The Sinister Six Go Musical

Yeah, they meet *Nsync (pretty silly eh?)

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. I hope you enjoy it, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

(It's high noon in Orlando Florida and The Sinister Six are in a middle of a battle with the dreaded foe City Garage. *Jaws music*)

Edward: Take that you peice of crap! *fires a blast at City Garage.*

Scott: Why does Eddie get to start all the introductions. It's not fair damit!

Edward: Maybe when you're as hot as I am, and you can actaully find a woman, maybe I'll let you start a story. Kay?


City Garage: You all are stupid to leave yourselves open to attack. *fires a blast and blows the six back*

Tim: Ack! That's fighting dirty. I'm going to take you out you big garbage heap!

Gary: He should change his name to Garbage Heap, he damn smells like one!

City Garage: You dare insult the mighty City Garage!

IRA: That's what Ice Man does best, now It's time to burn some waste. *Fires a big, huge, large, gigantic (you get the point) Flame that engulfs City Garage in torches*

City Garage: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You puny ants can't do this to me. I'm invincible. Nothing can stop me. I can't belive I was beaten by a bunch of pansies. I'll sue! I'll call your parents! I'll have your licence's dispended! I will destroy you all....

Gary: Ah...shut up already and die. You're killing our ratings with your useless prattle.

City Garage: Okay...fine. *dies*

Jason: Good, now that's over. I can go back and update my websight.

Gary: You mean the porn websight you made. That one kicks major ass!

Jason: *stabs him with his blade*

Gary: Ouchies!

IRA: *rolls his eyes* Hey look over there. *points to the Orlando Collisum* I wonder what the commotion is over there.

Jason Don't know, let's go find out.

Tim: Might as well, there's nothing else to do.

Scott: Is there Food!?

Tim: How the hell should I know!

Scott: It's been 3 minutes into the show and I still haven't eaten enough!

Edward I don't know about food, but check out all the chicks!

IRA: *drolls* You got me convience Eddie, let's go!

(The six go to the Orlando Collisum to see what's up. They approach one of the managers.)

Tim: Greetings, I'm Guts Man from infamous Sinister Six...

Scott: *nudges Tim.*

Tim: *glares at him* The famous Sinister Six. We want to know what's wrong over here?

Manager: Oh thank god you're here. This is a emergency *Nsync have locked themselves in their dressing rooms! They can't get out. The door has been sealed by a strange Metal Bar. Can you get them out in time for their concert!?

(The six look at each other brieftly and break into loud laughter)


Gary And this is an emergency?!*rolls on the floor laughing*

Manger: *looks dumbfolded*

(The six contiune laughing for a good 5 mins until Tim gives them the cue to stop)

Tim: *clears throat from laughing so hard* Okay, we are *giggle* finished.

Scott: *gets an idea* How about we go up and sing in their place? I've been working on this song. It's rather kewl.

(Tim, IRA, Eddie, Gary, and Jason look at each other and at Scott and start laughing again)

Edward: This is definatly one of my better days! *laughs more*

Gary: I'd make a joke right now, but I'm to busy laughing! *laughs*

Manager: That guy does have a good point. We only need five of you on stage. One of you can try to get *Nsync out of the dressing room while the rest of you can get on stage and stall...I mean sing until they are relased.

Gary *immitating the doctor from Star Trek* Damit Jim! I'm a doctor, not a singer!

Tim: We are heros, not singers.

Manager: Please. It's only until we can get *Nsync out of their dressing room.

Edward: Well alright. Maybe I can land a chick.

IRA: Is that all you ever think about? Is sex?

Edward: Maybe...

Tim: I'll go to take care of *Nsync. You guys get up on that stage.

Jason: Oh no, you're not getting me up on that stage. You go Tim, I'll Cut my way through the metal bar.

Tim: No, what we need here is a logic approach. I'll just break the door down with my strength.

Gary: Besides Jas, you got a good voice. Or at least I hope so.

Jason: *smacks him*

Gary Ouchies!

Tim: Okay, Sinister Six reunite!

(Six raise their hands and a large flash shrouds the outside of the collisuem in a bright light and the six vanish)

The crowd of peope: Ack! I can't see!

(In a flash Guts Man appeared in front of the dressing room door.)

Tim: Hello? Is there anyone inside?

Chris: Yes, we are in here you idiot! Where else would we be?!

Tim: Well, you're supposed to be on stage. You know...singing.

Justin: Just get us out of this here pad!

Tim: Huh?

Lance: (Rolls his eyes) JUST GET US OUT!

(Soon the rest of the six are standing out on stage with *Nsync's microphones and instruments.)

Edward: Well, here we are. With over 12,000 people watching us. *looks at audience*

IRA: *pics up a mic* How do you use these things?

Gary: Hey Scott, your mic looks like an icecream cone.

Scott: It does doesn't it? *takes a bite out of it and get's electricuted* ACK!!

Gary: *laughs evilly*

Scott: Why you two timing jerk! I'll kill you! *chases him around the stage*

(The audience laughs like a crowd of clowns and the manger puts his hand on his head)

Manager: They can't be this bad?!

Edward: I feel like a dunce, they all are laughing at us.

Jason: I know, what should we do?

IRA: *Looks at Scotts song* Start singing I guess

(IRA, Jason, and Edward start singing Bomb Man's song as he chases Gary around the stage.)

Jason, Edward, and IRA:

We are brave.

We are bold.

We are what makes life intresting.

Look at the power that we hold.

(They then catch Gary and Scott's attention which get intrested in the song and they start singing along)

Manager: Hmmmm...these guys aren't half bad. *picks up cellphone*

The five of them:

Sure we are evil, dire and vile

But we also are hero's

When you need help, you know who to dile.

But we also are hero's.

Willing, powerful and strong.

But we also are hero's.

We are stronger than a banana.

(Six stop singing right there)

Edward: Bomb Man! You idiot! Strong and Banana don't rhyme!

Scott: Oops.

Gary: And we're not stronger than a banana! Maybe an apple, but definatly not a banana.

IRA Can I burn the crap outta Ice Man now?

Gary: Uh Oh.

Edward: Not if I beat you there.

(The five start chasing Gary all over the stage and the audience laughs more)

Manager: *sighs* It was good while it lasted.

Tim: *Enters onto the stage*. Let's give a hand to my fellow Sinister Six members!

(They are still chasing Gary all over the stage)

Tim: *sighs* Now what you've all been waiting for. *NSYNC!!!

(The crowd comes up to a humoungus uproar as *Nsync enters the stage)

Justin: Hey all! Whaz up! You ready for some Pop Rock!?

Joey: I'm sure they are Justin.

JC: Let's show them how to rock and roll!! *JC starts singing*

(Even with The Six chasing after Gary, *Nsync still manage to sing.)

JC and Justin:

It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you

But when we are apart, I feel it too

And no matter what I do, I feel the pain

with or without you

JC: *JC breaks into a solo*

Baby I don't understand

Just why we can't be lovers

Things are getting out of hand

(Soon the six stumble upon Nsync trying to catch Gary and things did get out of hand)

Lance: Ack! What are they doing!

Chris: Look out you idiots!

(The Six then smash into the instruments and destroy just about everything on stage trying to catch Gary and the entire stage blows up)

IRA: *wakes up* Where am I?

Edward: *wakes up as well* Looks like we're in the hospital. What happend?

Gary: Don't look at me.

Scott: I haven't eaten crap through this whole damn episode!! I'm starving!

Joey: I'm kinda hungry myself.

Scott: Who are you?

Tim: That's Joey, from *Nsync. You know, the concert we ruined.

Scott: Oh yeah.

Justin: You guys are wack! You know dat!

IRA: Whatever dude, let's get out of here.

Tim: We can't, we got to pay for the damages.

Chris: Damn straight you do! You got to pay for our instruments, all the money that we were supposed to make at the concert, our mics, our equipment...*continues yapping*

Gary: You guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Edward: For once, I'm with you Gary. *looks at Tim*

Tim: *nods and smiles evilly* Sinister Six reunite!

Lance: Huh? What's that mean?

JC: Uh Oh.

(Six leave the scene with a large bright flash, leaving *Nsync blind)

*Nsync: Ugggggg…we're blinded.

Chris: NOOOOO! Now we are stuck with the bills! Damn them Sinister Six!!

Justin: Come on Chris. Those homeboys aren't that bad. They are pretty funny.

Lance: Just shut up Justin.

(The six then teleport back to headquarters)

Tim: Some hero’s we turned out to be. Destroyed a whole concert

Edward: (Points to the TV) Look!

Newslady: And thanks to the Sinister Six, The crowd at the Orlando Collisuem loved tonights show!

Teen Girl: They sung this spectacular song, then started telling really funny jokes, and then joined up with *Nsync and made the most awesome special effects. I hope they get to tour with *Nsync one day. The Sinister Six are awesome!!

Tim: I don’t believe it.

Edward: We’ll believe it. We are house hold names. Now maybe I can pick up a chick with a little more ease.

Jason: True, that and Maybe *Nsync will stop sending us death threats in the mail.

IRA: What?

Gary: Never mind IRA.

Scott: Hey all, that's a good idea! Let's start our own band and go on tour! I can write the lyrics! Tim, you can be the leader of the group, as usual, Eddie can be the chick magnet. Gary can be the bass player. I know how IRA loves playing the drums, and Jason can dance! Doesn't that sound awesome!

(Tim, Gary, IRA, Jason, and Edward run out of the room)