The Sinister Six In:

So Raijin Is the New Snake In the Grass eh?

Classic Sinister Six Epilouge

Andon: Well, this one is rather short and it really can't tale place in the Continality since Iceman is dead while Raijin joins the Mechs, but it's funny noneless.

Gary: Welp, now that Raijin's Snakeman, I can lay on the jokes like I did with Jacob.

*Raijin gets into his car*

Gary: Snake in the Car, Snake in the Car!!

Raijin: Okay...very funny. *drives off*

*later Raijin gets milk from the store*

Gary: Snake in the store! Snake in the store!

Raijin: Cute....*walks out*

*later Raijin watchs tv*

Gary: *pops out of no where* Snake on the couch, snake on the couch!

Raijin: this is getting annoying...GET OUT!! *points to the door*

*later Skully is seen getting into bed and turning out the light*


Gary: *pops out of no where* Snake in the bed! Snake in the bed!

Raijin: *gets scared out of his bed* GARRRRRRYYYY!!


Gary: Snake in the shower!

Raijin: Now that's just sick!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!

Gary: Snake on the computer!

Raijin: Aaaaarrrgggh!

Gary: Snake in the fridge, Snake in the fridge!

Raijin: Alright....THAT'S IT!!

Gary: Uh oh....


Gauntlet: *hangs up phone* Nope. They haven't seen Gary either. I wonder what happend to him.

Nightmare: I donno. I need him to help me with this hand shake picture.

Needle Gal: Maybe he's on vacation? *shrugs*

Gauntlet: Nah...he'd be calling us and nagging. He'd also be bragging that he's having a good time and we aren't.

Hadrian: True. Where is that blue Eskimo...*everyone looks to Ryan*

Raijin: What?

Gauntlet: You were the last one to see him.

Raijin: So?

Nightmare: So, do you know where he is?

Raijin: Maybe...

*inside Raijin's room a large bump appears in his pet Boa Constricter*

Boa: *urp* *spits out mallet*

Gary: *inside the snake's belly* I'll get you for this day!

Nightmare: Well, until Gary gets Skully for this, we are the Mechanical Maniacs.