The Sinister Six on Mega Man Triva

The Gameshow for all celebrities

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

The people in this story are infact real, and they pose as Mega Man characters. Enjoy it, so check it out. It's kinda funny.

Edward: Look I'm on TV!

Announcer: And now it's time for! Mega Man Triva. I'm your host, Robert Kaufa! The biggest Mega Man fan on the planet. And let's welcome our special guests. The one and only The Sinister Six!! The rules are as follows. Our six contestents will compete to win the game. Just answer our simply easy questions.

Gary: *gets the others attention.* Psssst. Let's have some fun.

Scott: What do you mean?

Edward: Gary told me about this eariler. Let's act stupid and act like we don't know crap about Mega Man. That way it will piss him off.

Scott: HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's so cool. Let's do it!

Gary: Keep it down you idiot. You want to ruin the whole bit?

Jason: Yeah.

IRA: This will be so fun.

Tim: I'm not taking any part in this. I'm just going to sit here and look pretty.

Gary: To bad it never works.

Tim:Ah...shut it.

Announcer: Time for the first question. Which Robot Master has the weapon Search Snake?

Edward: *beeps in* Ummmm...Magnet Man?

Announcer: Not even close.

IRA: *beeps in* Bright Man?

Announcer: Come on you guys, this one is so easy, even a 3 year old can get it.

Jason Cut Man?

Announcer: Okay, let's move on to the next...

Scott: I know! It's SuperSonicBlast Man!

Announcer: There is no SuperSonicBlast Man!!!

Scott: Oh.

Gary: It's George Lucus!

Announcer: George Lucus isn't a Robot Master! THE ANSWER IS SNAKE MAN!! SNAKE MAN!!! NEXT QUESTION!!

Gary: Gosh, you don't have to be so mean.

Tim: *thinks to himself* Hey, this looks like fun.

Announcer: *sighs* Next question...I'll make this one easier for you.

The Six: *giggle evilly*

Announcer: Who is the creator of Mega Man? If you can't get this one, I'll just eat my hat.

Tim: *buzzes in* Hmmmmm...Dr. Wily?

Gary: You sure it ain't George Lucus?

Announcer: I swear you are doing this unpurpose!! You can't miss this question! It's impossible!

Announcer: This question is for Ice Man only! Who is the creator of the Star Wars films?

Gary: Andy Koffman?

(blows a casket and eats his hat.)

Crowd: Looks like we need another announcer!!

Announcer2: Hi everyone, I'm Lance Coyle. Let's get to know our contestents. Cut Man, I hear you can do tricks with your blades.

Jason: Yes, observe.

(Cut Man throws his blade up to the shafts above which cuts one loose and one of the shafts falls onto Lance Coyle)

Announcer2: Ahhhhhhh!!! *crash*

Crowd: Looks like we need another announcer!!

Announcer3: Hi, I'm Henry Stollap, I'll be your announcer for the rest of the show. Oh. I think Bomb Man's mother is sitting in the audience tonight.

Scott: Hi mom!

Gary: Sitting in the audience? I thought she was hovering over them on her broom stick?

Scott: Why you cheap son of a...

Announcer3: Fire Man, I hear you can juggle fire balls

IRA: Yup. Check this out. *juggles several fireballs.*

Jason: Wow IRA, wish I can do that. *pats him on the back*

(IRA accidently loses control of his fireballs and they fly into the audience)(Screams can be heard)

Scott: Oh my god! Mommy!

Jason: Oops. Did I do that?

IRA: You can impersonate Steve Urkel. You know that Jason!

Gary: Speaking of impersonations, I can do one. *tightens his hood and talks like Kenny* Mmhphhhg mmmph mmmphfff.

Scott: Cute, I wanna throw a bomb just for the heck of it.

Edward: Nooo! You idiot!

(Bomb Man throws a bomb and the whole stage blows up and a large part of the ceiling falls on Gary)

Gary: *With hood still tightened?* (muffled) Ack!! *smash*

Edward: Oh my god! You killed Gary!

Jason: You Bastard!

Tim: Okay, this show is getting interesting.

Announcer3: Oh my. It seems we only have five contestents left. Oh well, on with the next question...

(In a flash a robot appears in front of the remaining audience members)

Audience: (GASP!)

Bass: I'm here to destroy you Sinister Six!

Tim: Bass!

Announcer3: Oh good. Our sixth contestent.

Bass: What?!

Announcer3: Next question...

Bass: I don't care about your stupid show, I'm going kill you Sinister Six!

(Bass Fire's a blast at the six, missing them and everyone else in the studio runs out)

Tim: Had to ruin all the fun didn't you? Well, let's pulverize him! Right guys!?

(The rest of the six have left the building)

Tim: Great, why do I always have to be the brave one?

Bass: Feel my wrath!!!

(The entire studio blows up and all that is left standing is Bass and Tim)

Tim: Wow! Thanks Bass, now we can cancel the rest of this stupid show! You really saved my life!


(Bass then gets run over by a truck and Fire Man, Elec Man, Bomb Man, and Cut Man get out of it)

Tim: Some hero's we turned out to be. Didn't finish the show...not that I'm angry about it.

Edward: Look! Listen to the radio!

Radio Announcer: Tonights show Mega Man Triva was infact the highest rating show ever to hit local television. Everyone in town was watching it!

Viewer: I love the part when that black guy appeared out of no where and blew everything up!

Tim: I don't belive it.

Edward: Well belive it. We are house hold names. Now maybe I can pick up a chick with a little more ease.

Jason: True, that and they'll stop inviting us back on the show.

(Crickets start chirping while everyone awaits Ice Man to say his line but they forgot he got killed in the studio)

IRA: Damn. I forgot. No more Gary! Who's going to do the joke?

(Scott's cell phone rings)

Scott: Hello? Yeah.... Really!?(Hangs up) Hey guys! Guess what! They decided to keep the show running for another whole year! And we are main attraction! Isn't that da Bomb!

IRA, Edward, Tim, and Jason: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!