....why?

Ben: I'm not really Fireman! I'm actually *rips of disquise*

Gary: Flareman? From the Sleek Squad?

Rich: Wait a minute...wha?

Flareman: I posed as Fireman to spy upon the Sinister Six! I had no idea that Rich was actually General Cutman !

Rich: I'm not!

Erik: Well...might as well reveal my identity. *rips off disquise*

The Others: Super Chaos?

Super Chaos: Yeah...I put on a Gutsman Costume to learn of the S6's most dreaded weakness!

Gary: Well...I guess the cat is out of the bag.

Britt: Yeah...

Odin: Unfortunatly.

*They all rip off disquises*

Doc Robot: I disquised myself as Odin to earn the S6 trust!

Neo Dragoon: I disquised myself as Iceman to get close to Ben!

Bass: Well I disquised myself as Britt...oiii...this didn't turn out so well.

Flareman: Yeah...looks like the Sinister Six aren't here at all!

Super Chaos: Darn...I guess we S6 villains lost this time.

Buster Rod G: Guess again fools! *rips off disquise*

The Others: Krang!?

Krang: Hahahahahahaha! I don't care for the S6, I came here to study Humans and how pityful they are!

Flareman: Indeed. *rips off disquise*

The Others: Mother Brain!?

Mother Brain: *cackles wickely* Studying robots here gives me an advantage over Samus!

Bass: Oh we go. *rips of disquise*

The Others: Rita Repulsa!

Rita: What is wrong with you people!?

Super Chaos: *rips off disquise*

Doc Robot and Neo Dragoon: Mr. Smith!

Mr. Smith: Mr. Anderson.

Doc Robot: *rips off disquise*

Neo Dragoon: Jango Fett?

Jango Fett: What the hell is going on here!?

Rita: I'm more confused than ever!

Krang: And to think how this all started too?

Mother Brain: And who are you exactly? You haven't revealed anything Bombman!

Rich: A bomb!

Jango Fett: Uh oh...

*The Bomb explodes sending the villains souring into outerspace*

Narrator: Meanwhile in Sunnyday Florida.

Erik: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Ben: Took a nice vacation, leaving the Mechs in charge.

Rich: They deserve it. Haha! Pays to be lazy eh?

Britt: I wonder what's going on in Megaopolis anyways.

Gary: Who long as it's nice and quiet here. *sits on a lawn chair with sunglasses*

Odin: *sips a soda* Oh yeaaaaaaah....I can get used to this!

*Mother Brain is seen flying through the air*

Rich: Hehehehehehehe...I wonder how my Bombman Clone is handling these days.