The Sinister Six In:

Terror of Iceman Dragoon

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Just when you thought things couldn't get more scary with Iceman. Well this time, poor Ben gets his first taste of just how scary Iceman can be.

Narrator: Our friendly neiborhood Magma Dragoon decided to get away for a while. Away from the crazy Megaman world, and The Sinister Six. Espcially Iceman himself. He rented a small room at a Hotel and soon got settled.

Ben: Ahhh...*relaxing* Finally I can get some rest. The only other person I have to worry about is this room mate. *looks around* Speaking of which....I wonder where he/she is.

*soon the door opens*

Ben: So you're the new....what the?

Gary: That's right! I'm the new Dragoon, and you're the old Dragoon. So let's get one thing straight right off the bat. *lifts Ben right off the floor* You may live here, but now you got go! UNDERSTAND!!??

*Gary flings Ben right through the wall*

Ben: *gets up in the rubble* That Eskimo has a lot of nerve...dressing up as me and acting like me. *gets up and looks for him* GET OVER HERE YOU PEICE OF...huh? *Ben sees no one in the room*

*Ben looks at the wall and the hole isn't there*

Ben: Well that was odd...Hmm...maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Ah well. *starts unpacking*

*As Ben nearly finishes unpacking he hears the closet door open*

Ben: What the!?

Gary: *eating ice cream* HEY! I thought I told you to scram! *points to the door*

Ben: YOU!! *Ben charges Gary but only to find he falls right through him*

Gary: I warned you to get out, but you didn't listen. Now you must pay. *grabs Ben by the colar*

Ben: Hey! Put me down!

Gary: You had your chance...*opens his mouth and tries to eat Ben*

Ben: CRAP! *breaks loose and runs away*

*Ben ran out the door from his room and down a long hallway. The hallway seemd to get longer and longer as he heard Gary chasing him. Gary now was nearly 4 times bigger than he was before. Soon Ben came across a closet and hid inside.*

Ben: I don't know what the heck is goin' on, but that was freakin' scary! This isn't happening!

*Soon he heard the rumbling footsteps coming toward the closet. Ben then quickly fell silent. So quiet that he heard his own heartbeat under the armor of his own creation. The large footsteps then walked past the closet.*

Ben: *sighs a relief*

Gary: *opens the door* Thought you could escape did you...? I'm friggen hungry, and you're the main course! *Gary lunged at Ben with snapping, drooling jaws*

Ben: Ahhhh!! *Ben barley escaped out of the closet, as he ran for the stairwell which oddly enough led down to a garaged area. Gary was lurking right behind him, nearly 10 times bigger than Ben now.*

Ben: *in the garage* Sweet! A car! Good thing I know how to hot wire these! *Ben smashed open the door and got into the car* Come on! *tries to hot wire it* COME ON!

*Gary continued thumping and smashing down the staircase*

Ben: COME ON!! *the car doesn't start*

*The thumping gets louder and louder*


*the car still wouldn't start*

*Soon Gary's huge foot landed on the pavement*

Ben: GOOO GOOOO! *the car finally started as Gary drew closer*

*Ben drove right out of the garage*

Ben: Whew! That was close! Damn...

*Ben looked back and saw nothing. He sighed as he turned back towards the front*


Gary: *appears in front of Ben and now he's 100 feet tall* And where do you think you're going Benny Boy?

Ben: Don't call me that You freak!!

Gary: *lifts the car up into the air* HMmmmm...I wonder what a toy car tastes like...hmmm..?

Ben: Crap! *tries to get out of the car but can't* Where'd this door come from!? I smashed it open!

*Ben looks at Gary whose about to devour him and the car*

Ben: GAhhh!! Gary! It's me! Ben! You're friend! I'm your friend!!

Gary: Well now you're num nums! *drops the car into his mouth*


*the screaming fades as Ben is eaten and wakes up in his bed*

Ben: OH's all...a dream. What a nightmare! *looks around in his hotel room*


Ben:'s almost morning, and I might as well get up and greet my new room mate. *walks over to the other bed*

*a pair of over sized scissors appear from under the blanket on the bed*

Ben: Hey! CutmanEXE!! How ya doin bro!? *looks at him* .........

CutmanEXE: That's right! I'm the new Dragoon! And you're the old...

*Ben runs from the hotel screaming*

CutmanEXE: What!? I just wanted to show him my new costume...what's his problem...?

This story is dedicated to Cutman.EXE and Ben. This story is also based on a sample of one of my old writings. *Terror of The Teapot*. Yeah, I know...but I had to convert it. Heheheheheh.