The NEW Sinister Six In:

Day Of The Scorpion

Ben: Here we are. The last epilouge of the season. And it promises some major battle action. Will Scorpion finally destroy the S6, or will our heroes prevail against their toughest challenge yet? We'll see.

Narrator: At The Megaopolis Prison odin sits quietly in his cell until alarms start blaring off.

Odin: He's here...

Soviet Commando: Finally. I'm glad you guys decided to include me in your plans.

Odin: You want to destroy the S6 too?

Soviet Commando: Nah...actually I just want to get the heck outta here.

Odin: Oh... *the two of them stare at each other until something breaks through the wall*

Scorpion: Let's go.

Odin: Right away. We're out of here.

*the cop bots come piling in, but it was to late as the three of them vanished without a trace*

Cop Bot: To late. Darn! Our first Prison break out in years!

Cop Bot 2: We're going to start looking pretty bad...

*meanwhile at S6 H.Q.*

Ben: *standing around drooling*

Muffinman: Muffins, Muffins, everywhere. Muffins, muffins! *it starts raining muffins*

Ben: 0_o Muffins...muffins...

Erik: *smacks Ben* Ohhh for goodness sakes, not this again!

Ben: KILL THE MUFFIN MAN! *burns Erik*

Erik: Gah! It's me you nit wit!

Ben: *snaps out of it* Uhhhh? What day is it?

Rich: The 17th. Almost my birthday.

Britt: *comes in* What would you like for your b-day?

Rich: I already got it. To be apart of the S6!

Gary: *comes in with Leon*'re breaking my heart Rich.

Leon: Well, I did manage to snag tickets for Wheel Crunchers 4000.


Leon: The one and only! Though I only got five tickets, so one of us is going to have to sit out.

*everyone looks at Erik*

Erik: *sighs* Fine...I don't like that kind of crap anyways.


Muffinman: Yeah.

Ben: KILL THE MUFFIN MAN! *scorches Leon and the tickets*

Leon: .........

Gary: Nice going Ben...

Ben: Sorrrrrrry.

Rich: Well I guess nobody is going then.

Britt: *snuggles Gary* Well, at least Gary and I will keep busy this afternoon. We're going to Tony Ramas!

Gary: Best Pasta in town.

*alarms blares off*

Erik: seems Sleek Squad are at it again.

Rich: Well let's go team!

*alarms blare off again*

Erik: Hold it. Another problem. A female reploid is thrashing a jewlery store.

*alarms blare*

Ben: Super Chaos is attacking the Mayor's office?

*alarms blare*

Britt: A large reploid is mooning the Megaopolis TV station!

*alarms blare*

Rich: Cripes...another robot is holding hostages at the Aquarium!

*alarms blare*

Gary: Jesus...another problem at the Power Plant. This is getting insane!

Erik: There are six areas that need our help, looks like we all are riding solo. We need to seperate to take these problems on.

Britt: Doesn't it seem a bit suspicious that there are six problems. One for each of us? I sence a major collaboration here.

Erik: No choice but to intervene. Pick a area and let's go!

*each member of the S6 marks their choice, and they teleport off*

*At the City Streets*

Peter: Here he comes...

Dash: I wonder which one decided to take us on.

Fred: Doesn't matter, against the four of us, they're history!

*Erik lands onto the field*

Erik: Alright Sleek Squad, now you'll...

*Erik gets slammed in the back by Peter*

Lance: *burns Erik as he flies into the wall*

Erik:'s an ambush.

Dash: *runs around Erik's massive frame and slices him with each run around*

Erik: *holds an arm out and grabs Dash as he races by* Gotcha.

Fred: *stretchs around and pulls Erik onto the ground* Correction, I got you.

Dash: *escapes* Hahahahaha! You don't stand a chance!

Erik: *grabs Fred and ties him around a telephone pole* This is getting old.

Lance: *continues to burn Erik*

Erik: Grrrr...

Peter: *punches Erik who blocks it*

Erik: Okay now let's see how strong you are Graniteman.

Peter: *picks Erik up with Lance distracting him*

Erik: Crap....

*meanwhile at the Jewlery*

Leon: *teleports down* Alright, what's the problem?

Jewl Guy: I knew you'd come down, get out of my store!

Leon: said you were being robbed.

Jewl Guy: Nope, I lied. *looks loveinlgy at a familier site*

Apple: Well, look who it is!

Leon: Oh no...not you.

Apple: What's the matter hun? Didn't you miss me?

Leon: *doesn't look at her* Must fight erge to fall into her spell...

Apple: *rubs Leon's cheeks* Now come on. Is that the way to great old friends?

Leon: You're cuteness won't save you here...not by a long shot...

Apple: Well if that's how you're going to act, I'll just have to unleash my secret weapon.

Leon: Give me your worst.

Apple: *gives Elecman a kiss on the lips*

Leon: I'll do whatever you say.

Apple: Good hon...good. *smiles viley*

*At the Mayor's office*

Super Chaos: Don't move chubby, or you're in for a punishment.

Mayor: Just don't hurt me...

Super Chaos: *looks at his watch* Jeeez, what's taking that Sixlet so damn long!

Ben: Expecting the easter bunny? *flames Super Chaos*

Super Chaos: AAAAHHHH! Strike when ones back is turned eh? That how you play Ben? Well I'm glad 'you' showed up of all the S6.

Ben: Oh yeah? What did you want to do? Ask me out? To bad, I'm not available.

Super Chaos: Grrrrrr...*transforms his hand into an anvil* Prepair to be beaten! *lunges at Ben*

Ben: *dodges* You'll have to do better than that Cyclops. *burns Super Chaos again*

Super Chaos: *grabs the Mayor* Try that again bub.

Ben: *looks to see the Mayor dangling before Super Chaos* Great...

Super Chaos: That's right. You don't realize the danger you and your friends are in. Heh.

Ben: Well I'll worry about that later after I stomp you.

Super Chaos: Correction, I think it'll me who will be doing the stomping. *transforms his arm into a water cannon* Like my new weapon?

Ben: Crap...

*Super Chaos shoots a water blast at Ben and knocks him out*

Super Chaos: Hehehehe. Won't be needing you anymore. *shoots out Bubbleman*

Shadow Blade: Ummmm...right. *flees*

*At the TV station*

Britt: *teleports in* Jeeeez, this place is a mess. What the heck happend here?

???: TV ratings is what happend here. Mind if I pass gas?

Britt: That voice? It can't be?

Flame Mammoth:'s me. *pats belly* I suppose you're here for the big fight?

Britt: But you're a tv actor, and you hate to fight!

Flame Mammoth: I'm a maverick. Mavericks love to fight. It's in my blood. Now prepair yourself!

Britt: *dodges a spray of oil and flame and ducks behind a old tv camera stand*

Flame Mammoth: Hide all you want, you can't escape my ultimate attack.

Britt: *shoots a rolling cutter at Flame Mammoth's trunk, hoping to slice it off* Take that!

Flame Mammoth: *blocks the attack with a fireball* Hmmmm...I'm craving spicy nachos. Maybe after this fight I'll go to Taco Bell.

Britt: And to think I admired your tv show! *she slashes at Flame Mammoth's girth*

*as much as Britt tried to overcome Flame Mammoth's fighting abilities, his size alone has worn her down to pretty much nothing*

Britt: *breaths heavily* I can't do anything to him! He's big and slow, but my powers aren't doing nothing!

Flame Mammoth: we go. I got a nice big juicy one for you. *bends over*

Britt: Oh no....gotta hit the deck!

Flame Mammoth: *ignites a flame and then...*


Flame Mammoth: Yeah...I don't think she'll be getting up anytime soon. Now for Taco Bell.

*At the Aquarium*

Soviet Commando: Alright folks, nothing to see here. Let's move on.

Man: You'll pay for this Soviet. And to think I admired your spriting abilities!

Soviet Commando: Yeah, yeah, tell it to my boss. Now let's move.

*Rich Teleports in*

Soviet Commando: Ahhh...good ole Rich. A.K.A. General Cutman. Finally I get to meet you.

Rich: Soviet Commando? I thought you were still spriting at Sprites Inc?

Soviet Commando: I was until, I got framed for spriting someone elses work. I was an innocent bot, minding my own buisness, and this crap happend. Now we'll see how it works to work for evil!

Rich: Sorry man, but I'm afraid I'll have to take a stand to that.

Soviet Commando: Of course, this is where our battle takes place! *shoots a vary of missiles at Rich*

Rich: GAh! *barley dodges* Man, that was fast.

Soviet Commando: I know your battle techniques Bombman, my explosives are faster, and dead on accuracy! *shoots another round of them*

Rich: *dodges* Damnit, he's to fast. I can't even have the time to counter attack! *dodges more*

Man: Careful! Shooting those bombs in here can crack the dome!

*a large smile comes on Soviet's face*

Rich: Oh no...

Soviet Commando: And this is where I claim my victory Rich. *shoots the dome*

Rich: Crap!!!

*the hostages escape just in time before the water erupts both Soviet and Rich*

Soviet Commando: *teleports out* Hah! Water won't effect me!

Rich: *washes up outside the Aquarium* Ohhhh...I'm all whiped out...

Soviet Commando: *telports down* Now to finish the job...

*And finally, at the Power Plant*

*Gary teleports in*

Gary: The powers been drained here. Hmmm...I wonder if I was even the right pick to come to an electric place?

*a roar is heard*

Gary: Hmmm...that roar sounds awefully familier*

*Gary is swiped on the back and his thrown forward*

Gary: Ouch! And that claw mark''s...

Pulzar: *roars loudly*

Gary: Crap! *dodges another swipe*

Pulzar: *tries a frontal attack and smashes into Gary*

Gary: *flies backwards* Alright, now I'm mad. *freezes Pulzar's legs in place*

Pulzar: *roars as he breaks free easily and then fires a electromagnetic attack at him*

Gary: *dodges but is hit by a second blast* Uggggg...he's too strong!

Pulzar: *grabs Gary in his pinchers*

Gary: You never were a looker, you know that. *fires a Ice Slasher in his eye*

Pulzar: *roars and drops the Eskimo*

Gary: *punches the beast in the chest* 0_o OOOOOWWWW...Owwwww...*covers his hand in pain*

Pulzar: *finishes Gary off with a blast from his horn*

*Odin teleports down*

Odin: Odin here. Pulzar has just finished off Gary. That's the last of them.

Scorpion: *over the intercalm* Good. Teleport his body here like the rest, and report with Pulzar back to base.

Odin: You got it. Come on you ugly insect.

Pulzar: *roars like his feelings were hurt and teleports off with Odin*

April O' Niel: This just in folks! It turns out that the Sinister Six have gone missing. During their latest attempts at stopping a mass spree of attacks based on Megaopolis, they haven't been seen since. It's rummored that they've been captured by an unknown force. Reports continue to stray...

???: Hmmm...looks like things aren't going well for them eh?

???2: Nope...doesn't look like it. Maybe we should intervene?

???: Maybe...

*Scorpion's Hideaway*

Erik: *wakes up* Uhhhh...what happend. Huh? *finds himself chained to a wall*

Britt: *wakes up too* Where are we?

Gary: Nice to see you guys woke up. We're trapped.

Leon: Yeah, we've been here for a while, and none of our powers work.

Britt: *tries to cut her way out* Chains must be made of some pretty strong alloy.

Scorpion: Yes. My work of course. You liking your new accomidations?

Ben: Scorpion! Grrr...if I could just get out of this.

Scorpion: You'd do what exactly? Burn me? I've taken some precautions. I'd made myself Shock proof, fire proof, ice resistant, and of course built with the same armor those chains are made from. Nothing can cut through it. You all wouldn't stand a chance.

Odin: *comes into the room* Glad to see my former team mates put into one place.

Erik: Traitor! Wait tell we get out of this!

Odin: I'll be waiting.

Scorpion: Yes. Well it seems you all are aware of the power that I have unleashed. I brought back Pulzar, hired Apple and Soviet Commando, and hypnotized Flame Mammoth, Super Chaos, and the Sleek Squad to do my bidding.

Odin: We are unstoppable with this many masses.

Scorpion: And it's just the begining. Once I bring back Iceman Red...

Erik: WHAT!?

Ben: Not him...

Gary: You can't! He's uncontrollable.

Scorpion: Oh relax, I can't find a trace of the bastard. Pulzar was easily found, but Red. He's much to clever to be controlled by anyone.

Britt: You still won't get away with this.

Leon: We will get you.

Scorpion: Well, I await your challenge. Until then, you can just hang there and rot until I decide what to do with you. Hahaha.

Odin: adios amigos.

Erik: *tries to break free* use. It's resistant to super strength too.

Ben: *ignites himself in hope to melt through the chain* Nothing.

Leon: Like I told you. Nothing works.

Gary: It seems that Scorpion has won.

Britt: Come on guys, we've been in worse scrapes. We can find a way out!

Rich: How, these chains are made to protect against our powers. There's nothing we can do. Scorpion has thought ahead, and he knows our powers like the back of his hand.

???: To bad he didn't plan for our powers. *a purple beam in the shape of a clock hand slices through the chains*

Erik: The hell?

Ben: Timeman....Oilman?

Time Girl: That's Time Girl if you don't mind.

Oilman: It's a good thing we saw you guys in trouble on the news.

Gary: So why did you decide to help us?

Time Girl: Donno, I suppose we felt it nessesarry to bardge in on your adventures.

Oilman: Yeah, like we have to be part of the S6!


Oilman: Well?

Rich: Fat chance.

Time Girl: Well fine, be that way. See that we ever help you guys again!

Oilman: *slicks the cell wall and it melts into Oil* Yeah!

Britt: You just helped us out again.


Time Girl: Well, maybe we'll just continue to annoy you guys later. Anyways, good luck. *teleports out*

Oilman: Wait for me sis! *teleports out*

Erik: Well now that we are free, let's take care of Scorpion!

*the others nod*

Odin: *in the control room* The hell?

Scorpion: What is it?

Odin: The Sinister Six have somehow managed to get free.

Scorpion: WHAT!?

Odin: Yup. Got to admire their persistance.

Scorpion: Well well, seems they've proven to be quite a challenge afterall. Heheheheh.

*as for the S6*

Leon: Uggg...this place is like a maze. We'll never find our way out.

Erik: Well allow me. *smashes down a wall* There we go.

Britt: Hehehehehe, my own battering ram.

Gary: We got company.

*The Sleek Squad come out*

Ben: Shall we?

Gary: I'll take care of them, you guys head on out.

Erik: You sure?

Gary: *cracks knuckles* Oh yeah...

*The others take off towards a long hallway*

Ben: Oh no! It's her!

Leon: Crud...she KOed me last time.

Apple: I didn't KO you, I just made you give me a foot massage, and go shopping with me, and make me supper, and be my little dollie until you were so tuckered out that you dropped from sheer exhaustion!" Then someone could say "dollie?"


Britt: I'll take her. You guys go. Her girl powers won't work on me!

Erik: *doesn't look at Apple* Let's go!

*they leave Britt to tackle with Apple*

Leon: I hope Gary and Britt will be alright.

Erik: I'm sure they'll prevail, we got to find Scorpion!

*as For Gary*

Dash: *runs around the room* You against the four of us! How sad!

Gary: Yeah, but I've got a powerful weapon that'll prevail.

Peter: I'll crush you! *throws a punch at Gary*

Gary: *Gary dodges and he hits Dash instead*

Dash: Ahhhh!!

Peter: Crud.

Fred: Idiot, I'll take him! *grabs Gary and wraps around him*

Gary: What happens to rubber when it's super cooled?

Fred: It...breaks. Oh no.

Gary: *freezes Fred and breaks free* He'll be out for a while. That's two down.

Lance: *blazes Gary with fire* Here's a lesson for you! Fire will melt Ice!

Gary: Maybe, but Ice will turn to water...and put out the flame. *Gary's ice powers melt to a pool of water and hits Lance head on*

Lance: Ugggg...short circuited...oooofff.

Gary: One more to go.

Peter: won't beat me! Your Ice Powers will have no effect!

Gary: This is true, but I also have another trick up my sleeve!

Peter: *tries to grab Gary* Oh yeah? What?

Gary: THIS! *whipes out his Mallet of steel and thwacks Graniteman right out of the fortress* Sorry, you're the biggest loser!

*Meanwhile Ben, Erik, Rich, and Leon find yet another challenge*

Erik: Oh god...I thought he was supposed to dead!

Pulzar: *roars*

Leon: I got him. You guys go ahead.

Ben: Be careful, he eats energy like a pig.

Leon: Not a problem, you guys continue on. *Leon jumps at the slashing Pulzar*

Ben: Let's go, we gotta find a way out of this place and shut down Scorpion!

Rich: Righteo Benno.

*meanwhile Apple is having trouble locking onto Britt*

Apple: Damnit witch! Stand still so I can blast you!

Britt: What's the matter, am I to fast for you?

Apple: Grrrrr...*continues shooting her laser cannon at Britt who easily keeps dodging*

Britt: They didn't once call me "Quickie" for nothing you know. *shoots a blade at the shafts above Apple*

Apple: I'll destroy you! *charges Britt but the shafts fall ontop of her* fair! You cheated!

Britt: Nope, I fought honestly, unlike you who tries to win Men over. Not this time!

Apple: Grrrrr...*gets knocked out by Britt's boot*

Britt: Now to find the others.

*Ben, Erik, and Rich finally reach a set of doors*

Erik: Well, which way do we go?

Ben: I'll take the left.

Rich: I'll go right.

Erik: That leaves me with the middle. Let's do it guys.

*they all go to their respective doors*

Erik: Now let's see where we are.

Super Chaos: You're at the end of the road bub.

Erik: Super Chaos!

Super Chaos: That's right. Prepair to meet my fist. *punches Erik back a ways*

Erik: Nice. Try this on for size. *Punches Chaos back further*

Super Chaos: *transforms his hand into a chain saw* Ready for the cut up?

Erik: *dodges the saw and grabs Super Chaos arm* Here, you try it. He swings the buzz saw arm into Super Chaos's head*

Super Chaos: Grrrr...fool! *transforms his other hand into a whip* Time to get whip lash! *whip lashes Erik*

Erik: *catchs the end of the whip* Nice try. *picks up Chaos by the rope and smashes him down to the ground*

Super Chaos: Oooofff..

Erik: *picks him up again and swings him around and around*

Super Chaos: Noooo....faaaaaaaiii...rrrrr.

Erik: *swings with all his might and tosses him right out of the castle* Adios! Don't bother to write.

*While most of the other S6 are having a semi easy time, Leon isn't so lucky*

Leon: powers won't phase him.

Pulzar: *roars as he swipes again at Leon*

Leon: *dodges* Wait...didn't they say that if he eats bad energy then he'll die?

Pulzar: *swipes at him again*

Leon: *gets thwacked into the ground* Oooofff...maybe if I can twist the electrudes...

Pulzar: *swoops down upon Leon*

Leon: Here ya go. *shoots out bad, negative energy at Pulzar*

Pulzar: *rears back in pain*

Leon: Now we are getting somewhere. We need a much bigger dose. *looks around and sees a fuse box* Couldn't this get any easier?

Pulzar: *advances on Leon as he races for the fuse box*

Leon: This outta do it! *He rams his hand into it and absourbs the electricity*

*the lights in the castle go on and off*

Pulzar: *looms over Leon ready to finish him off*

Leon: Eat this bug face! *shoots out a massive burst of negative electricity at Pulzar*

Pulzar: *roars in pain and finally collapses onto the floor*

Leon: Elecman 1, Bug 0. Hah!

*Meanwhile Ben has encounted Flame Mammoth*

Flame Mammoth: Your powers only fuel my needed energy!

Ben: Uggg...he's just absourbing my fire power.

Flame Mammoth: *shoots out oil spurts that erupt under Ben's feet*

Ben: *dodges the huge flames* I will not be done in by my own element!

Flame Mammoth: No? Then how about this one? *leans over*

Ben: Oh no...what can I do?

*Ben suddenly sees the Muffinman*

Muffinman: *sticks tongue out* Nah, nah, nah nah nah!

Ben: KILL THE MUFFINMAN! *shoots out a large flame burst at Flame Mammoth's butt*


Ben: Uhhh...what happend? Well at least he's taken care of.

*At Scorpion's head quarters*

Odin: They're picking us off like flies!

Scorpion: We'll comfront them. Destroy them before they can cause anymore damage. Come, it's time to put them in their place!

Odin: Right behind you. Any other secret weapons?

Scorpion: No more weapons. It's time for you to test your loyalty to me.

Odin: *grins* I'm itching for a fight. hahahaha.


Soviet Commando: OOOffff...this isn't working...

Rich: Rematch baby, and now that I know your attack pattern this will be a relitivily quick battle.

Soviet Commando: Well then time to change my attack pattern. *fires off more missiles*

Rich: Done deal. *dodges them easily*

Soviet Commando: Not exactly. *points*

Rich: Heat seaking eh? Nice tOuch. *tries to outrun them*

Soviet Commando: What...what are you doing?

Rich: *dives right over Soviet* Say goodbye my spriting friend.

Soviet Commando: AAAHHHHHHHH!! *gets blown up*

Rich: And that concludes our special for tonight!

*The other five finally run in*

Rich: Hey guys, what took you so long?

Erik: Sorry, we all were in a pretty heated fight.

Gary: Every Sixlet accounted for?

Britt: Yup! We're all here!

Soviet Commando: *coughs* Scorpion...*coughs*

Rich: Hey, he's trying to say something.

Soviet Commando: He'

Ben: There goes the house.

Erik: We'll take care of it. Let's go guys.

Odin: I think not.

*they all see Odin*

Odin: *shrieves his sword* It's go time. *he attacks*

Gary: Gack! *gets slashed* Ouchies!

Erik: I'll get him! *attempts to punch Odin, but Odin mearly dodges*

Odin: *swipes Erik and kicks him back*

Rich: Hiiiiii-ya! *tries to karate chop Odin*

Odin: *blocks and grabs Rich's hand and tosses him to the wall*

Britt: Damn, when did he get so damn powerful!?

Leon: I got him! *tries to shock Odin, but he simply blocks with his sword*

Odin: Thanks for the charge Leon...haha! *sends a energy bolt flying right into Leon's chest*

Leon: Ouch...damn!

Ben: Eat this! *Ben fires a massive round of fire*

Odin: *dodges in and out of the flames and cuts off Ben's left Arm* Nice try.


Erik: He's whipping us good!

Gary: *tries to drop kick Odin, only to see him grab Gary's foot* Huh?

Odin: Hey Gary, sorry to do this to the founder of the team, but...adios! *flings Gary into Erik*

Erik: OOoffff...we got to do something!

Britt: *sword fighting* Damn...he knows all my moves!

Odin: And this one too! *slices through Britt's defense and peirces her armor*

Britt: Uggg...*is raised in the air and slammed to the ground*

Gary: How could you hit a girl!?

Odin: I'm evil remember?

Rich: *charges Odin only to have him dodge and he meets the wall instead* ARggg..

Leon: *tries electrocuting him again*

Odin: *dodges and swipes at Leon's armor*

Leon: Ouch...damnit! He's one step ahead of us!

Rich: *tosses a bomb at Odin*

Odin: This is getting old...*slices the bomb in half*

Rich: Or is it? *sets the sliced bomb off*


Erik: You got him!

Odin: *gets up holding his injury* It still won't save you!

*Odin continues handing the Sinister Six their asses*

Ben: Ohhh...I give up. He knows all of our tactics!

Odin: Goes to show that you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!

Erik: How could you turn on us like this? Betray your very team?

Odin: From the start. Hah! Scorpion and I have been in leaques. So I never really was apart of your so called team. I spent the time with you only analize your weaknesses!

Rich: You also forget that we also know your weakness?

Odin: Oh yeah? What's that?

Rich: Your inability to look around you.

Odin: *looks to see that there are bombs sitting all around him* How did you?

Rich: I noticed the weakness earlier during our fight. Adios Odin. *sets them off*

KKKKKKAAAAPLOOOOWWW! *Odin is sent flying away*

Odin: I'll be back! You hearrrrrrr mmmeeeee....*blip*

Erik: Nicely done Rich!

Gary: Unfortunatly he'll only be back.

*the palace starts to shake violenty*

Leon: Crap, Scorpion's getting away with that weapon!

*they all try to move but find their injuries are keeping them slow*

Erik: Damnit, I'm to badly damaged to go after him!

Britt: Maybe it's best we live to fight another day.

Gary: Amen. We've stopped Scorpion's army of warriors, so that should hurt him in the end.

Rich: Right my friend. Today we are the victors.

Soviet Commando: *gets up* I learned a lesson from you guys....*limps to them* I'll stick with spriting.

Erik: About that. I'll put in a good word for you, so those jerks won't hassle you anymore.

Rich: Good luck to you Soviet. *sarcasm as he walks away*.

Soviet Commando: You're to kind...

*meanwhile far off*

Scorpion: I lost all my men, but I did not lose my weapon. Next time Sinister Six, you won't be so lucky. And maybe, just maybe you'll get the honor of fighting me. *laughs evilly*

Narrator: At Sinister Six Headquarters, our heroes rest.

Flame Mammoth: *on tv* Hey Storm Eagle, eat this! *farts*

*audience laughs*

Gary: *laughs* Good thing he's back to his old antics.

Britt: Yup! He was brainwashed after all.

Ben: True that. Super Chaos is gone, Apple is in jail, and the Sleek Squad are beaten. What a day.

Britt: it's a shame that Scorpion Got away though...

Erik: Some heroes we turned out to be.

Leon: Yeah, you guys survived yet another season!

Rich: Maybe we'll stick around for the next one...

Gary: We'll see!

*a dark figures watches*

General Cutman: Oh...the fun has only just begone my brothers. *laughs*