The Sinister Six Lost Epilouge

Episode #0

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Edward: Ahhhhh....every start of a new theme, and idea comes with mystery. How did it all start? How did it all begin? This Tale introduces the very first episode of The Sinister Six. Never viewed or seen before...until now. So sit back, relax. And enjoy a special treat. Cause this happens Before Andon. Before Scorpion. Before Super Chaos...yet anyway. Before Red. Even Before Gauntlet, we enter the begining of a new world. A new team. How it all started.

Narrator: Outside a corner bakery, a figure sits. Waiting. Hoping. Thinking. Has he lost his marbles!!

Tim: Nope. Here they are. *picks up the marbles*. Hmmmm...I hope the others show up. It's been so long since I saw them. Almost five years...

(At that moment, someone walks up to Tim)

Jason: Tim? Is that you?

Tim: Jason? Man have you changed. *gives him a pat on the shoulder* How have you been man?

Jason: Pretty good, looks like you've lost some weight.

Tim: Uhhh...thanks. I guess...

(Another figure approaches the bunch)

IRA: *starts speaking fluient spanish*

Tim: IRA...always forgetting we don't speak an ounce of Spanish.

IRA: Uhhh...oops. Heh...guess I forgot.

Tim: Come here you fire freak. *opens his arms up*

IRA: *pushes him back* That's not right way.

Jason: *starts laughing* That's the old IRA we once knew.

(Soon two more figures come in)

Jason: Scott, I recognize that big gut anywhere!

Scott: HEY!

Tim: And, ole Edward. Never change your appearance I see.

Edward: Not if I want to attract the women baby!

Tim: Welp, most of us are here, shall we go into the corner bakery and order out while we wait for Gary?

Scott: LET'S GO! (Scott grabs everyone and hauls them inside)

(Scott gets first in line amedditly)

Jason: And he wonders where he gets that gut from?

Tim: Now that most of us are together, shall we talk about the audition?

Edward: We should win, hands down. I mean, the Megaman World needs a team of Super Hero's right? Who's better than the orginals.

Tim: Well, let's look at our weaknesses. The most important thing is, can we function like a team?

Scott: *falls over* ACK!! THERE'S A DEAD RAT IN MY DONUT!!

Tim, Jason, IRA, and Edward: ...........

(A pie hits Edward square in the face)


Tim, Jason, and IRA: ...........

(Seltzer water sprays at IRA)

IRA: NOOO!! Anything but water!! (runs around yelling with Edward and Scott)

Tim and Jason:.............

(A large heavy Mallet whams Jason over the head)

Jason: *teeth falling out of his mouth* Uhhhh...where's my ice cream sandwich...did Jimmy eat it again....duhhh...*falls over*

Tim:.......................*catchs a pie in mid air*

???: What the heck?

Tim: I'm aware of your pranks Gary! I see you haven't changed much since that knock in the head.

Gary: I could never get one by you Tim.

Tim: Not since that fish flavored gum...always left a bitter taste in my mouth...anyways... How have ya been man! *gives him a high five*

Gary: Not bad my friend. I brought the ad.

(At that moment the rest of the crew got up and looked at the ad)

The Ad read...

Greetings all Megalopolis Citizens,

It is our responsiblity to keep our fair city in a peaceful, yet working, and satisfying condition. However there are several rotten eggs out there who enjoy causing mischief, and chaos. We present to the pubic a chance to fight back. We need someone, or a group of people who have the courage to stand up to these holigans.

We are having tryouts for heros intrested in helping to fight the crime at Megalopolis, to once again make it a safe city, that Megaman Once had. Villians are starting to uprize again, and we need a new champion to defend our home from any threat.

Please come to the address listed below only as yourselves, and not some show off wannabees. We want the real deal. Our great city means a lot to the public, and we'll do whatever is in our power to protect it from harm. Thanks again.

Sincerly yours,

The Mayor of Megalopolis

Edward: Awesome, I get more intrested everytime I read that.

Tim: I wonder though if we are even cut out for such responsibilty. If we do become the cities protection, we are going to have to sacrifice a lot of our free time.

Edward: Nah man. Imagine all the women that would be begging to go out with us...err me.

Jason: Is that all you ever think about? Is Sex?

Edward: We all gotta make a living...right...right?

(The rest of the crew leave the bakery)

Edward: Awww...come on guys...I was only kidding.

(Later that day the crew head over to the Hero Auditions)

Tim: There sure aren't a lot of people here.

Gary: The Cowards...

(Coming out from the entrance)

Edward: Guys, we have some competition...some group of weirdos inside are trying to steal our gig!

Scott: *gulp* I don't want to start any let's...

Jason: *pulls Scott* Come on...I don't want to work at the grocery store for the rest of my life.

Gary: I Movie Theatre job sucks ass.

IRA: I actually enjoy my job.

Tim: What kind of work are you into? Some Art Major I'm guessing right? Man your art rules!

IRA: Nope! Engineering!

Tim, Edward, Gary, Jason, Scott: (fall to the ground)

Door Guard: I'm sorry gentleman, if you're here about the job, it's already been filled.

Tim: WHAT?! By Whom!!

(The lights go out and 7 lights appear out of no where)

(An intro starts)

Paul: We are what makes crime fighting fun.

Hannah: Four girls, and three boys! No more boy bands!

Rachael: We are of a different element hun.

Bradley: All other Gits can pack their bags.

Jon: Or go crying to their mums.

Tina: Cause we are here to slay the scum!

Jo: We are S CLUB 7!! Crime fighters of the 21st Century.

(They start posing and doing neat tricks)

Gary: I don't know which is worse...their spirit, or their british accent...

(The intro ends)

Door Guard: As you can see. S Club 7 here have already filled the position.

Tim: I see...

Jason: Damnit! *packs his stuff* Back to the Grocery Works for me! *starts walking off*

IRA: *pulls him back* Hold up a second! Wouldn't it double the security around here if you had two teams of crime fighters?

Tim: *lightens up* Yeah...that's a...

Door Guard: Noooo! We don't need any young teenagers gallaping around acting all tough and shit.

Gary: What the heck do you call them!! *points to S Club*

Paul: Hey! Watch it git...don't make me hurt ya.

Tim: That accent is going to bug me for a while...

Door Guard: What's done is done...S Club is the offical protector of Megalopolis! *closes door*

Edward: *yelling at the door* They aren't even citizens of this place!!

Tina: *laughs* Welp jits, I guess we can go start our new job.

Paul: Yeah, sorry youse guys didn't get the gig...but you know what they say eh?

Hannah: Early bird catchs the worm. *winks* Let's go guys!

(They all run out of site)

Jason: That is the oldest saying ever.

Tim: British Super Heros...weird. Welp at least we go to meet again after all these years.

Gary: That's it? After all this work, you're calling it quits?

IRA: Well, yeah. You heard what the door guy said. We didn't get the job.

Gary: I don't know about you guys...I feel jipped. I mean what kind of powers does S Club 7 truly have anyway.

Jason: What does it matter anyway? They got the job...we didn't.

Scott: Yeah...umm...what he said.

Gary: Welp, I'm going to find out.

Edward: Well...that one blonde chick did catch my eye...and I've always liked British people.

Tim: Since when?

Edward: Heh...since now.

(Everyone rolls their eyes)

Narrator: With that said the Six go their seperate ways for the rest of the afternoon, and agreed to meet up the next day to say their final goodbyes and to go back to their everyday lives.

Gary: *starts looking for trouble* I for one am not taking "no" for an answer. I was once Iceman some time ago, and I'm not letting my abilties go to waste.

(Gary bumps into a rather big teenager)

Ben: Watch where you are going bub!

Gary: Oops sorry. Who are you?

Ben: Why do you care. Man I'm pissed off!!

Gary: Same trashed by a group of super hero wannabees.

Ben: You too eh? Was it S Club 7?

Gary: Ahhh! You tried out as well?

Ben: Yup, I was going for a solo act, but they said the more in a group, the better the chances...and well there were seven of 'em. Plus they were complaining that I lose my temper to much.

Gary: I'm going to investigate this here group. Before I go back to work anyway. Names Gary by the way.

Ben: Really? Mind if I join you? I could use some excitement. Names Ben.

Gary: Sure, why not.

(The duo...which later on in the series become bestest buds, go investigating until they come across a store with TV's turned on inside the windows)

News Broadcaster: This just in! A new villian is destroying the city bank, will our new heros stop this menace?

Ben: This is our chance to shine. You ready Gary?

Gary: Let's go! Finally I get a chance to use my armor!

Ben: *sounds surprised* You....have armor? Cool.

(They quickly leave the scene)

(At the Bank S Club 7 are attacking the to)

Jo: Darn...doesn't this thing know it's not nice to hit girls! *gets slammed to the wall*

Enemy: *changes his form to a hidious machine*

Bradley: Don't worry there Jo, I'll beat the crub out of this guy!

Enemy: FOOL! Feel the Power of City Garage! *levels out Bradley with a seismic toss*

Hannah: Not to be rude...but we're getting out butts kicked!

Jon: I knew this super hero buisness was way out of our league!

Rachael: Don't be such a baby Jon and...*gets swamped with piles of garbage* hair! *sulks*

Jon: Now who's the baby. *gets clobbered by City Garage* Ouch!! Mumsy!!

(Looking from an out tower)

Ben: Dude...these guys suck!

Gary: I knew they didn't have any powers, they are just your typical british non powered...people...yeah.

Ben: They can catch a tune pretty well though...but I go! *jumps from the tower*

Gary: Ben!! Crap, now's the time to change into my armor. Ummm...let's see. How did I do it again? ......... Gary transform into Iceman?

*nothing happens*

Gary: Gary digivolve to Iceymon?

*nothing happens*

Gary: Gary sprout Parka and shoot Ice Slashers?

*nothing happens*

(Down below the S Clubbers are lying on top of each other fully paralized by the battle)

Tina: Uggg...would you get your foot off my head!

Paul: Oops...sorry there git. Didn't mean to do that eh?

Tina: *smacks Paul*

Hannah: Look, some kid is standing out there infront of City Garage.

Jon: That guy is craaaaazzzy!

Ben: You are destroying public property.

City Garage: What powers can you possibly possess? *laughs*

Ben: You better run.

City Garage: Oh...what are you going to do?

Ben: *drop kicks Garage* I've been taking Martial Arts, now you'll be punished.

City Garage: Weltch! Now you'll feel my Garbage Beam Attack!

Ben: Bring it on...I'll...

City Garage: *passes gas*

Ben: I'll...*becomes stunned*

Paul: That's how we lost...ewww...I can smell that stuff from here.

Ben: Gary....I could use your *covers nose* Help here...

Gary: Gary upgrade to super duper, hyper, smash cooper...Iceman armor tally up thingie!

*nothing happens*

Gary: *grunts*

(From the shadows five figures stand amongst tall buildings)

City Garage and Ben: Eh?

S Club 7: Uh?

Tim: We saw what you did Garage...and it's payback time!

City Garage: What the heck!

Jason: It's time to prove our worth.

Edward: Everyone, transform!

Tim: It has been a few years since we've done this...hope it still works.

Tim: Gutsman Transform!

(A black light engulfs Tim, as he gets larger and armor starts to grow around his body)

Edward: Elecman Transform!

(Yellow light surrounds Edward, and electricity starts to charge around him)

Jason: Cutman Transform!

(A flashy green light slices into Jason, where skin once was, is now piercing sharp armor)

IRA: Fireman Transform!

(Red light flames IRA as he becomes a human fireball, and armor appears all over him)

Scott: Bombman....Transform! Yeah, that's right!

(Scott gets knocked into Orange lights as his body changes to heavy armor)

(The five in there new outfits arrise infront of the stunned audience)

Bradley: Wow man! That shit rocks!

Gary: Awwwww!! That's the friggin line! ICEMAN TRANSFORM!!

(Gary gets frozen inside a blue light and later emerges with his armor) (He then joins the others)

City Garage: Nice armor. You'll need it.

(The Six Pose)

Tim: I知 Guts Man, the strongest guy in the world.

Edward: I知 Elec Man, you値l find my attacks shocking!

Scott: Ummm....shit...

Gary: I知 Ice Man, the coolest guy in the world!

IRA: I知 Fire Man, my flaming moves will melt you into a puddle!

Jason: I知 Cut Man, and I値l slice you into oblivion!

City Garage: *yawns*

The Six: Tim, Edward, Scott, Gary, IRA, and Jason: (fall over)

City Garage: *waves his hand and a pile of garbage fall on our six heros.

Ben: Uggg...that's gotta hurt.

Paul: *laughs* Hah! They weren't any better than us nah!?

Tina: Don't count them out too soon yet Paul.

*The Trash Pile catchs on fire and is hurled to Garage by Gutsman*

Tim: Take that!

City Garage: Ack! That smarts!

IRA: *blows his cannon as the smoke clears* Gotta love fire power.

Edward: *jumps high into the air and shocks Garage off his feet* Yup, the juice still works!

City Garage: *stumbles to the floor*

Scott: *hurls a bomb completly missing Garage.

Scott: Oops...

(It hits S Club 7)


Jason: *cuts loose a pole and it falls on Garage*

Gary: *freezes Garage in a frozen state*

Scott: *takes aim and throws another bomb at Garage*

City Garage: You've won this round!! But I'll be back!! *gets blown sky high*

Tim: We did it! Yeah!

Gary: Our first victory.

Jason: To bad you had forgot your transform lines again eh?

Gary: I can't help it if my memory is poor. It's not like we can fly.

Ben: *walks up to the Six* It's obvious who our new heros are.

Edward: Whose this guy?

Gary: He's my friend Ben.

Ben: Though I could of handled the situation.

Gary: What do you mean.

(In a flash of light Ben transforms into a hidious beast)

Six: 0_0 Holy (censored)

Ben: Yup. You can address me as Magma Dragoon, and not (censored). In this related topic, and your newest victory, you must create a Megaman Team.

Jason: Megaman Team?

Ben: Many others come after you and save the world! Without you guys, there won't be any other teams and an entire era would have been missed!! Don't let the S Club 7 have the glory that can be yours!! Now, GO!!! Claim your place IN HISTORY!!!


Tim: Good gracious Gary, first Jacob and now this nut. Next time you meet someone, just take him to some doctors, okay?

Ben: *roars* Man, this situation is the only thing keeping me from tearing you to shreads. You see, I came here to make sure you guys were the chosen defenders of the year 20XX, and not S Club.

Gary: Hmmmm...

Ben: My job here is done folks...until I visit you guys again. I'm afraid it's TOASTY!! You haven't seen the last of me Gary.

*Ben vanishes in a large flame*

Gary: *looks confused*

(Soon moments later the Press start surronding the Six...including the Mayor)

Mayor: I'd like to thank this team of heros from defeating the villianous creature that struck our bank today! Surly if it wasn't for ummm...what are you guys called?

Tim: Hmmm...what's a cool sounding name?

(The Six look look at each other then grin)

Jason: I smell Copywrite infrigment...

Tim: The Sinister Six!Yeah!

Mayor: Yes...if it wasn't for The Sinister Six, we would be in great peril...

Paul:Paul: *wakes up* Ohhhh...there goes our chances at stardom...

Hannah: Not exactly Paul...we may not be hero material...

Rachael: But have you noticed we have some good rhtym going here?

Jo: She's right...

Bradley: We can start a singing gig!!

Jon: Yeah! Mums will be proud!

Tina: Let's do it eh?! S Club 7 in Hollywood!

Paul: I prefer S Club 7 in LA

Jon: Nah! S Club 7 in Miami!

(They get up and leave)

(A car approaches a large mansion mounted in a secret location)

Tim: Presenting...Sinister Six Headquarters!

Gary: Wow! I'm definatly going to like this hero biz!

Tim: If it wasn't for your persistance Gary, The Sinister Six may not exist today.

(Everyone pats Gary on the back)

Tim: Welp, some heros we turned out to be. Won our first victory!

Edward: (Points to the TV) Look!

Newslady: And thanks to the Sinister Six, S Club 7 is now on there way to broadway! *shows a music video of them singing*

Tim: Those Glory hogging Asswhipes. Two days and they are already hitting the spotlight!

Edward: We値l believe it. We are house hold names. Now maybe I can pick up a chick with a little more ease.

Jason: True. That and maybe we can get another enemy to defeat again.

IRA: Hey! Check this out! I got a free bottle of whisky in the mail.

Gary: Just promise me you're not going to start getting drunk.

Scott: You never know...hehehehe...